Đồng nghĩa của recovery

Alternative for recovery


Đồng nghĩa: convalescence, recuperation, retrieval,


The process of returning to a normal state of health
recuperation rehabilitation convalescence regeneration restoration amelioration healing rehab rejuvenation betterment cure mending rejuvenescence reinvigoration resurgence improvement envigoration invigoration rally renewal resuscitation snapback reawakening rebirth refreshment renaissance renascence resurrection revival revivification return to health process of getting better getting better turn for the better a turn for the better comeback revitalization reanimation awakening recrudescence risorgimento quickening freshening cheering consolation enkindling reactivation return reappearance new beginning rebound upturn resumption re-emergence re-establishment new dawn new birth repetition recurrence happening again repair breaking out again reincarnation remedy redemption upswing cardiac massage artificial respiration recommencement continuation reparation redintegration curing relieving remedying advancement triumph restoration to health reintroduction pickup transmigration metempsychosis reinstallation relaunch stimulation bringing back bringing around coming to reinforcement waking new start belle epoque golden age new life renovation reformation recharging restitution return to life rekindling replenishment refilling reopening energizing revitalizing strengthening enlivening restoring enlivenment transformation modification conversion reconstruction transmutation alteration perking up energising revitalising metamorphosis reorganization transfiguration transmogrification remodeling redevelopment innovation changeover flux reorganisation remodelling


An improvement or upward trend, especially in economic conditions or someone's fortunes
upturn increase rise boost upsurge upswing improvement jump leap surge acceleration advancement escalation revival soaring expansion growth recuperation turnaround step up advance gain boom development amelioration progress progression enhancement augmentation upgrade promotion betterment breakthrough elevation furtherance melioration regeneration enrichment spread increment hike inflation accrual uptick accretion appreciation enlargement buildup raise proliferation addition multiplication aggrandizement swell extension spike amplification aggrandisement burgeoning accumulation explosion uptrend mushrooming swelling magnification snowballing intensification addendum accession plus spiralling climb run-up bump supplement creep heightening spiraling spurt upgrading cumulation distension more upping ascent lift distention crescendo accumulating rapid increase upward turn piling up stacking up build-up rush prosperity increasement push exponential growth collection gathering growth spurt assemblage quadrupling doubling lengthening tripling waxing elaboration buildout intensifying avalanche exacerbation raising embellishment up ramp up evolvement pickup augment aggrandization worsening mounting bounce high wax headway sudden rise rocketing ascension stimulation geometric growth jack up creation rising ascendance small increase towering soar explosive growth success thriving upgrowth stockpile flourishing jump up move up upward movement rampant growth rapid growth dramatic increase sudden increase blooming increasing aggregation amassment expanse expanding annexation pooling pileup assembly enlarging augmenting stockpiling refinement correction shooting up diversification unfolding evolution diffusion collecting amassing assembling hoarding reserve annex rectification momentum traction unfurling ballooning growing maturation store amendment globalisation globalization reinforcement flowering annexe economic growth rally forwarding rectifying face-lift building up reformation upbeat cultivation increase in size spreading out opening out blow up scaling up blowing up civilisation meliorism renovation revision stocking up preferment change civilization change for the better kaizen reclamation economic recovery maximization optimization merger appendix access incorporation continuation exaggeration complement dilation broadening top-up maximisation optimisation large increase


The buying or obtaining of assets or objects
acquisition acquiring gaining procurement achievement attainment gain obtaining procuring pursuit acquirement amassing appropriation collecting collection obtainment retrieval salvage getting hold of accomplishment winning securing feat triumph coup success realization addition realisation baby fulfilment consummation fruition actualization fulfillment actuality execution earning attaining skill profit add-on get purchase act effort deed performance exploit work enterprise implementation undertaking completion action handiwork creation operation masterpiece production maneuver manoeuvre victory hit stroke of genius conquest tour de force positive result master stroke feather in cap contrivance stroke reaching getting realizing pass effecting reaping fulfilling reification effectuation succeeding finish arrival realising arrival at carrying out conclusion perfection discharge culmination finishing end close crowning carrying through prosecution materialization resolution gratification materialisation enactment perpetration commission closing completing winding up satisfaction lifework ending discharging engineering pursuance life's work polishing off sewing up maturity finalization self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization kick contentedness contentment redemption termination cessation finalisation concluding windup finis expiration wind-up wrap-up product of working life successful completion kicks observance you got it just the ticket result of working life achieving observance maturation capping perfecting ripeness enjoyment ripening pleasure readiness fruitfulness enforcement serenity nirvana joy curtains completeness hips integration exploits carrying-out administration effect bringing into being bringing to fruition feats successful resolution rendering successful fulfillment successful conclusion conducting inner peace conduct successful consummation successful finalization successful execution carrying off doing bringing about acts finishing point swan song bringing off nuts and bolts practice dispatch finale stop carrying into action terminus closure cease outcome determination upshot expiry stopping point result desuetude last word target bottom line adjournment period sign-off issue omega consequence payoff retirement desistance end of the line curtain discontinuance denouement

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