Đồng nghĩa của flee

Alternative for flee

flees, fled, fleed, fleeing

Đồng nghĩa: disappear, run away,


Run away from a place or situation of danger
bolt escape run away abscond fly split run run off skedaddle take off leave make off take flight avoid scarper vanish decamp depart shun vamoose be gone scram absent oneself break bug out make oneself scarce retreat run for it beat a retreat beat it clear off clear out cut and run cut out get away hook it leg it skidoo slope off beat a hasty retreat blow desert elude evade get head for the hills hightail it hotfoot jump light out make a break for it peel out scamper scoot turn tail do a bunk do a disappearing act do a runner go through make yourself scarce shoot through make a quick exit make a run for it make tracks make your escape make your getaway take a powder make a getaway make one's escape make quick exit show a clean pair of heels step on it take a hike take to your heels fly the coop step on the gas take it on the lam quit withdraw retire go hightail exit pull out go away evacuate disappear abandon push off skip shove off hurry get out dash flit vacate set out levant skip off go off move fall back bail out bound do a fade dart set off rush pull back lam hustle recoil back off race hotfoot it walk out begone career draw back hasten part up sticks slip away buzz off bug off escape from steal away scurry run along break out hit the road make an exit pack up bail get going take French leave bustle book hie withdraw from abscond from break out of abstract oneself give ground forsake head off shrink push on step along break free move out dig out sally forth start out sprint speed clear pike off pack off pike out zip scuttle shoot go AWOL sneak away barrel gallop give way course canter head run away from break away step peel off get off spring ditch make one's getaway pack one's bags sling one's hook say one's goodbyes make disengage go like lightning relinquish get under way trip break loose do a moonlight flit leap gambol repair go on the lam break camp have it away remove tear trot elope move away disappear from retire from sneak off be off be gone from go away from flee from fly from slip out betake oneself exit from depart from make haste take oneself off from move out of pull out of take leave bog off back away back out cut loose move back get a move on charge make a break take to one's heels be on one's way hop disregard caper strike out dump dance dodge shirk ignore get free scatter recede prance absquatulate duck romp drop out yeet embark abdicate hare frisk hurtle zoom scat make a move cavort defect bob beetle lope whisk belt pelt empty bundle run out on absent yourself emigrate walk out on bomb set out from migrate sally start break with motor scramble blast buzz blaze get lost cut get cracking absent oneself from turn your back on separate move along shrink away whip drive careen whirl rustle breeze rocket nip travel cannonball pull stakes scutter chase jet hurry up bowl decamp from advance drop back hurl rip say goodbye check out ram hump highball buck shake a leg get out of go forth take your leave of bust out tiptoe skirr graze skitter pack your bags hippety-hop set forth hit the trail sling your hook crack on take to flight leave in a hurry amble duck out make a escape dog it kite egress alight make away spread fade away bounce tear off pull away balk retract free oneself extricate oneself regress do a vanishing act fold curvet skiddoo lollop walk book it hide baulk range cruise go to hell go back do a Skase depart suddenly wend mosey have it away on one's toes be lost hasten away void distance oneself spur expedite whiz take yourself off get on your bike leave town get out of someone's clutches walk off make one's way run from make for skip out resile defect from jog disentangle yourself sweep skidaddle retreat from displace go absent without leave go missing go west git absent proceed troop flit from turn around run scared aim beeline steer bear veer leave hastily leave abruptly go secretly make time move fast kick rocks frolic run for the hills stampede opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry blast off rack off move off march out take your leave move on hit the bricks shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of shy away step back turn away make a U-turn desert under fire make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat jump bail leave holding the bag run like scared rabbit rush off speed away turn on a dime bail out from clear from clear out from pull out from head out from streak plunge pace bucket whoosh neglect betray fleet dispatch press whizz haste spurt clip wheech reject vroom push boogie burst out sunder out run off from take off from move out from burst out of make vacant make empty break loose from eject from come out make one's escape from tear along waste no time post get your skates on whip around move quickly cover ground go hell for leather burn rubber barrel along go like the clappers not lose a minute burn speed up take wing shift get the lead out cut along flash express go like a bat out of hell go fast go quickly lay rubber discard discount jettison repeal forget renounce shrink back secede become independent gain autonomy divide off part company disaffiliate disclaim jilt disown abort revoke screw issue stir disavow drop maroon rescind go from head out abstain from bail on refrain from cheat on remove oneself ride off bolt from do away with back out on be disloyal to break up with be unfaithful to disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away fail do a bunk from say one's farewells take one's leave of walk away ricochet carom skim glance


To vanish or disappear, especially gradually
disappear vanish dissolve fade evaporate evanesce melt dematerialize sink fly fade away disperse dissipate melt away peter out clear vanish into thin air dwindle disintegrate wane perish decline wilt wither ebb pass go die weaken dispel die out evanish fizzle out go away pass away waste away cease to exist come to an end drop out of sight crumble be engulfed decompose subside scatter diffuse disassemble break down fall away dilapidate be destroyed unmake break into pieces withdraw be invisible exit become invisible leave depart be lost to view recede from view go missing be wiped out disappear from sight be lost be lost to sight be exterminated fail dim end vaporize flag languish fall droop wear off dry up cease to be parch vaporise concentrate decay emaciate shrivel lag sag be no more die away etiolate taper lessen grow faint hush moderate grow less fold recede abate quiet tire deliquesce grow feeble trail thin grow dim attenuate rarefy become unimportant slack off become less loud pass off fade out poop out die on vine fag out tucker out trail off tail off diminish decrease shrink taper off lower drop die down ease deteriorate let up drop off slacken pall remit relent de-escalate phase down ratchet down slump drain away reduce degenerate fall off contract ease off waste drain die off plummet quell drop away go downhill falter cease atrophy faint stop grow smaller soften dull become smaller calm down wear away wind down settle trail away collapse slacken off become less give out rot regress dip slow down run out terminate come to nothing cool off blur go down close shrivel up check sicken lighten pine depreciate tail away devaluate deplete worsen wizen run low wear down relax give way temper retrograde subdue settle down rebate descend quieten be forgotten calm depress grow weak go into a decline plunge ease up wear out run dry curb come to a halt slip turn down curtail restrain lose edge narrow down erode moulder succumb hang conk out desiccate finish lose strength grow weaker give in desist alleviate slow become weak molder bedim pale allay downsize downscale halt retrocede darken become limp quieten down mitigate minimize become emaciated thin out age nosedive cool become weaker minimise be abandoned minify wither away devolve retire relapse decrement be neglected be disregarded fall down become extinct get smaller become obsolete draw to a close be dispelled clear out make less intense come to a stop tone down rachet down melt into thin air make faint pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth level off slash set modify cut down weary clear up fizzle stall malfunction break pack up lose intensity ebb away peter peak mummify fall through lull dehydrate dehumidify lose courage swag loll give up sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over dry rescind shape elongate bate pine away assuage relieve cave in weather still mollify extenuate abbreviate retrench flow away disband squander banish slake dampen lose its effect lose its effectiveness be gone become unproductive grow barren grow sterile volatilize dent phase out thin down take a nosedive close out drive away numb end gradually constrict deflate blast blight retreat get less spread become shrunken be used up cease to yield totter impoverish cripple debase vitiate lose tremble limp go through the floor hit the floor make smaller become marcescent gutter expire become enfeebled become debilitated come down decelerate slack unlax coast become stale knock down pare down make less boil away bend dangle become indistinct become vague become blurred amputate impair cut crop clip abridge soft-pedal come to a halt end come to a an end infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost be on the way out flop bow lose spirit break up fall back pull out return back away drop back chill out cool it become shadowy fall short cut back roll back slack up become confused stoop hang down move away go back retrogress mute back retract move back drape take the bite out take the sting out lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance go south be done for cease to be known leave no trace come to naught back off move further off sling slouch suspend lop lean draw away draw back flow back make dim become flaccid lose lustre take a turn for the worse have a relapse suffer a relapse get ill again get worse again tucker long hunger make less bright tire out let down hanker yearn teeter ail brood despond grow dull go to pieces knock out go soft vanish from sight pass from sight cease to be visible vanish off the face of the earth


To avoid providing a clear answer or statement
weasel hedge equivocate waffle tergiversate fudge pussyfoot dodge duck sidestep circumvent elude shirk baulk balk eschew shuck renege welsh get around cop out hem and haw lay low put off slip out sneak away tap dance beat around the bush give the runaround dance around an issue worm one's way out of prevaricate vacillate evade flannel beat about the bush avoid fence shilly-shally be non-committal parry questions evade the issue hum and haw sit on the fence quibble stall be evasive tergiverse stonewall dodge the issue fudge the issue blow hot and cold duck the question shuffle parry skirt bypass temporize hesitate falsify escape temporise be vague mince words flip-flop pussyfoot around shuffle about avoid the issue duck the issue skirt round be noncommittal get out of find a way round beg the question pass the buck cop a plea sidestep the issue misrepresent fake shift ground about ramble skirt the issue play it close to the vest waver be ambiguous palter cavil not pay not give a straight answer to fend off cop out of beat around bush be equivocal about beat about the bush about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering jive con lie adumbrate double-talk fib stall for time run around cover up straddle the fence tell white lie give run around cloud the issue skip beat shortcut body-swerve steer clear of skip out on dance around shake ditch give a wide berth to juke give the slip put the move on go around shake off hedge one's bets shuffle around give the run around mince one's words be indecisive shift dither deceive gloss over fabricate feint baffle maneuver foil contest outwit manoeuvre change yo-yo invent distort misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie fight off phony up put on stretch the truth play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away blather blandish blarney beguile change one's mind give a false colour to use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk fudge and mudge back and fill euphemize tapdance bargain haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade

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