Đồng nghĩa của therapy

Alternative for therapy

therapy /,θerə'pju:tiks/ (therapy) /'θerəpi/
  • danh từ, số nhiều dùng như số ít
    • (y học) phép chữa bệnh


Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder
remedy cure treatment antidote corrective curative rectifier therapeutic healing help medicine rehabilitation therapeutics remedial treatment healing treatment method of healing medication nostrum care prescription panacea counteragent countermeasure counteractant surgery doctoring hospitalization operation regimen medicament diet restorative drug specific physic hospitalisation antitoxin pharmaceutical alleviation medicant medicinal relief antiserum pharmacon elixir tonic fix balm pill answer counterstep cure-all analysis rehab prophylactic biologic preparation mixture neutralizer medical science solution electrical converter power converter AC-DC converter antivenin preventive resolution redress theriac mithridate antivenene remedying palliative support improvement neutralizing agent negator nullifier counteractive counteraction assistance practice of medicine healing art quick fix magic bullet magic formula heal-all counteracting agent ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care vaccine vaccination inoculation antibiotic tablet placebo dose aid serum salve catholicon antiseptic potion course of medication course of drugs course of treatment elixir vitae healing agent sedative opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic stimulant narcotic dope patent medicine diacatholicon panpharmacon sovereign remedy universal remedy wonder drug cure for all ills ointment liniment lotion quack remedy universal cure perfect solution magic potion painkiller medical drug reparation recovery proprietary restora-tive anaesthetic anesthetic tincture capsule injection treacle modern medicine Western medicine thing way out analgesic mitigation assuagement amelioration rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom easing cream edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation plan scheme formula unguent sovereign cure lubricant quack medicine big idea home remedy unction balsam emollient dressing rub embrocation pomade emolient counterirritant cerate


The act of providing someone in need of assistance with aid
attention care aid treatment assistance help support supervision guidance ministration relief service sustenance tending comfort rehabilitation remedy reprieve respite solace succor succour devotion helpfulness looking after tender loving care TLC favour favor nurture patronage services ministrations abettance backing abetment cooperation hand assist lift boost promotion facilitation push furtherance encouragement backup deliverance espousal salvation advice alleviation giving spurring on advocacy reinforcement rescue leg up a leg up a helping hand shot in the arm helping hand championship endorsement sponsorship auspices approval aegis reinforcements intervention contribution recommendation benefit protection defence championing stimulus kindness spur ward auxiliaries maintenance advancement defense offices mediation fillip trusteeship favouring intercession expertise a hand time sanction favoring pick-me-up cavalry skills agency collaboration abetting reserves good deed easement goodness impetus compensation benefaction acceptance secours tonic good turn inspiration supplementaries urging furthering sanctioning uplift boosterism good offices abettal ease countenance guide influence rescuer provider helpmate benefactor accessory crutch intermediation bolster participation reassurance security responsiveness troubleshooting coattails instrumentality mitzvah complicity shelter office extras charity kick blessing seconding donations guardianship charge keeping umbrella grace buzz gifts redemption subsidy alms protectorship auspice wing safeguarding a kindness commendation accompaniment hand-holding nourishment use fix adoption incentive additional resources guaranty secondment adherence embracing moral support tutelage a lift a favour a good turn a break boosting development consolation gee-up proposal upholding quick fix fostering stimulant incitement goad prod inducement stimulation financial assistance debt remission preferment progress cultivation welcome taking up argument for espousing propagation approving justification preference exaltation sponsoring ennoblement reviver motivation prompt spice prelation betterment taking to siding with wholehearted reception preferring enthusiastic reception zest go-ahead contribution to endorsing promoting supporting campaigning for recommending promulgation support for succours additional fresh troops impulse line link spokesmanship pushing for pressing for pleading for arguing for calling for activism vouching for additional troops additional police additional materiel succors lifeline aiding and abetting advising in favour way of continuing means of survival rescue device safety device life belt

Trái nghĩa của therapy

therapy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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