Đồng nghĩa của depressant

Alternative for depressant

depressant /di'presənt/
  • danh từ
    • (y học) thuốc làm dịu, thuốc làm giảm đau


A person or thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect
damper curb discouragement restraint check chill cloud hindrance impediment limit limitation obstacle restriction brake constraint control gloom pall rein stricture depression inhibition obstruction cold water wet blanket deterrent fetter barrier circumscription condition disincentive bridle cramp dissuasion determent bar deterrence setback block curtailment trammel confinement clampdown restrainer opposition caution encumbrance warning handicap hurdle ceiling constrainment constriction chain stop rebuff stoppage retardant taboo remonstrance expostulation persuasion suppressant crackdown buttress stint hamper anchor binders cinchers catch break reverse reversal blow safeguard reservation injunction inadequacy circumspection modification qualification definition snag maximum holdup whammy harness retarding device cap hampering threshold let drag clog crimp shackles embarrassment holdback interference manacle balk arrest detention captivity demarcation bounds bound regulation extent containment border perimeter boundary preventive defence defense leash baulk stumbling block preventative shackle margin confine repression line ban hold boycott moderation embargo put down damp defensive measures cutoff point upper limit tops cut-off point line of demarcation suppression prevention interdict disqualification chains order fetters straitjacket abridgment prohibition instruction abridgement bondage deprivation pinions weight decrease string rope manacles command reduction restraining order hitch drawback blockage bond difficulty hazard disadvantage cumber lead irons cord spanner in the works fly in the ointment tether monkey wrench in the works bind delay bracelet interruption impedance burden complication binding hiccup problem facer barricade halter lock gridlock cuffs handcuffs strap inconvenience ligature ball and chain band tie millstone catch-22 handcuff wall monkey wrench iron road block bonds precaution retardation shutdown trammels cuff glitch end hang-up bracelets stopping jam link protection sticking point leg irons thwarting curbing proscription lyam provision stipulation requirement bit elimination halt proviso rule security veto interdiction rider blocking checking contraction squelching fastening precautionary measure strings cumbrance baggage albatross issue hobble remedy termination joker bilboes defect weakness wire detriment retardment jam-up excess baggage blockade bottleneck gyves darbies restraints rub circumvention preventive measure protective measure stay roadblock no-no fine print hawser millstone around your neck booby trap cable connection clogging discipline obligation commitment deadweight immobilization immobilisation intimidation moratorium pitfall weary load hardship nuisance coupling railing traverse fence rahui occlusion congestion hold-up governor stumbling stone bump uphill deterring factor pale edge stamping out tethers ropes trouble mountain checkmate load disablement impairment flaw disorder fault stone in one's path confines palladium fail-safe protective shield blank wall saddle debt guilt cross duty compression astringency tightening squeezing shrinking choking verge compass frontier parameter mountain to climb dead weight red tape neutralizer prophylactic strait waistcoat headstall hackamore collar noose leg-iron yoke gyve pendant lavaliere locket rackle clinker truss picket monkey on one's back thorn in one's side avoidance forestallment anticipation averting forestalling precluding preclusion snaffle electronic ankle bracelet custody limits extremity circumference anticipatory measure sabotage intervention restraining device small difficulty interception prophylaxis obviation deterence inhibitor foot dragging prerequisite demand clause anathema eradication crushing abolition requisite essential necessity ambit disapproval exception term specification precondition contingency kicker terms linkage tie-in stickum hookup nexus gunk network non-acceptance tapu exemption postulate stern measures strike getting tough crush severe measures arrangement don't religious convention sanction forbiddance social convention law thou-shalt-not superstition need article must arrestment close cutoff finish discontinuation expiration surcease closure closedown cessation shutoff conclusion lapse cease offset ending discontinuance must-have sine qua non lace guy lacing bridling small print shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering choker halting quashing foiling staying restraining suspension stalling coaxial piece of cordage boom topping lift wire rope hangup balking sublimation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud


Feeling or bringing no joy
joyless gloomy sad unhappy miserable dejected melancholy depressed doleful downcast glum despondent dour dispirited lugubrious morose saturnine sombre sullen bad blue brokenhearted crestfallen depressing disconsolate dismal down downhearted dreary droopy forlorn hangdog heartbroken heartsick heartsore heavyhearted heavy-hearted humorless humourless inconsolable low low-spirited melancholic mirthless mournful saddened sorrowful sorry woebegone woeful wretched cheerless black cast down dragged heavy mopey saddening somber sunk in gloom down in the mouth down in the dumps have the blahs desolate discouraged disheartened dolorous distressed despairing comfortless grief-stricken tearful disappointed broken-hearted funereal bleak grim moody solemn fed up pessimistic depressive in low spirits hopeless dark abject rueful piteous distressing morbid upset pathetic drear demoralized dire pitiful heartrending chap-fallen troubled long-faced lamentable heartbreaking in the dumps tragic grieving demoralised sepulchral grievous elegiac pitiable in pain chapfallen drab spiritless hurting choked godforsaken anguished poor cheesed off lonely afflicted elegiacal oppressed tenebrous bummed out crushed disheartening destroyed deplorable in the doldrums harrowing brassed off down and out lonesome in the pits sick as a parrot sulky gray grey discouraging cold painful out of sorts wistful teary plutonian tenebrific dreich sunless lachrymose dull down-hearted Cimmerian murky pensive grieved grumpy surly chill darkening heart-rending suffering unfortunate weepy emotional tristful hurt crabbed cast-down gut-wrenching upsetting devastated moving dismayed terrible affecting worthless uncomfortable distressful scurvy unpleasant sour bereaved plaintive regretful defeatist aggrieved bleeding crummy ruthful tear-jerking sick at heart in tears weighed down all torn up in a blue funk shot down as sick as a parrot singing the blues sober dreadful cross poignant distraught traumatic vile touching base weeping uninviting daunted sorrowing angry bitter cloudy Eeyorish gutted unpromising dispiriting lousy uptight dysphoric in despair churlish crabby ripped dolent weary calamitous brooding in grief in doldrums cut up mopish broody dingy ill-humoured torn up taken down listless on a downer bowed down displeased ill-humored with a long face earnest grave despicable contemptible pained paltry mean defeated pouting disillusioned regrettable abashed shamefaced compassionate stirring beggarly commiserative arousing shabby squalid sapped awful appalling tormented discontented agonizing sordid sheepish irritable indignant touchy peevish unamused sobersided excruciating shattered dirge-like plangent downbeat disappointing shameful horrific enervated tragical subdued flat pouty resentful glowering unsociable bereft execrable inferior disagreeable disturbing foul helpless mourning destitute frowning uncivil testy sourpussed unresponsive uncommunicative indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable agonising rotten unconsolable adust bummed-out colorless derisible heart-wrenching unfriendly embittered sulking stroppy unmannerly down-in-the-mouth disgraceful hapless damp po-faced moping ugly agonised in sorrow in mourning low-down querulous gruff petulant let down down in dumps full of sorrow in the toilet negative broken agonized lacklustre out of humour dim stony-faced deep languorous triste ill-tempered shadowy unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring bad-tempered low in spirits colourless blue funk boring monotonous lackluster macabre languid lifeless humdrum merciful worried shaken perturbed bothered prostrated undermined serious apathetic desolating disconcerting heart-sick lovesick disturbed concerned sorry for oneself cheap inadequate insignificant intolerable cringing browbeaten guilty cowed unnerving disquieting discomforting desperate without energy dirgeful discombobulated bugged sore shook antsy burned contused lame horrible horrendous horrid guilty-looking furtive unlucky emo taken aback deflated troubling lowered bowed huffy unsatisfied torn-up discontent dirgelike sunk griefstricken atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging off sluggish disgruntled down in mouth uneasy ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking prostrate with grief shook up bummed powerless downtrodden afflictive cowering humiliated conscience-stricken languished meagre to be pitied meager small let-down not happy ticked off teed off browned off peed off unable to be comforted unable to be consoled demoralizing difficult demoralising down-and-out tortured luckless in a funk sorry for yourself disenchanted annoyed crying heart-breaking wounded strained beside oneself with grief afflicting shocking troublesome dejecting oppressive crushing dolesome racked ailing threnodic lost forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned sobbing discomposing vexatious friendless uncared-for whimpering snivelling sick close to tears frightful horrifying mortifying dragging cynical solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone blubbering maudlin larmoyant sniveling on the verge of tears nostalgic lamenting feeling down full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes trashy shoddy filthy derisory poverty-stricken ill-fated ill-starred doomed suicidal jinxed cursed disastrous resigned bewailing bemoaning wailing funeral aching deploring ruinous snakebitten devastating star-crossed snakebit hard luck out of luck destructive reflective catastrophic unsuccessful atrocious outcast cataclysmic derelict ruined commiserable stricken fatal gruesome deadly long-suffering unpropitious adverse sad sack frantic anxious stark isolated deserted grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous disadvantaged beefing ghastly bearish dolorific no-win strabilious degrading fraught tender melting dissatisfied unmitigable hideous disconcerted overcome beseeching entreating supplicating imploring can't win remote sequestered frustrated discomfited longing abominable not a prayer in the soup abhorrent chagrined miffed dreamy yearning useless petty puny grisly at end of one's rope at the end of your tether aghast irked beaten monstrous disowned nightmarish contemplative musing dreaming meditative galling worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked infelicitous heinous without hope hexed voodooed loser at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end inauspicious jonah up the creek thoughtful direful lethal mortal cataclysmal daydreaming deathly fateful behind the eightball down on one's luck poor fish desirous wishful unprosperous awkward burdened weighty severe forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous dangerous unamusing acute critical far-reaching in a reverie ill-omened in a bad way vagrant displaced dispossessed itinerant exiled dossing living rough unsettled deported adrift houseless unwelcome disinherited wandering refugee on the streets unhoused of no fixed abode estranged without a roof vagabond banished sleeping rough

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