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Alternative for bereave

bereave /bi'vi:v/
  • (bất qui tắc) ngoại động từ bereaved/bi'ri:vd/, bereft/bi'reft/
    • làm mất; lấy mất, lấy đi
      • to be bereaved of reason: bị mất trí
      • to be bereaved of one's parents: mồ côi cha mẹ


Steal, deprive
rob purloin steal take thieve appropriate loot pilfer abstract embezzle shoplift swipe filch liberate lift misappropriate nab pinch rip off run off with snitch abscond with carry off half-inch heist nick snaffle souvenir blag bone burglarise burglarize burgle clifty defalcate glom help oneself to knock off nobble peculate scrump snavel take for oneself whip crib hook run away with tief walk away with walk off with abscond con cop despoil disinherit drain hijack knock over lose oust pickpocket relieve requisition rifle scrounge steal from strong-arm take off withhold take from pocket trouser nip snatch make off with plunder boost cabbage pillage poach walk go walkies make away with expropriate annex raid hold up swindle borrow remove annexe seize have one's fingers in the till ransack snare skim commandeer stick up arrogate pluck palm flog take over siphon off help yourself defraud take possession of sequester bag jack sneak usurp assume spirit away have sticky fingers shop steal reave take illegally break in force an entry hustle snipe finger use rip-off acquire keep mooch thieve from gain possession of cart off dispossess of simulate derive obtain cheat mug prig kidnap abduct convert cozen withdraw smuggle rustle encroach hunt intrude ram-raid cheat one of defraud one of be light-fingered hold for ransom strip one of commit fraud put hand in cookie jar commit white-collar crime steal money have one's hand in the till line one's purse with defraud someone of line one's pockets with dip into the public purse impound sequestrate attach distrain repossess confisticate grab accroach preempt disseize poind hunt illegally fish illegally take away confiscate moonlight requisition glom on to possess oneself of

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