Đồng nghĩa của tidy

Alternative for tidy

tidies, tidied, tidying, tidier, tidiest

Đồng nghĩa: big, considerable, goodly, grand, large, neat, orderly, shipshape, sizable, substantial, trim, well-kept,

Trái nghĩa: untidy,

Tính từ

Arranged neatly and in order
neat orderly shipshape trim uncluttered spruce clean immaculate ordered organised organized trig antiseptic bandbox businesslike crisp groomed in order kempt prim smug snug straight systematic tidied well-groomed well-kept well-ordered spick-and-span tricksy well kept well ordered chipper cleanly in good order neat and tidy picked up presentable sleek sorted out spick and span straightened out well arranged well organized well-turned-out shipshape and Bristol fashion apple-pie order to rights as neat as a new pin in apple-pie order in good shape neat as a pin smart methodical regular efficient systematized arranged dapper disciplined structured natty well-organized systematised methodic exact well-regulated spotless elegant fixed together regimented nice meticulous precise methodized planned well groomed logical careful controlled well regulated chic fastidious proper correct slick clean-cut coherent deliberate scrupulous well turned out formal systematical strict well turned-out well planned dainty well-dressed finical finicky sharp besuited taut all together uniform well-turned out regulated painstaking arranged well fit to be seen by the book by the numbers well thought out effective well-maintained impeccable well-presented snappy tight spiffy personable compact sorted well-pressed chiseled chiselled soigné symmetrical nonrandom in place in position well-arranged rigid steady self-controlled consistent well looked-after well maintained settled as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox in tip-top condition well disciplined becoming Bristol fashion as fresh as paint well thought-out in good condition put to rights in sync no-nonsense tidily dressed coordinated standardized law-abiding well-behaved peaceable punctilious of smart appearance smartly dressed unchanging even unvarying unvaried well-designed correlated cataloged classified tabulated framed thorough alike rangé scientific set-up conventional monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull grouped formed standardised catalogued prearranged prepared formulated restricted neat as button neat as pin in shape closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein attractive inviting appealing alluring stunning beautiful cute swank good-looking gorgeous stylish suitable hospitable welcoming adorable decent supervised governed measured routine unified delimited practical severe skillful directed skilful managed standard analytical thoroughgoing complete out-and-out joined-up restrained reduced harsh monitored superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered sensible guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious conscientious well run regimental negotiated contrived enforced workaday matter-of-fact organic competent heedful conscionable punctual fussy demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking

Tính từ

Greater than average in size, amount, value or degree
considerable substantial handsome healthy large goodly largish respectable fair generous significant sizeable ample biggish good appreciable sizable bonny decent decent-sized major substantive serious reasonable vast not to be sneezed at abundant tolerable plentiful hefty passable acceptable comfortable satisfactory marked big noticeable adequate okay OK fairish plenteous all right great goodish not bad bountiful extensive middling average worthwhile so-so mediocre sufficient presentable ordinary astronomical huge common good enough lavish profuse fair-to-middling run-of-the-mill fairly good heavy copious fine serviceable superabundant pretty good massive moderately good fair to middling voluminous solid liberal meaningful legit extraordinary bounteous phenomenal sensible much prodigious tremendous immense enormous boundless commodious pretty allowable unexceptional indifferent admissible workaday sufficiently good undistinguished amateur unremarkable large-scale amateurish bog-standard vanilla half-pie not too bad worth taking into account no great shakes unexceptionable better than nothing unimpeachable plain vanilla livable nothing to write home about not much cop not up to much moderate medium usual intermediate mean O.K. up to standard standard commonplace second-rate middle-of-the-road everyday modest run-of-the-mine second-class agreeable competent run-of-mine up to scratch uninspired suitable unobjectionable alright up to par up to snuff pedestrian up to the mark prosaic inferior palatable hunky-dory copacetic conventional in order normal unexciting jake sound fitting pleasing not so hot sufficing forgettable lacklustre lackluster quite good proper fit characterless dull cool kosher median common or garden A-OK middle insignificant appropriate commensurate copasetic pleasant routine limited valid garden-variety swell on the ball midsize midsized enough humdrum typical not very good uninspiring delightful colourless small quotidian unmemorable convenient plain nondescript assuaging assuasive appeasing midway ornery uneventful mainstream satisfying cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue correct colorless neutral on the beam right on tickety-boo in-between mundane ducky substandard unpretentious bad meh lousy halfway uninteresting boring wretched mid banal paltry imperfect unimpressive shabby sorry intermediary junk plenty bland homespun tawdry minimal sad base medial déclassé lemon poorer hack unnoteworthy humble worse hep hip mediate central midmost low-quality low-grade low-rent good-for-nothing two-bit generic garden nothing special a dime a dozen garden variety peachy keen in the swim cooking with gas up to code reasonably good can't complain scanty nothing out of the ordinary meagre skimpy light certain bearable unimportant immaterial sparse traditional honest poor stock able cromulent delighting peachy groovy cogent gratifying fulfilling meager of no consequence fair enough tame anonymous inconspicuous familiar household just right nothing to shout about inconsequential inconsiderable ubiquitous frequent of poor quality customary basic no-frills regular becoming attractive prepared par for the course bog standard on the money spot on on the mark trendy welcome inoffensive innocuous harmless nothing to get excited about middle of the road commensurable as it should be flourishing fine and dandy requisite proportionate par popular snug formulaic habitual congruous useful lucky well fortunate happy bright stale intervening simple apposite apropos suited transitional interposed homely medium-sized totally fine middle-sized aplenty necessary fitted providential prosperous outclassed hackneyed stereotyped suburban completely understandable well-suited enow as much as you need as much as is necessary corny hacky dime-a-dozen intermedial predictable plastic dreary drab white-bread monotonous trite at the halfway point equidistant between two points equidistant between two stages in the middle compromising center between centre okey-dokey

Tính từ

Greater than average in size, amount, value or degree
large substantial considerable great big handsome bulky sizeable goodly hulking largish sizable hefty biggish oversized voluminous husky grand oversize outsize outsized boxcar massive extensive ample significant whopping generous major huge immense respectable substantive vast enormous colossal gigantic monumental jumbo good mammoth bumper whacking tremendous healthy prodigious abundant monstrous astronomical plentiful comprehensive gross giant elephantine gargantuan titanic humongous ponderous king-size whopping great capacious profuse whacking great mega burly immeasurable thumping monster strapping decent mountainous full king-sized lavish heavy plenteous spacious solid king size thumping great astronomic Brobdingnagian decent-sized ginormous weighty large-scale appreciable copious cumbersome unwieldy bountiful serious epic exorbitant stupendous unlimited mighty not to be sneezed at princely inordinate superabundant sensible bonny fat numerous liberal overgrown herculean roomy bounteous profitable high extravagant excessive very large lucrative sufficient grandiose expansive remunerative brawny long paying reasonable marked awkward sturdy beefy teeming gainful ungainly galore comfortable fairly large prolific deep boundless mesomorphic hunky good-sized imposing well built Himalayan extraordinary powerfully built solidly built very big thewy commodious pronounced rich multitudinous giant-sized towering leviathan magnific lofty walloping humungous supersized supersize man-size of considerable size man-sized cosmic pharaonic cyclopean cosmical dirty great galactic super-duper prosperous much noticeable advantageous adequate worthwhile rewarding whole entire notable material stiff complete Herculean strong muscular extra-large kingly lumbering clumsy steep unsparing steady OS maxi stout consequential extremely large meaty thick hulky measurable billowing buff portly robust shredded ripped extra large lumpish oafish not inconsiderable baggy jacked stalwart clunky loutish heavily built clodhopping stocky thickset stark unco mondo wide full-size spacey loose-fitting cavernous luxuriant moneymaking economic money-spinning Bunyanesque swelled massy thundering fair-size good-size great big socking great a whale of a tall extreme economy-size super colossal life-size fair-sized economy-sized mastodonic broad megalithic family-sized staggering family-size brobdingnagian whopper almighty inexhaustible prodigal many multifarious swelling legion sundry several convoluted simple covering various aplenty exuberant cornucopian plenty lank proliferous populous overflowing opulent sweeping global wholesale magnificent majestic glorious measureless booming splendid stately impressive juicy immoderate exhaustive crawling with a dime a dozen stink with no end of superb striking noble countless palatial eminent wide-reaching wide-ranging far-reaching august fine regal infinite endless illimitable unfettered incalculable generously proportioned resplendent elevated imperial heroical gorgeous superior proud heroic lordly oceanic gigantesque sublime vasty royal gallant ambitious baronial dignified exalted haughty planetary splendiferous illustrious super unreal awe-inspiring something else Homeric unhandy cumbrous unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy giant-size distinguished awesome marvellous sumptuous marvelous spectacular luxurious stellar elegant beautiful terrific excellent statuesque stunning breathtaking remarkable wonderful formidable brilliant fantastic dazzling pompous renowned outstanding commanding fabulous solemn plush venerable ritzy dramatic arresting swanky aristocratic queenly courtly posh amazing powerful celebrated memorable overwhelming limitless sensational divine splendorous supreme bright deluxe blimp important fab splendacious magnolious heavenly smashing behemothic staid immortal honorable honourable esteemed radiant famous mind-blowing heavyweight ostentatious bombastic honored moving triumphant honoured formal pretentious gratifying shining stirring fancy wondrous high-flown very great transcendent imperious classic ominous eye-catching sovereign ceremonious sky-high magisterial elaborate unforgettable bold historic astounding showy famed first-class first-rate noted splendrous behemoth exquisite effulgent delightful preeminent well-known time-honored titan barn door costly out of this world sky-scraping skyscraping high-rise super-colossal multistorey pleasurable acclaimed larger-than-life soaring glittering classy fustian fashionable high rise whale of a worthy brave expensive stylish rising raised flashy respected altitudinous high-reaching splashy flash towery ascending inflated gracious smart unusual admirable astonishing phenomenal daring Olympian unfathomable incredible eternal monolithic intrepid arduous mythological superhuman highfalutin' egotistic graceful impenetrable interminable pythonic dynamite permanent mortal high-falutin' high-flying upraised alpine uplifted exciting proper unbounded fit for a king meaningful jumbo-sized Gargantuan momentous pleasing eventful extremely big uplifting whaling distingué Cyclopean enjoyable mahoosive cracking celestial palatine sightly grandiloquent Miltonian picturesque lasting enduring amazeballs splendent choice high-sounding high-born orotund legendary classical epoch-making authoritative utopian ornate abiding godlike rarefied Brobdignagian startling miraculous exceptional fit for a prince intense irresistible dynamic laborious dressy daunting fit for a queen fit for a princess swish plushy swank high-ranking effective penetrating absorbing prime unbelievable flabbergasting maestoso Moby wicked rip-roaring tall in the saddle widespread palatian forcible colorful extended resounding sonorous mind-boggling fantabulous abnormal adored awful spanking fathomless expanded magnifico flamboyant baroque eloquent portentous overblown hallowed chic prestigious appalling dreadful purple complex theatrical monarchial monarchical monarchic monarchal marathon elephantic solid gold colourful gaudy detailed mundo terrible frightful fearful decorous very good cool through the ceiling highly regarded well-proportioned Junoesque queenlike full-dress reserved never-ending catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical fateful landmark of repute of distinction ideal muscly fleshy heavyset chunky sedate upright one for the book stretched-out far-flung spread-out blissful rapturous perfect well-built high-minded of high standing well thought of featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless poised shapely trim highbrow composed Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy something to write home about all-inclusive on a grand scale overambitious unrealistic pivotal noteworthy fulfilling groundbreaking very long snazzy modish quality larger buxom greater zaftig sombre refined somber couth starchy grave nifty consistent transcendental sacred inspiring outrageous inspirational holy spiritual abstract cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming big and strong roly-poly muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed real key snappy schmick sharp too much the most self-respecting firm sound tall and dignified touching affecting just so useful durable valuable principal too good to be true high fashion tectonic earthshaking earth-shattering devastating hard demanding big-deal major-league gee-whizz highly impressive challenging difficult exacting aggressive tough strenuous trying onerous severe industrious exhausting taxing toilsome energetic visionary hellish killing knackering courageous valiant fearless doughty valorous undaunted high-pressure dauntless gutsy audacious unafraid lionhearted indomitable stouthearted plucky stout-hearted mettlesome chivalrous greathearted exaggerated rock-ribbed spunky venturesome gutty undauntable manful venturous ballsy feisty lion-hearted fire-eating champion gritty impavid stand tall bigger than life

Tính từ

Perfectly clean, neat, or tidy
unsoiled immaculate pristine clean spotless unsullied unstained stainless pure untarnished chaste unblemished antiseptic fair fresh sanitary shining unpolluted clear neat speckless flawless washed taintless laundered snowy unspotted cleansed hygienic sparkling trim faultless dirtless squeaky unsmudged cleanly delicate elegant graceful orderly simple vanilla white squeaky-clean spic-and-span spick-and-span well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin gleaming cleaned spruce polished spick and span squeaky clean neat and tidy shipshape as clean as a whistle scrubbed sanitized sponged laved dirt-free showered sanitised clean as a new pin apple-pie order perfect mint ultra-clean lily-white snowy-white impeccable shiny errorless exquisite unexceptionable bright clean and tidy in perfect condition brand-spanking new like new in tiptop condition as new cleaned up very clean in mint condition whiter than white neat as a new pin legible readable comprehensible intelligible understandable decipherable sharp easily read distinct clear-cut untainted untouched undefiled virgin intact unmarked undamaged unspoilt unaffected uncorrupted unharmed innocent virginal unimpaired unbroken sinless new unimpeachable wholesome unflawed unchanged unmarred incorrupt uninjured sound exemplary blameless unspoiled natural irreproachable guiltless without a scratch uncontaminated unmoved unscathed whole uninfluenced unaltered unhurt above reproach modest decent unimpressed unstirred secure in good condition rustproof glowing burnished unagitated suitable for breathing fine cleared unmutilated undisturbed unblackened snow-white perfectly clean artless freshly laundered as pure as the driven snow well-preserved unopened unworn preserved unassuming unused breathable brand-new brand new unprocessed recent crisp just out unstudied latest young original refreshing mint condition indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed entire untried good ideal out of danger safe and sound seamless picture-book without fault picture-perfect absolute letter-perfect indefectible without blemish model beyond reproach pure as the driven snow sterile sterilized sterilised

Tính từ

Showy, bold or audacious in behavior or appearance
dramatic marked conspicuous noticeable pronounced considerable distinctive fair reasonable sizeable substantial appreciable detectable measurable obvious perceptible significant visible notable noteworthy outstanding prominent signal consequential goodly important rare surprising uncommon unexpected unusual kenspeckle of consequence of importance worthy of attention out of the ordinary distinguishable discernible apprehensible perceivable ascertainable recognizable sensible definite discernable palpable clear-cut material evident sizable estimable plain large manifest good-sized tangible apparent healthy observable recognisable clear distinct unmistakable patent striking transparent blatant audible salient identifiable overt unconcealed decided lucid perspicuous undeniable arresting remarkable bold demonstrable crystal clear open solid ponderable concrete unambiguous indisputable discoverable unambivalent unequivocal real positive self-evident nonambiguous actual barefaced ringing broad bald luminous luculent straightforward commanding bodacious splashy eye-catching flamboyant brilliant catchy noisy grabby showy emphatic stark categorical certain bald-faced open-and-shut bright-line arrestive factual stunning objective true quantifiable phenomenal well defined known familiar decipherable understandable cognizable traceable moderate classifiable sharp visual seeable explicit well-marked enunciated divergent unique discrete special individual weighty heavy massive plain as day well-defined clean-cut black-and-white easily distinguishable easily seen astonishing extraordinary sensational pointed spectacular physical worldly hearable wonderful strong impressive drop-dead amazing incredible memorable staggering dazzling astounding corporeal earthly eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible temporal fleshly mundane under one's nose in plain sight in full view big as life open and shut can't miss it dynamite singular telling startling jazzy cogent compelling forceful lofty charming fascinating powerful electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous distinguished loud sublunary right under your nose terrestrial carnal bodily earthborn non-spiritual terrene earthbound resounding auricular deafening roaring carrying vocal aural sounding genuine hard legitimate veritable authentic nonspiritual lay incarnate certified verifiable veridical confirmed valid legit verified certifiable secular undoubted firm honest absolute unquestionable indubitable substantive proper intelligible loud enough within earshot able to be heard well documented bona fide well-grounded honest-to-goodness incontestable incontrovertible pellucid glaring blinding undisguised inescapable plain to see flagrant beyond doubt beyond question writ large gross credible sure plausible ostensible seeming believable colorable as plain as a pikestaff written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out a mile as clear as day staring one in the face sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb

Tính từ

Without clutter

Động từ

Bring order to
straighten clean neaten order clear up dejunk groom arrange frame organise organize police sort out spruce straighten out tauten clean up make shipshape put in order spruce up fix up pull together put in trim put to rights shape up straighten up tidy up clear the decks get act together put in shape whip into shape put in good shape align adjust systematize array flatten level line up smooth down systematise uncrease iron out paste down even out place trim dust group classify range smooth out sort dispose smarten up file vacuum position rank class regulate clear methodize redd out redd up clear away smarten sweep brush mop marshal pick up systemize form unfold sequence categorize scour scrub codify marshall remove whisk triage categorise make spick and span brush off set out put away draw up dispose of brush away settle brush up lay out shape houseclean trig exhibit do up present pose display assemble make neat spread out put out put together spiff up shake out primp improve make neater mop up tart up sanitize blitz trig up wipe rake expel broom inorder buff scrape get rid of eliminate sweep up wash away hoover police up uncurl unkink sanitise rearrange unbend uncoil catalogue assign tabulate set make straight distribute catalog index line correct make tidy compose even untwist plan pattern streamline establish control standardise normalise regularize adapt manage regularise normalize alphabetize formalise regiment standardize conduct fix right polish set in order formalize clean out valet space locate put straight make plumb put vertical put perpendicular make level set straight put upright set to rights puzzle out get to the bottom of figure out answer make plausible decipher clarify resolve solve illuminate cipher explain dissolve elucidate unravel illustrate cypher make reasonable grade assort separate peg type compartmentalize list distinguish compartment pigeonhole relegate digest rate compartmentalise break down structure designate typecast label coordinate brand bracket design mark put divide put down as stand tab evaluate button down value allot compile tag combine outline size up put down for characterize prepare gather allocate disentangle size formulate graduate collocate valuate collect construct collate allineate characterise regard score discipline judge gage gauge oppress suppress denominate prioritize inventory chart prioritise bring into line fall into line specify orient stereotype muster log segregate rationalize form ranks devise name draft figure mould schematize correlate slot deploy match set up mold tailor rationalise station control strictly fashion organize systematically institute draught situate institutionalize constitute seat estimate identify make uniform reckon institutionalise direct place in order bring together map out tabularize register enumerate stage stamp define queue partition include bias term describe calibrate ordinate be stagger concoct put in place finger typify nominate summarize put into position set into position lay something out clepe shepherd condense appropriate apportion mete pick winnow choose riddle select cull screen sift comb title code summarise accumulate aggregate project contrive proportion measure choreograph administrate set forth hold appraise assess consider part account adduce arrange in order balance set in line put a label on put in line place in formation form up check analogize examine relate verify regroup focus colligate reclassify subcategorize portion recategorize assimilate homogenize mark down get in order divide up arrange in a series phase draw together work out put into order tighten up gather together fit consolidate calculate guess conjecture make call suppose make official build harmonize harmonise mass-produce freshen manipulate schedule programme program itemize configure equalize set apart space out place at intervals move apart itemise slick up lick into shape knock into shape make parallel arrange in line put in columns even up put in rows make even give structure to build up make up model list in order style make comparable equalise homogenise make consistent rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on make regular mass produce affect influence leave ticket docket stratify consign number determine guide lead stop put into sets rank out take one's measure imitate decorate copy emulate follow maneuver pull up store manoeuvre park

Động từ

To prepare oneself
groom brush dress clean comb fix preen primp adjust arrange do fit lay prep prepare ready smooth curry tend get up make tidy mentor nurture prim refine refresh sleek smarten up spruce spruce up freshen up gussy up put in order rub down clean up make attractive make presentable pretty up shape up slick up spiff up turn out lick into shape put through grind put through mill smarten neaten titivate beautify tart up doll up prink pretty plume trig dress up freshen prank adorn make neat fix up deck out tidy up refurbish improve admire slick trim do up prink up sort trig up style decorate make up wash touch up pimp out pimp up prune fuss spiff untangle disentangle straighten fuss over fig up put on your gladrags put on your best bib and tucker get dressed up be in full fig rake cleanse scrape unsnarl smooth out rasp redecorate modernize run through lay smooth prettify array regulate revamp patch make neater make smarter recondition rebuild modernise correct brighten up amend reconstruct overhaul revise retread face-lift debug restore doctor emend get knots out of posh up fiddle with jazz up put to rights see to tune up set embellish glamorize glamorise glam up shape make ornament coiffe coif put on best clothes garnish get ready comb out gild attire clothe trick out gentrify make pretty cut dry caparison vesture costume toilet suit robe invest apparel gown habit bedeck garment garb enrobe rig out overdress give something a facelift doll oneself up apply cosmetics apply make-up do oneself up fit out tog out tog up

Động từ

Pick over

Động từ

To give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
freshen refresh restore revitalise revitalize revive enliven rouse envigorate invigorate reinvigorate brace energise energize fortify reanimate recharge recreate refreshen regenerate rejuvenate renew repair resuscitate revivify stimulate inspirit titivate activate clean dust neaten sweeten wake up buck up freshen up liven up pep up air out clean up blow away the cobwebs spruce up renovate breathe new life into rekindle exhilarate resurrect rewake rewaken kick-start reawaken strengthen modernize vivify cool quicken update modernise improve animate recondition cool down awaken rally arouse enkindle encourage reinforce bounce back replenish regain uplift recover cool off bring around cheer touch up give a shot in the arm to refurbish overhaul reconstruct prompt prod brush up revamp reactivate redevelop brighten relieve give new strength to restart reestablish re-establish do up make whole bring back to life heal cure rehabilitate perk up amend remodel rescue galvanize reproduce vitalize reorganize boost rehab recall change trigger stir retread spruce reorganise excite galvanise bring back build up give a boost to bring to put new heart into give a new lease of life to come to life give new life to put new life into put some spark into chill top up reenergize unwind stir up comfort reinstitute relaunch refrigerate turn cold produce change radically overcome solace please rediscover gladden bring round recuperate console do restitute reclaim make healthy give a shot in the arm raise from the dead give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation give the kiss of life to perform CPR make younger make young again add some zest to make someone feel young again restore vitality to give face lift to spring up snap out of it breathe life into bolster help motivate electrify jog re-energize hearten fire spike jump-start nerve fillip make cold refit zap harden rebuild give a new lease on life get going again prop up juice up ginger up jazz up amp up zip up redecorate transform turn on snap up put new strength in put new heart in pick up put new life in retouch mend re-equip refurnish polish enhance repaint make over modify perfect rework gloss reinstate reintroduce gentrify fix up tart up bring up to date vamp up bring something up to code make good go over give something a facelift make improvements patch up round off give a face-lift finish off put finishing touches on smarten up fix redo patch upgrade remake revise service refashion develop reform reconstitute rectify doctor confirm buoy up brighten up streamline bring into the twenty-first century contemporize inspire rebrand innovate support furbish fire up re-create alter revolutionize technologize resume recast repeat reinstall cheer up adjust spark reopen replace better redesign correct save reindustrialize dynamize sustain reaffirm embolden rationalize consolidate revolutionise restate fuel remaster face-lift re-activate reassemble intensify steel stiffen extend increase rationalise substantiate re-form corroborate redeem return to tune piece together light a fire under set up work up brace up gee up summon up bring up to code get into shape set to rights give a lift set right straighten out give a new look to re-embody relight reincarnate reinvent reassure maintain adapt salvage start redevise copy convert reequip vary get the latest version of make confident give courage to lighten make lively waken up pimp up pimp out gussy up make fit for use punch up awake wake waken vivificate buoy give life to spice liven divert entertain pour it on inject new life into continue restore to life make more lively make more exciting recommence make happy gain strength take heart look up make brighter spur put pep into let sunshine in conjure up reexperience become cheerful take a turn for the better clear up raise someone's spirits call up accelerate promote emend relive do over prolong uphold emendate recollect recapture revisit vamp impel kindle speed fan foster right lead into the twenty-first century drag into the twenty-first century march into the twenty-first century recycle remember authenticate augment fettle rewrite reenforce redraw redraft refind replay proceed with redress beet tinker condition botch clout burgeon back gird commove sting start again glue cobble spetch ranter ready spur on toughen lend more weight to make more forceful psych up give weight to bear out prosper back up enhearten find again go through again summon back experience again discover again bring to mind dig up live through again go back to continue with take up again pick up again come back to begin again carry on fiddle with put back together work on make well whip up rev up key up carry on with get one started act as a impetus to act as a incentive to build a fire under act as a fillip to speed up act as a spur to act as a stimulus to get one going steam up doctor up magnify deepen redouble heighten amplify establish accentuate cement inure reorient nourish buttress indurate mount harshen justify season restructure enlarge multiply sinew empower reshuffle give strength to tone add to beef up add fuel to fire make firm wax give new energy to step up tone up add fuel to make stronger retool remold remould

Phó từ

In a clean way
cleanly fair fairly clean legally spotless justly honestly honourably equitably honorably properly uprightly ethically irreproachably nobly righteously respectably virtuously graciously morally decently innocently legitimately impartially goodly guiltlessly principledly high-mindedly justifiably lawfully blamelessly unimpeachably clearly evenhandedly unbiasedly permissibly forthrightly sportingly inculpably rightfully allowably chivalrously gallantly sportily objectively purely dignifiedly wholesomely exemplarily even-handedly impeccably decorously chastely immaculately estimably open-mindedly licitly neutrally deservedly disinterestedly redoubtably celibately moralistically incorruptibly reputably modestly seemlily equally dispassionately without prejudice same sinlessly angelically unobjectionably without bias by the book with an open mind vestally right-mindedly without fear or favour without fear in accordance with the rules without favor according to the rules fairly and squarely civilly respectfully courteously considerately good-naturedly with due respect fittingly duly befittingly on the level openly frankly candidly correctly right fair and square truly rightly well accurately fitly on the up and up within the law overtly unequivocally reliably evenly conscientiously sincerely without cheating abiding by the law straightforward honest without foul play impartial aboveboard just appropriately honest and aboveboard suitably congruously appositely meetly without corruption happily exactly above board moderately nicely charitably by rights with reason dutifully benignly beneficently unreservedly tolerantly piously benevolently temperately helpfully reasonably duteously straightforwardly with good reason by just means with clean hands by fair means in good faith

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