Đồng nghĩa của specific

Alternative for specific


Đồng nghĩa: definite, fixed, particular, precise, special,

Trái nghĩa: general,

Tính từ

(of statements or instructions) Precise and clear
exact precise unambiguous unequivocal well defined pinpoint detailed explicit clear express accurate clear-cut meticulous categorical definite clearly defined correct definitive crystal clear defined strict distinct error-free direct in depth literal unmistakable unquestionable univocal particular thorough absolute certain comprehensive minute complete plain full exhaustive straightforward manifest decided true concrete obvious perfect actual conclusive outright indubitable patent unqualified elaborate downright black and white extensive right blow-by-blow black-and-white cut-and-dried genuine emphatic faithful open-and-shut decisive positive forthright unreserved sure sharp lucid particularized hard and fast cut and dried painstaking rigorous unerring well-defined faultless in-depth circumstantial very point-blank veracious errorless proper blunt assured candid close open undeniable unambivalent evident encyclopedic nonambiguous particularised straight firm perspicuous on the money stark unblurred understandable settled transparent consummate final encyclopaedic palpable bald ringing scrupulous careful punctilious unwavering judicious rigid systematic methodical clearly expressed no holds barred straight from the shoulder veridical frank convinced confident factual elaborated matter-of-fact regular reliable authentic seriatim truthful intensive all-embracing severe profound outspoken flawless upfront infallible on the nose on the button incontrovertible overt uncompromising indisputable luculent rank thoroughgoing set total real uninhibited verbatim pellucid apparent barefaced unquestioning incontestable dead on unrestricted irrefutable luminous undisputed stated good dedicated focused crisp hard clean-cut lucent broad pronounced out-and-out plain-spoken bald-faced specialized focussed specialised spot on spot-on bang on no catch dead-on on-target flat-out straight out bright-line no ifs ands or buts sharply defined no strings attached no fine print monosemous distinctive clear cut solid ultraprecise discriminating just deft discriminative skilful skillful punctual scientific res ipsa loquitur cut and dry spelled out instantly recognizable determined established deep undoubted unquestioned narrow personal immediate striking crystalline marked plentiful rich copious profuse abundant lavish ample intricate experienced liberal sufficient exclusive identical honest unarguable guaranteed valid firsthand penetrating sweeping impeccable unfaltering proven authoritative satisfying sincere boutique niche essential elemental satisfied doubtless persuaded canonical unrestrained right on nailed down bull's-eye on the nail inch-perfect on the beam on target on the mark on the numbers in detail broad-ranging resolute implicit conscientious fastidious recognized tangible well-marked undubitable known silhouetted graphic bold significant vivid recognised well-grounded distinguishable incisive noteworthy audible visible technical concentrated special intimate official unimpeachable unrefuted forthcoming stringent utter out-front openhearted as plain as the nose on your face as plain as daylight not vague first-hand self-assured self-conceited confirmed self-confident unhesitating word for word unconditional pure plainspoken unguarded bluff tactless resounding categoric unadulterated wholehearted unstinting wholesale expert functional far-reaching unconcealed undiplomatic freehearted straight to the point undisguised affirmative cold free from doubt itemized all-inclusive easily understandable without error unlimited unmitigated simple unalloyed sheer free-spoken speaking as one finds up-front no-nonsense not beating around the bush point blank not afraid to call a spade a spade forceful cocksure inarguable forcible entire ultimate whole fair plumb arrant dead unconstrained apodictic extreme flat formal delicate bodacious crashing deadly determinate blank plenary undiluted wide stone dreadful clean blooming developed without reservations through and through all-out in every respect all out no kicker cotton-picking no strings one hundred per cent full-bore straight-out deep-dyed right-down itemised enumerated finicky point-by-point specially designed at length comprehensible uncontestable undisputable intelligible crystal limpid crystal-clear easily understood self-evident nailed-on open and shut veritable convincing beyond question undivided compelling irrefragable unchallengeable unanswerable dyed-in-the-wool beyond doubt unassailable undebatable supreme gross demonstrable accomplished utmost blatant glaring surpassing clinching watertight infernal beyond dispute verifiable undiminished unabridged unmodified bona fide beyond a shadow of a doubt last full-scale observable fixed limitless not in doubt effective deciding inveterate unmixed conspicuous unvarnished blasted airtight blessed confounded peremptory uncontroversial intense sound unbroken well-founded maximum steadfast naked full-on prize flagrant substantial noticeable brazen irrevocable verified overall persuasive unbounded grand determinative infinite determining matchless cogent demonstrative settling substantive full-blown straight-from-the-shoulder impressive bloody trenchant unremitting sure thing no mistake in the bag boundless as plain as a pikestaff unconditioned uncontested staring one in the face dependable unfailing earnest pat binding fundamental certified unrelieved existent assertive insistent secure unblemished hands-down uttermost everlasting double-dyed steady max attested prominent serious ardent enduring paramount abiding realistic top nth legit perceptible confirmable key closing obligatory intact strong out and out establishable appreciable surefire concluding safe kosher mere peerless powerful coercive prime finished as sure as eggs is eggs beyond a doubt never-failing integral integrated accepted acknowledged inimitable inclusive undoubtable telling influential unsurpassed terminal sensible material compleat inerrant perfected effectual dinkum plausible efficacious weighty urgent intelligent on ice without reservation true-blue sure-fire for sure sure-enough pertinent foursquare honest-to-goodness for real eternal up front perpetual straight-talking call a spade a spade for certain straight-shooting extraordinary without limit from the hip like it is true blue staring shallow simplistic capital egregious most unchallenged adamant all-fired overwhelming unregenerate all quintessential jejune naive glib infamous notorious vile monstrous atrocious abrupt unshakable runaway imperative irreversible commanding unstinted effusive gushing forward unimpaired maximal relentless austere optimum shameless unequivocable necessary compulsory principal unabated unadorned uncorrupted wholesome cinched unalterable specified quite single altogether unappealable overarching superior untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending recognizable uninterrupted totalitarian round quantified unembellished predestined provable trustworthy ascertained destined without qualification no beating around the bush double-checked unfabled oppressive discernible legitimate rightly so called stone-cold no joke with no strings open-ended nothing other than plain-speaking state-of-the-art limiting terminating completing finishing ending through-and-through no two ways about it limited no lie certifiable huge beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question persistent harsh grim unalleviated unsoftened well-established without doubt down pat beyond a shadow of doubt sovereign telltale no ifs and or buts untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying objective determinant resolving revealing irrefrangible energetic vigorous stone cold inexpugnable stable frozen hard-and-fast great formidable inevitable obtrusive unique salted away excellent unsurpassable errant transcendent chronic ideal horrible unified aggregate no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact committed measurable vehement superlative predominant surgical individual foolproof intuitive insightful relevant ingenious combined composite outstanding enunciated dramatic unimaginary existing perceivable quantifiable detectable pre-eminent unbound tyrannical all-powerful litmus test having down pat recognisable stunning omnipotent what you see is what you get unshakeable physical well grounded intent unhampered preeminent indivisible organic choate well documented free natural unevasive in every way staunch fervent unflinching zealous enthusiastic hearty self-explanatory unimaginative questionless failsafe plain as day sure enough non-fictional de facto honest to God real live guileless ingenuous artless well-proven devoted unswerving without restrictions unchecked unhindered ungoverned unimpeded uncontrolled unbridled untrammeled untrammelled unsuppressed uncontrollable ceaseless no-holds-barred unshackled no-limit uncurbed brutal unrepressed wild full-fledged aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic salient easily distinguishable over-literal lacking nuance lacking subtlety aboveboard heartfelt unfeigned warm stalwart undoubting saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line bare-faced laying it on the line impassioned loyal constant passionate fullhearted corroborated dogmatic stressed important solemn pointed sober accented potent workmanlike documented inflexible unbreakable fail-safe considerable whole-hearted can't-miss iron uncontradicted for a face hundred percent whole-souled substantiated textbook cast-iron wide-ranging all-encompassing picture-perfect basic primary set in stone picture-book dead right to a T letter-perfect classic to a turn polished model central elementary pivotal vital radical crucial transcendental critical empyrean empyreal sublime

Tính từ

Uniquely connected with someone or something
particular distinctive individual special distinct inherent peculiar separate typical appropriate characteristic distinguishing endemic exclusive idiosyncratic intrinsic personal representative restricted singular unique archetypal especial innate particularised particularized proper prototypical quintessential signature symptomatic reserved found only in particular to peculiar to different private individualistic express respective precise discrete single identifying discriminating disparate own essential emblematic personalized distinguished sole diagnostical unmistakable original definite diagnostic differentiating personalised classic independent indicative symbolic lone solitary individualized identifiable patented subjective discriminative only individualised diacritic individualising uncommon individualizing odd distinguishable isolated set concrete categorical select extraordinary privy remarkable local notable inimitable unitary marked separated inborn inbred one sui generis one-off one and only certain exact usual customized regular patent fixed resident standard noteworthy unusual several relevant corresponding various exceptional recognizable recognisable alone customised very own in character each one-to-one unconventional exclusive to off-centre quirky abnormal queer irregular anomalous weird aberrant strange eccentric typical of native characteristic of natural pure bizarre outlandish freakish ingrained idiomatic conspicuous unmixed undivided simple unshared unalloyed unblended uncompounded left alone only one one only by itself singled-out diverse dissimilar all your own autonomous unalike unconnected detached unlike disconnected unassociated nonidentical contrasting divergent distant unattached selfstanding offbeat other disunited poles apart curious unorthodox wacky way-out kinky funny crazy oddball quaint off-the-wall kooky off the wall screwy far-out cranky erratic rum wild freaky whacky bizarro kookie queerish weirdo funky out-of-the-way off-kilter zany spaced-out atypical out of the ordinary unfamiliar outré wacko nonconformist far out uncustomary out there unnatural whimsical left-field alternative rare freak avant-garde fantastic way out novel untypical flaky deviant flakey droll nutty out in left field unexpected bohemian off-center unwonted Bohemian uncanny exotic capricious fresh absurd unaccustomed outre unprecedented out of the way ridiculous perverse dotty daggy radical unheard of quizzical nonstandard madcap in left field daft insane puzzling mysterious preternatural nuts mystifying mad perplexing baffling suspicious heterodox dubious groundbreaking new revolutionary twisted boho unparalleled cockeyed heteroclite bent unco true phenomenal archetypical grotesque fanciful habitual predictable surreal maverick perverted crackpot cuckoo unpredictable extreme warped dippy aberrated eerie nonconforming cracked demented unhinged unbalanced ludicrous stock questionable unknown pioneering dilly incomparable unheard-of off the beaten track incongruous unaccountable beat esoteric inexplicable average normal loony informal gonzo silly nonsensical batty lunatic innovative bonkers daffy extravagant looney barmy unceremonious non-standard hippy balmy preposterous wayward deranged loopy crazed psychotic definitive mental certifiable amusing crackers screwball deviating loco gaga model textbook exemplary artistic schizoid goofy bats unhealthy unrepresentative meshuga paradigmatic stereotypical old-fashioned sick devious vintage irrational surprising ideal deviate foreign conventional heretical corrupt pervy distorted aberrational outrageous unmatched unequalled unrivalled non-typical uncharacteristic outstanding suspect exceeding extraordinaire sicko anomalistic touched unrivaled prodigious fishy non compos mentis off-key creative matchless unexcelled striking unequaled unexampled record peerless amazing spooky creepy momentous marvellous out of line off-base first-time signal in a league of its own without equal beyond compare off-color marvelous ground-breaking one of a kind miraculous newfangled without parallel true to type demonstrative impressionistic determining biased partial exaggerated unconforming intriguing internal wigged out schizo skittish alternate eccentrical claimed progressive excentrical not tightly wrapped laughable depraved marginal untried mischievous playful scarce avant garde inconceivable kookish digressive transgressing rogue rummy inscrutable like nothing on earth arty waggish unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic doubtful shady consummate absolute ultimate out of the box anarchistic dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy rad deep hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy mod modern modernistic cool licentious deviative immoral fundamental supreme problematical problematic arty-farty experimental wandering varying variant dissenting out-there dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient crinkly twisty unsavory at its best at her best at his best improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal left bank carefree laid-back relaxed beatnik anarchic untraditional sectarian schismatic fantastical crotchety chimerical funny peculiar dicey imaginative humorous random chancy uncertain witty comical arbitrary flighty out of this world off the beaten path monstrous malformed unnormal heteromorphic copybook illustrative classical foolish stupid out of the common not normal senseless all-time clownish comic prime archetypic suggestive prototypic prototypal stereotyped stereotypic fatuous witless brainless asinine potty unwise patterned typic perfect brainsick maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained slang fruity haywire moonstruck whacko psycho harebrained simpleminded unconstrained egoistic unfettered liberated untrammelled free-spirited freethinking bubbleheaded lunkheaded featherheaded looney tunes loony tunes hare-brained jerky disturbed tomfool sappy inept self-indulgent selfish pompous egomaniacal self-serving conceited individualist self-absorbed self-interested egoistical self-centered self-loving vainglorious narcissistic egotistical megalomaniac egotistic egocentric self-reliant stuck-up self-concerned unstable fool frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable raving bananas delirious off the air acting crazy frantic manic barking hysterical nutso untrammeled self-centred buggy squirrelly nutsy illogical bushed porangi yarra impractical half-witted not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head not all there have kangaroos in the top paddock mad as a hatter away with the fairies weak-minded of unsound mind have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head mentally unbalanced stark mad as daft as a brush mentally ill raving mad not together stark staring mad not the full shilling mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad have a screw loose up the pole not right in the head stark raving mad half-baked sick in the head wrapped up in oneself customary common familiar ordinary traditional expected routine consistent prevalent orthodox accepted unremarkable anticipated foreseeable chronic everyday foreseen reliable prescriptive accustomed frequent commonplace formulaic likely ubiquitous unsurprising steady unexceptional established proverbial recognized recognised wonted clichéd cliched acknowledged true to form cut-and-dry in keeping old hat cut-and-dried to be expected only to be expected run-of-the-mill bog-standard par for the course standard-issue on the cards time-honoured … all over astonishing wonderful barbarous awkward alien eye-popping most typical

Tính từ

The state of being unlike most others
different extraordinary peculiar rare special unconventional unique unusual bizarre exceptional off the wall original outlandish remarkable strange unorthodox unprecedented atypical left-field novel odd off-centre other out of the ordinary particular uncommon unfamiliar aberrant deviant discordant exotic fantastic fresh nonconforming noteworthy out of the way out-of-the-way outrageous specialised specialized uncharacteristic unconforming uncustomary unheard-of unknown unrepresentative way out abnormal eccentric far-out freakish kinky kooky off-key perverted quaint queer quirky quizzical something else unharmonious way-out weird whimsical alien anomalous errant erratic fanciful interesting isolated curious singular offbeat irregular funny oddball unexpected idiosyncratic unwonted uncanny wacky freaky untypical unaccustomed freak mysterious unnatural distinctive individual distinct crazy rum zany especial off-the-wall bizarro puzzling mystifying characteristic screwy preternatural foreign perplexing outré kookie aberrated distinguishing incongruous wacko surprising dubious alternative divergent new whacky nonconformist wild queerish phenomenal baffling weirdo exceeding exclusive cranky off-kilter suspicious individualistic typical extraordinaire funky inexplicable eerie nonstandard inconceivable signature unaccountable questionable spaced-out unheard of fishy unco identifying spooky untried striking devious out there deviate aberrational incredible personal personalized notable avant-garde heterodox discriminating obscure diagnostic diagnostical symptomatic conspicuous creepy far out classic proper personalised inimitable unexplored flakey flaky heteroclite out of line out of the common disparate informal intriguing outstanding private irrational representative scarce incomprehensible essential dissimilar unceremonious off the beaten track Bohemian anomalistic deviating doubtful perverse droll little known twisted individualized warped non-typical unmistakable daggy patented subjective individualised privy off-base off-color custom memorable infrequent customized monstrous unthinkable extravagant maverick impressive unreal unpredictable radical differentiating bohemian unparalleled sporadic surreal hippy romantic customised out of place wayward absurd boho fantastical prominent identifiable dilly ridiculous ludicrous intrinsic out in left field unrecognized patent diacritic noticeable separate unrecognised suspect newfangled dubitable disputable out-there remote recondite recognizable express idiomatic shady debatable doubtable equivocal digressive rogue distorted uninvestigated mad shaky dodgy problematic one and only transgressing problematical daft off-center corrupt weird and wonderful outre wandering recognisable heretical extreme variant distinguished exciting offhand illogical determining unlike contrary supernatural jarring newsworthy esoteric old-fashioned marked incomparable discrete innate madcap limited innovative wonderful laughable respective awkward seldom disorderly bent out of this world one of a kind disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent malformed unhealthy non-standard occasional out of keeping one-off sick brand new uncharted few and far between rambling straying astounding unnormal heteromorphic defective all your own disquieting categorical altered imported not prepared ready sicko pervy thin on the ground random unintelligible previously unencountered outside one's experience beyond your ken varying nutty wigged out nuts schizoid schizo unhinged touched demented unbalanced inherent emblematic own unordinary mental psycho revolutionary familiar distinguishable salient not normal inborn inbred in left field not tightly wrapped colourful glamorous perceptible refreshing dissenting dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient fascinating set natural precise improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal intimate eye-catching local concrete beatnik anarchic untraditional off the beaten path sectarian schismatic sensational astonishing independent detectable decipherable appropriate restricted endemic foreign-looking marvellous marvelous attractive glamourous external enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine outside dishonest untrustworthy unlikely nonsensical implausible far-fetched murky unreliable phony insane preposterous farfetched avant garde from abroad shonky dark criminal improbable unbelievable of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue phoney won't wash not quite right too much open to doubt under suspicion not kosher unrealistic imaginary significant important unconvincing unimaginable foolish illusory comical incredulous grandiose unconceivable misleading capricious ambitious visionary amazing uncompelling artificial illusive out of sight cock-and-bull cockamamie barmy suppositious potty hallucinatory hare-brained make-believe cock-eyed observable mentionable citable namable nameable inscrutable worthy of note of particular interest like nothing on earth worthy of mention hot mind-blowing meaningful serious utmost murder splash heavy underlined stand-out manifest super evident red-letter major-league high-profile terrific boss cool worth mentioning worth taking a look at of note the end unearthly grotesque ghostly unfathomable bewildering cuckoo impenetrable crackpot enigmatic cockeyed prodigious confusing loony silly lunatic farcical balmy mystical mystic harebrained dotty cryptic arcane fatuous senseless insoluble risible secret batty dippy other-worldly magical daffy abstruse asinine looney shocking eldritch scary occult paradoxical half-baked stupid goofy unexplainable miraculous featherheaded devilish screwball frightening inane spookish haunting unreasonable cracked hair-raising spine-chilling befuddling unwise ambiguous spectral witless otherworldly brainless simpleminded bubbleheaded inept lunkheaded unknowable awful paranormal inexplainable half-witted weak-minded demoniac enigmatical chilling blood-curdling slang eery sinister ghastly wildering terrifying awesome pointless ethereal deranged loopy jerky tomfool sappy fool inconsistent confounding phantom hard to swallow deep gonzo inhuman macabre elliptical wondrous oracular awe-inspiring unexampled elliptic ghoulish intricate laboured hidden eye-popping veiled opaque unsolvable demonic non-mortal animal subhuman non-human labored off the air transcendental double-edged transcendent unclear ghostlike phantasmal phantasmic idiotic extraterrestrial disconcerting bonkers cabalistic crazed petrifying indecipherable crackers imbecilic amusing derisory scaring hard to understand secretive psychotic whacko spiritual ironic certifiable fearful loco gaga humorous unexplained dreadful unsound crackbrained bats meshuga scatty superhuman maniacal hilarious dreamlike horrific stupefying staggering beat signal stunning contradictory dumfounding imaginative cockamamy non compos mentis sublime momentous pathetic ornate mind-boggling groundbreaking difficult pioneering overwhelming strained nebulous oblique ground-breaking beyond belief complex Delphic thin depraved unsavoury fuliginous vague haunted foolhardy hideous coded infantile as clear as mud baroque indescribable undefinable involved impracticable imprudent puerile clownish shifty degenerate unworkable complicated metaphysical beyond comprehension deviative comic disreputable supernormal wraithlike concealed horrendous convoluted fruity haywire brainsick maniac wud bedlam meshugge bughouse moonstruck ill-conceived quixotic unsavory nightmarish appalling atypic eminent progressive beyond understanding unnerving shadowy sibylline unworldly difficult to understand horrifying heavenly creative rummy loony tunes looney tunes bananas vampiric fitful beyond one startling barking horrible adventitious exogenetic diverting dumbfounding ominous wraithy estranged derisive arresting exterior stupendous doolally few unmatched unequalled unrivalled derisible disturbing exogenous delirious uncertain fabulous spectacular unforeseen flustering muddling unrivaled numinous supermundane superior tremendous supervenient outward harrowing gruesome weak matchless unexcelled unequaled impractical direful barking mad eye-opening portentous record peerless untoward jolting unannounced unanticipated subtle flimsy out to lunch sphinxlike scarcely credible forced first-time off your head as daft as a brush shuddersome in a league of its own Delphian without equal beyond compare sui generis full of it morbid without parallel apocryphal covert evasive hard to take up the pole poignant very unique very unusual oddish chance unhuman sadistic degenerated masochistic fancy arbitrary advanced fluky vagarious changeable teratoid elaborate loner misfit unseasonable immoral licentious skittish experimental egregious nondescript light-hearted underhand gothic Gothic eccentrical Kafkaesque rococo waggish chucklesome simple excentrical pretend imitation concocted ersatz made-up staged giddy crinkly twisty kookish crooked meaningless breaking new ground iffy ape berserk dopey hard off joshing dumb camp campy witty insubstantial chimerical ironical deformed funny peculiar seldom seen very unconventional potentially illegal potentially dishonest thorny knotty taxing uncouth magic supernal flipped out barbarous inspired supranormal unwholesome very different misshapen ugly eidolic apparitional wan pale holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike indistinct providential off your trolley unforgettable tenebrous off-beat off the rails labyrinthine mercurial not typical unsightly anarchistic out of the box unholy ungodly out of one's mind too good for this world crazy-ass wackadoodle wackadoo very strange amazeballs psychic inconsequential tall the utmost wonderworking supranatural unacceptable offensive undiscovered out of character ticklish worrying mind-bending not of this world flash gnarly forby misproportioned insolvable God-awful unbelieveable bugged out nonplussing shattering discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting faint slight undesirable teasing profound hermetic hermetical stumping clandestine stickling cabbalistic unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded never to be forgotten irresponsible mangled mutilated gnarled sepulchral funereal hyperphysical fiendish flabbergasting blindsiding funny-looking mysterious-looking strange-looking Byzantine spiny cock and bull less likely not likely outside chance off beaten path terrible elusive bemusing menacing threatening impossible devastating unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive nameless unlovely unpleasing vile little-known ill-favored undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned uncomely extramural bird-brained out of all reason short-sighted beyond all reason frightful irritating unsettling dramatic accidental specious unpersuasive from elsewhere non-resident international non-native third-party riddling uninterpretable fugly huckery dire really hard very hard hairy jaw-dropping lame trifling feeble rich entertaining annoying priceless abstract over one's head acting crazy all-time technical indecisive illegible uneasy charismatic captivating charming appealing unsatisfactory shallow ineffectual ponderous transparent inadequate unimagined nasty disgusting unpleasant clear as dishwater clear as mud Greek to me not easily understood flamboyant grody surrealistic gross antic ill-favoured never before encountered a laugh side-splitting a joke a bit much poor unimpressive difficult to believe hard to believe not convincing grievous unspeakable grim atrocious alarming fetching beguiling seductive engaging OTT a bit thick over the top imcomprehensible insupposable out of the question reachy unsubstantial incogitable superstitious crawly unsolved forbidding dread distressing fearsome intimidating abominable redoubtable formidable extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful conflicting provocative riveting chivalrous nostalgic compelling adventurous not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly not in the least likely beyond the bounds of possibility extremely difficult to believe scanty subtile sparse preeminent magnificent towering tenuous attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche semioccasional scattered standout rarefied unfrequent unsuited disturbed stealthy very bad lamentable terribly bad unstable frenzied wrong distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable cagey raving unbecoming frantic manic hysterical nutso abysmal grisly bad bloodcurdling lurid baleful buggy dissonant clashing incompatible inapt irreconcilable squirrelly nutsy unhappy amiss infelicitous malapropos unseemly incorrect unfit inapposite unapt indecorous graceless bushed porangi yarra liberated untrammelled free-spirited unconstrained egoistic unfettered freethinking at odds mentally ill nutty as a fruitcake not all there mad as a hatter have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head stark mad raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist not right in the head sick in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock away with the fairies of unsound mind mentally unbalanced stark staring mad not the full shilling have a screw loose stark raving mad unrelated unconnected lopsided unavailing in opposition shifting jumbled not in harmony uncoordinated uneven incongruitous self-indulgent selfish egomaniacal self-serving self-interested self-centered self-loving megalomaniac egotistic stuck-up pompous conceited individualist self-absorbed egoistical vainglorious narcissistic egotistical egocentric self-reliant self-concerned untrammeled self-centred sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water wrapped up in oneself

Tính từ

Occurring, appearing, or done infrequently and irregularly
occasional sporadic irregular casual infrequent intermittent odd rare desultory episodic fitful periodic spasmodic incidental isolated random uncommon aperiodic catchy choppy discontinuous episodical erratic seldom spastic spotty unsteady sometime chance especial exceptional exclusive few particular scarce special unfrequent unusual not habitual off and on few and far between scattered sparse periodical uneven patchy on and off limited scanty scant seasonal thin on the ground hit-or-miss disconnected recurrent broken recurring inconstant cyclical interrupted meagre semioccasional meager on-and-off inconsistent cyclic variable thin fluctuating shifting haphazard alternate scattershot unwonted on-again-off-again out of the common part-time in fits and starts unaccustomed paltry out of the ordinary abnormal short deficient exiguous in short supply isochronal epochal isochronous rhythmic serial hard to come by at a premium continual unexpected fragmentary uncertain unstable insufficient capricious negligible unique stray skimpy freelance on again and off again stingy uncustomary repeated regular hard to find punctuated atypical varying unpredictable unlikely aberrated aberrant stop-and-go iterative discontinuing checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant anomalous rambling surprising every other accidental unreliable unconventional changeable here and there now and then rarefied unsettled unorthodox by bits and pieces unsystematic habitual steady constant frequent unmethodical aimless intervallic disrupted disjointed unheard of jerky shaky inconsiderable indiscriminate arbitrary lacking inadequate slender freak like gold dust strange middling every so often light catch-as-catch-can extraordinary straggling piddling trifling lean inconsequential imperceptible minute at fixed intervals singular every once in a while low in numbers helter-skelter inconceivable seldom seen discrete strewn widespread disturbed on-again, off-again broken up convulsive temporary self-employed impulsive bits and pieces fits and starts spurtive twitching outré restless impermanent outsourced outside lone single not frequent flickering uncharacteristic fortuitous fluky contingent minimal minimum nominal marginal small herky-jerky insignificant in bits and pieces wandering inappreciable wanting nugatory measly token gaping inchoate unorganized disordered unconnected incohesive muddled incoherent chaotic loose sketchy basal unorganised unthinking slapdash offhand jobbing unfocused orderless next to none next to no shy low poor spare skimp slim sparing hand-to-mouth stop-go too little not enough alternating scrubby thinly distributed dispersed bare slight scrimpy seldom met with truncated threatened shortened not to be had failing not to be had for love nor money without purpose curious weird queer different orbital annual perennial weekly routine yearly continuing daily monthly hourly centennial once in a blue moon peculiar unfamiliar as scarce as hens' teeth offbeat novel bizarre volatile on certain occasions at various times unthinkable unimaginable subtile flimsy outstanding subtle towering tenuous remarkable preeminent attenuate attenuated magnificent recherche standout freakish quirky outlandish wavering deviant oddball changing exceeding off-centre funny something else incredible phenomenal left-field out of the way alien freaky off the wall preternatural conspicuous out-of-the-way way out nonuniform unequal eccentric designless less unpunctual unconsidered purposeless ever-changing up and down off-and-on widely spaced in the minority seldom found non-periodic quaint wacky crazy unnatural original rum far-out off-the-wall wild idiosyncratic kinky kooky way-out fantastic bizarro unprecedented untypical screwy kookie uncanny whacky funky weirdo cranky queerish mysterious new exotic off-kilter extraordinaire spaced-out avant-garde mystifying astonishing fresh zany wacko puzzling amazing baffling unknown distinctive perplexing whimsical striking alternative unaccountable divergent innovative noteworthy out there inexplicable preposterous incongruous unheard-of prodigious astounding groundbreaking unparalleled absurd nonconformist creative far out ridiculous unbelievable notable eerie inventive revolutionary fanciful radical spooky individual miraculous unrepresentative wonderful foreign unco innovatory ingenious innovational pioneering newfangled droll stunning imaginative ludicrous flaky sensational outrageous flakey dubious insane staggering obscure perverse devious aberrational deviate outre surreal unordinary untried grotesque experimental unreal nonsensical suspicious modern impressive incomprehensible advanced daggy creepy supernatural out in left field Bohemian fishy fantastical signal marvellous extreme awesome ground-breaking questionable shocking trailblazing marvelous perverted jarring modernistic disruptive startling nutty foolish monstrous heteroclite state-of-the-art irrational extravagant ultra-modern neoteric new-fashioned wondrous nonstandard paranormal arresting nonconforming unearthly mad dramatic heterodox non-typical marked superior bewildering fabulous quizzical distinct awe-inspiring futuristic cockeyed characteristic off-center off-key eye-catching noticeable breathtaking stupendous mystic illogical interesting incomparable originative unexampled avant garde ghostly off the beaten track dotty brilliant contemporary spectacular prominent individualistic unforeseen occult out of this world unanticipated implausible significant unconforming bohemian pronounced warped anomalistic unfathomable deviating twisted magical confounding inspired unintelligible madcap refreshing silly laughable memorable comical jaw-dropping tremendous eye-opening loony transcendental fatuous senseless cuckoo cutting-edge leading-edge superhuman metaphysical dumbfounding seminal befuddling hare-brained mind-boggling mind-blowing balmy dumfounding cockamamie momentous lunatic unexplored improbable harebrained bent informal flamboyant jolting distorted out of line eye-popping obvious supermundane unceremonious breaking new ground kenspeckle emphatic impenetrable in left field stimulating numinous secret esoteric dark wayward intriguing inscrutable unknowable visionary distinguished inane superlative slang clever rogue progressive surprise contrary risible fascinating disparate corrupt asinine doubtful resourceful terrific suspect dilly colourful attractive stupefying arcane artistic off-base newsworthy unreasonable considerable flabbergasting stupid crackpot off-color confusing farcical Promethean altered awful substantial unhinged demented imposing showy looney blindsiding dazzling daffy colorful one of a kind dippy overwhelming noisy splashy bold bodacious grabby commanding screwball psychic beat out-of-the-box little known cutting edge half-baked unpredicted portentous distinguishing appreciable hidden featherheaded extramundane phantom just out unannounced unhealthy supranatural spectral maverick other-worldly fairy invisible celestial unrevealed mythological from left field mythical legendary forward-looking superordinary uncomprehensible concealed non-standard deviative exciting glamorous transcendent atypic specialized mystical supernormal old-fashioned eminent goofy hippy signature sick amusing humorous otherworldly boho surpassing cool vivid pervy out-there out of place stellar only romantic make-believe awkward discordant malformed inspiring unusually good sicko batty inappropriate pointless unlike daft unbalanced engaging recent heretical unmatched unequalled unrivalled inimitable quixotic magic disputable dubitable far-fetched derisory shady fertile untested specialised variant whacko equivocal debatable doubtable digressive latest artful dodgy transgressing witless unrivaled problematic untraditional amazeballs problematical unforgettable brainless matchless unexcelled unequaled deep productive serious diagnostic discriminating classic symptomatic identifying diagnostical sudden off the beaten path too good to be true unwise record peerless weird and wonderful manifest characterful remote recondite rummy psycho mental salient visible great one and only uninvestigated muddling heavy beyond your ken deranged simpleminded impossible attention-grabbing maniacal flustering perceptible consequential lunkheaded fundamental bubbleheaded gee-whizz without equal without parallel off the air tomfool electrifying first-time inept observable strong sappy fool half-witted weak-minded beyond compare in a league of its own too much sui generis without warning extrasensory important out of character out of the question hard to swallow superphysical forceful worthy of attention out of the blue heavenly beyond belief supersensible fringe mould-breaking exquisite depraved welcome ornate dissimilar typical trendsetting spearheading innovating brand-new custom-built modified custom-made special-order custom customized personalized mischievous playful unsavoury sadistic degenerated degenerate masochistic fancy loner egregious nondescript other out of keeping skittish waggish thrilling disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent immoral licentious pretend imitation concocted labored laboured ersatz made-up staged vagarious teratoid unrecognized anarchistic out of the box rad hippie ultramodern groovy mod gothic baroque Gothic sublime transformational imported ready straying moving touching cherished perfect disquieting unforeseeable unexplainable unrecognised crinkly twisty unsavory alone variational defective unnormal heteromorphic eccentrical unworldly touched non-rational hypernormal up to date brand new unharmonious excentrical disorderly deviceful sole solitary shock not prepared differentiating proper devastating pointed chimerical crotchety like nothing on earth funny peculiar dissident heretic dissenting nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient disconcerting enterprising diacritic insoluble unsolvable kookish very unconventional customised personalised excessive errant unnerving unsettling glamourous foreign-looking improper unsuitable illegal drastic unhackneyed difficult to believe ghostlike up-to-date this season's new-fangled exorbitant pathetic derisive cockamamy flighty dicey chancy not typical witty one off-beat not just another beatnik sectarian schismatic anarchic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious off the rails evident not normal unrealistic eldritch impracticable mercurial unacceptable offensive undiscovered huge one-off inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding thick taking the cake external enticing extrinsic extraneous alluring peregrine grandiose infantile imbecilic crazy-ass cock-eyed wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo eery spookish haunting insightful wildering bugged out unmistakable unrelated imprudent dreamlike foolhardy unworkable puerile nonplussing shattering discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering extra special flash gnarly forby ghastly horrific dreadful ominous fearful abrupt not in the cards without notice tidy sizeable reasonable fair blue-sky nuts clear-cut graphic from abroad far cry unrepeated bonkers uncouth supernal drop-dead clear irresponsible dreamy poetical never to be forgotten measurable detectable nameless little-known undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned loopy barmy clownish comic lively all-time forcible off beaten path unconvincing incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inspirational fictive pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian poetic potty telling charming powerful jazzy lofty dynamite compelling cogent arrestive bird-brained out of all reason short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason crackers scatty crackbrained fruity haywire cracked gaga meshuga brainsick crazed loco maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic bats moonstruck certifiable highly unlikely not on insupportable incogitable beyond the bounds of possibility beyond possibility rich picturesque full of life gay full of character gonzo unfrequented unvisited breaking ground brain wave goodly loony tunes looney tunes demiurgic never before encountered animated scintillating non compos mentis of consequence of importance acting crazy dishonest untrustworthy gorgeous captivating beautiful detailed evocative phony murky farfetched shonky criminal cult trendy phoney of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue won't wash open to doubt not kosher not quite right under suspicion not well-known can't miss it incompatible hellish highly coloured barbarous major big unholy critical sizable much headline preponderant severe cardinal impactful high-priority decisive mighty pivotal capital intense keynote generous burning milestone conclusive glaring fateful high-level pressing glorious crucial principal earthshaking eventful weighty heavy-duty earnest meaningful earth-shattering landmark resonant large-scale historic material large urgent all-important carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive monumental hefty vital ponderable potent climacteric grave far-reaching made in hell

Tính từ

Created or done for a particular purpose as necessary
ad hoc impromptu improvised extemporaneous extemporary extempore makeshift ad-lib emergency expedient improvisational make-do offhand offhanded off-the-cuff snap spur-of-the-moment unconsidered unplanned unpremeditated unprepared unrehearsed unstudied jury jury-rigged cobbled together down and dirty extemporised extemporized informal provisional rough and ready special specified thrown together quick and dirty spontaneous improvisatory ad lib unscripted ad libitum on-the-spot unarranged off the cuff impulsive improviso stopgap made-up improv automatic autoschediastic temporary improvisatorial casual band-aid quick-and-dirty on the spot on impulse extemporal played by ear off the top of one's head spur of the moment throwaway winging it by ear crude hurried substitute sudden substitutive undesigned unexpected unpracticed uncontrived natural unthinking ersatz toss off not planned toss out off the top of your head from the hip hit-or-miss candid temp not rehearsed rough-and-ready slapdash unposed abrupt scratch off guard not thought out quick immediate off the top of head without preparation off the hip instant simple basic according to pleasure made up as one wishes as one thinks best without restraint unrefined unpolished unsophisticated winged tossed off vamped dashed off thrown off whipped up shot from the hip unintended unintentional cheaply done crude but effective spur-of-the moment cheaply made ad-hoc of inferior quality slipshod devised rigged unforeseen adventitious haphazard unscheduled aleatory random uncontrolled pro tem ad interim pro tempore short-term hasty sketchy involuntary out of the blue standby new headlong do-it-yourself alternative rash reckless ill-considered instinctive thoughtless precipitate impetuous injudicious imprudent foolhardy unguarded careless heedless unconscious inadvertent intuitive incautious rushed passionate swift unthought-out ill-thought-out uncoordinated passing parenthetical trivial uncircumspect off-hand catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter temerarious ill-judged violent unmindful mechanical negligent ill-conceived precipitous ardent eager overhasty fierce furious impassioned vehement unbridled unreasoned unrestrained unreflecting ill-advised absent-minded foolish unwise fervid subitaneous precipitant hotheaded restive going off deep end stupid silly neglectful senseless remiss reflex unwitting oblivious witless feckless brutish unreasoning indelicate outrageous napping unheeding vacant unmeant blunt untactful capricious whimsical uninhibited emotional freakish adventurous daredevil unprompted unrepressed daring unpredictable irresponsible madcap abandoned unwary unmeditated hectic superficial perfunctory speedy brash wild hot-headed devil-may-care jumping the gun

Danh từ

(usually used in plural form "
detail particular fact point nicety particularity datum fine point minutia item aspect respect consideration feature element matter topic circumstance question thing subject facet characteristic factor specification issue nitty-gritty regard piece of information component part attribute argument theme ingredient concern portion technicality trait case idea score dope article specialty speciality instance brass tacks chapter and verse nuts and bolts data point affair business reference bearing pointer deets circumstantial relation connection position information proposition statement angle perspective opinion data view info subtlety cue picture story lowdown scoop rundown point of view viewpoint slant clue gospel nuance subject matter essence gen itemized information line of reasoning low-down whole story what's what bottom line distinction shade facts of life refinement minutiae ABC's fine distinction small point side count unit accessory member constituent peculiarity fraction circumstantiality singularity structure schedule ABCs minor point meat and potatoes point at issue situation gist contention motif substance problem proposal thesis discussion content text keynote concept point in question event motion core motive query thread thrust field focus puzzle thought area material occasion talking point bone of contention matter at hand principal object dispute stuff can of worms matter of contention matter in hand matter in question controversy debate premise transaction undertaking mystery enigma line message proceeding goings-on point of departure scenario through-line enquiry inquiry point of contention grievance complication state blurb report entity body news form account meaning nub crux pith marrow import meat drift heart burden essential point central point pivot main point sense centerpiece sum kernel nucleus bull's-eye net signification root significance nubbin moral relevance tenor focal point salient point punch line main idea heart of the matter name of the game centrepiece most important fact kicker resolution division theorem leitmotif head area under discussion field of reference moot point field of inquiry

Danh từ

(usually used in plural form "
attribute property feature aspect character quality trait attribution hallmark criterion marker stamp affection note peculiarity characteristic mark particularity point touch differentia diagnostic fingerprint element idiosyncrasy facet distinction trademark specialty speciality quirk virtue sign component streak earmark indication detail essential quality oddity cast side ingredient symbol constituent manner individuality slant singularity habit tendency way badge penchant sure sign telltale sign typical feature token factor mannerism nature lineament nicety foible dimension custom twist evidence essence faculty angle highlight flavour flavor symptom disposition thing bent differential notability tone stripe tinge calibre caliber indicator complexion edge strain condition distinctiveness particular respect addition subtlety distinctive feature item ability status symbol finish accessory article part material proof standing emblem inclination proclivity power style essential incidental minutiae eminence clue manifestation repute hint value originality thumbprint endowment turn temperament bearing frame mood personality odour odor reputation prestige fine point bag eccentricity abnormality trick identification savor denominator birthmark savour theme nature of the beast gimmick gag integrant temper spirit grain kind constitution vein mould mold make-up sort air humour humor individualism type makeup mettle tenor atmosphere kidney aura feeling feel ambience variety frame of mind description attitude vibrations smell soul cast of mind ilk ambiance make climate mind genius mode persona identity attributes aroma traits mentality clay halo outlook look karma patina nimbus image turn of mind self uniqueness key colors effect semblance vibe figure psyche qualities hue features suggestion guise fashion colours fiber exterior fibre emotions feather affectation shape appearance presence strand heart outline light build nuance facade impression class conformation lot façade dash trace seeming wave tang curiosity label tag color colour front substance being signature unconventionality breed druthers marking characteristics like individual trait tendencies mind-set cheer personal trait signature characteristic ego intellect capacity susceptibility structure scene state drift posture trend timbre leaning orientation inner nature state of mind habit of mind grace charm parameter predication affirmation mien way of it name of tune nature of beast looks demeanor form face presentation regard carriage expression countenance garb dress demeanour outward aspect pose outward form outer shell screen outside psychology ethos properties complex mystique estimation marked traits set crasis sense selfhood sum and substance self-identity

Danh từ

(dated) A remedy for a disease or condition
remedy cure medication medicine drug medicament medicinal pharmaceutical physic potion tonic pill treatment prescription panacea elixir biologic nostrum antidote sedative opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic pharmacon cure-all alleviation stimulant narcotic dope medicant placebo catholicon antibiotic fix corrective restorative therapy therapeutic counteragent aid counteractant countermeasure help dose vaccine balm vaccination inoculation healing agent quick fix elixir vitae tablet serum salve antiseptic antitoxin quack remedy patent medicine magic bullet painkiller medical drug prophylactic relief curative preparation mixture ointment anaesthetic liniment anesthetic lotion tincture capsule injection antiserum rectifier modern medicine Western medicine course of treatment theriac diacatholicon panpharmacon plan scheme universal remedy sovereign remedy solution formula analgesic quack medicine wonder drug cure for all ills big idea sovereign cure home remedy redress healing reparation recovery assistance proprietary restora-tive care answer therapeutics embrocation cream preventive surgery rehabilitation doctoring unguent hospitalization emollient operation regimen dressing diet rub hospitalisation heal-all universal cure perfect solution magic potion magic formula analysis rehab anodyne counteractive mitigation assuagement amelioration neutralizer treacle lubricant easing improvement antivenin palliative remedial treatment unction balsam rule convention custom rubric heritage tradition healing treatment mithridate antivenene resolution thing way out neutralizing agent counterstep negator nullifier tranquilizer morphine aspirin alleviative demulcent pomade method of healing edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation emolient counterirritant cerate substance poultice product pain reliever tranquillizer counteracting agent extract concentrate application syrup distillation distillate pith principle quintessence draft philosopher's stone elixir of life draught pick-me-up ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care course of medication course of drugs

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