Đồng nghĩa của inoculation

Alternative for inoculation


Đồng nghĩa: vaccination,


A drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease
cure medicine remedy antidote medication corrective medicament treatment curative physic therapy alleviation drug restorative specific vaccine balm nostrum panacea pharmaceutical therapeutic vaccination antibiotic antiserum counteragent elixir medicant medicinal pharmacon rectifier aid antiseptic antitoxin catholicon counteractant countermeasure dose fix help pill placebo potion prescription salve serum tablet tonic course of treatment healing agent elixir vitae cure-all anesthetic capsule lotion liniment tincture quack remedy patent medicine sedative ointment biologic anaesthetic injection modern medicine Western medicine healing theriac opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic relief answer solution magic bullet stimulant narcotic dope therapeutics quick fix diacatholicon panpharmacon preparation sovereign remedy universal remedy preventive wonder drug mixture cure for all ills care surgery rehabilitation doctoring hospitalization operation regimen diet heal-all hospitalisation universal cure perfect solution magic potion magic formula analysis prophylactic painkiller medical drug redress reparation recovery assistance proprietary rehab restora-tive counteractive neutralizer treacle antivenin thing way out electrical converter power converter AC-DC converter remedial treatment analgesic mitigation assuagement amelioration mithridate antivenene rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom healing treatment resolution neutralizing agent counterstep negator nullifier easing improvement method of healing counteracting agent cream edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation plan scheme formula unguent sovereign cure lubricant quack medicine big idea home remedy unction balsam emollient dressing rub embrocation pomade emolient counterirritant cerate ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care course of drugs course of medication


Exemption from punishment or loss
immunity indemnity liberty exemption freedom impunity prerogative privilege protection right amnesty asylum licence permission release resistance droit exoneration immunisation immunization invulnerability resilience charter franchise imperviousness insusceptibility legal exemption liberation license special treatment carte blanche free pass get out of jail free card authority dispensation sanction authorization leave entitlement consent authorisation power warrant birthright due advantage claim title appanage apanage perquisite independence scotfree discretion approval interest business blessing mandate assent call warranty the right empowerment merit priority benefit favour justification favor pretence pretense pretension dibs concurrence sufferance allowance granting clearance blank cheque a free hand a blank cheque choice green light okay go-ahead pass unconstraint card certificate self-determination ticket permit grant suffrage vote enfranchisement ballot voting rights right to vote agreement contract a voice patent one's say concession say-so seal of approval boon acquiescence endorsement indulgence approbation imprimatur OK latitude free hand thumbs up free rein covenant free will faculty honour honor document bond concern enterprise bonus refreshment stand deed patrimony heritage perk indenture asset inheritance opportunity utility plus luxury freelage reward expedience profit chance bequest legacy primogeniture fringe benefit conveyance pact endowment settlement commission allotment treaty share power of attorney full authority no holds barred complete discretion proxy in blank complete authority leeway complete freedom blank check full power unrestricted authority unconditional right say unconditional authority acceptance access ratification countenance credentials support backing validation confirmation condonance accreditation tolerance verification admission avowal acknowledgment order sanctification toleration decree acknowledgement passage run endorsation condonation nod seal admittance command rubber stamp all clear O.K. say so green-light stamp of approval

Trái nghĩa của inoculation

inoculation Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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