Đồng nghĩa của be gone from


To let someone down by abandoning or neglecting them
fail abandon desert forsake leave betray disregard neglect depart ditch reject discard relinquish discount jettison dump ignore repeal forget renounce abdicate disclaim quit jilt abort disown flee revoke screw disavow drop maroon escape rescind abscond from abstain from bail on break with cheat on disappear from escape from flee from fly from refrain from retire from withdraw from back out on be disloyal to be unfaithful to break up with do away with go away from run away from run out on set out from take oneself off from turn your back on walk out on vacate exit from depart from evacuate exit go from decamp from pull out of absent oneself from decamp move out of bolt from clear out pull out move go split scoot scram sally abscond take off from go AWOL do a disappearing act take your leave of take off cut out clear out from stir say goodbye to get out of move from set out part run along from move out check out from walk out of go away go out of shift from budge from make a move from give the slip to slip out from vamoose from make oneself scarce from move out from take a hike from take leave from clear off from scram from part with head off from remove oneself from break away from set off from head out from run off from cut and run from clear empty void end run for the hills skidaddle bail out hightail retreat from displace pack up withdraw discontinue bail be done with cast off drop out of brush off bail from blow off step aside from give up break off with finish bow out of cast aside call it quits flit embark vamoose defect emigrate retire elope disappear issue cut fly vanish migrate disengage from make oneself scarce run off take a hike go forth say one's goodbyes pack your bags make tracks walk away take French leave clear off take leave bog off cut and run walk out break away head out up sticks make off sling your hook slope off from do a bunk from hook it do a bunk say one's farewells remove oneself check out push off say goodbye take yourself off from ride off shove off slip out pack one's bags sling one's hook give the slip step down beat it come away start run along strand leave high and dry leave in the lurch bin off leave behind leave stranded throw over repudiate chuck stop kiss goodbye give someone the big E give someone the push forgo desist from surrender pack in cut loose turn one's back on let go of give the elbow cease swear off kick yield lay off shun leave off have done with leave flat dispense with leave hanging drop out hang out to dry sacrifice cut off forswear forbear from skip knock off resign from waive cede halt resign break scrap axe scrub can forbear abjure orphan cop out ax run away wash your hands of back out of walk away from give someone the air fly the coop leave holding the bag opt out divorce oneself from end relations with take the oath bail out on take a powder wash hands of have nothing more to do with rat on stand down from jack in leave in trouble leave helpless give something up wash one's hands of change one's tune drift away spurn show the door bereave deny leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless give notice to kiss off disallow forego hand over set aside gainsay disinherit refute negate retract negative rebut contradict disaffirm disconfirm pass on lay down deliver turn over render junk cancel abnegate terminate beach give up the ship flake out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out dispose of opt out of chicken out take a walk bow out split from stop having renege on stop using cut off without a penny refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize send packing disacknowledge deny yourself restrain from eschew do without suspend resist go without pass up scratch shelve back down take the pledge kiss good-bye sign away cast cough up let pass stand down turn down shed lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in drop like hot potato remit interrupt forfeit bail out from make vacant make empty clear from eject from pull out from retreat break off divorce lay off of cry off throw up eighty-six shut off finish with dust off part from wipe out call off shake write off break up give over forget about withhold from not touch stay away from steer clear of leave out get off keep off call a halt to avoid desist skip out on rein in shy from hold off run scarper skedaddle spring make a dash for it bug out run like scared rabbit beat a retreat take to one's heels bolt hightail it run for it take flight take it on the lam beat a hasty retreat step on it do a runner make a break for it make a run for it

Trái nghĩa của be gone from

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