Đồng nghĩa của make vacant


To cause to be empty or vacant
empty clear vacate discharge evacuate exhaust expend unload deplete dissipate tap unburden unpack void bleed disburden drain dump eject expel extract release remove spend withdraw decant disgorge gut milk purge sap unlade leak leave pour out siphon off use up clear out flow out make void draw off pump out remove the contents of run out rush out consume the contents of empty out consume draw suck dry finish go through run through tip burn waste siphon syphon squander draw down absorb devour emit use impoverish get through jettison throw out pump deprive deflate play out draft eat up diminish fritter away off-load pour disencumber take out vent draw out draught suck reduce drop send out excrete spew out send forth give off bleed dry let out squeeze erupt offload spew issue jet bankrupt exude cast exhale emanate utilize blow lighten force out wash up give out tip out run down pour off utilise get rid of finish up finish off frivol away swallow up collapse transfer spout weaken gush eliminate flatten shed decrease fleece deposit let down spurt strain eruct unship attenuate vomit belch pass dry slash disembogue expire evolve shoot radiate irradiate express fritter employ ventilate spit out dry up dig into drive out divert put off bring out wear out burn up take last of give vent to throw off burn through ease the load of drain out blow through get out dispose of make use of clean out run up throw away secrete open defecate move enervate filter dispatch pay out mine suck out egest be emptied of the contents of contract break bust diffuse erase have recourse to put to use avail oneself of drive force strip devolve distribute abandon delegate collect disperse eat dispel throw transport catheterize oust rid shrink run off draw on draw liquid from draw forth pump off exhaust one's supply of debark hiccup gulp cast out posset irrupt repeat burn out evict frivol leave empty free up wanton unbox uncrate undo relieve bail out breathe forth throw up cough up spew forth zero free from get last drop take up filter off unstow clear away do away with pass on trifle fiddle abstract produce puncture go down remove cargo take off take away carry away lavish air voice utter misuse misspend verbalize reveal communicate broadcast assert articulate ooze dispense pull out proclaim splurge lose verbalise escape declare put fiddle away let the air out misapply pour down the drain throw around like confetti misemploy run dry waste away spend like water gamble away be wasteful with trifle away empty the air out of ebb fish out spend recklessly come out with make public give free rein to give voice to bring into the open exploit extravasate find an outlet for give expression to find expression for take out on provide escape lessen ejaculate deliver send regorge upchuck lower pour forth break out blow lunch wring abuse cash in on work pimp leverage pare down slim down undermine blackmail cut back belch forth extort press impose upon capitalize on benefit take advantage of evoke elicit play on make the most of take advantage evince play upon impose on profit

Trái nghĩa của make vacant

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