Đồng nghĩa của cumber

Alternative for cumber

cumbers, cumbered, cumbering

Đồng nghĩa: constrain, encumber, restrain,


To hamper, hinder or slow down the progress of
hinder impede obstruct inhibit hamper curb delay thwart retard stop foil arrest baulk balk baffle halt forestall hold up hold back interfere with slow down set back be a hindrance to block trammel encumber handicap restrain hamstring check cramp frustrate shackle restrict fetter clog stymie hobble bar handcuff slow hog-tie hang up get in the way get in the way of throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of manacle prevent cripple embarrass constrain short-circuit tie up stand in the way of interrupt bork put a brake on derail interfere choke entangle cramp one's style shut off tie detain stall disrupt brake bridle oppose curtail stay deter intermit bind keep back crimp limit close off shut down confine decelerate postpone dam jam stonewall scupper suspend defer remit prohibit inconvenience chain discontinue retardate crab slow up put back weigh down bring to screeching halt give a hard time drag one's feet back off bog down choke off take down cut off ruin tie someone down inc leash debilitate repress withhold pause protract tie one's hands shelve prorogue tie down cramp someone's style bottleneck hold prolong muzzle burden neutralize ward off put off stave off make late hold off on hold over contravene debar neutralise resist counteract box in shut out throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works louse up freeze discomfit rattle faze disconcert foul up screw up saddle with slacken lessen down decrease hesitate loaf falter mire reduce dawdle flag loiter poke bog let up sabotage sandbag throttle obscure screen complicate monkey with occlude plug stuff congest close clot stopper barricade obturate affect disturb hedge clog up stop up dam up block up gum up gunge up plug up bung up tamper influence confuse incommode conflict trouble discommode stem suppress end stifle nip in the bud control catch cease put an end to avert avoid contain interdict put a stop to keep staunch finish forgo intercept desist forbear refuse head off still break off straiten bring to a standstill entrammel bring to an end terminate quit discourage regulate drop eschew counter divert renounce draw up diminish pull up abstain fetch up evade seal cut out knock off lay off leave off give up hold off constrict fill keep from smother moderate confront can circumvent conclude rein in cut short shun spoil refrain hold down bring up fend off immobilize repulse stanch pass immobilise abjure repel kick do without desist from bring to a stop give over pack in steer clear of abstain from swear off refrain from jack in put a damper on put the kibosh on forbid preclude circumscribe enjoin delimit fill up let dissuade bung capture challenge dampen fight break tackle defy fence deflect close out hold in abandon ward belay disadvise scare decline turn aside combat stunt forfend stem the flow of wind up fight back block out withstand pick off take on pre-empt quiet bottle up break up stand still keep in check block off come to a standstill forego reject defend bring to a halt stop oneself escape buck turn off go without call a halt to leave alone subdue pack up adjourn pull the plug on talk out of come to an end sit out withhold from fight shy of resist the temptation to prevent oneself from struggle against not give in to call it a day stop oneself from give a wide berth to pass up strive against restrain oneself from fight off pour cold water on prevent yourself from keep off put up a fight against put on ice take the cure forbear from throw cold water on dissuade from straitjacket overturn proscribe cap glut silt up ban disallow clutter up quash enmesh net ensnare fix scrub sidetrack brace impair disadvantage idle snag bit taboo outlaw entrap prevent from making progress estop caulk hem in tether put a crimp in scotch eliminate blockade close up set limits on impose limits on keep in sideline finish off forswear put on brakes put an stop to choke up pack jam up put the brakes on take out of play put at a disadvantage drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings discountenance dispense with oppugn war bring to a close give disadvantage take out lock up bring to a screeching halt not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of resolve put straitjacket on defeat forsake disfavour shake disfavor warn indispose deprecate frighten turn back throw monkey wrench in bottle gag place at a disadvantage deactivate retain deny waive take the pledge be temperate not touch have nothing to do with go on the wagon avoid doing not do put out of commission check oneself turn down battle against nullify circumnavigate stand make a stand against bring to an end to cope with forbid to sidestep skirt deflate squash recess keep hold of rein wreck depress mar obviate relinquish fast stay neutral fence-sit have done with starve sit on one's hands give the go by not take sides muffle squelch swallow omit defend against damp govern pigeonhole dissolve decline to restrain oneself restrain yourself sacrifice go easy not move stand off peter out put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on the shelf temper conceal get back at push back reply beat off defend yourself retaliate put up a fight riposte save help tame rebuff choke back checkmate bulwark dodge guard mothball table prorogate chill cool cork seize parry put the stopper on put paid to stamp out put the lid on clamp down on crack down on do for put a lid on put over continue suspend proceedings respite hold in abeyance shut keep a lid on pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back lag abate lay on the table call a halt take a breather take a rain check on mess up take a rain check take a break put on the back burner put in cold storage take a recess harsh take five take shield against duck safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against keep at bay cover fend guard against protect against keep at arm's length skirt round enfetter gyve pinion enchain qualify procrastinate embog reef rule out commandeer expropriate grab snatch cuff chain up clap secure put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time attack ambush act like a wet blanket cut back back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down keep waiting anchor it put in irons put in chains clap in irons tie someone's hands appropriate interlope waylay shortstop accost interpose hijack buttonhole pounce on swoop down on cut in take away lock out protest contest dispute make off with reluct battle countervail head off at pass kick the habit quit cold cease to indulge in lay off of kick over call it quits fight against object to set one's face against be hostile to rebel against contend with dig in one's heels baulk at be in defiance of go against take issue with refuse to accept be in opposition to dissent with face down lock horns with take up arms against stand up to kick against be anti take a stand against speak out against elapse lapse determine expire go die waver teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle dead-end wink out come to a stop come to a halt be suspended close down put a sock in be over be broken off shilly-shally draw to a close be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest


To make numb, as by cold or anesthetic
benumb deaden numb blunt cauterise cauterize chill damp dampen dull freeze paralyze paralyse shock stun stupefy anesthetize anaesthetize daze hebetate desensitize desensitise immobilize reduce diminish weaken immobilise incapacitate soothe knock out obtund suppress stifle moderate lessen render insensitive decrease torpefy disable check debilitate impair alleviate smother petrify temper muffle assuage ease relieve abate allay halt transfix tone down lay out stop dead take the edge off harden drug tranquilize cool retard repress calm unnerve depress make insensitive soften cushion stultify palliate mitigate silence quieten mute damp down mollify subdue gorgonize tranquillize still cripple dim knock senseless destroy put a damper on enfeeble render motionless get rid of knock unconscious become rooted to the spot put an end to put to sleep toughen pacify lull devitalize sedate make powerless render powerless mask narcotize lighten placate quell dullen render insensible make less sensitive make inactive rock kill become horror-struck become horror-stricken sap befuddle dilute thin knock for six coarsen bore slake sate appease water down deplete deprive of sensation make callous make unfeeling harden someone's heart attenuate undermine hamstring prostrate make bored bore rigid bore stupid appall bring to grinding halt palsy bemuse close nonplus arrest appal astound disarm make inert shut down make nerveless demolish daunt lame put off bore to death discourage lower restrain curb quench extinguish deter stop overcome inhibit limit dash blanket stamp out cloud throw cold water on pour cold water on stand still stop suddenly go rigid stop in your tracks become paralysed become motionless stand stock still injure deprive slow consume quiet tire KO drown exhaust frustrate gas etherize dope chloroform put out of order dishearten dispirit dismay deject demoralize demoralise cast down hush sadden squelch crush shake pipe down settle muzzle de-escalate unman cow oppress shush upset distress decrease the volume gag relax dwindle downsize soft-pedal enervate bother weigh down shut up knock sideways keep it down minimize curtail knock the stuffing out of trouble ail perturb ebb turn down bum out abase drop downscale desolate dumb mellow minimise throw disappoint absorb quash beat down buffer afflict wind down make downhearted take the sting out ease off try get down disparage give someone the blues chill out subjugate depreciate cut degrade darken contain bridle erode deflate taper humble weary wane burden shrink subside dent bolster control compose buttress aggrieve take the bite out make dejected disincline knock down calm down peter out gentle put damper on put the lid on lenify hold back keep in check tail off bug bring low overawe faze disturb dampen down cut off choke off bring down tongue-tie drown out make despondent dummy up clam up psych out make someone fed up strike dumb hush one's mouth weigh heavily on quiet down hold one's tongue abash hush-hush put a lid on detract from defuse modulate play down pillow settle down rein contract decrement take the edge off sth shade sober deepen cast a shadow cut back wear away roll back cut down wear down gruntle bottle up squash keep back make dispirited make crestfallen humiliate indispose narrow wreck mar ruin modify help satisfy soak up clam throw a pall over put down dry up cut short close up say nothing cool it sit on make smaller make less fill surfeit sweeten spoil tame discount prune make inaudible intimidate fade dial down truncate abridge slash make nice decline recede harsh dispel banish put a stop to pour oil on grieve slacken relent fall rise above pare down insulate pad seclude guard sink mess up knock the wind out of harsh one's mellow overwhelm break drain haunt mortify torment harrow remit pall disconcert rattle bully irk scare dampen someone's hopes awe droop cause to lose heart deprecate confuse break one's heart vex weigh alarm frighten drop away let up die down die out phase down die away rachet down taper off fall away drop off grow less ratchet down drain away disempower reduce the effect of drag beat bring tears to someone's eyes run down make gloomy bear down harsh someone's mellow turn one off make someone's heart bleed make sad reduce to tears bring tears to your eyes cause suffering to keep under make desolate make unhappy dampen someone's spirits make your heart bleed hang over dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit cast a gloom upon break someone's heart send up disarrange disorganize snarl blow out discountenance unglue take steam out get to jumble blow up muddle unzip disorder take apart embarrass unsettle defeat chagrin overpower bear down on cast a pall over throttle make less intense make quiet


To make heavy demands on
tax strain stretch push try load burden drain task exhaust sap test encumber enervate weaken weary overload empty overwhelm overwork tire weigh down fatigue make demands on overburden wear out challenge lade oppress overstretch overtax overuse pressure saddle stress weigh weight push too far put a strain on weigh heavily on prey on make heavy demands on press hard on ask too much of put pressure on lumber charge laden entrust trouble freight land drive overreach hamper overstrain exert impose on overextend overcharge overfill wrench overexert impose inflict rack be too much for push to the limit dump something on someone work bite off more than you can chew overstress overdo go too far thrust work over embarrass trammel retard obstruct invest flog put demands on be exacting on endow put great demands on unload something on fob something off on to thrust something on inflict something on impose something on extend surcharge overtask pile knacker tense distend fray overstep tighten give responsibility for put too much in exploit exert excessively drive too far overdo it make too many demands on work too hard work oneself into the ground exert to the limit run oneself into the ground knock oneself out sweat impose upon use up drive too hard make excessive demands on drive into the ground exceed the range of make severe demands on put upon be a hard taskmaster exceed the scope of exceed the limits of be a slave driver be a slave-driver handicap crush snow under force worry surfeit deluge swamp clog oversupply beset yoke inundate excess glut hinder impede snow dump on make heavy saddle with bear down on impose excessive strain on exceed outreach break outrun overpass overshoot overrun surpass transcend overact labor labour wear oneself to a shadow overload oneself work like a Trojan wear oneself out work day and night drive oneself into the ground drive oneself too hard work one's tail off push oneself too hard overtax one's strength overburden oneself burn the candle at both ends overstrain oneself overtire oneself burn out work like a slave kill oneself strain oneself do too much work your fingers to the bone overtax oneself work like a horse burn the midnight oil drive oneself too far practice presenteeism sweat blood


To load a piece of equipment with the material required for its use
charge fill load pack stock stuff arm brim cram heap jam pile plug clog crowd fill up load up top up fill to the brim jam-pack prepare to fire squeeze push shove ram lade wedge crush stack press thrust top off fill to overflowing chock compress force squash throng sardine flood stick ram in shoehorn heap up stream overfill flock elbow mass bear stow bundle place swamp choke top tamp mob overcrowd pile up wad sandwich pack like sardines clog up bung up tumble rush jostle smother climb pad line compact insert upholster overstuff make full become full brim over confine overload load with choke up pack tightly drive put stuff to the gills force into drive in cram full thrust in stop close seal caulk bung dam prime block stopper occlude obstruct cork prepare ready dam up block up stop up cluster deluge congregate huddle surge gather bunch troop muster squish justle congest swarm make ready pack 'em in prepare to use store deposit freight weigh oversupply gorge surfeit glut containerize arrange carry ballast put away put aboard pour in pile it on scrunch overrun overflow flatten pound lodge hold plunge tuck pack in cram into wedge oneself congregate in press into occupy all of crowd into squash into squeeze into bunch inside pack into crash sink strangle clot fix dig hammer pinch squelch squirt gum up plug up drum pack it in drive into trample mash smash jam into force one's way sit on stamp on slip pile into flock into flock to slide position slot in squeeze in fit in squash in stash slot fit set hoard cache treasure stockpile pop work install wedge into stuff into work in implant embed warehouse salt away put by lay in lay away lay up lay by reserve squirrel away depress tuck in instal stick in tidy away pop in put in storage thumb pinion pin constrict tack level move bear heavily force down bear down press down weigh on pin down hold down weigh upon push down bear down on lean on constringe telescope capsule contract capsulize condense collapse squidge coarctate coarct bind consolidate wrap decrease narrow down concentrate coagulate syncopate narrow tighten reduce densen restrict cramp dehydrate shrivel densify force into space make brief pack together boil down


An obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of something
block obstruction impediment obstacle bar hindrance restriction barrier impedance restraint encumbrance fetter hurdle limitation setback burden check cramp crimp curb deterrent detriment hamper handicap inhibition interference snag catch chain circumvention complication difficulty disadvantage drag drawback holdback manacle problem retardation retardment shackle trammel baulk balk brake hitch roadblock stop stricture wall stumbling block road block monkey wrench fly in the ointment millstone around your neck monkey wrench in the works spanner in the works hazard clog shackles embarrassment let hiccup facer millstone stoppage blockage inconvenience gridlock barricade catch-22 ball and chain interruption delay cumbrance bottleneck lock blockade albatross baggage glitch hampering joker issue rub trouble hang-up preventive jam-up uphill booby trap sticking point occlusion hold-up congestion mountain jam blocking checkmate hardship pale bump disincentive defect flaw prohibition holdup disorder tie weakness load fault disablement impairment dead weight red tape nuisance constraint mountain to climb saddle debt guilt cross duty prevention sabotage intervention pitfall predicament thorn in one's side monkey on one's back excess baggage foot dragging quandary dilemma hassle tribulation headache disputed point point at issue pickle prob can of worms pinch discouragement damper rein interdict control embargo impasse straitjacket condition circumscription limit ban dissuasion boycott logjam snarl-up disbenefit snarl bridle clampdown determent proscription moratorium veto deadlock shortcoming downside suppression injunction hangup traverse blank wall tailback minus clot gotcha gimmick adversity backup knock-back stone in one's path mishap fetters taboo bug land mine deterrence retardant traffic jam tight spot bone of contention bond deadweight complaint railing fence bonds stumbling stone injury weary load psychological baggage snafu tangle discontinuance millstone round someone's neck interdiction stopping up checking bridling curbing repression defence defense halt leash preventative avoidance sanction shunning rejection deal-breaker imperfection aggravation frustration shackling baulking cramping fettering holding back stifling smothering arrest restrainer suppressant crackdown opposition deficiency stalemate standstill defensive measures stopping halting thwarting quashing foiling rahui entanglement factor web development liability refusal weak point negative debit incommodity strike weak spot standoff narrowing tie-up queue constriction balking sublimation lack failing disability ill evil put down damp curtailment caution warning rebuff demarcation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud hold moderation full stop Mexican standoff sig alert fix puzzler knot crunch unseen problem spot scrape cropper confinement stint downfall red light thumbs down disqualification tightening squeezing compression contraction binding shrinking astringency choking boundary misfortune upset blow blunder bother grievance defeat slip wet blanket bondage pinions weight decrease string rope manacles chains order abridgment instruction abridgement restraining order deprivation ceiling command reduction inadequacy modification definition reservation circumspection qualification vexation gremlin mix-up source of difficulty hot potato worry hornets' nest source of trouble thorn in one's flesh the rub muddle dispute mess vexed question question mark plight difficult situation knock bummer reversal inefficacy error restricted access miscalculation mischance mistake disappointment bafflement whammy body blow bitter pill one in the eye piece of bad luck kick in the teeth stroke of bad luck bit of trouble reversal of fortune


A heavy burden of responsibility or obligation
millstone burden load albatross encumbrance affliction onus trouble duty liability misfortune obligation problem weight drag accountability anxiety blame chain charge concern cross deadweight dead weight difficulty grievance hardship hindrance punishment responsibility shackle strain stress task trial unwanted responsibility worry cross to bear mental weight ball and chain thorn in one's side obstacle imposition tax pressure trammel obstruction embarrassment misery tribulation woe bane adversity curse vicissitude torment suffering sorrow ordeal gauntlet pain crucible hassle headache gantlet fire grief thorn in one's flesh drawback disadvantage handicap impediment nuisance inconvenience minus disbenefit shortcoming weakness negative debit incommodity downside strike balance tab contract stumbling block indebtment damage weak point loan baggage Achilles heel involvement mortgage arrear bite weak spot possibility IOU due contingency jinx pledge lease remainder account chit bad news fly in the ointment disaster area millstone round one's neck calamity blow setback tragedy misadventure catastrophe mishap reverse accident cataclysm failure bad luck annoyance debacle mischance contretemps crunch visitation disaster bad break discomfort disappointment casualty dole distress hard luck haplessness loss harm tough luck infelicity unluck unpleasantness wretchedness stroke of bad luck ill fortune plague scourge rotten luck test unluckiness unfortunateness baptism of fire trauma untowardness crisis ill luck torture bummer reversal of fortune bother shock upset agony nightmare vexation heartbreak blight calvary travails anguish evil rigor hell complication rigour travail nakba hard times issue ill hard time buffet poison trials and tribulations knock severe test trying time hell on earth reverse of fortune pain in the backside pain in the rear the worst pain in the neck pain in the bum doom hardshi labor labour predicament toil jar jolt whammy big trouble pest bad trot mishappening evil fortune evil chance irritant irritation painful experience care bugbear disease unpleasant experience downfall ruin apocalypse nemesis hurt excruciation rack sickness straits cause for concern cancer wreck curtains waterloo mishanter bale devastating blow collapse canker ills pestilence oppression infirmity crux condition plight depression onslaught armor glove challenge blue ruin unholy mess holy mess car crash bitter pill armour drain incubus excess baggage aggravation crucifixion heartache reversal hardness asperity danger jam dolour clutch downer hurting skids ill-luck hard knocks evil eye can of worms stroke of ill luck kiss of death harsh conditions dire straits tough situation deep water ill-fortune

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