Đồng nghĩa của unpolluted

Alternative for unpolluted

unpolluted /'ʌnpə'lu:tid/
  • tính từ
    • không bị ô uế, còn tinh khiết


Completely clean and pure
clean clear fresh pure sterilised sterilized uncontaminated untainted unblemished untouched unsullied untarnished pristine unadulterated undefiled unstained wholesome sanitary immaculate antiseptic intact sterile spotless unspoilt perfect flawless undamaged germ-free virgin unsoiled unaffected uncorrupted disinfected aseptic hygienic natural purified stainless crisp unchanged unmarred undebased salubrious unharmed unmarked unspoiled refreshing uninfected unmixed unscathed sparkling unspotted refined unbroken straight healthy virginal fine unalloyed plain unprocessed undiluted germfree healthful taintless unmoved neat unaltered undisturbed uninfluenced invigorating unstirred sound restorative envigorating uninjured in perfect condition chaste whole unmodified fair unhurt entire solid unimpaired absolute organic preserved snowy faultless earthy pasteurised pasteurized inviolate incorrupt unagitated delicate good squeaky-clean primal spic-and-span sanitized unimpressed spick-and-span secure sanitised in good condition suitable for breathing sanative prophylactic innocent artless unflawed well-preserved decontaminated unprofaned sacred completely clean unassuming sweet luscious salutary scatheless complete unused spotlessly clean distilled dirt-free unfermented not rotten not sour recent latest young just out unstudied new original salutiferous not liable to impervious not influenced not subject to immune impregnant breathable intemerate squeaky clean good for you health-giving as clean as a whistle as new in mint condition sterling cool unblended indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed shipshape untried out of danger one hundred per cent tonic safe and sound without a scratch refreshful revitalizing airy revitalising rejuvenative revivifying energizing cooling energising pleasant rejuvenating vitalizing shining speckless washed tidy laundered cleansed trim dirtless squeaky unsmudged cleanly white vanilla orderly elegant simple graceful well-kept spic and span neat as a pin neat as a button

Trái nghĩa của unpolluted

unpolluted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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