Đồng nghĩa của default

Alternative for default

defaults, defaulted, defaulting

Đồng nghĩa: default on, default option, nonpayment, nonremittal,


(obsolete) A neglect of one's duty or responsibility
negligence neglect oversight dereliction failure delinquency misprision nonfeasance disregard lapse overlooking lack want absence inaction inadequacy insufficiency failure to act omission carelessness neglectfulness remissness laxity nonperformance forgetfulness slackness laxness inadvertence inattention heedlessness irresponsibility failing deficiency blunder error slip flop fiasco turkey washout bomb lemon bust pretermission nonsuccess non-performance nonobservance loss faux pas fault recklessness false step lack of care dereliction of duty arrears shortcoming sloppiness incautiousness evasion incaution unconcern shirking misconduct unprofessionalism faithlessness abdication slip-up mistake culpa slovenliness non-observance lack of proper care and attention non-performance of duty failure to take proper care non-fulfilment of duty failure to take proper action lack of concern clinker frost debacle clunker dud fizzle bummer mishap miscue disaster catastrophe defect miss misdeed offense offence felony misdemeanor misbehaviour misdemeanour weakness misbehavior non-fulfilment criminal behavior preterition skip chasm break breach overlook decay downfall stalemate rupture wreck decline bungle misstep frustration bankruptcy defeat deficit abortion misadventure rout checkmate breakdown mess implosion stoppage loser miscarriage deterioration botch overthrow collapse ignoring disdaining slight scorn disrespect rebuff spurning disdain scorning thoughtlessness disregardance slighting inconsideration indifference desertion indifference to coolness total loss sinking ship lead balloon failure to pay attention to inattention to flash in the pan


Declaring bankruptcy
Chapter 11 insolvency bankruptcy receivership failure Chapter Eleven Chapter XI liquidation ruin crash administration financial ruin economic failure winding up selling out closing shutting down cessation of trading shutting closure indebtedness ruination penury debt disaster beggary pauperdom destituteness destitution indigence impoverishment collapse flop downfall decline breakdown defeat miscarriage nonsuccess poverty failing pauperism impecuniousness deterioration rupture stoppage pennilessness fiasco checkmate overthrow need abortion washout lemon want deficiency botch wreck bungle misstep bomb misadventure bust loss frustration turkey mess stalemate nonperformance rout implosion neediness total loss false step faux pas sinking ship lead balloon privation flash in the pan folding impecuniosity penuriousness necessity poorness decay inadequacy deficit loser hardship mendicity foundering termination reduced circumstances deprivation straitened circumstances fizzle distress nonachievement catastrophe vagrancy difficulties calamity mendicancy dire straits unsuccess scarcity hand-to-mouth existence malfunction disintegration end undoing slump halt cessation disruption interruption unsuccessfulness degradation disorganization seizure fall lack of success disorganisation non-function shutdown breaking down dissolution disadvantage business failure oversight misprision neglect dereliction negligence delinquency indigency omission financial distress narrow circumstances extremity nonfeasance sinking shortage lack financial failure dearth extreme poverty scantiness sparseness devastation paucity dire poverty insufficiency barrenness close-down going under debacle begging wretchedness blunder let-down clinker letdown hash foul-up dud fail tragedy clunker miss bummer mishap shipwreck trouble primary poverty frost misfortune snafu cropper balls-up screw-up dead loss vain attempt dead duck damp squib


To revert or return to a safe or automatic selection


(of a business) To go bankrupt
fail collapse close crash fold end fizzle flop decline finish drop miscarry retire bomb go plummet founder topple languish slump buckle flatline terminate crumple perish tumble be ruined cease trading go bankrupt go broke be shut close down fall down fall through be liquidated go bump go under shut down be closed belly up cave in fold up give up be unsuccessful cease production go bust lose big become insolvent go wrong not succeed shrivel up be closed down be in arrears go belly-up go to the wall come to a halt go belly up go into receivership grind to a halt be shut down be wound up close one's doors lose one's shirt be cleaned out be taken to the cleaners drop a bundle be in the hands of the receivers go into chapter 11 go into liquidation go out of business bankrupt fall succumb bite the dust go down break down fall flat flounder fall short fizzle out tank go awry crater come to nothing misfire abort flunk flame out miss the mark be found lacking fluff come to grief come a cropper come to naught come unstuck go down like a lead balloon go phut blunder miss meet with disaster go pear-shaped go up in smoke turn out badly backfire be found wanting screw up go amiss slip be frustrated sink without trace peter out run aground strike out be in vain be found deficient lack success rebound boomerang recoil be abortive deteriorate stall break die yield dwindle give diminish underperform underachieve wane fade away go downhill go astray be demoted be defeated cut out give out conk out fall away miss the boat hit the skids wash out go to pieces die away foul up trip up not pass muster not come up to scratch slip up fall by the wayside nose-dive come apart at the seams meet with failure go over like a lead balloon backslide gang agley flag explode hit bottom lose status play into lose out lose control miss fire go on the rocks go down swinging back wrong horse poop out fizz out come to a sticky end come to a bad end stop not come off halt fail to go off bungle fall flat on your face not pass lay an egg be rejected suffer defeat hit rock bottom blow up in someone's face go by the board not make the grade not come up to the mark fade cease to function stop working run down stop functioning fade out lose power seize up go kaput pack up give up the ghost dissatisfy ebb disappoint subside recede dip melt away come to an end fall short of fall short of expectations bring to naught not show abate degenerate decrease weaken wither bust be deficient die down die out be insufficient not come to ripeness drop off be lacking be inadequate be wanting


To renege on, or fail to honor, an obligation or promise
backpedal renege abandon repudiate welch withdraw back out renege on back down on back out of backtrack on break your word default on fail to honour go back on take back break a promise row back on fail to honor go back on your word retract break abjure abnegate renounce welsh recant unsay repeal foreswear forswear break promise go back cop out of weasel out retreat from reverse rat on pull out of welsh on withdraw from do an about-face backtrack back down cancel recall pull out back off disavow revoke drop out disclaim rescind avoid cop out change your mind eat one's words deny betray call off retreat withcall double back eat your words change mind do a U-turn have second thoughts do an about-turn break one's word forsake change scratch resign surrender disown back pedal give up wiggle out shy from worm out beg off get cold feet blow it off chicken out fink out throw in the towel annul apologize abrogate countermand apologise reconsider row back forget it dial back have change of heart change one's tune do an about-turn on do a U-turn on get out bottle out spurn reject duck out lose your nerve renig climb down turn yellow yield funk out give way wuss out have no stomach for think better of something make concessions bow out wimp out bottle it cop-out revisit turn back relent nig eliminate recede retrograde retrocede exclude suspend retrace your steps rethink alter amend rule out reel in come around draw back fall back come round take in change opinion think better of decide against turn the tables back-pedal on shift one's ground about-face set aside sing a different song flip-flop be unfaithful desert return revert apostatize relinquish contradict void nullify cry off call back worm out of chicken out of go back on one's word get cold feet about break faith forswear oneself perjure oneself repossess reclaim eat crow eat humble pie


To refuse or be unwilling to accept or do something
repudiate reject abandon renounce desert disown discard abjure disavow forsake forswear recant retract reverse decline deselect disapprove negative nix pass refuse reprobate rescind revoke spurn cast off disprofess give up rebuff apostatize balk at banish cast cut off defect demur disacknowledge dishonour dishonor disinherit dump flush lay aside oust pass up rat shed tergiversate tergiverse throw out throw over turn turn down be against break with not accept have no more truck with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of turn your back on wash your hands of deny shun disclaim relinquish drop dismiss snub renege disallow eschew cast aside turn back on abdicate abnegate withdraw surrender knock back disdain forgo leave yield ditch negate avoid scorn ignore neglect disaffirm gainsay cold-shoulder dispense with refute abstain from brush off quit kick cut rebut sacrifice resign ostracize disregard renege on refrain from ostracise say no to freeze out look right through someone give someone the brush-off repulse exclude pull out give the cold shoulder forbear steer clear of slight refrain jilt snout skip contradict withhold disconfirm go back on withdraw from shy from desist from stiff-arm veto pass on put down cut dead opt out give the brush have done with rat on give someone the go-by swear off tell someone where to get off repeal unsay waive say no welsh foreswear cede repel abstain refuse to acknowledge betray jettison shirk escape divorce oneself from drop out baulk at set aside withhold from pack in cut out resign from pull out of back out walk out on send to Coventry give the thumbs down to pass by give something a miss withgo desist resist junk disaffiliate dodge evade bilk chuck abscond scrap revolt separate rebel demur at discount go depart duck back down cop out decamp end relations with oppose axe miss secede from hand over take back do away with weasel out of refuse to recognize cut off without a penny jack in depart from ax break away from fail to honour split with sever relations with hold off stay clear of run out on send one's regrets shake one's head prohibit not hear of shut out bin off fight shy of look past rule out turn away give the bum's rush part with go away from run out leave out shift one's ground shy away from go over keep clear of take the oath drop out of give a wide berth to change your mind give the elbow not touch have nothing to do with give someone the big E defect from give someone the air go over the fence sell out fall away from change sides turn one's coat leave alone give someone the push give thumbs down to concede disprove prove to be false show to be false give the lie to divert belie invalidate blackball renig impugn call into question overlook discontinue disincline contemn scrub coldshoulder discredit forego not heed not take advantage of explode throw off disgorge worm out of stop using delink from forbid go back on one's word excommunicate prevent block interdict stop having quitclaim vacate discountenance elude scoff at treat with contempt look down on hold in contempt sneer at sneeze at turn your nose up at blank disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from unfollow strand send packing dislike not grant give the red light to shoot down contravene stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from break free from take leave from be exclusive of other not include not be inclusive of body-swerve keep away from give a wide berth shake off have no part of recoil from shrink from keep your distance from palm off turn up one's nose bag it step down from refuse to entertain act cool look straight through deliver up bail out step aside from make unwelcome cast out refuse to abide by shy shake finesse scape deliver render lay down turn over say ‘no’ to rule against leave behind leave flat maroon divest refuse to accept leave high and dry leave stranded do without bereave protest sit out say goodbye to go without keep from break up with split let well enough alone have no truck with get around shuffle out of exheridate evict deprive dispossess don't want let go of take the pledge kiss good-bye stand down quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in cut loose sign away cough up let pass drop like hot potato bin trash violate oath jump ship leave in the lurch take your leave of kiss goodbye change one's tune drift away show the door cashier turn deaf ear to turn from jib at hold out not buy refuse to receive not budge on send off not care for protest at hold back draw the line at retire cancel scratch retreat from backpedal back off fink out except disburden throw doff slough retreat backtrack backslide throw on the scrapheap dispose of fling away cast away get shut of get rid of chuck out get shot of chuck away toss out throw away shrug off leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will secede brush aside elide preclude bypass levant welch default on cry off weasel out call off wiggle out beg off back pedal worm out chicken out bar pretermit overpass overleap break from disaffiliate from become independent separate oneself from split from form a splinter group separate from split off from break away swindle stiff defraud fail skate not bother pass over count out let slide take out miss out leave off fail to include fail to mention skip over factor out omit refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of change allegiances turn traitor revolt against go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties break faith be apostate take a walk throw in the towel blow it off get cold feet about get cold feet chicken out of check go into arrears leave town skip out on put on the cuff meet under arch fall behind break one's word fail to pay see in the alley not pay let lapse duck out discourage give the thumbs down give the red light chide rebuke cross reprove stave off push back ward off beat off put off fend off send away tell off keep at bay lash out at keep at a distance put in one's place keep at arm's length

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