Đồng nghĩa của free from blame


To remove from suspicion or guilt
vindicate acquit clear exonerate absolve exculpate deliver discharge free liberate redeem declare innocent let off let off the hook excuse release pardon relieve exempt forgive dismiss whitewash disculpate find innocent set free justify remit spare sanitise sanitize emancipate pronounce not guilty wink at blink at let go wipe slate clean find not guilty explain amnesty condone rationalize disburden rationalise assoil disembarrass untangle let off hook wipe off loose shrive lifeboat spring bleach launder write off let off easy go easy on wipe it off let up on wipe the slate clean reprieve dispense disencumber unchain unburden divest rid make allowances for except alleviate unbind unfetter unshackle grant an amnesty to forgive and forget overlook grant immunity unleash manumit enfranchise uncage disenthrall disenthral disimprison deal leniently with have mercy on be merciful to relinquish ease enlarge look the other way let out make allowance for privilege from set loose let loose turn loose let someone off with let something ride atone purge drop charges against show mercy to be lenient to be lenient on exclude grant someone an exemption grant someone a dispensation accept grandfather immune discount relieve of give immunity strip protect pass by make an exception of make an exception for extenuate unguilt wipe the slate extricate unyoke lighten save parole unbridle rescue safeguard privilege allow to go allow to leave send away free from restraint cut loose demobilize free from restriction unlock turn out give rights to ransom loosen affranchise put on the street bail out demobilise disengage bail untie pass over take rap for give absolution make excuses for apologize for grant amnesty make exempt let it go by respite resign pull allay palliate mitigate abate postpone remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment stay grant a stay of execution grant a stay postpone someone's punishment yank not hold something against bear no malice towards deliver from disburden of free of get rid of absolve from exempt from disembarrass of free from excuse from unburden of boot out discharge from extricate from save from rescue from disencumber of liberate from release from remove blame set free from feel no malice towards feel no resentment towards bury the hatchet with bury the hatchet accept apology stop feeling malice towards harbour no grudge against stop feeling resentful towards turn a blind eye to turn a deaf ear to let it go let bygones be bygones bear no malice turn other cheek kiss and make up think no more of


Free from guilt
guiltless blameless innocent immaculate impeccable irreproachable spotless unimpeachable unsullied untainted untarnished clear faultless pure sinless clean uncensurable cleanhanded inculpable lily-white squeaky-clean stainless unblemished uncorrupted undefiled above reproach above suspicion beyond criticism crimeless exemplary free free from guilt good righteous virtuous without fault in the clear not to blame squeaky clean whiter than white as pure as the driven snow guilt-free not guilty honest upright chaste perfect pristine uninvolved unoffending virginal flawless impeccant uncorrupt lawful legal angelic licit free of unstained legitimate white pure as the driven snow safe angelical ideal incorrupt seamless picture-book picture-perfect absolute letter-perfect indefectible uncontaminated unspotted unpolluted decent moral unblamable model untouched beyond reproach cleared scrupulous undamaged harmless irreprehensible acquitted honourable honorable sackless virgin wholesome snowy holy modest unflawed exonerated unspoiled reliable trustworthy dependable clean-handed without guilt crime-free unguilty fresh gleaming shining undisturbed not responsible unexceptionable peaceful law-abiding having clean hands demure without sin unspoilt calm serene tranquil at peace without blemish free of sin whole unmarred intact unmarked sound uninjured unimpaired unhurt innocent as a lamb absolved untroubled exculpated exact precise exquisite unerring copybook outstanding meritorious consummate exceptional admirable accurate errorless ten fleckless right nice aces correct apple-pie infallible A-okay note-perfect irreprovable on target reproachless snow white let off free to go free of blame off the hook scot free crisp natural refreshing unadulterated unharmed invigorating salubrious sparkling undebased envigorating restorative sterilized organic unscathed unaffected unchanged earthy sanitary unsoiled primal sterilised onside sweet luscious not rotten not sour unfermented artless cool unmixed distilled purified well-preserved unpunished delicate void nescient bereft devoid preserved unassuming unmoved indifferent ignorant empty unaware unimpressed unconcerned unaltered dry-eyed unstirred uninfluenced unprocessed recent latest young just out unstudied new original unfilled with out of danger in perfect condition safe and sound secure shipshape without a scratch entire untried unbroken in good condition tonic without lacking airy revitalising cooling energising pleasant lacking in unfamiliar with untouched by refreshful revitalizing rejuvenative revivifying energizing rejuvenating vitalizing scot-free sterile unacquainted with disinfected uninfected healthful taintless pasteurised aseptic intemerate healthy pasteurized good for you germ-free health-giving

Trái nghĩa của free from blame

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