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Alternative for palliative

palliative /'pæliətiv/
  • tính từ
    • tạm thời làm dịu (đau)
    • giảm nhẹ; bào chữa (tội lỗi); xoa dịu
      • palliative measure: biện pháp làm giảm nhẹ
  • danh từ+ (palliator) /'pælieitə/
    • thuốc trị đỡ (đau)
    • biện pháp làm giảm nhẹ


The alleviation of a disease's symptoms without a cure
palliation alleviation abatement mitigation comfort mollification reprieve appeasement assuagement cure balm ease easement solace release allayment softening amelioration lightening succour succor comforting remission rest satisfaction deliverance refreshment respite assistance consolation support sustenance cheer extrication restfulness break breather contentment diversion fix hand happiness help letup lift maintenance load off one's mind quick fix relief remedy dulling easing reduction lessening slackening quelling moderation quenching diminution salving improvement slaking alleviating soothing allaying healing anodyne curative restorative tranquilizer soother something soothing tranquillizer mitigating relieving assuaging weakening relaxation decrease deadening modification extenuation calming cushioning pacification ebb waning placation attenuation tempering aid qualification let-up blunting cutback pity compassion slowing care allowance repose diminishing minimizing minimization curtailment decline modulation subsidence contraction loosening dilution minimising easing off damping well-being vindication justification dwindling tailing off stilling secours ebbing letting up encouragement peace condolence condolement sympathy retardation commiseration dying down conciliation reassurance fortification fellow feeling concession propitiation accommodation moral support lenity acceding reconciliation quieting peace-mongering peacemaking acquiescence dovishness lulling compromise peace offering tranquillization sweetening restoration settlement amends reparation adjustment accession tranquilization grant


A morally acceptable explanation for behavior, or for a belief or occurrence
justification excuse reason defence rationale basis grounds rationalisation rationalization apology defense explanation vindication argument plea warrant absolution case reasoning apologia approval exculpation exoneration extenuation foundation mitigation premise pretext account acquittal advocacy alibi answer palliation support validation wherefore whitewashing just cause story whatfor raison d'être why and wherefore whole idea song and dance cause evidence motive motivation cop-out substantiation ratification accounting endorsement cover proof assertion declaration mitigating circumstances corroboration confirmation verification why expedient testimony logic whitewash occasion thesis affirmation inducement claim pretence factor front assurance fish story footing statement authentication documentation line authority pretense subject cover-up get-out sanctioning reasons avowal sense cover story validating affirming supporting ostensible reason call apologetics base contention polemic antecedent sanction evasion exposition allegation ground attestation presumption point coverup expostulation testament witness retort argumentation routine disguise subterfuge fabrication testimonial underpinning whyfor voucher demonstration pleading agreement thinking consent theory assent passing nod philosophy okay passage accord line of reasoning principle admission proving whys and wherefores accepting verifying corroborating visa authorizing authenticating authorising green light stamp of approval logical basis go ahead provocation apologism apologetic sureness compurgation revenge issue questioning meaning action suit groundwork sake right out dialectic bedrock confession supporting evidence explication fish tale proclamation appeal petition presentation postulation sour grapes the big idea the whole idea hypothesis extenuating circumstances copout modification moderation qualification reduction expounding promotion excusing explaining response the why and wherefore jive apologising apologizing return cleanup connection reply profession stall defending evidence syllogism ratiocination rationality an excuse way around discharge airtight case good sense school of thought amnesty clearing pardon goal purpose intention aim incentive impetus objective freeing from blame end target design object causation causality authorization acceptance instigation source genesis origin driver inspiration certification causal agent driving force principal element chief ingredient recognition legalization legalisation authorisation approbation indication establishment permission backing accreditation adoption licence OK license blessing go-ahead enactment manifestation seal of approval say-so imprimatur favor favour thumbs up acknowledgment acquiescence allowance clearance leave concurrence acknowledgement O.K. affidavit rubber stamp data recommendation reinforcement mandate countenance facts permit formalization information display formalisation sanctification legislation espousal sign exemplification reflection show ratifying yes averment encouragement tribute compliance monument the nod implementation documents dispensation fiat clincher credentials sufferance concession charter granting endorsation seal smoking gun carte blanche solemnization celebration benediction formal acceptance double-checking bolstering weight circumstantiation sustainment embodiment expression accession validity legitimization guarantee warranty signing credential certificate signal illustration stamp info cincher notification word suggestion official approval citations records papers crosscheck approving decreeing ordaining consent to agreement to flaunting exhibition legislating appliance application assumption probate making law access checking confirming substantiating assenting acceding appropriation privilege freedom power entitlement determination test description spectacle induction trial good wishes exemption liberty prerogative condonance tolerance discretion empowerment selection acquisition affectation embracing assuming taking on acquiring choice affecting impunity pass latitude run order toleration decree condonation admittance command blank cheque green-light free hand all clear say so free rein ammunition arrogation following rubber-stamping maintenance championship record exhibit trace goods championing paper trail patronage upholding embracement commendation signature taking up taking over straight stuff

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