Đồng nghĩa của dime a dozen

Tính từ

Very commonly encountered or observed
ordinary commonplace common everyday routine usual quotidian familiar ubiquitous household frequent garden superabundant garden-variety run of the mill ten a penny two a penny cheap and commonplace run-of-the-mill unexceptional unremarkable average prosaic bog-standard common or garden middle-of-the-road normal vanilla workaday mundane undistinguished humdrum unmemorable mainstream plain vanilla pedestrian dull standard plain ornery nothing to write home about uninspired characterless typical no great shakes standard-issue mediocre so-so uninteresting conventional nondescript bland uneventful cut-and-dry cut-and-dried not up to much indifferent boring trite colourless simple middling banal regular customary colorless forgettable unexciting lacklustre lackluster hackneyed homespun uninspiring OK nothing to get excited about half-pie unnoteworthy dime-a-dozen nothing special second-rate garden variety not much cop unpretentious stale predictable homely corny not so hot bush-league modest overworked overused overdone unoriginal tired widespread time-worn fair derivative passable unimpressive suburban nitty-gritty plastic dime-store worn out habitual run-of-the-mine played out old hat terrestrial hacky run-of-mine medium second-class inferior generic drab cornball casual middle of the road insignificant prevalent inconsequential bog standard informal amateur amateurish unspectacular no big deal okay unnoticeable jejune inconspicuous boilerplate nowhere jake not very good general humble stereotyped day-to-day domestic wonted practical family unimaginative stock accustomed whitebread trivial dreary monotonous white-bread tolerable not bad mean characteristic archetypal archetypical representative true stereotypical unimportant meaningless not worth mentioning pointless of little consequence of little importance useless of no importance whatever piddling irrelevant nothing immaterial of no consequence of no great concern inconsiderable of no account paltry worthless tame intermediate fair to middling no-frills basic endemic pervasive obvious matter-of-course starch natural worn-out familiar tune boiler plate plebeian clichéd lowly

Tính từ

Extremely or exceedingly abundant
superabundant excessive extra in excess overabundant profuse surplus abounding alive with ample aplenty bounteous bountiful copious crawling with extravagant extreme exuberant fulsome galore generous immoderate lavish liberal lush luxuriant no end openhanded opulent overflowing plentiful plenty prodigal profusive prolific riotous sumptuous superfluous swarming teeming thick with unstinting abundant rich plenteous handsome cornucopian comfortable large substantial bumper inexhaustible great lank voluminous heavy full wealthy affluent no end in sight stinking with considerable infinite huge flush munificent a gogo plenitudinous over the top big commodious sizeable gushing in plenty in abundance effusive immense vast whopping princely tidy open-handed unrestrained gushy inordinate proliferous numerous fertile productive fruitful stink with no end of thick on the ground sizable extensive hefty significant massive goodly respectable good largish substantive healthy major biggish serious appreciable grand enormous whacking oversized prodigious hulking boundless decent giant bulky colossal immeasurable thumping astronomical capacious outsize jumbo monumental tremendous rife spacious gigantic oversize mega mammoth gross outsized replete monstrous mountainous humongous whopping great thumping great ginormous whacking great broad solid roomy expansive monster elephantine Brobdingnagian very large very big king-sized king-size fat king size gargantuan epic stupendous exorbitant mighty titanic well-provided reasonable wide not to be sneezed at comprehensive astronomic Himalayan herculean flowing unlimited sufficient thick limitless countless bonny innumerable cosmic well-supplied decent-sized humungous towering myriad weighty super almighty leviathan oceanic gigantesque multitudinous walloping cosmical galactic vasty heroic supersized supersize pharaonic planetary cyclopean heroical filled Herculean super-duper awash fraught packed deep thronging lousy fair measureless populous husky boxcar kingly marked many good-sized multifarious large-scale filling grandiose ponderous notable meaningful lucrative profitable remunerative luxurious hearty moneymaking paying dripping spacey unsparing extraordinary cavernous sweeping economic money-spinning square unwieldy cumbersome gainful manifold crammed multiple brimming endless expanded terrific crawling incalculable juicy chock-full far-reaching fairly large stuffed worthwhile very great various noticeable imposing legion several Gargantuan extra-large sundry overgrown strapping burly sensible abounding in giant-sized unbounded well-stocked extended competitive material legit cavelike excellent phenomenal steady billowing goodish eternal flourishing baggy rank much OS moneyed flushed swamped overrun global wholesale booming not inconsiderable tolerable rolling saturated illimitable widespread mucho meaty measurable pronounced hulky pretty exhaustive wordy prolix verbose unrestricted abundant in awesome overwhelming interminable formidable deluged loose-fitting complete high stellar worth taking into account mundo detailed stinking convoluted swelling simple covering magnificent far-flung spread-out never-ending whale of a all-inclusive stretched-out wide-ranging wide-reaching tall knee-deep easy enough and to spare competent swimming enough improvident statuesque behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp generously proportioned multifold mahoosive mondo megalithic cumbrous titan prosperous a mess of good-size super colossal larger-than-life full-size jumbo-sized giant-size a whale of a extremely large extremely big barn door Cyclopean super-colossal lousy with diverse varied assorted prevalent elegant coming out of ears miscellaneous numberless uncountable incomputable motley unnumbered mixed uncounted disparate multiplied rampant unremitting frequent rip-roaring pleasant gracious important sky-high dirty great suitable crowded rewarding well off well-fixed satisfactory well-situated adequate through the ceiling beneficial useful advantageous covered jammed thronged seething choked free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do valuable close bursting congested dense bristling compact tight pullulating serried jam-packed like Piccadilly Circus full of heaped overrun by bursting at the seams having a copious amount of chock-full of like sardines chocker compressed cram-full of chock-a-block populated having a considerable amount of paid going well-paying sweet constructive satisfying expedient win-win fructuous financially rewarding well paid going concern paid off very productive in the black more than enough

Tính từ

Unoriginal in nature
boring unoriginal common banal clichéd stereotyped stereotypical ordinary stale tired unimaginative usual commonplace conventional normal vanilla workaday derivative old routine unvaried well-worn garden variety ornery plain vanilla quotidian run-of-the-mill samey lacking variation lacking variety dull mundane pedestrian monotonous tedious prosaic dry unexciting tame lifeless flat humdrum stodgy insipid bromidic uninspired matter-of-fact uncreative predictable uninventive hackneyed unartistic trite barren unadventurous bland derived lacklustre sterile unromantic spiritless vapid uninspiring hacky run of the mill dull as dishwater pabulum zero lackluster square ho hum dreary tiresome uninteresting wearisome ho-hum uneventful repetitious mind-numbing everyday unvarying day-to-day repetitive unremarkable drab stupid numbing leaden arid monochromatic heavy slow ponderous wearying customary regular jejune colorless weary dusty tiring jading stuffy banausic drudging typical white-bread toneless colourless monotone treadmill dim prosy garden-variety blah plodding common or garden unchanging nowhere nothing platitudinous soporific mechanical dead characterless uniform unexceptional recurrent featureless depressing duplicative undiversified wishy-washy repeating as dry as dust clockwork threadbare moth-eaten interminable soul-destroying repeated iterative monochrome stock fatiguing reiterative recurring dullsville dragging weariful average truistic deadly unpalatable unenjoyable dismal unentertaining draggy unnoteworthy inane all the same recapitulatory iterant nothing to write home about big yawn echoic automatic irritating annoying nitty-gritty terrestrial similar boresome vexatious workday lowly bomb bummer drag cloying irksome plebeian drear desolate mediocre bloodless unstimulating mindless unmemorable laborious wintery raw sorrowful dispiriting damp oppressive wintry windy downcast overlong turgid prolix half-pie bog-standard OK so-so quiet cautious dreich mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze droning circumspect endless noneventful unfateful inconclusive indecisive unrelieved prudent not so hot no great shakes chary pointless empty vacant without variety not up to much attentive hack unfeeling lusterless milk-and-water watery unexcited expressionless mat dulled unexpressive matte monotonic reiterated sing-song samely unchanged overworked overused overdone deadly dull timid uninflected dry as dust corny time-worn hoary unseasoned blind sapless weak muted innocuous whitebread long-drawn-out gingerly heedful considerate wary calculating careful hackney worn out shopworn cliche obligatory cornball cobwebby timeworn musty flat as pancake dime-store old hat cliché-ridden conservative lead balloon namby-pamby facile hokey cornfed tripe played out trivial noplace dumb puts one to sleep unenterprising standard simple leery familiar unpretentious plain safe humble off-the-shelf generic modest nothing special insignificant plain-Jane homely unextraordinary undistinguished ten a penny standard-issue unappetizing inedible distasteful unappealing unsavoury tasteless flavourless uneatable savourless uninviting unattractive off-putting unpleasant disagreeable regimented functional governmental institutional utilitarian flavorless unsavory rudimentary corporate ugly standard issue elementary

Tính từ

Having no use, purpose or reason
worthless valueless useless futile pointless ineffectual meaningless unavailing paltry trifling empty ineffective nugatory unproductive fruitless inferior no use defective deficient hollow inadequate inconsequential insubstantial measly miserable poor senseless trashy trivial unsatisfactory banal chaffy insignificant junky lame negligible nickel-and-dime no-good null pathetic petty poxy rubbishy silly unimportant unusable vain wanky wretched bootless inutile of no benefit pants piddling to no avail unfructuous abandoned barren bogus counterproductive ignoble mediocre nothing profitless rubbish sterile unessential unprofitable waste not much cop two a penny a dead loss not worth a hill of beans idle unsuccessful inefficacious abortive otiose purposeless hopeless aimless in vain impotent inept inefficient feckless failed incompetent weak to no effect to no purpose good-for-nothing of no use unrewarding feeble powerless unfruitful thwarted lazy non-successful unpurposed wasted needless irrelevant apathetic spiritless of no avail without rhyme or reason impractical no good purportless lousy vapid hamstrung inexpedient foiled slothful indolent inoperative frivolous irresponsible unambitious doomed shiftless without success insufficient unenterprising no dice unable lifeless unnecessary inane scrap expendable motiveless impracticable unremunerative spineless superfluous baulked unprolific bungled frustrated incapable unfit unavailable balked void no-account indecisive Sisyphean limited on a treadmill uninspiring lacklustre not worth the candle lackluster thankless unworkable footling nonfunctional unreasonable unfunctional misfired rambling mindless unreal dysfunctional dallying nonsensical dry goalless unsuitable forlorn vacuous vacant delusive unsubstantial stupid disadvantageous defeated disastrous unhelpful exhausted casual loafing redundant botched lost forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic of no value broken gainless inapt drifting for nought ne'er-do-well impuissant pyrrhic unsalable specious uneconomic failing throwaway insincere groundless scant absurd unserviceable objectless cheap bungling miscarried stillborn nonpractical emasculate slack-spined dead of no earthly use unimpressive time-wasting baseless insipid rotten unuseful inoperable insane fatuous no-win misleading unnotable puny slight shuck delusory frustaneous unlucrative wandering nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked wasteful ruined spoiled unfounded save one's breath no go no way not effective unanimated lustreless listless muted unneeded resultless dull sorry Pyrrhic nongermane for naught not useful pitiful adrift boring going nowhere spoilt lacking foundation not a prayer in vicious circle not needed stale spinning one's wheels wild goose chase invertebrate no good to gundy bad woeful tame messed up uninteresting helpless impossible lamentable deplorable meagre despicable contemptible without grounds without foundation arid tedious flat commonplace not pertinent wet not serious null and void dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational wanton ill-fated bleak flaccid unmeaning unsound ill-suited inappropriate unsuited unfilled clear pitiable crummy sad unskillful unskilled desultory brainless random lackadaisical flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous inconsistent not good enough incompatible improper beyond remedy unachievable despaired of fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless unreliable wild inexpert unskilful ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable meager unused unwanted inproficient bum unproficient wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for hit-or-miss lethargic improvident excess deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious slack laggard directionless inattentive lagging unenergetic untrustworthy workshy devious procrastinating unmotivated lacking ability extra supernumerary leftover spare remaining discarded surplus left over effete soft nerveless weak-kneed wimpish wimpy cowardly weakling chicken characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby limp-wristed timid timorous bland irresolute enervated frail weakened yellow-bellied half-hearted unassertive unconvincing boneless craven gutless lily-livered faint-hearted thin wussy sissified sissy uninspired yellow implausible pale unimaginative flabby etiolated bloodless wavering vacillating faltering anemic anaemic abject drossy base disorganized pallid vigourless stymied halfhearted disorganised hindered stonewalled obstructed cramped inactive shallow niggling picayune minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut limp meek weak-willed fickle passive off jejune dithering fouled up flavourless watered-down flavorless sapless languid non-functioning indeterminate pusillanimous undetermined fallible de minimis Mickey Mouse unlikely transparent chicken-hearted corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling undependable yielding unsure foolish half-baked easily led weedy not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service hard to swallow faulty unpersuasive hard to believe unpleasing drippy nerdy daft chicken-livered pigeon-hearted fearful poor-spirited candy-assed

Tính từ

Of low or inferior quality
low-grade inferior bad poor substandard lousy average cheap mediocre paltry shabby shoddy sorry tawdry base hack junky middling miserable ordinary reject rotten rubbishy sleazy terrible tinpot trashy unsatisfactory cheesy coarse common execrable imperfect poxy ropy sad schlock schlocky tinhorn trumpery useless worthless wretched bodger bum cheapjack déclassé duff gimcrack junk lemon mean poorer worse poopy tatty below standard low-quality poor-quality second-rate low-rent second-class sub-par two-bit bush-league piss-poor cut-rate good-for-nothing not up to par not up to scratch bargain-basement dime-a-dozen twopenny-halfpenny el cheapo not up to snuff not good enough of a sort tacky grotty cheapo meretricious pitiable crummy pitiful dud naff below par cheapie kitsch two a penny rubbish nasty ratty inadequate entry-level cheap and nasty tinny pinchbeck punk subpar dime-store cruddy brassy below average third-rate grubby low-end scroungy deficient Brummagem bottom-rung rinky-dink tattered not up to much run-down lame deplorable contemptible dreadful awful dirty despicable atrocious appalling scurvy pathetic abysmal scummy dire unacceptable lamentable scabby diabolical crude dismal sneaking gaudy pants vulgar tasteless showy frightful loud flimsy dissatisfactory a load of pants garish suboptimal jerry-built disagreeable wanting brummagem horrible flashy downmarket poor quality low dodgy tinsel faulty under par direful flash unpleasant glitzy valueless unsound chintzy defective abominable ramshackle laughable grungy thrown together dingy chronic brash badly built glaring ostentatious sour woeful low quality weak sordid horrendous subnormal kitschy abject sucky seedy vile crumby wack gross flamboyant stinking scruffy pretentious beastly insubstantial God-awful the pits hopeless offensive squalid dilapidated distasteful indifferent nauseating makeshift horrid repulsive broken-down flawed unexceptional pedestrian wrong bush off skanky harsh tenth-rate leaving much to be desired obtrusive jazzy disappointing loathsome insufficient sickening ornate glittering repellent disastrous objectionable flaring revolting flaunting odious swanky jerrybuilt splashy grim blatant brazen rickety plastic yucky hideous wicked icky cheap-jack tinselly rancid corny trifling egregious ghastly gruesome insalubrious repellant shocking scandalous displeasing unwelcome stinky loathly foul disgustful hellish low-class in bad taste slapdash knocked together raffish distressing disreputable lowbrow scrubby neglected dumpy tumbledown mangy tatterdemalion threadbare timeworn disgusting repugnant filthy detestable beat-up obnoxious bombed-out moth-eaten dog-eared down-at-the-heels down-at-heel extravagant screaming unappetizing nauseous ritzy unpalatable noxious very bad catchpenny malodorous noisome bling-bling unsavoury lurid unspeakable low cost ill incompetent noisy swank razzle-dazzle uninviting smelly rank acrid putrid fetid polluted mephitic pongy whiffy ugly smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched yukky befouled smutty unfair blackened miasmal sullied abhorrent evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly niffy unsportsmanlike black fulsome draggled bitter grimy funky obscene uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory muddy begrimed illegal soiled grievous less-than-stellar run down not much cop festy yucko olid no good down at heel foetid poison ungodly unholy slight fragile rough second rate sick-making off-putting on the nose unfortunate breakable light regrettable heartbreaking frail shaky garbagy mournful low-down conspicuous insignificant unstable tottery wobbly slipshod bright brilliant superficial seamy slummy unprepossessing hateful slovenly fancy careless rundown scuzzy feeble overdone affected of little value pits unsuitable scungy snazzy violent over-bright skeezy faded end-of-the-pier slimy disgraceful garbage of no value bilious unattractive limp calamitous meager meagre half-pie evil-smelling foul-smelling unimpressive sickly downer bummer florid of poor quality of low quality godawful over the top strictly for the birds of no financial value damnable for the birds down and dirty from hunger thin weak sauce frowzy cheeseball down scale amateurish negligent cheap-looking vicious uncultured unfashionable unsophisticated throwaway down-market twopenny uncomfortable delicate no-good unsaleable well below par merciful dowdy overwrought bad quality impaired amiss unsubstantial desperate poorly fakey of negligible value shlocky unsightly godforsaken shlock dishonest crooked smirched worn tired inglorious unhappy crass meritless off-color bold expensive rebarbative hellacious insufferable piddling unworthy stupid harmful outrageous downscale melancholy craptacular unsatisfying negligible without value pizazzy glittery pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty lacking moving compassionate afflicted stirring beggarly joyless commiserative tearful arousing suffering rueful piteous sorrowful heartrending distressed touching comfortless affecting cheerless trivial minimal would fetch nothing not up to standard bling damaged commonplace sporty of no worth of little worth nickel-and-dime blameworthy overwhelming unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable horrifying dolorous afflictive opprobrious sparkling in poor taste minor-league minor league small potatoes not satisfying gay of little financial value theatrical second-best dumbed down ill-constructed no great shakes over-elaborate specious sham OTT ruthful splendiferous colorful pizzazz frou-frou chichi second class blah dicty superfly colourful pzazz diddly grody not good erroneous ten a penny gussied up putting on the ritz dislikable outmoded out-of-date stodgy frumpy untidy unbecoming waxy poky unkempt messy sloppy bad news fallacious not the best raunchy scurrilous reprehensible indefensible irremediable Daliesque clinquant twee camp artificial mod posturing gimmicky

Trái nghĩa của dime a dozen

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