Đồng nghĩa của evade

Alternative for evade

evades, evaded, evading

Đồng nghĩa: avoid, bypass, escape, miss,


To get away from something, especially with cunning or skill
avoid dodge elude escape shake shun sidestep duck eschew lose shirk circumvent finesse scape skirt baulk balk bilk ditch shuck baffle flee fly shy body-swerve escape from leave behind shake off break away from end-run get around run away from slip out sneak away stay away from steer clear of escape the clutches of get away from give someone a wide berth give the runaround give the slip shuffle out of weasel out of slip through the net of keep distance lead on a merry chase bypass get out of skirt round beat skip cheat funk shortcut ignore fight shy of miss duck-shove give a wide berth to wriggle out of cop out of decline outrun fend off cut disregard go around have nothing to do with shrink from skive off duck out of give the slip to parry keep away from abandon keep clear of forget pay no attention to skive turn your back on slide out of foil thwart neglect shy from find a way round outmanoeuvre renounce outmaneuver slip away from stop forgo abstain take no notice of circumnavigate keep at arm's length recoil from shy away from give up trick prevent overlook dance around throw off keep one's distance from juke discount quit check brush off slip turn back on refrain from desist dispense with refrain throw off the scent forbear pass over pay no heed to tune out back out of get round stay shy of dismiss keep abstain from curb kick run from reject keep from hold off snub renege omit hold back jack in outdistance cold-shoulder tergiversate frustrate leave alone outflank flinch skulk outwit burke fake pussyfoot around spurn stymie shuffle off get rid of keep off goldbrick pussyfoot fence unheed avert be oblivious to pay no mind unmind turn a blind eye to give something a miss desert hide from let slide resist malinger leave undone skimp on abjure turn away lose sight of be lax about be remiss about not attend to skip out on shy away slough off pull out of baulk at pay little attention to block forsake sacrifice arrest refuse relinquish withhold ward off overpass find a way out of cease do without stave off head off wink at blink at give somebody the slip stay clear of withhold from slur over gloss over pass up swear off turn one's back on leave off shut eyes to pack in brush aside look the other way turn a deaf ear to shrug off avoid dealing with leapfrog hack outpace outstrip clear abuse deceive overcome rid sneak away from get ahead of balk at wriggle deke defeat fudge weasel have no part of turn away from give the cold shoulder work around jouk lay low from give a wide berth keep out of the way of free yourself of put to one side shed put away put behind you get past swerve double elope run away abscond extricate oneself from rationalize backpedal welsh withdraw excuse revoke shirk from put the move on find a way around get clear of get shot of get free from wuss out recoil cut someone dead give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by cut someone cold give the cold shoulder to run off duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of get away not attend scrimshank back down back off weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise cop out back out run around take fright flinch from turn tail stall play truant from creep dog bludge fake out slip through the net slip through someone's fingers be beyond someone bob off forego chicken out of shrink go without restrain demur bridle belay fob off sheer sit out pass fast stay neutral fence-sit have done with starve sit on one's hands give the go by take the cure cut out constrain not take sides inhibit lie down on job tergiverse break off resist the temptation to lay off decline to restrain oneself stop oneself restrain yourself go easy give over take back road depart from deviate from hold off on sham put off go around the barn bluff refuse to contemplate pretermit contemn defer discard loaf fail to care for keep one's distance underestimate laugh off set aside trifle with be irresponsible not remember elide think little of be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to provide for not trouble oneself fail to remember not care be derelict throw to the winds be remiss in let go scant not care for be remiss make light of let pass fail to look after procrastinate over be careless live with stay away restrain from withstand steer clear preclude hang back maneuver manoeuvre misheed whitewash quail at forswear repulse halt repel oppose forestall short-circuit feign illness fake illness break the habit of neutralise help forbear from let it go take no notice gloze over leave be exclude look through turn blind eye paper over pay no mind to turn a blind eye bury one's head in sand fail to notice connive never mind slight close your eyes to turn deaf ear not take into account push aside shut your eyes to back away draw back disavow repudiate intercept deflect forfend bulwark defend guard divert disclaim disdain abdicate deny drop abnegate discourage screen interfere with make up for nullify obviate impede counterbalance prohibit hinder negate neutralize counteract anticipate gainsay disaffirm boggle at be AWOL put it on pretend to be ill take a sickie play hooky pretend to be an invalid bunk off swing the lead feign manipulate steer cover ward fend jib at desist from deny yourself shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against keep at bay pre-empt turn aside fight off put a stop to guard against protect against renege on let well enough alone have no truck with not touch


To avoid giving a direct answer to (a question)
parry fence fudge hedge avoid bypass circumvent dodge sidestep baulk balk duck equivocate flannel prevaricate pussyfoot stonewall tergiversate waffle weasel avoid answering fend off skirt round be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about get out of cop out of find a way round not pay not give a straight answer to beat about the bush about beat around bush beg the question quibble vacillate stall beat about the bush shilly-shally be evasive be non-committal parry questions shuffle cavil be vague dodge the issue hum and haw beat around the bush palter falsify temporize temporise evade the issue pussyfoot around cop out fudge the issue sidestep the issue duck the issue duck the question sit on the fence lie misrepresent shift fib be ambiguous hesitate jive con tergiverse mince words shuck flip-flop stall for time hem and haw pass the buck cop a plea blow hot and cold mince one's words skirt gloss over fake shift ground about deceive waver fabricate feint baffle maneuver shirk foil contest outwit manoeuvre invent distort dither misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie eschew escape elude adumbrate double-talk shuffle about fight off run around cover up straddle the fence put off phony up put on stretch the truth avoid the issue tell white lie give run around cloud the issue give a false colour to field deflect shun fence off answer evasively steer clear of fight shy of hedge one's bets shuffle around be noncommittal give the run around be indecisive procrastinate delay tarry hang back gain time use delaying tactics play for time hold back hang fire filibuster defer kick the can down the road ramble fluctuate swither falter haver dilly-dally skirt the issue play it close to the vest change yo-yo give nothing away play a waiting game avoid committing oneself play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue blather blandish blarney beguile use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision take your time change one's mind use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk bargain haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble postpone divert distract wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade take one's time hold over drag one's feet buy time


To avert or prevent the occurrence of
stonewall avoid delay hold back hold off obstruct put off rebuff refuse filibuster resist stall thwart foil forestall circumvent curb oppose prevent counter derail stymie defeat prohibit baulk hinder nullify counteract impede stave off inhibit circumnavigate skirt restrain check restrict repress crimp sidestep retard defend against head off ward off steer clear of trammel bar block avert shut out balk scupper spoil cramp get out of beat frustrate put paid to escape bypass scotch overturn stand in the way of limit disrupt deflect interfere with interdict ditch crash keep lid on take wind out of wreck ruin put the stopper on stop take down upset outwit juke stump do for put the kibosh on unsettle halt arrest put an end to put a stop to hamper fetter encumber hold up hamstring slow cut off shackle interrupt handicap slow down hang up stay deter hobble manacle handcuff intercept interfere embarrass bridle sabotage clog bork cripple hog-tie short-circuit close off shut off nip in the bud tie up get in the way of put a brake on barricade brake cumber blockade dam obscure freeze shelve crab screen baffle cramp one's style block off shut down choke off throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of get in the way preclude forbid dissuade from contravene snooker still wall off guard catch puzzle discomfit rattle faze bind entangle chain disconcert confound mystify foul up screw up give a hard time saddle with nonplus pick off put the brakes on take out of play flummox pause stem put on hold dead-end pigeonhole throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner corner give the run around throw a spanner in the works hang fire suspend stand fence obviate draw up not move pull up stand still come to a standstill stand off bring up fetch up peter out forfend staunch save desist discontinue cease contain plug caulk curtail seal stifle turn aside fend off keep from happening close out jam suppress clog up block out close up fill up fill choke pack close jam up stop up block up stuff choke up bung up control stanch bottle stopper muzzle gag congest occlude bung plug up sandbag throttle complicate weigh down monkey with


To retreat from something frightening or dangerous
retreat retire withdraw flee recoil fall back pull out bolt draw back run away skedaddle escape pull back run off recede vamoose beat it fly scram split take off depart evacuate run scarper shrink skidoo break go levant skip off turn tail vacate abandon decamp disengage elude fold quit leave run for it back off back away back out clear out cut and run drop back give ground hightail it hook it leg it make off peel out show a clean pair of heels beat a hasty retreat beat a retreat cut out do a runner fly the coop go away go back head for the hills light out make a break for it move away move back take flight bug out do a fade give way make a quick exit make a run for it take a powder do a bunk make one's getaway take to one's heels abscond avoid shun make tracks take a hike vanish be gone make oneself scarce absent oneself get away clear off slope off jump get desert blow hotfoot scamper scoot lam do a disappearing act go through make yourself scarce shoot through make your escape take it on the lam make your getaway take to your heels make quick exit make a getaway step on it step on the gas make one's escape exit egress dodge shirk hightail kite duck begone alight bug off break out extricate oneself break out of buzz off be off get out free oneself go off shy away bail out push off shove off make an exit get going cower remove repair abstract oneself set off set out betake oneself run along disappear flinch shrink back start out move get lost walk out adjourn take leave absent yourself up sticks cringe bail shrink away step along move out draw away hit the road flit go out blench regress drop out scat part push on get under way take your leave pack up pack off pike off pike out rack off move along hit the trail bog off check out lose ground break camp surrender yield balk book duck out grovel shoo peel off dig out sally forth get off hamba voetsak quail avaunt head off walk off move off naff off on your bike sod off pack one's bags take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook go jump in the lake say one's goodbyes haul off get along be on one's way be on your way nick off sling your hook hop it be off with you go and jump in the lake baulk step back give up make a move hide skip start proceed take oneself git step out clear slip away steal away say goodbye opt out leave for betake yourself make a break make a start seclude oneself return take wing hop the twig push along get stuffed take yourself off pop off get moving hop the stick go backward pull away backpedal crawfish quake retract tear off resile issue exeunt spread blanch range cruise fade away go offstage wend mosey make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave separate distance oneself hasten away run from flake off sneak away make one's way make for skip out bust out go to one's room shut oneself away in do vanishing act bid farewell take one's leave hotfoot it sneak off make one's departure sell turn away be lost hasten spur scurry hustle speed race expedite zip dart dash rush whiz hurry go on the lam do a Skase depart suddenly take French leave do a moonlight flit go AWOL absquatulate straggle wince turn around run scared spring abstract sell out sell up hurry up make time make haste move fast kick rocks retrograde back regroup ebb retrocede ditch dump go your way go and chase yourself get out of my sight turn on a dime make a U-turn desert under fire disassociate dissociate squinch shake a leg go like lightning get a move on run out on delink jump back walk out on cop out cut loose kiss goodbye leave high and dry drop behind lag behind fall behind slow down abandon ship pull the plug weasel out make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat run like scared rabbit leave holding the bag refuse slink huddle boggle spring back shudder scruple crouch start back jerk back give back transfer pass resign head for journey retreat to resort hie process abdicate migrate emigrate sally advance absent troop retire to go to adjourn to betake oneself to wend one's way to depart for set off for take off for withdraw to remove to go forth set forth pack your bags blast off move on march out hit the bricks draw retreat from shut oneself away move out of retire from bow out


To spend one's time in an aimless, idle way
loaf idle lounge laze loll dawdle dally chill relax bum lazy dillydally footle drone loiter vegetate drift slack mooch skive saunter stall trifle goldbrick stroll malinger dream piddle shirk kick back hang about veg out goof off kick around waste time hack around hang around do nothing kill time take it easy lounge around slow down hang out lie around fritter away time sit around be idle bum around be inactive while away the time pass time fool around hang round mooch about mooch around fritter away twiddle thumbs let down knock around take things easy while away hours be indolent be slothful be unoccupied stand around not lift a finger shirk one's duties laze around bask laze about loaf about loaf around sprawl potter lollygag rest slump unwind flop loll around repose recline luxuriate languish amuse oneself slouch chill out hang loose bat linger sit back mope loosen up moon de-stress unbend droop slack off play lounge about be at leisure take time off entertain oneself enjoy oneself stay loose twiddle your thumbs lie stagnate wander let it all hang out take a break amble tarry lie about wait outspan fiddle ease off let up ease up dilly-dally unbutton creep loll about take time out stooge make yourself at home mark time meander take a breather put your feet up delay skulk moulder doss degenerate fritter lag slummock ramble stretch oneself traipse lean lean back molder slouch about slouch around drape oneself lallygag drag diddle shilly-shally crawl poke slacken procrastinate hover stay lie back wind down trail decompress fritter time away bat around bat back and forth bat about go to seed pass the time idle away time fill in time mellow out sit on one's hands consume time idle away the hours let yourself go put off mess around kick your heels take five get no place fast flop about flop around vacillate deteriorate exist remain haunt frequent hang decay hibernate weaken while away time sit futz chillax daydream veg do nothing in particular let one's hair down take one's ease go to pot be inert lie down on job twiddle one's thumbs lie dormant fiddle around stooge around mess about be slow piddle around while away the hours piddle about potter around toddle diddle-daddle plod potter about hang fire while fool away bludge potter round warm a chair shlep along drag your feet scrounge around sit on one's butt take your time unlax lollop straggle feel at home take one's time take your ease knock off make oneself at home be calm take ten lie down put one's feet up have a break take one's leisure settle back simmer down compose oneself cool off let oneself go breathe easy stop work let your hair down collect oneself make less tense lighten up while away stray galavant roam gallivant range float rove cruise lay on one's oars fanny about bob off kick one's heels rest on one's oars sit back and do nothing stand down stoop quieten down quieten hunch sag knock about gad about deviate maunder calm down quiet down crouch bend be lazy bow wilt mosey shamble halt go slowly flag slough shuffle dabble pause lurk putter horse around goof around decline dither come to a halt fiddle about act the fool play around grind to a halt muck about clown do nothing much fribble doodle stand still fool about hesitate stagger putter around monkey around falter fall behind beat the meat not keep pace drag one's feet spin one's wheels fart around lag behind neglect dodge twiddle lark be long be tardy be dilatory bunk off temporize stonewall puddle mosey around temporise totter filibuster put off doing something stay put use delaying tactics let the grass grow under one's feet hang on play for time play a waiting game hold back be indecisive wait around hum and haw buy time futz around rust rot fall fester scrimshank trammel become stagnant stultify constipate be sluggish stifle hang back wag fall back decrease drop fail diminish lie fallow not move go stale go bad go rancid go off wane trail behind drag behind ebb gold-brick be remiss be negligent slow retard tail inch hobble trudge tool move slowly limp jelly play truant skive off bring up the rear fall off inch along drop behind be behind drop back slow up dodge the column play hookey lose strength play the wag evade one's duty swing the lead


To disregard the rules and refuse to conform
disobey defy flout infringe contravene ignore overstep resist violate transgress disregard go against mock oppose rebel rebel against infract baulk balk challenge counteract dare decline desert differ disagree insurrect misbehave mutiny neglect object recalcitrate revolt revolution revolutionise revolutionize riot shirk strike withstand be remiss break rules fail to comply with fail to observe not heed not listen not mind pay no heed to run riot set aside set at naught break the rules cock a snook at dig your heels in fly in the face of refuse to comply refuse to obey rise in arms fly in face of pay no attention to take law into own hands go counter to break breach offend trespass kick against fracture traduce fight commit a breach of encroach dissent rise up transgress against be insubordinate run amok contradict repudiate remonstrate denounce renounce combat buck come out against exceed go beyond meddle protest intrude demonstrate encroach upon rampage take to the streets take no notice of be in breach of disagree with intrench bypass veto thumb one's nose at renege on agitate fall foul of violate law refuse to accept the authority of kick over the traces be at odds with crash entrench obtrude lift pirate borrow presume steal impose arise campaign take no account of leave out scout ride roughshod over thwart cross rock the boat opt out get out of line upset secede break with make waves drop out overturn turn against stage a rebellion rise up in arms take up arms mount a rebellion hinder refute stir up trouble go on rampage stage mount the barricades rise disaffirm gainsay conflict with interfere with abjure negate spurn interpose exclude impugn traverse reject offend against interfere err sacrilege outrage sin contaminate set one's face against not comply with trample on tamper with disobey authority oppose authority resist authority defy authority go on strike take part in an uprising refuse to obey orders take part in an insurrection kick over rise against invade impinge horn in muscle in entrench on disturb disrupt depart encroach on intrude on deviate butt in muscle in on depart from deviate from make inroads into obtrude into trespass on wander stray fall poach not conform to fall outside of bend the rules cut through thrust oneself in do wrong by chisel in stick nose in nose in enter without permission interlope mix in impinge on lapse displease crash the gates poke penetrate kibitz surpass transcend overpass creep infiltrate outrun outreach inch worm interrupt overrun trench intervene usurp gatecrash overshoot appropriate arrogate overreach elbow in cut in work in horn in on tread on someone's toes barge in step on someone's toes eat into squeeze in make inroads invade someone's space stick nose into impose oneself impose yourself worm in pass step over

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