Đồng nghĩa của rid

Alternative for rid

rids, ridded, ridding

Đồng nghĩa: clear, do away with, free,

Động từ

To disburden or free oneself of someone or something that is unwanted
relieve unburden clear free disencumber disburden divest deliver empty release lighten unload disembarrass purge strip liberate void purify cleanse exonerate disabuse shed make free get rid absolve discharge alleviate free from unchain offload let go get rid of exempt spare excuse dispense relieve of relinquish ease jettison dump let off sanctify disengage lustrate shrive exorcize exorcise evacuate expel drain vacate deplete shift transfer foist resign fob off palm off dispose of pull dismiss yank except reprieve unbind remove unpack whitewash acquit unshackle untangle unfetter deliver from disburden of free of extricate from save from absolve from rescue from exempt from disembarrass of disencumber of excuse from liberate from release from remove blame unburden of boot out set free from discharge from disgorge discommode unleash set free unlade slough take a load off off-load break bulk clear out exculpate pardon write off wipe the slate clean make exempt extricate redeem let off the hook emancipate save rescue spring vindicate forgive disentangle privilege from bail out declare innocent loose remit salvage disculpate sanitize find innocent cut loose sanitise lift get out wink at blink at manumit let up on get off the hook find not guilty go easy on abandon drop assoil exclude grant immunity clean grandfather grant someone an exemption grant someone a dispensation pronounce not guilty give immunity sublimate wipe off let someone off clarify elutriate depurate decontaminate pass by make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate wash enfranchise unship unstow unyoke disimprison disenthrall uncage parole unbridle disenthral remove cargo put off take off take away carry away bleach lifeboat launder amnesty demobilize enlarge unlock loosen affranchise bail untie respite free from restraint let out free from restriction turn out set loose give rights to ransom put on the street demobilise let loose turn loose wipe it off let off easy allay palliate mitigate abate postpone wriggle out of get oneself off the hook get out from under protect stay unloose save the day bring someone off get out of hock save someone's bacon give a break bail one out pull out of the fire save from danger save the life of get someone out save life of save someone's neck bail someone out come to the rescue of bring off come to the aid of remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment grant a stay of execution grant an amnesty to grant a stay postpone someone's punishment

Động từ

To send away or order to leave
dismiss expel oust eject banish out bounce discharge rout chase deport discard disband boot disperse demobilise demobilize liberate bundle clear dispatch extrude throw out boot out kick out turn out turf out drum out cast out force out chuck out run off drive out let go send away send off show out cast off dispense with dispose of do without let out lock out push aside send home slough off allow to go evict slang send packing remove reject exile get rid of scatter exclude dispel displace show the door ostracize drive away expulse ostracise release expatriate break up relegate transport defenestrate drive off ban put out separate bar give the bum's rush shut out throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders sack fire proscribe chase away dislodge split up push out rusticate retire bundle off part company chase out dissipate give one the gate dissolve go their separate ways give someone the boot debar demob dispossess abandon outlaw extradite thrust out purge sling out repatriate excommunicate heave out bin off give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air show you the door throw out on your ear shake off toss aside force to leave consign send somebody packing send down pack someone off disallow empty repulse axe ship out turf chuck can unchurch ax yeet expropriate disappear repudiate denounce blackball isolate set aside extradict sequester toss out squander leave vanish give the old heave-ho heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho toss out on ear anathematize eliminate blacklist cashier show the door to repel scramble disunite quell eradicate black decommission disfellowship takfir curse fold destroy split part fling out clear out see the back of disregard deactivate suspend fordrive bust do away with beat off drop shelve ask to leave demilitarise withdraw thin out disarm demilitarize go separate ways break it up give the boot give the hook give walking papers go in different directions put to flight throw out on ear lay aside put out of your mind pack off give the 1-2-3 lay off remove by force cast aside put aside cast away throw away forsake desert abdicate renounce abjure sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card cancel divorce give up write off shrug off

Động từ

To cause (someone) to be unable to pursue one any longer
lose evade elude dodge escape shake avoid flee shirk escape from get away from give the slip to shake off sidestep skirt throw off bilk clear ditch fend off leave behind outdistance outpace outrun outstrip duck get ahead of get rid of slip away from sneak away from steer clear of throw off the scent give the slip give somebody the slip overtake rid oneself of leave standing get shot of pass gain on draw away from get further ahead of run away from break away from shun eschew circumvent overhaul scape finesse shuck fly shy body-swerve run faster than get around shuffle out of widen the gap between oneself and someone else slip through the net of put distance between oneself and someone else stay away from give the runaround weasel out of give someone a wide berth slip through somebody's fingers shake someone off throw someone off unburden drop remove dislodge abuse deceive trick slip go faster than outdo beat outperform walk away from widen the gap put distance between balk baffle baulk get clear of get free from lead on a merry chase sneak away escape the clutches of end-run slip out keep distance frustrate double foil outwit thwart run from stay shy of get away be beyond someone slip through the net run around slip through someone's fingers bypass get out of skirt round skip cheat funk shortcut ignore fight shy of miss duck-shove give a wide berth to wriggle out of cop out of decline cut disregard go around have nothing to do with shrink from skive off duck out of parry keep away from abandon keep clear of forget pay no attention to skive turn your back on slide out of neglect shy from find a way round outmanoeuvre renounce outmaneuver stop forgo abstain take no notice of circumnavigate keep at arm's length recoil from shy away from give up prevent overlook dance around keep one's distance from juke discount quit check brush off turn back on refrain from desist dispense with refrain forbear pass over pay no heed to tune out back out of get round dismiss keep abstain from curb kick reject keep from hold off snub renege omit hold back jack in cold-shoulder tergiversate leave alone outflank flinch skulk burke fake pussyfoot around spurn stymie shuffle off keep off goldbrick pussyfoot fence unheed avert be oblivious to pay no mind unmind turn a blind eye to give something a miss desert hide from let slide resist malinger leave undone skimp on abjure turn away lose sight of be lax about be remiss about not attend to skip out on shy away slough off pull out of baulk at pay little attention to block forsake sacrifice arrest refuse relinquish withhold ward off overpass find a way out of cease do without stave off head off wink at blink at stay clear of withhold from slur over gloss over pass up swear off turn one's back on leave off shut eyes to pack in brush aside look the other way turn a deaf ear to shrug off avoid dealing with leapfrog hack overcome balk at wriggle deke defeat fudge weasel have no part of turn away from give the cold shoulder work around jouk lay low from give a wide berth keep out of the way of free yourself of put to one side shed put away put behind you get past swerve elope run away abscond extricate oneself from rationalize backpedal welsh withdraw excuse revoke shirk from put the move on find a way around wuss out recoil cut someone dead give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by cut someone cold give the cold shoulder to run off duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of not attend scrimshank back down back off weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise cop out back out take fright flinch from turn tail stall play truant from creep dog bludge fake out bob off forego chicken out of shrink go without restrain demur bridle belay fob off sheer sit out fast stay neutral fence-sit have done with starve sit on one's hands give the go by take the cure cut out constrain not take sides inhibit lie down on job tergiverse break off resist the temptation to lay off decline to restrain oneself stop oneself restrain yourself go easy give over take back road depart from deviate from hold off on sham put off go around the barn bluff refuse to contemplate pretermit contemn defer discard loaf fail to care for keep one's distance underestimate laugh off set aside trifle with be irresponsible not remember elide think little of be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to provide for not trouble oneself fail to remember not care be derelict throw to the winds be remiss in let go scant not care for be remiss make light of let pass fail to look after procrastinate over be careless live with stay away restrain from withstand steer clear preclude hang back maneuver manoeuvre misheed whitewash quail at forswear repulse halt repel oppose forestall short-circuit feign illness fake illness break the habit of neutralise help forbear from let it go take no notice gloze over leave be exclude look through turn blind eye paper over pay no mind to turn a blind eye bury one's head in sand fail to notice connive never mind slight close your eyes to turn deaf ear not take into account push aside shut your eyes to back away draw back disavow repudiate intercept deflect forfend bulwark defend guard divert disclaim disdain abdicate deny abnegate discourage screen interfere with make up for nullify obviate impede counterbalance prohibit hinder negate neutralize counteract anticipate gainsay disaffirm boggle at be AWOL put it on pretend to be ill take a sickie play hooky pretend to be an invalid bunk off swing the lead feign manipulate steer cover ward fend jib at desist from deny yourself shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against keep at bay pre-empt turn aside fight off put a stop to guard against protect against renege on let well enough alone have no truck with not touch

Động từ

Past tense for to travel by means of being carried (by an animal or vehicle)
went travelled traveled moved progressed drove drave proceeded cantered cycled galloped jockeyed journeyed sat trotted cruised motored rolled toured hitched a ride thumbed a ride spun span walked steered biked pedalled pedaled tooled automobiled cut across rode by car travelled by car set out set forth travelled on wheels went by car went from place to place coasted went around glided glid velocipeded bowled crossed voyaged traversed trekked roamed rove covered roved globetrotted peregrinated tramped hiked ranged backpacked circumnavigated transited coursed perambulated rambled wandered tracked navigated followed transmitted sailed migrated took a trip scoured junketted explored junketed hopped wended jaunted overnighted passed over went round proceeded along moved round made your way covered ground wended your way went riding passed through got through knocked around made one's way took a plane went into orbit took a train took a boat made a journey gone rode ridden taken a trip gone round gotten through gone riding gone into orbit taken a boat taken a plane taken a train hit the road traipsed knocked about meandered gallivanted marched tripped pilgrimaged strolled passed drifted galavanted trudged gadded footslogged slogged plodded ambled yomped stumped jetted advanced safaried circuited processed scrambled fared hied raced pushed on globe trotted wended one's way batted maundered floated mooched flown flew sauntered strode tromped trogged gadded about hoofed promenaded shuttled kicked around trooped paced traveled around travelled around lumbered strutted paraded pranced legged it went on a trip gone on a trip headed bummed around bummed bussed cabbed barnstormed transported bused got transitioned escaped gigged departed coached trundled continued speeded sprung sped bustled approached steamed wayfared fore faren driven druv itinerated tread went on an excursion gone on an excursion went places gone places gone on an expedition went on an expedition repaired flitted run strayed stept stepped trailed footed run around stravaiged stridden patrolled prowled gone walkabout went walkabout padded toddled ambulated moseyed stepped out pootled traveled on foot shambled gone on foot stalked plodded on went on foot locomoted climbed travelled on foot filed shuffled schlepped hoofed it scuffed gotten took off taken off sprang gat batted around gone on a tour went on safari wayfore wayfaren gone on safari went on a tour trod trodden sitten ran did done ran around went on a journey gone on a journey went on a excursion gone on a excursion clumb clomb took the air took a turn taken a turn taken the air taken a walk took a walk

Động từ

Past tense for to tease, typically in a good-natured way
ribbed roasted teased jived kidded joked joshed needled razzed slanged slang baited chaffed rallied taunted mocked ridiculed derided ragged bantered made fun of hazed put down poked fun at laughed at jested twitted jeered heckled funned took the piss out of gibed quizzed jeered at hassled sent up goaded wound up made sport of took the mickey out of satirized scorned scoffed at sneered japed put on scouted jibed at had on satirised scoffed panned poked mullock at bothered guyed pulled one's leg made a fool of picked on shucked fooled around chiacked lampooned parodied travestied caricatured jollied flouted mimicked ragged on goofed on sneered at humiliated cartooned pooh-poohed slung off at flouted at pulled somebody's leg annoyed harassed pestered badgered tormented nudged disturbed dogged provoked burlesqued led on gave a hard time pilloried sledged fooled criticized smoked quipped tantalized slammed tantalised spoofed reviled criticised made jokes about fooled about disdained fleered unmasked exposed deflated swang at poked borak at messed around pulled someone's leg showed up railed at held up to ridicule made a game of ran down put someone on made a monkey out of made a laughing-stock kidded around pretended played raspberried took off censured stayed ridged boned squibbed dissed pasquinaded insulted laughed wisecracked gagged pulled your leg got at gibed at outraged upbraided offended slapped jabbed affronted louted reproached twittered dug yukked yucked belittled dumped on knocked dismissed despised treated contemptuously slagged off messed contemned booed fleered at discredited showed contempt discounted rejected made light of dug at disbelieved scouted at gambolled hoaxed frolicked gamboled skewered jibed shucked someone pulled someone's chain played tricks made a monkey out of someone messed about played the fool played a prank rotted someone had someone on played a practical joke played a joke messed someone about played a trick messed someone around winded someone up treated with contempt laughed out of court exposed to ridicule held up to shame made someone a laughing stock heaped scorn on shot down plagued worried harried irritated aggravated bedevilled bedeviled rotted hectored importuned vexed vext deviled devilled gnawed beleaguered gnew sounded snapt snapped made a monkey of flirted with led somebody on rode ridden taken the mickey out of run down taken the piss out of disparaged girt girded slighted denigrated detracted decried hooted hurt disrespected upset swiped cracked leered grinned underrated sniggered derogated slurred thumbed nose at sniffed at quipped at held in contempt ranked out sneezed at bad-mouthed trash-talked turned up one's nose looked down on cut dead hurt someone's feelings cast aspersions on cut to the quick led down the garden path hounded deprecated vilified detracted from depreciated smiled snickered poured scorn on minimized diminished spurned buffooned wound wounded vilipended mortified carped shown contempt taken off maligned condemned slandered trashed dumped shown contempt for showed contempt for libeled libelled imitated defamed minimised dishonored flamed impugned abused aped copied calumniated disobliged made cutting remarks about said contemptuously turned up your nose abased aspersed given Bronx cheer gave Bronx cheer punned sallied curled one's lip at miscalled injured debased degraded blistered curst cursed dishonoured played down treated with disdain had a go at treated disrespectfully called names amused taken the mickey mimed called someone names sniped poked borack distorted exaggerated impersonated misrepresented pranked had a joke with caused offence to twisted flipped perverted stepped on one's toes talked down took the mickey turned your nose up at cried down diverted entertained curled one's lip gotten at done a number on did a number on swung at poor-mouthed did done prankt threw shade gave offence to given offence to thrown shade did a takeoff of done an impression of done a takeoff of did an impression of

Động từ

Past tense for to harass, annoy, or cause trouble to (someone)
bothered annoyed vexed vext irritated troubled irked bugged upset disturbed exasperated aggravated harassed worried galled tormented riled plagued provoked nettled peeved piqued hassled pestered ruffled narked persecuted needled chafed afflicted harried got gat displeased nagged grated badgered bedeviled bedevilled hounded rasped ate beset spited frosted griped grope teased pained itched grieved goaded hurt inconvenienced molested disgusted chivvied perplexed dogged discommoded insulted deviled devilled mithered taunted chivied pursued scared browbeat nudged tantalised tantalized interrupted bored bore crossed hindered impeded put out hacked off burned up rubbed up the wrong way drove up the wall picked on got on your nerves gave someone grief grated on intruded upon gave a hard time imposed on got on your wick bent someone's ear breathed down someone's neck carped at angered infuriated miffed got to rankled wound up gravelled graveled ticked off gave someone the hump humped maddened enraged got across exacerbated incensed offended baited agitated bummed out antagonized made someone see red fretted hacked you off antagonised roiled drove round the bend put your back up made angry inflamed affronted drove crazy drove mad teed off drove to distraction bullied kept after got at disgruntled heckled got in your hair kept on at drove round the twist rubbed the wrong way made cross beleaguered perturbed distressed outraged hectored went on at gave someone the pip rankled with got your back up gnawed gnew niggled worked on got your goat tried made waves stung got on one's nerves frustrated burnt burned prodded henpecked abraded rattled harped on at got one's goat got in someone's hair tortured besieged got under your skin got on someone's nerves got under one's skin importuned cheesed off put someone's nose out of joint hit where one lives put someone's back up embarrassed pricked got across someone scolded fussed gave a bad time madded enflamed ired wore on hazed pecked at drove bananas got under skin picked at steamed up jarred on sent into a rage rubbed you up the wrong way got someone's back up made someone's blood boil racked harrowed stressed agonized curst cursed anguished dunned excruciated ragged discomposed haunted attacked disquieted intimidated chagrined dissatisfied agonised bit put the squeeze on reminded ridiculed carped gibed criticized turned off berated got in one's hair incommoded chid chided egged on gave the business tried your patience messed with worked up got your dander up drove you up the wall fired up got on nerves tried one's patience made your blood boil sticked in one's craw setted one's teeth on edge stirred up got a rise out of browned off ruffled someone's feathers criticised made someone's hackles rise put someone out raised your hackles got under someone's skin got up someone's nose tried someone's patience got someone's dander up got on someone's wick set on made blood boil set one off found fault put your nose out of joint pressed prest oppressed bummed hacked steamed roused discountenanced acerbated insisted stressed out soured guyed embittered domineered distempered wound wounded mocked ribbed bullyragged forayed macerated despoiled strained noodged insisted on ate at assailed broke brake affected kept at mortified incited messed riled up grilled overwhelmed got up your nose entangled hampered jerked around chaffed started infested caviled cavilled aggressed ate away at excited rubbed one the wrong way attracted absorbed motivated interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt awoke quickened heated up het up got your hackles up wound somebody up got on somebody's nerves weighed down rattled one's cage tried the patience of ruffled one's feathers stewed petted tiffed huffed asked for it razzed pushed someon's buttons prompted harped on gave one the business jumped on one's case spurred fell upon fell on rattled someone's cage started in on worked into lather took a rise out of gave the needle took the mickey out of got on someone curdled took the piss out of got on the nerves of got someone's hackles up flustered questioned examined tweaked ran up the wrong way quizzed depressed got in the hair of scratched around yapped at ragged on searched high heaven disrupted jeered made your hackles rise umbraged made one see red made you see red booed barracked mixed up shouted down hissed dissed disconcerted fazed discomfited jibed at shouted at upbraided shouted catcalls at made game of butted in yawped inveighed growled yammered murmured grizzled grumped crabbed muttered complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked croaked whimpered squawked whined kvetched caterwauled wailed grumbled moaned yowled bellyached hollered keened beefed yauped repined screamed groused moaned on at took it out on urged grumbled at found fault with egged moaned at kept complaining to gotten to driven crazy eaten gotten gripen rode ridden burnt up driven to distraction gotten at driven mad worn on gotten one's goat gotten on your nerves given someone the hump gotten on one's nerves driven round the bend driven up the wall gotten under one's skin gotten across cut to the quick aggrieved burdened empurpled dismayed hurt someone's feelings disobliged put on the spot shocked disaffected taxed given a hard time given someone the pip blighted disheartened ailed jarred driven round the twist gotten on someone's nerves gotten your back up caused offense envenomed saddened put in a spot put to trouble discouraged wearied gnawn nauseated sickened tired gotten up someone's nose injured got someone gotten someone gotten someone's back up discombobulated given someone grief concerned crucified hung up poisoned faced alienated eaten at disillusioned confronted distracted dispirited disappointed crazed discontented repelled unnerved made somebody's blood boil slighted worsened zinged estranged horrified made bitter gotten someone's dander up unhinged made discontented made resentful got someone's goat gotten someone's goat caused suffering to gotten under your skin caused trouble to gotten under skin cut nagged at martyred interfered meddled gnawed at beat made unhappy gotten on someone's wick put down cast down upset the apple cart hurt somebody's feelings made it tough put a strain on put off let down put somebody's nose out of joint put into a funk set someone's teeth on edge hit on put a damper on put someone to trouble put to some trouble smote smit smited smitten driven bananas ached wore out worn out eaten away at gotten on somebody's nerves disenchanted pinched compressed cramped squeezed gotten a rise out of scandalized got someone's wick chilled unmanned daunted demoralized festered unsettled winged capped sounded revolted cooled mispleased tested tattered frayed eroded grinded ground bristled bitten demoralised scandalised devastated confounded irritated greatly aroused boiled empoisoned scoured jaundiced intensified failed made you angry played dirty repulsed possessed shattered victimized caused resentment to caused annoyance to aliened discomforted raised hell whipped up dejected wigged imposed upon made livid disrespected heightened compounded increased harmed sapped stretched exhausted drained straught gripped terrorized made sore lost one's temper raged lambasted caused sorrow exercised bled caused anguish obsessed mourned caused suffering snubbed struck magnified complicated made worse foiled amplified augmented thwarted grated upon jarred upon visited slurred humiliated gotten on nerves buffeted buffetted cheated despaired gotten your hackles up jangled disadvantaged setted your teeth on edge given a bad time pushed the buttons of gotten in one's hair expelled dragooned wronged victimised exiled made rancorous hunted acidulated venomed terrorised caused disquiet to alarmed impaired begrudged grudged scraped away made fed up given offence to gave offence to brought down run up the wrong way made someone fed up made anxious spooked thumbed nose at pushed one's buttons made matters worse fanned the flames compounded the problem turned one off brought one down dampened spirits crushed lost patience made it hot for someone made severe demands on weirded out caused someone difficulty rubbed salt in a wound made wretched made things hot for someone added insult to injury loused up freaked out frazzled cramped style puts somebody's nose out of joint rubbed salt in the wounds added fuel to the flames gave trouble fed the fire psyched out made blue hagrid failed to satisfy derailed become bored made miserable tired out made uneasy caused anguish to fanned the flames of singled out made someone go out of his way got the knife into made demands on wrung grated at left dissatisfied pushed one's button discommodated chastened flurried had had enough gnawed away at given trouble sticked the knife into dragged down oke aken driven nuts drove nuts browbeaten broken driven insane drove insane worn wore blew up blown up awoken worn down wore down drove you crazy driven you crazy worn upon wore upon given the business stricken took taken beaten wore away worn away ate up eaten up drove you to distraction driven you to distraction driven you up the wall added to gotten on someone driven you round the twist drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend broke one's heart broken one's heart became bored wore to shreds bit into worn to shreds bitten into gotten even got even drove you off your head driven you off your head given someone bother gave someone bother taken a rise out of wringed wrang broke the heart of broken the heart of trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence threw off hagridden thrown off hagrode went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse added fuel to the fire drove out of mind driven you out of your mind drove you out of your mind driven out of mind given cause for complaint gave cause for complaint driven somebody up the wall drove somebody up the wall

Động từ

Pedalled or pedaled

Động từ

Past tense for to deter or cause to feel fear, especially by threats of violence
intimidated threatened bullied pressured scared terrified browbeat frightened harassed menaced cowed daunted domineered hounded pressurised pressurized subdued terrorised terrorized harried oppressed persecuted tyrannised tyrannized bulldozed coerced hectored railroaded dragooned forced obliged unnerved awed buffaloed bullyragged compelled overawed ruffled tormented affrighted badgered blackjacked blustered bogarted constrained enforced spooked steamrollered appalled bludgeoned plagued leaned on strong-armed mau-maued pushed about pushed around picked on scared off twisted someone's arm used strong-arm tactics on scared the bejesus out of chivvied worried heckled baited hassled nagged swaggered teased dominated irritated rode roughshod over browbeaten rode ridden ridden roughshod over put the screws on subjugated petrified bossed around bossed about goaded pushed pestered prest pressed mistreated despotized overborne overbore put heat on dismayed lorded it over put through the wringer put the chill on prevailed on victimized walked heavy victimised walked all over put down put under an obligation turned on the heat upset put the squeeze on put the frighteners on put pressure on kicked around put the fear of God into hogged castigated disheartened ruled annoyed taunted chivied antagonized made antagonised bossed prevailed predominated preponderated reigned squeezed cajoled alarmed bended bent henpecked twisted somebody's arm abashed rattled disconcerted fazed showboated psyched out embarrassed discomfited aggrieved maltreated distressed hustled prodded brainwashed influenced persuaded abused manhandled ordered about ordered around misust overpowered overwhelmed misused horrified startled scarified panicked alarumed frighted shocked brought pressure to bear on dictated to tortured brutalized mishandled brutalised trampled on tightened the screws on turned the screws on ruled the roost called the shots made it hot for someone messed over led by the nose ill-used played the heavy with made things hot for someone ruled with a rod of iron pushed the buttons inspired panic in ill-treated kept under thumb ruled with an iron hand run the show treated harshly run things used pressure on fast-talked scared to death frightened out of your wits press-ganged worked on filled with terror drave driven druv drove acted on ridden roughshod rode roughshod stricken terror in struck terror in struck terror into stricken terror into given orders to gave orders to was in the saddle bent to one's will were in the saddle ran things been in the saddle threw weight around thrown weight around ran the show

Động từ

Past tense for to move or proceed, especially at a brisk pace
trotted rushed dashed ran raced hurried sped speeded shot careered scurried flew hastened hurtled bolted tore teared zoomed zipped hared scuttled scooted belted pelted barrelled barreled bustled blasted moved bombed buzzed whisked bundled careened drove drave whirled blazed breezed rocketed hustled bowled blew motored coursed chased hied jetted rustled hurled ripped cannonballed nipped jumped travelled traveled stepped stept highballed sprinted sprant humped rammed galloped scampered jogged loped tripped went cantered jogtrotted dogtrotted ambled hotfooted it cracked on went briskly stepped lively whizzed cut along flashed streaked darted whooshed swooped scudded charged stampeded swept winged whipped scrambled scuttered zapped wheeched bucketed scorched shifted sprung hightailed sprang boogied clipt sailed fleeted clipped dispatched posted legged it went hell for leather went like a bomb went like lightning covered ground bowled over got moving made haste lost no time pressed on went all out went like a bat out of hell barrelled along went like the clappers bowled along geared up went like the wind belted along got a move on went fast rattled along spanked along bombed along got the lead out gathered momentum run shotten flown torn driven druv blown sprunt gone rode ridden gone briskly put on some speed bounded bound skipped paced hightailed it stepped on it pounded hopped it gone like a bat out of hell put on a burst of speed gone hell for leather gotten a move on gotten the lead out gone like the wind beetled romped doubled dived hasted plunged proceeded steamed run slowly boiled flitted skittered smoked progressed gambolled skedaddled frolicked gamboled fled gone like lightning made tracks gotten cracking got cracking made a run for it rushed at made it snappy pranced frisked moved rapidly moved forward passed by gone like the clappers sped away lit out made off rushed off hurdled leaped leapt strode racked run very fast pattered dove burnt rubber burned rubber ran slowly tore out torn out gone jogging went jogging got on it gotten on it gone by went by gone like lighting went like lighting stridden torn along tore along ran very fast went at top speed gone at top speed gone like a bomb

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