Đồng nghĩa của forbear

Alternative for forbear

forbears, forborn, forborne, forbore, forbearing

Đồng nghĩa: abstain, avoid, refrain,


To keep away or abstain from
avoid refrain abstain eschew forego forgo withhold abjure desist cease decline restrain shun belay bridle curb escape evade keep omit stop inhibit sacrifice keep from give up lay off abstain from hold back leave off refrain from stop oneself withhold from restrain yourself steer clear of fight shy of give over go easy jack in resist the temptation to swear off give a wide berth to break off decline to renounce refuse quit drop kick desist from resist abandon forswear do without discontinue forsake pack in halt check pass up cut out reject repudiate spurn relinquish go without leave alone sit out end pass finish disavow skip pass on knock off pack up forbear from restrain oneself from stop oneself from suspend deny conclude dispense with waive have done with repeal break surcease can shy from not do constrain turn down arrest steer clear take the cure give something a miss leave out prevent oneself from not give in to resign yield pause starve fast fence-sit not touch interrupt buck check oneself call a halt to call a stop to avoid doing something have nothing to do with be temperate stay neutral take the pledge shut off hold back from cut off break up retract not take sides go on the wagon withdraw sit on one's hands give the go by recant unsay renege foreswear cancel dismiss rebuff abdicate snub rescind concede abnegate wash your hands of turn back on cast aside repulse disapprove abrogate revoke kick the habit quit cold lay off of let up keep off cease to indulge in kick over call it quits demur reprobate say no to knock back baulk at demur at set aside remit brush aside balk at dodge avert prevent not accept opt out refuse to take advantage of stay away stay away from sidestep circumvent get around shrink from preclude bypass shake off restrain from withstand shirk skip out on skirt look down one's nose at opt out of send one's regrets shake one's head retain fend off get out of ward off break the habit of help neutralise hold off give the thumbs down give the red light hinder interfere with head off stave off deny oneself negate make up for nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit shake counteract anticipate hide reserve conceal hold miss out on suppress keep secret detain sit on spike deduct keep back kill keep yourself keep to oneself refuse to give keep under wraps hold out on fail to disclose dummy up clam up keep hold of hold on to hold down hold out keep under your hat terminate bring to an end put an end to wind up put a stop to cut call it a day bring to a halt cut short axe ax pull the plug on chuck ditch exclude eliminate get rid of close elapse scrap intermit determine take out dead-end wink out not continue bring to a close pack it in resign from sever abort abolish do away with oust lapse ignore delete phase out expire pull out of rein in give the chop go die discard scrub obstruct bar close down cut it out intervene disregard knock something on the head bring to a standstill get off elide bring to a stop miss out put the kibosh on give a rest stand down from give something up give up on close off bring to end adjourn throw in the towel forlet stop trying throw in the sponge come to an end recess disrupt cut into disturb say goodbye to break into dissolve stop doing lie by spell rest sew up get on the wagon wrap up hang it up achieve leave succeed complete close out come to a close stay culminate shut down back off die down fail quit cold turkey escape from go cold turkey down tools stop work jack it in stem stall staunch blow the whistle on put a sock in nip in the bud put a cork in bag it separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part carve isolate exsect marginalize extirpate extract usurp remove overlook excise scratch turn your back on divorce part with cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from finish with dust off part from wipe out call off jilt shelve break with write off forget about forfeit cut dead take away marginalise back off from check out from except miss pass by pretermit not bother pass over count out let something slide fail to include slight fail to mention shut out overpass skip over factor out overleap kibosh call it quits on surcease from disown disinherit desert throw off turn tergiversate sell out walk out on toss over divorce oneself from cast off defect apostatize tergiverse apostacize have nothing more to do with dump throw over discharge eject throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out throw out expel chuck out turf out slur boot out let go erase evict forget send packing


To be patient with
bear with endure suffer tolerate accept bear stand wait be patient be patient with make allowance put up with show forbearance show forbearance towards make allowance for make allowances for take brook stomach live with hack sustain swallow support countenance abide sweat out submit to stick out wear absorb bide undergo handle thole pocket withstand weather meet go stick allow permit admit go through indulge tough out grin and bear it stand for sit still for go along with yield to acknowledge be doing with brave face condone sanction concede allow for cope with resign oneself to bow to bite the bullet meet with see have receive concede to live through wait out grin and bear sit and take it sit through hang tough stick it out stay the course sweat take kindly to cope help reconcile oneself reconcile resign yourself maintain keep up with abide by pass through digest stand up to bear up under be big about consent defer sit tight hang in hang in there feel pass acquiesce licence green-light license persist persevere see through excuse understand laugh off pardon accept apology for forgive confront authorize shoulder experience assume encounter agree take one's lumps don't rock the boat take it play the game don't make waves capitulate face the music take one's medicine humor recognise let recognize string along agree to humour approve of wink at consent to turn a blind eye to blink at admit of ignore hear accede to authorise be gentle take it easy go easy subject oneself to come to grips with be forced to contend with be faced with bear the brunt of come up against submit oneself to carry ride out take on face up to become reconciled to surrender to acclimatize oneself to reconcile oneself to sit and take become accustomed to get used to withtake onfang adjust to make the best of acquiesce to learn to live with capitulate to become resigned to accommodate oneself to


(of a person or object) To leave behind
leave abandon desert dump ditch drop jilt discard chuck forsake maroon quit relinquish renounce strand surrender cast off give up cast aside blow off break off with brush off leave stranded walk out on bin off kiss off leave flat run out on throw over give notice to leave high and dry leave in the lurch give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E turn back on break with leave behind break up with reject abdicate turn your back on finish with rat on separate kiss goodbye wash your hands of betray yield disown jettison sacrifice split cut off walk away from get rid of withdraw from hang out to dry let go of leave hanging isolate part company part ways beach repudiate shed resign cast away cast ashore divorce cede eighty-six orphan disclaim abjure give someone the air split up with dispense with split up walk away give the heave-ho become estranged break up dispose of bust up cut loose back out of leave someone holding the baby run away from bail out on reach a parting of the ways secede escape pull away go trap disappoint deceive stop going out with run away leave isolated forget coquette break off one's relationship with kiss good-bye disavow bereave depart from leave in trouble bail on leave holding the bag leave helpless neglect shun leave in a lurch break off walk out turn down spurn do the dirty on split from divorce oneself from end relations with have nothing more to do with give the old heave-ho leave at the altar go away from abstain from drift away forgo take your leave of change one's tune take the oath show the door leave all alone junk scrap make an orphan leave alone leave parentless grant remit waive screw alienate dissociate segregate delink hand over sign away do without turn over toss bin can disaffiliate defect bail out break away throw out do away with unload toss out bow out give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of storm out drop out fly the coop opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk secede from detach shuck off throw aside cast lose exorcize shuck exorcise put out to pasture write off throw away cashier deep-six part company with sever connections with break off relations with part stop living together part with get divorced end relationship tell somebody it's over go separate ways eschew abnegate retract deny disinherit forswear recant renege refuse avoid rebuff concede rebut have nothing to do with give a wide berth to scorn exclude disdain excommunicate discount leave off unfollow cut off without a penny refuse to acknowledge cast out refuse to recognize shut out cold-shoulder swear off withdraw repeal unsay foreswear shirk revoke decline turn tergiversate apostatize tergiverse steer clear of apostacize shy away from stay clear of weasel out of opt out throw off have done with sell out toss over snub cut blackball ostracize blacklist ignore repulse repel blank veto forfeit disfellowship ostracise unfriend despise burn oust divest freeze out give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at cut dead put down kick in the teeth send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt not buy leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder exheridate deprive evict dispossess forego withgo leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will cut out spare say goodbye to let go pay with prostitute be deprived of lay down cough up be stripped of refuse to abide by go without pass up kiss goodbye to turn in render disallow gainsay refute negate negative contradict disaffirm disconfirm disacknowledge send packing


To show mercy to, especially by not punishing or killing
spare pardon forgive absolve reprieve amnesty excuse exempt free discharge pity release bail out be lenient be merciful deal leniently with go easy on grant a pardon to let go refrain from hurting give a break give quarter to let off get off the hook get out of hock leave unhurt not harm have mercy on have pity on pull out of the fire show mercy to be lenient to be merciful to grant pardon to leave unharmed leave uninjured leave unpunished cut someone some slack liberate relieve exonerate clear acquit deliver let off the hook dispense exculpate set free except emancipate unchain unfetter remit unshackle whitewash write off spring dismiss unburden disburden divest disencumber rid vindicate unbind be lenient on disembarrass grant immunity unleash save uncage manumit disenthrall disenthral enfranchise privilege from wipe the slate clean disimprison enlarge set loose grant an amnesty to let out let up on let loose find not guilty wink at blink at turn loose be easy on condone overlook immune extricate drop charges against find innocent declare innocent grant someone a dispensation grant someone an exemption protect disculpate befree untie pronounce not guilty wipe off loose cut loose put on the street unmanacle bail free up set at liberty cast loose safeguard privilege shrive lifeboat bleach sanitize sanitise launder strip untangle let off easy allow to go wipe it off allow to leave send away resign lighten pull make exempt yank exclude grandfather respite deliver from disburden of free of extricate from get rid of save from absolve from rescue from exempt from disembarrass of disencumber of free from excuse from liberate from release from remove blame unburden of boot out set free from discharge from relieve of give immunity alleviate allay palliate abate mitigate postpone stay pass by make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate grant a stay remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment grant a stay of execution postpone someone's punishment purge disengage purify cleanse disentangle empty sanctify lustrate void redeem disembroil unload relinquish ease justify exorcise exorcize atone disinvolve explain rationalize rationalise assoil free from blame evacuate expel drain vacate deplete accept wipe slate clean discount disabuse shed clean make free get rid sublimate make allowances for make allowance for let someone off with let it go by forgive and forget look the other way let something ride decontaminate clarify elutriate depurate wash

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