Đồng nghĩa của choke back

Alternative for choke back

Đồng nghĩa: choke down, choke off,


To limit or restrict
restrain control check contain curb bridle restrict suppress hold limit subdue regulate repress constrain govern muzzle confine cork dampen hamper handicap inhibit moderate prevent rein bit curtail harness hinder hold back keep keep in check leash measure rule smother stifle tame bottle up debar hold in check rein in straiten circumscribe cool delimit detain deter direct gag guide hogtie impound imprison gaol jail keep within bounds kill pull in rein back retard stay stem keep in put a brake on box up crack down hem in hold down keep down keep under control lock up pin down pull back put away sit on tie down bring under control keep in line keep the lid on have on a tight leash fight back keep back hold in bite back muffle swallow withhold button up keep a lid on strangle impede conceal hide frustrate block slow down stem the flow of cork up discipline trammel freeze peg sink entrammel fetter submerge silence pocket overpower put a limit on shush box in cut back bottle internalize internalise cool down put the brakes on cool off keep tight rein on keep a tight rein on tie up keep lid on bottle something up bring to screeching halt shut in keep under wraps jam up keep inside black out stop arrest halt bar delay thwart obstruct stall foil hold up pause neutralize catch reduce still terminate squelch interrupt cut short bottleneck staunch counteract repulse discourage choke rebuff circumvent neutralise brake checkmate draw up slacken pace pull up fetch up interfere with stand in the way of nip in the bud bring to a standstill play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel avert baulk forestall prohibit balk preclude obviate stave off intercept fend off shut out head off ward off rule out forfend cramp shackle stymie encumber hobble clog handcuff manacle embarrass hog-tie short-circuit turn aside avoid forbid put a stop to ward interdict chill put an end to baffle defend against hold off throw a spanner in the works of counter deflect forefend stave keep at bay dam keep off anticipate hamstring oppose cripple crimp burden cumber contravene bork resist interfere crab be a hindrance to set back throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works get in the way louse up damp let save help pre-empt disadvise scare divert turn off talk out of put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on act like a wet blanket slow dissuade quash faze sandbag outlaw taboo enjoin hang up put on brakes put an stop to

Trái nghĩa của choke back

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