Đồng nghĩa của monotonous

Alternative for monotonous

Đồng nghĩa: boring, dreary, dull, humdrum, repetitious, tedious,

Trái nghĩa: various,


Tedious because of lack of variety
tedious boring dull tiresome ho-hum humdrum repetitive wearisome mind-numbing unchanging uninteresting plodding repetitious uniform unvaried dreary unvarying colourless prosaic unexciting mechanical routine run-of-the-mill samey soul-destroying unrelieved arid colorless deadly drab drudging dry dusty featureless flat heavy jading jejune leaden monochromatic monochrome numbing old pedestrian ponderous slow soporific stale stodgy stuffy stupid tame tiring uneventful weary wearying dullsville lacking variety without variety all the same banausic blah monotone monotonic nothing recurrent reiterated samely sing-song treadmill unchanged dry as dust dull as dishwater flat as pancake puts one to sleep insipid lifeless uninspiring commonplace unimaginative mundane bland lacklustre lackluster vapid banal uninspired trite characterless ordinary spiritless common unremarkable everyday tired workaday hackneyed sterile vanilla quotidian bromidic usual wishy-washy dead unoriginal barren ho hum vacuous plain derivative dim hacky unstimulating conventional interminable nondescript laborious prosy torpid fatiguing wooden mediocre platitudinous unexceptional lame unanimated weak depressing nowhere predictable turgid repeated zero plain vanilla pabulum limp draggy matter-of-fact feeble bloodless stiff normal common or garden stereotyped as dry as dust undistinguished soulless weariful iterative dismal lustreless apathetic desolate corny anaemic reiterative unmemorable enervating exhausting duplicative stock automatic laboured day-to-day passionless irksome typical nothing to write home about sluggish sombre middle-of-the-road regular long-winded big yawn anemic dreich garden-variety mindless somber labored ornery static no great shakes inoffensive stilted not up to much miserable zestless constant unadventurous cold customary clichéd uncreative antiseptic recurring listless average verbose pointless undiversified deadly dull unentertaining unenjoyable repeating well-worn milk-and-water continual white-bread dragging neutral dull as ditchwater clockwork gloomy dingy cheerless inane gray grey endless habitual lacking variation square joyless grim old hat run of the mill dispiriting depressed toneless a dime a dozen pallid bleak trying threadbare familiar undistinctive non-stimulating formal hack muted overlong flavourless unappealing serious overused pedantic overworked ceaseless insistent moth-eaten quiet safe forced uninviting indifferent impersonal plebeian expressionless robotic empty unproductive mainstream hollow off-putting heavy-going derived second-rate uninventive nitty-gritty terrestrial so-so watery standard regimented flavorless prolix long-drawn-out namby-pamby yawnsome downcast recapitulatory iterant lowly bog-standard OK truistic hoary clear sad yawn emotionless garden variety cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue unnoteworthy unemotional simple timeworn innocuous frequent fuddy-duddy lusterless time-worn echoic cliché-ridden worn out institutional lacking excitement lacking interest played out trivial deep glum dark wonted daily forlorn shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely dolorous morbid similar usual thing long longwinded frequentative prosing menial unlively unpassioned indistinct bummer drag cloying drear bomb annoying irritating difficult disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling not fun boresome vexatious unmodulated undemonstrative clumsy unnatural awkward artificial unartistic stolid solemn over-serious unspirited wordy yawn producing workday frustrating lethargic mortal poky snooze slack sleepy unimpassioned deadening uninterested tepid unromantic stagnant crude meagre simplistic meager cautious inert worn-out unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed dowdy demoralising straightforward half-pie cardboard unprogressive inactive circumspect raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive prudent staid one-horse modest brainless poor half-hearted inadequate chary stereotypical puerile not so hot dead-and-alive homespun unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal factual unadorned businesslike overdone attentive weighty waterish nerdy wimpy sapless phoned in middling unpretentious soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued inexpressive lacking vitality passive deadpan timid heavy going unobjectionable shopworn cliche obligatory cornball musty hackney cobwebby harmless devoid of feeling devoid of emotion homely fair useless two-dimensional gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating dime-store halfhearted diluted passable diddly practical actual practicable prose clean futile facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe humble suburban conservative out of date hard to digest undemanding slothful spent outdated boiled down without punch old-fashioned run-of-the-mine medium tolerable run-of-mine second-class outmoded vain profitless archaic unenterprising obsolete ubiquitous household dime-a-dozen not bad forbidding defunct extinct antiquated unrewarding plastic inferior generic garden mean antediluvian leery superannuated matter-of- fact general passé unwelcoming clinical fruitless worthless universal prevalent unappetizing unpalatable inedible aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky severe spartan austere stark out of the ark cut and dried prevailing persistent expected unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive bare perpetual rife incessant profuse extensive rampant natural unfruitful vacant unfilled unprolific unpleasant unattractive disagreeable instinctive involuntary governmental utilitarian corporate functional unsavory rudimentary ugly elementary unthinking unconscious machine-like unfeeling cursory perfunctory standard issue inattentive spontaneous casual mechanic inhuman instinctual careless knee-jerk negligent motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised fixed motorised set accustomed adequate fair-to-middling traditional moderate decent popular established cliché fairish warmed-over ready-made familiar tune worn bathetic forgettable cliched okay drained chain exhausted mildewed amateur used-up insignificant amateurish orthodox accepted all right not much cop acceptable satisfactory formulaic stereotypic platitudinal respectable fair to middling characteristic unexceptionable archetypical widespread sufficient recognized classic archetypal staple representative serviceable good nothing special ten a penny good enough par for the course recognised inconspicuous reasonable current presentable not very good public intermediate basic settled well worn classical fairly good regulation going matter-of-course goodish fine bog standard proverbial pretty good typic bush-league domestic overall anodyne pervasive inconsequential majority nothing to get excited about O.K. sufficiently good acknowledged moderately good true chronic time-honoured indistinctive unimpressive warmed-up allowable unimportant comfortable family imitative admissible meh out-of-date old-hat tidy immaterial median ruling boilerplate midway endemic middle paltry inconsiderable competent jake shared prescriptive midsized midsize anonymous nothing out of the ordinary informal unspectacular commensurate proper not too bad of no consequence received sufficing up to standard native up to scratch time-honored two a penny off-the-shelf past their sell-by date prescribed unnoticeable formalistic diurnal silly discreet enough collective no big deal of poor quality periodic blending into the background considerable minimal admitted vieux jeu fair enough whitebread scheduled mimetic unaspiring unambitious limited generous abundant significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish ongoing acquired honored pervading readily available widely available predominant plain-Jane unextraordinary mimic known irrelevant peaceful gentle unoffending prototypical plenty nothing to shout about able cromulent seasonal methodical numerous in use obvious starch piddling canonical one-size-fits-all quintessential broad whatever meaningless apish familial well-known acquainted well established vulgar honoured widely held signature boiler plate in-between unsophisticated of little importance of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account grind medial mid prototypal model ideal presentational domiciliary slavish halfway intermediary recognizable effete mawkish fetid past bent foetid yesterday's out blank random non-specific ample epigonous epigonic common variety well known recognisable central midmost mediate inherent symptomatic consistent across the board faceless neither one thing nor the other noncommittal par medium-sized middle-sized homey home played-out old-chestnut old-saw canned gone off foreseeable indicative emblematic anticipated foreseen reliable bought like a dinosaur steady distinguishing distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic livable unimpeachable better than nothing emulative store to be expected only to be expected in character … all over true to type true to form in keeping individualistic on the cards traditionary outclassed déclassé confirmed methodic rigid ritual proven off-the-rack mass-produced store-bought off-the-peg ceremonial ritualistic suitable imperfect sorry poorer low-grade low-quality shabby worse lousy bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit favourite favorite appropriate conformist agreeable tried and true doctrinal taken for granted sanctioned widely used rooted tried and tested immemorial solid alright fit palatable sound valid fitting convenient correct assuaging assuasive appeasing up to the mark swell up to snuff kosher snug quite good in order up to par pleasant completely understandable A-OK totally fine middle of the road superabundant cheap and commonplace most common


Having only one opinion, outlook, tone, etc.


Seemingly endless because boring
interminable endless never-ending ceaseless everlasting long-winded constant incessant long-drawn-out unceasing wearisome boring dragging infinite long non-stop perpetual unending uninterrupted unlimited boundless continual limitless protracted seemingly endless sustained tedious unbroken immeasurable laborious meandering overlong ponderous rambling unbounded without end continuous day-and-night dull eternal interminate looped permanent timeless unbound dragged out spun out strung out no end of no end to on a treadmill enduring undying measureless untold illimitable indefinite incalculable bottomless immensurable inestimable unfathomable horizonless fathomless immortal indeterminate amaranthine undivided deathless persistent nonstop unflagging vast immense inexhaustible round-the-clock self-perpetuating unsurpassable multitudinous countless numberless unremitting relentless unrelenting continuing unabating ongoing running great untiring recurrent continued unrelieved lasting unwearying unfailing cosmic without limit abundant abounding unfading beyond measure unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled total lavish utter full not stopping having no end with no holds barred unwaning unwavering regular frequent steady perennial unabated dogged habitual repeated recurring prolonged tireless ageless persisting abiding indefatigable unfaltering unvarying chronic staying unchanging undeviating repetitive persevering imperishable unswerving long-lasting never-ceasing round the clock oft-repeated around-the-clock without limits huge tremendous innumerable extensive no strings no holds barred always-on without number without interruption unconfined copious undefined unbottomed bountiful uncalculable myriad incomprehensible wide-open wide open no catch no strings attached unfathomed uncounted supertemporal sempiternal perdurable extreme wide large million all-embracing stupendous without ceasing dateless consecutive stable steady-going without respite with no let-up without a break for ever and ever day and night without surcease lengthy marathon enormous uncountable incomputable indeterminable extended spun-out time-consuming long-lived dragged-out far lingering drawn-out long-term diffusive slow overextended tardy wordy late delayed prolix verbose dilatory diffuse unnumberable innumerous unsummed unnumbered for ages forever and a day unforeseen jillion uncertain iffy haphazard erratic unpredictable unreckonable unforeseeable unfixed capricious whimsical fluctuant not to be reckoned chancy zillion hit-or-miss


Never changing
invariable fixed immutable regular set unalterable unchangeable consistent constant inflexible unchanging uniform changeless unvarying unwavering rigid unfailing invariant stable steady unvaried fast hard-and-fast inalterable incommutable predictable static undeviating unfluctuating habitual immovable perpetual same undiversified unmodifiable unrelieved not changing even unbroken continual equable level homogeneous uninterrupted smooth continuous persistent flowing ceaseless unfaltering plain permanent rhythmic stationary firm fluent regularised standardised stabile regularized nonstop standardized solid as rock fluid frictionless like the Rock of Gibralter similar equivalent sustained identical matching equal consonant irreversible incorrigible reliable compatible plumb symmetrical ossified fated true fateful well-proportioned methodical orderly monolithic normal ordered well-balanced systematic straight of a piece lasting abiding enduring steadfast eternal unchanged settled established certain continuing final unfading endless hard never-ending hard and fast set in stone undying unending absolute everlasting indelible determinate definite indestructible perennial decided imperishable perdurable cast-iron ageless entrenched deep-rooted strict predetermined dependable unbending frozen inexpugnable flat immortal irreparable inevitable irremediable irrevocable ineradicable unrectifiable binding deathless timeless indefinite sure unreversible unappealable dateless unyielding peremptory unrepealable never-changing stiff rooted ironclad arranged solid resolute lifelong irretrievable calm unrepairable stringent rigorous predestined standing unmovable conclusive forever sempiternal agreed doomed lost unshakeable unadaptable ongoing long-lasting ingrained concrete stubborn infinite beyond repair unswerving specified hardened indissoluble without end definitive durable hardheaded preset obstinate balanced repeated deep-seated periodical periodic unremitting recurring unceasing incessant inveterate never-failing precise relentless exact well-set locked in solid as a rock unaffected unaltered classic uncompromising irrecoverable irredeemable unredeemable unrecoverable homogenous hard-line exacting brassbound biased interminable unabated unabating non-stop decisive incurable categorical preconceived alike metrical irrefutable severe inexorable expected on an even keel indisputable incontrovertible not changeable illimitable amaranthine immemorial continued always nonnegotiable true to type irremovable well-established sacrosanct repetitious returning repeating never-ceasing reoccurring intermittent unchallengeable ultimate beyond recall never dying unanswerable determinative emphatic fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians strong going on finished well grounded frequent regulated systematized allotted confirmed prearranged nonrandom hidebound pigheaded bound jelled unflappable staying put long-lived long-standing defined decreed determined prescribed patterned measured express explicit planned adamantine fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians stiff-necked resolved unblinking steady-going all-year-round round-the-clock systematised congruous alternating punctual mechanical harmonious cyclic successive accordant serial infallible still stated unqualified stipulated in order boundless writ in stone in the bag not subject to change inexhaustible composed perduring unruffled serene tranquil for keeps fail-safe loyal unlimited surefire faithful can't-miss unerring set in concrete coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed forever and a day in for the long haul unflagging staunch bottomless tried and true diligent tried and tested unrelenting assiduous dyed-in-the-wool unshakable tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy counted on rock solid unshaken unworried unperturbed together unaltering self-possessed self-composed even-tempered


Strictly regulated
regimented controlled disciplined ordered organised organized strict orderly systematic uniform even neat tidy unchanging unvaried unvarying dull regulated strictly regulated systematised systematized unbroken regular restricted well-ordered well-organized closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein efficient effective rigid under control arranged structured steady consistent self-controlled well-arranged well thought-out in good shape methodical law-abiding precise all together businesslike in order shipshape peaceable well-behaved meticulous planned methodic coordinated well ordered methodized exact careful logical standardized well organized coherent fixed standardised together formal spick-and-span well-regulated supervised scrupulous systematical governed well-kept measured painstaking well regulated well thought out trim deliberate routine unified delimited practical clean classified formulated severe well planned in apple-pie order skillful directed skilful managed settled uncluttered punctilious correct spruce thorough prim kempt trig immaculate straightened out crisp tidied straight groomed snug smug bandbox antiseptic slick tricksy standard chipper well-groomed sorted out well kept analytical thoroughgoing fastidious in good order neat and tidy spick and span picked up by the book by the numbers complete shipshape and Bristol fashion to rights out-and-out joined-up as neat as a new pin well-maintained restrained reduced nonrandom harsh monitored spotless superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered Bristol fashion as fresh as paint in tip-top condition sensible in sync no-nonsense guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious correlated cataloged tabulated conscientious well run regimental framed alike rangé scientific set-up conventional negotiated contrived enforced grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared workaday matter-of-fact organic competent in shape neat as button neat as pin heedful conscionable punctual fussy finicky demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking sleek cleanly presentable well-turned-out well arranged apple-pie order neat as a pin


Making continual and persistent demands
insistent persistent dogged emphatic demanding determined importunate pressing tenacious unrelenting urgent adamant obstinate persevering assertive exigent firm unfaltering unyielding decided forceful inexorable patient pertinacious resolute unwavering peremptory pushful pushy resolved burning clamant continuous crying dire imperative imperious perseverant reiterative relentless resounding stubborn obdurate single-minded steadfast indefatigable purposeful set intransigent immovable fixed inflexible intent unbending committed strong-willed uncompromising staunch unshakeable implacable dedicated tireless unswerving unflinching unflagging unshakable untiring stalwart assiduous earnest steely driven bound strong-minded mulish bullheaded bent serious unshaken undaunted steady pigheaded perverse stiff hard stiff-necked diligent willful undeviating unhesitating indomitable spirited unremitting dead set headstrong constant focused mettlesome clamorous strong indurate settled hard-nosed rock-ribbed hardheaded self-willed hardened decisive gritty bold wilful full of determination focussed plucky stout vigorous spunky gutsy entreating opinionated stout-hearted adamantine inconvincible pat ossified true sedulous unbendable self-opinionated purposive deliberate hanging tough hell-bent critical manful bent on bulldog brave intractable bound and determined bent upon dead set on courageous obsessed strenuous valiant tough strict four-square eager unswervable grim persisting meaning business wholehearted set on enduring do-or-die hell-bent on hell-bent upon acute compelling nagging solid emergent unflappable troublesome rigid necessitous obsessive avid unfailing instant refractory fanatical fixated contrary rigorous keen sure possessive industrious in earnest unsparing enthusiastic unmalleable bull-headed ruthless unchanging harsh compulsive single-minded about never-tiring firm about definite out unmovable unstoppable hard-line stubborn as a mule obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about unappeasable intent on determined to insistent on devoted tending inclined predisposed leaning disposed repeated incessant firmly-based genuine sincere attentive not joking recalcitrant unpersuadable faithful intrepid pleading iron-willed froward merciless loyal immutable beseeching intense begging perseverative cruel unswayable resistant stop at nothing sticky pitiless stern cohesive persuasive committed to the idea of tall in the saddle on one's mettle hell bent on intent upon coherent wrong-headed never give up tough nut laborious standing pat unforgiving sturdy unforgetful in for long haul deaf to reason cross-grained like bad penny aggressive exacting set in stone ambitious remorseless motivated unabated iron-fisted pounding mortal hard-headed brick-wall preoccupied concentrated immersed zealous ardent disturbing high-pressure annoying suppliant overeager solicitous harassing absorbed occupied engrossed riveted concentrating inspired hungry enterprising consumed compelled active fierce possessed thirsty desirous striving deep engaged enthralled bloody-minded galvanized monomaniacal impelled energetic aspiring militant obsessional induced impatient whole-hearted overly solicitous impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided determinate dominant stable certain unalterable self-driven urged on goal-oriented go-getting self-assertive self-starting hard-driving prevailing inexpugnable domineering unqualified seasoned wrapped up going positive explicit consistent hard-and-fast stand pat never-failing dyed-in-the-wool hang tough through-and-through minding trying perfectionist out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on tiresome judgmental disapproving fussy dictatorial overbearing overexacting unmanageable difficult unamenable unaccommodating querulous cavilling stringent fractious quibbling disparaging needy hairsplitting unreasonable caviling hypercritical sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous demeaning cynical tyrannical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous over-strict hard to please over-exacting fault-finding hard to satisfy over-censorious over-particular iron contumacious cussed uncooperative balky incompliant cantankerous uncompliant set in one's ways locked in severe hardline unvacillating inexhaustible brassbound unchangeable diehard dynamic bolshie hard and fast unwearied inescapable weariless ornery unadaptable die-hard cast-iron sustained abiding winner-take-all zero-sum hard-core hard-working conscientious pig-headed eager beaver insubordinate unfluctuating unceasing draconian authoritarian painstaking all-or-nothing win-or-lose unwearying unvarying robust oppressive defiant invariable stroppy absolute hearty dogmatic contrarious heavy-handed unabating standing one's ground rugged rebellious frozen lusty irremovable untoward stony secure concrete immobile Herculean busy unending stiffened mule picky inevitable dour reliable restive uptight disciplinary even uniform studious ferocious unpermissive ironclad invariant unmoving unbreakable regular hardhearted narrow-minded jumping grind hyper perky bustling obstreperous austere particular not giving an inch plugging plodding operose assured no-nonsense irresistible straight tough nut to crack opinionative continuing dug in feisty pass-fail high stakes high-stake unassailable inveterate unbudgeable noncompliant restless passionate awkward direct petrified unshrinking forbidding illiberal non-compliant unquestioning unretiring well-founded fossilized bony indurated rigidified daring radical fearless unblinking immoveable renitent puritanical interminable irrevocable unavoidable non-stop hidebound unimpressible game blinkered indelible ingrained deep-dyed cocksure durable immalleable impertinent bullhead mean unrepentant uncompassionate unemotional trusty unstinting impassive haughty disobedient ungovernable wayward unintimidated careful stuffy fossilised stony-hearted unimpressionable unreceptive boneheaded inalterable cold fish proof against persuasion unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable unflexible crisp doctrinaire meticulous unmodifiable permanent quiescent going all the way aloof proud hard-shell locked-in set-on one-sided iron-jawed thorough punctilious set in your ways on the go ball of fire unsinkable unmoved heady ineluctable heedful categorical convinced go-go unstinted undeterred fireball continued necessary compulsory clear-sighted always urgent all out flat-out straight out do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hard as nails hold the line as stubborn as a mule sticking to one's guns stick to guns set in concrete employed competitive hardworking irreversible exact confident swotty working slogging mean business nose to grindstone static ramrod with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in cutthroat disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating extreme formidable rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave changeless progressive bloodthirsty pioneering no going back warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke self-assured can-do power-loving gung ho high-reaching self-possessed self-confident like death and taxes infallible massed impermeable nonmoving decided upon writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced solidified husky taut unbudging invincible dependable endless boundless sealed blocked nonmotile unconquerable unbeatable immotile compact dimensional consolidated ceaseless invulnerable close compacted rocklike impliable impervious thick congealed fail-safe unlimited surefire can't-miss unfading undying unerring continual ever-pressing dense fastidious boorish argumentative finicky impregnable gripping tormenting neurotic consuming haunting jellied impenetrable bottomless insurmountable oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied brick wall rock-solid rock-hard non-flexible fiery dominating all-consuming insuperable unquenchable bitter furious granite like a rock tried and true same delivering lasting there eternal counted on tried-and-true come-through trustworthy rock solid tried and tested fast irritable testy choosy snappy temperamental quarrelsome negative grumbly irritating impolite bulletproof really hard very hard excessive addictive fanatic controlling vexed captious chippy disputative prickly thrawn huffy delicate overcritical obstructive ungracious disobliging finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive ill-natured crotchety uppity touchy sour rude crabby disputatious anchored rooted overwhelming nailed quiet hitched hooked situated locked attached stationary still established located tight uncontrollable pathological wackadoodle wackadoo made fast infatuated overpowering

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