Đồng nghĩa của defend oneself against


To speak in defense against
answer refute argue contest counter deny disprove dispute rebut counterclaim parry defend against plead against retaliate against controvert question contradict challenge confute debate disconfirm shoot full of holes blow sky high retort respond gainsay cross backtalk deflect negative thumbs down have bone to pick debunk render null and void oppose repudiate query moot examine reject address discredit disaffirm contravene canvass altercate invalidate disavow bandy crush canvas disclaim wrangle contend negate argue against pettifog quash squelch argue the pros and cons of pick a bone shoot down in flames dissent against show to be false argue about take issue with protest against shoot down show up take a stand against have an argument about tear down show to be wrong bandy words concerning prove wrong declare to be untrue object to quibble over call into question disagree with pick an argument with contend over prove to be wrong give thumbs down to prove false wonder about put up argument quibble about prove to be false agitate against hammer away at blow out of the water differ with oppugn resist fly in the face of defy combat fight call in question attack confront withstand litigate impeach struggle against fight against strive against disapprove of battle stand up to argue with dissent from face down impugn take issue disagree explode disallow disown declare untrue confound naysay brush aside traverse criticize break discuss make a nonsense of criticise denounce call out be against demur against inquire rally against take exception to demur about enquire come to blows with be a dissenter from rebel against remonstrate test throw down face off tackle accost investigate undermine feud with interrogate rival take on counterattack bar block check prevent face dislike hinder be anti thwart obstruct repel contend with buck be hostile to go against take doubt stand up and be counted against gainstay protest assail be in defiance of turn the tables assault not countenance search out disapprove reverse dissent neutralise speak against speak out against frown at bombard quarrel with take a stand withstay run counter to put up a fight against encounter expose neutralize set your face against be in opposition to taunt push blast tangle call in stand up for scramble for jump on go for jugular go for it dig deeper jockey for position give it one's all shoot for dig deep mix it up with


(fend off) To defend against or keep away
fend prevent block check curb forestall halt oppose repel repulse resist arrest avert bulwark defend deflect divert dodge fence foil forfend guard intercept stop thwart balk baulk discourage escape evade parry screen cover duck keep ward head off hold off fend off hold back keep off protect against safeguard against secure against shield against stave off ward off fight off guard against skirt round keep at bay turn aside keep at arm's length put a stop to stand up for pre-empt protect safeguard secure shield preserve shelter save keep safe look after conserve watch over keep from harm fortify harbour uphold harbor take care of watch house assure support maintain foster care for afford protection to give sanctuary ride shotgun tend mind hedge cushion shade garrison insulate inoculate insure ensure stick up for cover up go to bat for cover all bases prohibit police patrol make invulnerable justify champion man occupy oversee wrap stand guard over conceal shotgun chamber stonewall haven roof overlook provide protection for guide rule give shelter give cover take under one's wing be responsible for attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to be in charge of chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard save from harm take under wing take someone under your wing barricade withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay supervise keep an eye on babysit childmind nurse sit with see to take charge of superintend mother safeguard from shield from protect from keep from overwatch sustain shepherd provide for nurture rear raise salvage retain reclaim retrieve cherish herd administer to tend to rescue keep in good condition nanny chaperone enclose surround hide supply with troops keep intact keep in repair guard in transit cover for provide safety fight for manage run handle administrate guarantee govern operate control indemnify regulate direct steward till conduct warrant underwrite attend cinch ice guaranty keep tabs on register

Trái nghĩa của defend oneself against

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