Đồng nghĩa của strand

Alternative for strand

strands, stranded, stranding

Đồng nghĩa: abandon, cord, desert, leave, line, string, thread,


An element that forms part of a complex whole
component element feature ingredient aspect factor part constituent strain theme trope piece section portion point characteristic bit facet detail member particular side angle unit dimension phase slant item hand sense attribute regard respect viewpoint standpoint thing issue twist switch fundamental quality integral part building block part and parcel scene gimmick perspective prospect point of view determinant influence circumstance consideration cause segment reason dynamic basis division group subdivision property condition instrument instrumentality degree amount quantity antecedent contributing factor trait subcomponent essence determining factor means integrant component part makings making fixing additive contents innards integral way face character level appearance front obverse position view outlook opinion posture interpretation attitude belief thought judgment connection judgement direction way of thinking stance persuasion conception impression assessment stand estimation take sentiment conviction mind question matter school of thought two cents' worth approach understanding concept shoes thinking estimate reflection determination call vantage point notion thoughts light eye view feeling appraisal representation frame of reference line measure wing flank manner concern reference profile cross section particularity fact bearing specific policy feelings ideas sentiments relation topic eye point of observation ground from the perspective of long view perception intention plan aim apprehension grasp insight assimilation side view explanation analysis awareness vision discernment comprehension picture account personal approach elucidation reading construal deduction way of looking at something declaration idea say version examination clarification observation contemplation input comment will resolution evaluation inclination vent wish conclusion vote conjecture contention verdict theory desire speculation supposition option hypothesis look translation riff variation grip glimpse assumption preference reaction decision surmise suspicion fancy suffrage theorem thesis participation choice voice diagnosis considered opinion right of speech vox populi say-so right of free speech beliefs


A slight trace of something
tincture hint trace suggestion touch dash note scintilla shade tinge bit streak suspicion vein air aroma element flavor flavour impression nuance overtone smack soupçon vestige whiff whisper savor savour sprinkling strain drop pinch smattering nib intimation spot speck dab smidgen shadow tad glimmer shred smidgeon spatter spark splash nip lick ray crumb driblet ounce dram scruple mite particle snap ace tendency smell skosh little modicum iota jot breath taste morsel flicker smidge whit peanuts grain scrap fragment atom tittle dribble tang molecule scent sliver snippet fraction trifle stim scantling inkling granule undertone small amount trickle little bit fleck droplet mote piece dollop dot snip semblance sign ghost sample shaving dose sprinkle extract skerrick indication nugget flyspeck nubbin inch minimum tiny piece spoonful mouthful hair footstep odor odour step colouring sniff portion coloring echo chip patch smitch flash tiny amount cast tiny bit trait thread smudge very little smear blob blot peck murmur footprint footmark slot soupcon evidence scattering spoor amount quantity corn sampling wink record memento residue proof token shot relic fig whoop degree continental syllable seed tidbit brush stroke tiny part sparkle tot seasoning squirt part millimeter rap durn measure minim infinitesimal hoot darn draft inhalation fume snuff draught flatus piquancy zest relish sapidity spice bouquet sapor slightest bit few drops small degree connotation nucleus faint appearance glimmering glimpse notion evocation least bit hairsbreadth powdering dust admixture mixture breadth shake small bit small quantity cue wind clue aura reminder allusion jot or tittle tiniest bit hairbreadth hair's-breath whisker millimetre slice chunk segment bite splinter share lump shard paring hunk flake snatch moiety butt gobbet pin small portion small piece chicken feed


A melodic theme associated with a particular character, place, thing or idea in an opera
leitmotif theme idea motif element melody phrase strain subject topic subject matter matter question concept content motive trope refrain tune music air signature tune theme tune theme song issue point argument concern discussion thesis text field focus case essence proposition thread gist thought resolution division problem affair area keynote proposal item contention business motion material bone of contention point in question point at issue theorem matter at hand field of reference occasion matter of contention matter in hand head principal object moot point field of inquiry matter in question situation substance talking point area under discussion thing consideration core detail particular circumstance aspect thrust drift specific meaning burden sense feature meat tenor crux respect event object fact particularity bottom line information direction message import view significance opinion nub statement pith heart marrow stuff kernel nucleus nitty-gritty root centerpiece piece of information score puzzle pivot sum net bull's-eye nubbin centrepiece plot heart of the matter meat and potatoes name of the game summary factor premise storyline facet characteristic nicety datum title study position part news line scenario undertaking signification regard dispute controversy portion query viewpoint purport bearing main point center basis principle focal point centre line of reasoning goings-on enigma can of worms salient point main idea punch line point of contention nuts and bolts ideas chapter class intention denotation intent reference debate minutia through-line relation connection mystery transaction precis abstract synopsis story article report account quintessence enquiry grievance inquiry complication proceeding point of departure component state blurb entity keystone outline attribute form body cornerstone mainspring talk main theme upshot central idea short central theme force spirit soul specialization specialisation fine point important point basic idea defining characteristic standard essential feature policy line linchpin essential element perspective ingredient info technicality angle data general picture nature of the beast sum and substance long and short focus of attention contents subject of thought category slant trait specification point of view research topic itemized information gen dope low-down general meaning theory dissertation major hypothesis essential point central point supposition moral relevance happening occurrence experience incident action sequence kicker assumption presumption surmise interest quandary predicament challenge episode eventuality phenomenon interlude adventure brass tacks notion belief postulation most important fact vocabulary to-do jam quagmire conundrum pickle catch-22 dilemma hitch puzzlement hole mire catch stumper pitfall snag train of thought postulate hanky-panky carrying on set of circumstances context lexicon posit contestation apriorism presupposition sentiment pointer deets circumstantial instance story line full meaning full text frame of reference contextual relationship line of argument


A distinct impression or quality associated with something
flavour flavor atmosphere aura mood ambience air ambiance feeling quality climate tone character vibrations temper feel spirit note tenor smell vibe aroma suggestion halo odor odour property aspect karma patina nimbus complexion tinge vein element touch style nature essence stamp soul heart streak impression undertone overtone look tendency sense subcurrent hint disposition semblance undercurrent emanation attitude colouring vibes environment trend attribute color colour manner coloring suspicion appearance feature effect characteristic humour background trait inclination nuance implication cast way humor intimation echo connotation trace insinuation bearing bent peculiarity mode drift affectation association individuality surroundings energy habit milieu smack outlook temperament leaning meaning glow countenance key idiosyncrasy context frame distinction quirk mannerism presence ambient whiff indication personality current speciality condition oddity specialty significance timbre setting secondary meaning hidden meaning inference mark guise grain backdrop expression mien hallmark murmur fashion turn shade constitution component facet mind tincture demeanour orientation earmark particularity individualism ethos cheer feather trademark diagnostic criterion faculty proclivity affection point specific attribution foible scene whisper gist differentia marker deportment virtue situation fingerprint strain penchant stripe thing tide slant angle demeanor frame of mind stream direction essential quality state of mind typical feature movement innuendo facade aureole corona irradiation degree intonation inflection façade exterior zeitgeist scent force eccentricity front curiosity ch'i chi ki approach space vagary inflexion representation scale conditions circumstances vibration mise en scene detail constituent outline image manifestation vista features figure regard unconventionality wave tang ingredient factor ability side colors clay genius inkling glimmer breath taste colours self individual trait personal trait power sign differential highlight piece garb form part propensity crosscurrent riptide pull hidden feeling flow eddy substance ring quintessence buzz hum low tone rumor rumour mumble bias intention morale core purpose trajectory address comportment intension undermeaning reference subtext standard principle belief lifeblood ethic purport intent tack way of being run aim motivating force fundamental nature animating principle prevailing tendency dominating characteristic path preference wind projection track area region range point of compass dimension symptom custom mettle make-up mould essential state posture makeup mold type originality thumbprint badge endowment lineament caliber calibre singularity bag habit of mind cast of mind


To leave behind
abandon leave maroon desert forsake quit trap cut off leave high and dry ditch dump cast aside walk out on jilt bin off leave stranded run out on leave behind cast off leave in the lurch break with throw over drop abdicate chuck break up with give someone the push give up give someone the big E discard give the elbow relinquish walk away from kiss goodbye turn one's back on turn your back on beach surrender orphan renounce leave flat rat on walk away let go of wash hands of bail out on withdraw from back out of hang out to dry leave hanging leave someone in the lurch cast away cast ashore isolate run away from run away bereave forbear cede leave isolated split from give notice to brush off blow off break off with kiss off leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless screw bail out cut loose give up the ship flake out cop out opt out of let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of chicken out take a powder storm out drop out fly the coop take a walk bow out dispose of disown reject repudiate jettison depart from betray resign yield spurn sacrifice drift away go away from abstain from take the oath take your leave of show the door change one's tune give someone the air wash one's hands of vacate retire from escape from go depart exit finish with disappear from be gone from abscond from abandon ship disregard flee ignore evacuate disclaim forget escape drop out of turn your back walk off discontinue take oneself off from abjure decamp set out from split with withdraw get rid of exit from neglect move out of resign from get out of shed turn down break away from clear out from step aside from take off from leave someone holding the baby have nothing more to do with disavow clear fly from flee from empty secede from waive hightail bail separate separate from walk out kiss good-bye decamp from hand over pull out step down from split up with disaffiliate from defect from separate oneself from split off from sever relations with break away move from head out from bow out of give the heave-ho part with run along from move out from say goodbye to walk out of opt out take leave from form a splinter group run off from absent oneself from check out from call it quits snub put behind you eighty-six cease bag disappoint detach oneself from end shun deceive stop going out with break off one's relationship with coquette leave in a lurch bail out from slip out clear from pull out from part company with finish be done with abnegate make vacant make empty eject from wash your hands of divorce oneself from end relations with break off split up break up bail from forgo do the dirty on forego split refuse disinherit avoid shirk disgorge delink from give the old heave-ho leave at the altar lay down deliver turn over render dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from quitclaim forswear void disaffiliate bag it deliver up retire apostatize break free from retract retreat skidaddle retreat from displace back down take the pledge sign away cast cough up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in swear off drop like hot potato dismiss secede break from become independent cancel divorce banish oust cut out pack up discount toss aside write off shrug off repeal run for the hills go from vamoose from scram from bolt from slip out from make oneself scarce from do a disappearing act take a hike from set off from give the slip to go AWOL clear off from head off from remove oneself from take leave of cut and run from abort revoke rescind bail on refrain from cheat on do away with back out on be disloyal to be unfaithful to fail


To leave or cause to remain behind
quit leave desert abandon exit forsake begone evacuate part vacate withdraw bail decamp depart get maroon blow book go move scarper vamoose take off buzz off clear off clear out walk out bug off move out bug out cut out dig out go away run along run out check out drop out pack off push on shove off step along bail out pack up peel off pull out push off sally forth get off go off take a walk go out pike off pike out pack your bags split flee scram skedaddle escape beat it run away retire run off make off retreat fly bolt take a hike scoot hit the road get going make oneself scarce set out set off make tracks take a powder hightail hightail it cut and run abscond absent oneself be off beat a retreat get away take flight make an exit head off hook it light out withdraw from run for it get out do a bunk up sticks make a break for it depart from exit from abstract oneself remove escape from start out take leave pull out of beat a hasty retreat make a run for it pull stakes make yourself scarce run get lost go away from disappear abscond from do a disappearing act migrate emigrate leg it move out of sling your hook bog off turn tail run away from peel out flit voetsak scat say one's goodbyes be on one's way hamba retire from disappear from decamp from hop it be gone from duck out say goodbye take oneself off from rack off absent oneself from fly from betake oneself make a quick exit get under way fly the coop do a runner skip off head for the hills go AWOL pack one's bags sling one's hook show a clean pair of heels hit the trail back out embark repair slope off break camp lam make a move go from clear skip avaunt defect vanish recoil flee from bolt from step out remove oneself fall back break take your leave walk off travel skip out move away back off move off take wing take French leave back away take yourself off absent yourself move back shoo move abroad alight relinquish kite issue head transmigrate make walk empty strike out git skidoo evade sally be on your way start get out of levant separate draw back shrink pull back break out of break out go forth slip out take your leave of break away set out from do a fade naff off part with say one's farewells sod off slip away move along clear out from run off from part company go jump in the lake give ground go your way take off from move out from take to one's heels head out from drop back haul off hop the twig get along make a break push along get stuffed nick off pop off get out of my sight go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick take to flight leave in a hurry take to your heels skiddoo hotfoot it void exeunt go to hell scamper duck avoid egress dodge shirk shun go offstage recede adjourn skidaddle retreat from displace stand surety post security have it away make away flake off abdicate march range cruise advance absent proceed troop go through shoot through get on your bike wend mosey regress do vanishing act bid farewell take one's leave betake yourself fold give way elude disengage make one's getaway go back blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks free oneself extricate oneself put up bail obtain somebody's release say adieu flow off-load ship shove leap bustle hurry make one's way go absent without leave go missing sneak off go west make one's departure break up say farewell ditch relocate make for distance oneself flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly shift drift wander conk out dedomicile move about run for the hills storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out make a start on your bike take a long walk on a short pier draw away go and chase yourself be off with you bail out from clear from pull out from make vacant make empty eject from resettle break off split up quit the scene walk out on ease out go one's ways leave flat ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways immigrate trek resile secede become independent gain autonomy divide off shy away step back turn away disaffiliate shrink away move overseas jump ship leave your country start a new life go south go on the lam do a vanishing act do a Skase make scarce steal away make a quick getaway sneak away dog it do a moonlight flit break free depart secretly make your getaway make oneself scarce from take a hike from scram from say goodbye to walk out of give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from break away from run along from cut and run from slip out from vamoose from set off from clear off from take leave of check out from elope cut stir head out ride off disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away do a bunk from take one's leave of walk away be gone take it on the lam make a getaway start off make your escape break loose get free make a escape begin sail set sail step on it bust bear dash make one's escape make quick exit scurry hustle race dart rush seclude oneself run out on cut loose leave port set in motion put in motion uproot do a moonlight scatter commence absquatulate have it away on one's toes shrink back tear off make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave sign out fade away be lost depart suddenly hide pull up stakes take one's farewells slink off slink creep sneak skulk hasten away run from go to one's room shut oneself away in leave for budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from draw shut oneself away take oneself bow out make a dash for it spring opt out leave in the lurch dump cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry slip pass emerge double hasten spur speed expedite zip whiz get out of someone's clutches burst out play hooky get away with make getaway make good one's escape wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers shake a leg hurry up go like lightning make time make haste get a move on move fast kick rocks go forward set about get on the road begin one's journey set forward creep off sprint bound career aim beeline scramble shoot scuttle steer veer raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock jump hotfoot step on the gas

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