Đồng nghĩa của pause

Alternative for pause

pauses, paused, pausing

Đồng nghĩa: cease, recess, rest, stop, wait,

Trái nghĩa: proceed,


A temporary stop in action or speech
break interruption lull stop stay cessation halt interval respite delay gap stoppage breather hesitation interlude rest wait discontinuance intermission standstill check hiatus lapse breathing space caesura discontinuation interregnum let-up stopover suspension adjournment breath hold-up moratorium recess beat entr'acte time out abeyance break-off comma cutoff deadlock downtime freeze gridlock hitch hush interim lacuna lapse of time layoff letup pausation silence stand stillness awkward moment break off breathing spell coffee break happy hour rest period discontinuity arrest postponement deferment deferral time-out remission surcease ending termination stopping spell interstice shelving rescheduling parenthesis hiccup hiccough end latency finish tabling disruption abeyancy time off relief closure conclusion logjam dormancy putting off quiescence impasse halting put-off close space reprieve time ten layover putting back shutdown suspense vacation doldrums breaking off expiration arrestment stalemate prorogation continuation closedown holiday standoff intermezzo lag shutoff relaxation lessening stop-off ceasing holdup time lag five slackening cease leave Mexican standoff holding pattern period leisure dead end closing repose offset smoko peace slack meanwhile meantime abatement truce breach grinding halt screaming halt breathing room block full stop dead stop tranquillity tranquility spare time free time dissolution armistice sabbatical disconnection hindrance impediment day off term obstruction obstacle span pigeonholing quiescency blow grace rift mothballing tea break checkmate procrastination break in your journey protraction split freedom cut-off liberty desistance ease deferring vacay release draw screeching halt hold sojourn visit holding detention holdback deep freeze hole cold storage suspended animation retardation stand-off catch-22 blockage rain check intervening time pause in the action time wasted period of waiting virgule finishing pausing abandonment short respite recovery time breathing time breakdown breakoff time warp lagging time gap interspace episode disturbance winter winding up cutting short furlough leave of absence sick leave embargo season instant second moment idyll tie stretch half-time limbo ban prohibition extension intrusion severance quiet calm short break slowness hols playtime while disbandment dissolving withdrawal passage time away course intervening period schoolie rupture division disuniting blackout separation calmness spell of inactivity carrying over sit-down passing temporary closure take ten between-time shore leave mental health day quietness grace period dead heat lunch break let up temporary cessation temporary cessation of business cessation of business inaction deliverance discharge exculpation pardon acquittal forgiveness immunity occlusion completion culmination finale wrap-up winding-up wind-up end of the line disjointedness disconnectedness taking five knocking off suspension of proceedings brick wall roadblock peacefulness time to burn time to kill incoherence time on one's hands end of the road wall reduction continuance disunion communication breakdown rearrangement easing decrease inactivity setback unemployment retirement desisting remaining terminating deterring lack of unity cutout lack of coherence diminution moderation stall scope convenience requiescence range ceasefire treaty hangup detainment dwindling waning decompression encumbrance curb inhibition retardment détente jam retard fetter interference snag time to spare R & R R and R spare moment ebb ebbing bind ado trammel problem filibuster cease-fire waiting period cooling-off period tie-up showstopper alleviation amelioration wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente dying down cutback cessation of hostilities opening olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities aperture gulf cavity crack cranny fissure breadth void crevasse compass slot headway amplitude flaw windup finis denouement consummation endgame homestretch capper grand finale mop-up resolution expiry result terminus payoff failure concluding wash climax snarl-up desuetude epilogue wrap coda peroration epilog execution outcome fulfilment accomplishment achievement curtains curtain issue consequence fulfillment breakup traffic jam limit fix suppression disjunction curtailment alternation restriction buildup port of call half-way house staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling blind alley disbarment cloture folding complete stop discontinuing shutting outro eventuality shutting down closing down bitter end cancellation determination cesser abortion final thoughts upshot realization realisation cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect omega perfection cut-off point end result closing stages bottom line last word final word sign-off last part level toss-up finalization immobilization stagnation fruition staging post showdown collision dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last even money final part final stage sewing up final act even game photo finish drawn battle paralysis immobilisation polishing off run-in cross-purposes clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback sig alert


The quality or state of being uncertain or hesitant
wavering vacillation hesitancy hesitation indecision irresolution faltering hesitance wabbling wobbling shilly-shallying shilly-shally fence-sitting indecisiveness doubt fluctuation equivocation irresoluteness delay oscillation dubiety tentativeness procrastination skepticism delaying uncertainty scepticism misgiving qualm indisposition scruple mistrust dawdling stumbling fumbling stuttering stammering averseness demurral reluctance unwillingness hemming and hawing timidity timidness to-and-fro dithering unsureness temporization havering dilly-dallying doubtfulness humming and hawing blowing hot and cold stalling waiting temporizing swithering cunctation incertitude hanging back second thoughts temporising teetering ambivalence pausing dubiousness nervousness lack of resolution shillyshallying sitting on the fence woolliness inconclusiveness vagueness indefiniteness unclearness indeterminacy inconstancy unsteadiness swither diffidence caution faint-heartedness changeableness weakness half-heartedness suspicion apprehension reservation confusion distrust uneasiness ambiguity insecurity lack of confidence dubitation mistrustfulness distrustfulness misdoubt unease lack of certainty questionableness fear disbelief anxiety cynicism incredulity questioning query wariness chariness leeriness question qualification questionability lack of conviction quandary bewilderment reservations unbelief misgivings queries questions misbelief inhibition qualms suspicions worry disquiet reserve perplexity faithlessness disinclination demur trepidation lack of trust disquietude apprehensiveness ineffectuality infirmity dubiosity condition limitation ignorance tension proviso feeble-mindedness agnosticism self-doubt resistance humility unassertiveness conflict contradiction strain lack of enthusiasm inaction self-consciousness humbleness meekness timorousness edginess suspense opposition dilemma clash haziness muddle haze iffiness prevarication equivocacy inconsistency gingerliness incongruity shuffling quibbling failure to act hedging lack of self-confidence insecureness lingering quibble parrying fencing cavilling loitering confusion dilemma dallying tarrying regret fudging pussyfooting evasion postponement slowness deferment conjecture concern remorse tergiversation shuffle dodging dilatoriness slackness wonder puzzle lagging behind recess adjournment reprieve respite breather dragging your feet kicking the can down the road delaying tactics rest difficulty twinge compunction second thought equivocality caviling limbo repentance remonstrance perturbation presentiment agitation contrition foreboding forebodingness pang objection conscience shame umbrage question mark stalling for time lack of faith


A problematic situation that is difficult or impossible to escape
impasse box corner dilemma fix jam mire pickle predicament bind hole jackpot quagmire rattrap spot swamp catch-22 rabbit hole sticky wicket bottleneck cessation cul-de-sac morass plight quandary rest scrape difficulty mess trouble muddle tight spot crisis hot water difficult situation awkward situation tight corner sticky situation strait emergency tricky situation perplexity imbroglio dire straits problem stew deep water exigency pinch puzzle hardship spot of bother extremity kettle of fish condition confusion conundrum no-win situation distress clutch juncture unfortunate situation hang-up pass embarrassment how-do-you-do situation bad news fine kettle of fish entanglement circumstance asperity deadlock double bind state depression ticklish situation tight situation mix-up straits disaster catastrophe adversity calamity issue tribulation complication comess drag disorder tragedy vicissitude flash point sorry condition sad state problematic situation double trouble spot of trouble critical situation pretty kettle of fish hard times bit of bother uncertainty hot spot tangle cleft stick misfortune rigor setback upheaval cataclysm blow catch crossroads fiasco chaos disarray failure havoc debacle drama knot soup crunch crash shambles hell mishap turmoil collapse conflict tinderbox horror scourge devastation desperate straits squeeze rigour apocalypse meltdown misadventure urgency pressure bother trauma zero hour turning point bad situation big trouble vicious circle hell on earth worst-case scenario train wreck difficult choice with nowhere to turn reversal of fortune car crash l Dutch trouble spot circumstances case jumble involvement mass of problems indecision botched situation troublesome situation stage poser between a rock and a hard place facer danger accident damned if you do, damned if you don't lose-lose posture lot position contingency necessity large order rough go Dunkirk conjuncture head urgent situation stalemate bewilderment difficult problem embarrassing situation hot seat embarrassing problem diffict situation crossroad tension boiling point crunch time compulsion panic stations push climax breaking point unforeseen circumstances struggle doubt frustration oppression pain state of affairs state of things state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation misery need hazard exertion painfulness labor barricade discouragement sweat hardness labour crux up a tree a spot a stew a hole harassment a fix a jam dead end a scrape a pickle impediment mare's nest reversal ruin blight stress reverse whammy shock monstrosity affliction bomb woe shipwreck disorderliness hassle desolation holocaust trial messiness bust hot potato heavy blow stroke of ill luck headache hindrance hitch question obstacle complexity snag hurdle can of worms obstruction drawback worry botheration uphill challenge difficult position nuisance dispute disputed point point at issue concern pitfall affair matter complicated situation rub stumbling block snake pit controversy puzzlement count disagreement inconvenience equation intricacy bugbear burden worriment incident barrier occasion hiccup handicap point vexation contretemps exigence enigma trammel grievance hornets' nest mystification to-do source of trouble stumper fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works matter of contention point of contention awkward climacteric Gordian knot snarl unpredictable situation dog's breakfast hornet's nest snafu troublesome problem hard nut to crack complex problem Pandora's box place discomfiture upset indigence destitution grief disappointment deep trouble torment emergency situation potential crisis situational problem time connection combination spectacle tight squeeze moment extreme suffering peril jeopardy bar crimp demand commotion fuss uphill battle concurrence crucial point business adventure row scene disturbance melodrama imperilment worst case task thrill fracas sensation excitement constraint requirement hamper farce endangerment worst outcome subject pretty undertaking nut acuteness want demandingness worst possible outcome worst that could happen worst comes to worst traverse disadvantage risk a bad situation a plight a mess a sorry condition a predicament a difficult situation brouhaha enmeshment embroilment period phase needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness focus theme topic thorn in your flesh thorn in one's flesh vexed question question mark thorn in one's side gremlin source of difficulty moment of truth mistake a tight corner a bind duress interval status instant point in time choice millstone prob cumber tear-jerker interest contention subject matter argument choke point point of no return mischance moment in time soap opera harm's way pest habit downside unfortunate occurrence awkward moment irritant aggravation negative aspect glitch teething trouble irk annoyance thorn peeve exasperation aggro ruffle clutter mystery nark destiny disorganization pain in the rear bane pain in the backside source of irritation source of annoyance pain in the neck fair cow hair shirt pain in the bum bore fate fortune secret brain-teaser teaser disarrangement dishevelment head-scratcher why misorder disorderedness hash ravel scramble muss koan rebus paradox doom fankle botch heck break kismet disorganisation ataxia tumble Chinese puzzle tough nut to crack stickler riddle brainteaser distraction charade mind-boggler tough proposition labyrinth knotty question brain-twister twister unsolved problem maze closed book sixty-four dollar question cryptogram predestination foreordination breaks chance-medley free-for-all mess and a half confused state rat's nest pig's breakfast karma way cookie crumbles Moirai hand one is dealt


To briefly stop or interrupt an action
cease halt hesitate break delay discontinue rest wait desist waver adjourn stop deliberate falter interrupt break off hold back drop hang back linger mark time pull up reflect shake sideline suspend take a breath tarry let up stop briefly take a break take a breather call time have a breather take five take ten think twice break it up catch one's breath come to standstill put on hold stop what you're doing stall vacillate end dither finish relax shilly-shally terminate ease off put your feet up knock off conclude stay hold up come to a standstill stagger scruple break up dilly-dally be indecisive take time out take a rest come up for air arrest defer come to a halt teeter quit curb check wobble wabble leave off wind up hold off fluctuate postpone haver impede obstruct sit tight close hamper block restrain still elapse frustrate pass expire catch die shelve recess hang fire balance shut down come to an end hum and haw brake come to a stop give over put off lay off oscillate draw up hem and haw shut off have a break slow down fetch up hold on pack up pack in suspend proceedings retard inhibit be uncertain thwart baulk hinder dawdle swither demur tergiversate lapse determine go equivocate come to rest bar prorogue shillyshally balk can hover yo-yo hedge dead-end refrain from belay be irresolute be undecided sway remit wink out draw to a close be over cut short hold cut off hold over cut out desist from peter out pussyfoot around bring to an end call a halt to sit on the fence blow hot and cold bring up interfere with call it a day put a brake on stand in the way of temporize pussyfoot doubt procrastinate dally hang on alternate restrict seesaw dillydally limit give up kick stumble be suspended trammel abandon stymie hold your horses hold your fire stem foil tremble boggle be reluctant be unsure be doubtful fetter derail reel prevent bridle hang slow temporise shackle be unwilling encumber hamstring hobble repress withhold staunch get cold feet freeze surcease fizzle out come to a close fade away ease up put back dispense with intermit whiffle draw to a halt choke stand abate put over shy away close down cool it die away reach a standstill put a stop to waffle change put an end to pull in keep back be unable to decide bring to a standstill bide one's time hold off on be unable to make up your mind stand still nip in the bud run hot and cold pull the plug on land settle be put on hold rise close shop stop work clock off finish work finish working park hang about hang around abstain flicker vary leave work forbear refrain quiver do less lay over swing straddle fence-straddle rock trim whiffle waffle palter shudder arrive keep adopt Fabian tactics forgo eschew keep changing your mind chop and change change mind detain retardate tumble straggle lag slacken release relax one's efforts relent cripple cramp protract relinquish avoid yield resign have done with lurch roll quaver bobble refuse shy jib crimp deter cumber complete drag your feet shrink back stay back drag your heels stay in the background be reluctant to come forward clog handcuff confine prolong pigeonhole dissolve get there haul up express misgivings express reservations express reluctance stop dead culminate finish off wrap up close out wind down set back slow up finish the working day mothball table prorogate close off stave off back off hog-tie take down throw a monkey wrench in the works of bring to screeching halt make late get in the way of bog down choke off throw a spanner in the works of get done run out die down die out pack it in collapse end up stop in one's tracks run its course cancel withdraw axe call a stop to not do continue respite hold in abeyance abolish put something off take no action scrap cut lay off of control take a recess put on ice phase out lay on the table put in cold storage ax do away with scrub disjoin dissever get rid of intervene separate interpose disunite disconnect bring to a halt kill part suppress change one's mind avoid doing something play a waiting game call a halt take a rain check on take a rain check put on the back burner drag one's heels wait and see be cagey rein neutralize stifle bag it blow off give something the chop contain reduce muffle squelch smother swallow constrain knock something on the head call it quits forestall keep from doing something govern fight back bottleneck moderate counteract repulse discourage tame rebuff choke back neutralise bottle up circumvent regulate checkmate hold one's horses rein in keep in check stonewall keep a lid on hold in keep under control slacken pace bite back hold down unwind sabotage bork put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time stem the flow of fence repose idle chill refresh not move stand off have a rest kick back await abide look forward lie in wait be patient lie low sweat it out keep shirt on hold one's breath waste time kill time save it sweat it hang onto your hat pass the time hold everything wait in the wings hold the phone sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time take it easy have time out immobilize limp immobilise put a sock in be broken off be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand bring to a stop hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill put the kibosh on flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be hesitant pull back think about sit on fence prohibit bring to a close curtail quash avert preclude forbid scotch debar extinguish head off call off defeat shut out counter nullify abort baffle subdue lessen quell obviate hang up ward off ruin renounce dam intercept oppose abstain from interdict diminish forfend decrease deactivate put paid to put the lid on resist forsake dash squash annul destroy round off round out do without scupper beat rule out fade dwindle outlaw turn off do for crush exclude enjoin crack down on fend off run down proscribe disappear rescind repeal revoke cool vanish consummate ban veto wane ebb disallow eliminate stamp out scratch spoil forbear from shun disappoint cry off ultimate sink sew up snooker switch off turn aside discomfit embargo pass up steer clear of swear off criminalize taboo tie up plug put down put out make illegal melt away clamp down on criminalise keep off stanch handicap disable subside decline not continue manacle occlude embarrass congest nip something in the bud interfere wrap skip stuff top off decelerate overturn jam defend against bite the dust divert silence dodge crab negate weaken stop up short-circuit get off contravene ditch withhold from close up remove ward outwit put a lid on lay aside dissuade spike jack in plug up slap down snuff out foul up place an embargo on screw up tail off put the stopper on stop trying call recall fail shorten unplug shut pull over draw in sever evaporate estop save disrupt forego ignore evade crown wilt abbreviate abridge invalidate evanish screen offset disengage repel sidestep clip obscure fix skirt finalize recede wither sandbag help conquer shrink clot restrain from abjure leave throttle deflect reject parry pass on stop short throw in the towel throw in the sponge deteriorate droop decay stay away from smash degenerate shy from pre-empt bung block out fill up clog up fill lower go without waive set aside keep from censor cut it out nobble jam up bung up cease to exist muzzle finalise become invalid pull out of get out of disconcert duck turn out get in the way bury rattle skip out on become void become obsolete not touch pass away blow over nix taper off crumble queer bottle dull cross faze bring to a conclusion trail off stump leave alone stopper bring to naught overcome cramp one's style quit cold throw monkey wrench in keep at bay lock up give a rest keep in box in put the brakes on withdraw from fall away pour cold water on put the mockers on beat down declare illegal kick the habit upset the apple cart bilk finish with mess up throw a spanner in the works keep lid on throw up retire from be a hindrance to wipe out take the cure gum up cork throw cold water on buck kick over louse up eradicate strangle at birth put a stop to something clobber bring to end withstand sidetrack brace kill off turn back flick off stop working cinch disturb abrogate surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat bring deny yourself jack it in censure cap circumnavigate achieve succeed depart douse clear forlet leave out back out of bring to an untimely end wreck shatter withcall accomplish discharge shutdown quit cold turkey bit confront power down be at an end be no longer valid stave anticipate pick off down tools take a breather from put on a back burner polish off get on the wagon hang it up draw to close put to bed put a period to ease render powerless crash put on brakes put an stop to forswear say goodbye to lose speed cut into slam on the brakes break into crool banjax burden bring down curtain simmer down compose collect detach log off put the brakes on take out of play dish give up hope abandon hope stop doing lie by spell back out renege clinch shutter render null and void give the run around dash one's hope lick upset the applecart overpower fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down stop oneself transpire reschedule put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on zing gridlock stop midstream fold extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp delete extract overlook excise shirk retreat be the end of drop out tie up loose ends liquidate clean up come to the end do be through with finish up take time off elude disband bypass barricade seal caulk black decommission come to a conclusion round up give notice throw a spoke in the wheel of knock it off back off from break the habit of shrink from check out from root traverse drop off put aside carry out fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate have nothing to do with banish boycott blockade kibosh surcease from escape from call it quits on constrict scuttle hit the switch halt in its tracks give the slip shake off give the run-around buffalo promote shuffle off juke run circles around run rings around bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works resolve carry through bring to fruition damp vanquish overthrow push back inactivate omit put on back burner count out put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance put on the shelf look away turn turn from veer shunt shove aside confound upset blackball disqualify complicate cut dead take out marginalise take away choke up pack block up throw a curve set the seal on obturate quench cow switch something off let taper de-escalate pall drop away fall forfeit undo bulwark defend guard declare ineligible pass by illegalize ice out curse officially forbid sunder be no more fly by divorce sacrifice jilt triumph over block off blank counterplot attenuate dampen disadvise scare stunt slip away dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze drown silt up put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees escape deprive deny overwhelm dominate annihilate clamp shush trample pull off the road slack phase down coast cool off drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down gag unaccustom break short stop cold evanesce cover fend put lid on keep inside put kibosh on drive underground trample on sit on go by weigh down declare taboo take wind out of sails get the better of upset one's apple cart cause setback put end to leave unfinished stop in full flow dispose of wind something up monkey with resign from eighty-six dust off part from forget about turn your back on part with break with write off retrograde bate give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no pull the plug molder dilapidate moulder dock languish flag talk out of keep from happening get shut of safeguard against secure against protect against shield against put a damper on act like a wet blanket run low go downhill fade out wear away go down grow less go dead get shot of stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against fight off keep at arm's length wean cut back emaciate tire shrivel sag truncate retrench counterbalance minimize totter faint lose spirit impoverish debase minimise give way depress grow dim waste away wear off grow faint thin out fall off relapse vitiate lose grow weaker pare down elide cut down lop syncopate chop minify tighten up crop slim down downsize contract slash deaden counterpoise negative countervail cancel out dumb clam correct remedy compensate for boil down rein back get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on put a limit on keep down say nothing prevent oneself from cease to indulge in restrain oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from equilibrize make up for counterweigh balance out even out countercheck respond rectify stabilise redress right go against stabilize counterwork


To relax or be at ease
rest relax doze idle nap sleep laze repose snooze lounge unbend drowse unwind flop luxuriate slumber slump chill loll bask loaf catnap outspan kip slack slacken zizz lie down cool off de-stress kick back lie by sit back sit down slack off take a breather take a rest take five take it easy be at ease be at leisure be calm chill out ease off ease up have a rest mellow out put feet up refresh oneself refresh yourself slow down stretch out veg out wind down be comfortable do nothing let down nod off stand down take a nap take life easy take your ease get some kip get some shut-eye go to bed have a kip have a nap have a snooze have forty winks put one's feet up put your feet up settle back take a siesta catch some Zs have a siesta have a spell lie still snatch forty winks recharge one's batteries recline take a break loosen up sprawl lie take time out hang loose break off stop come up for air drop off calm down catch forty winks lie back enjoy oneself stay loose simmer down get some zizz let up let it all hang out play nod take time off unbutton entertain oneself siesta amuse oneself sleep lightly settle down decompress doss down cool it lounge around take ten have a break doss slouch be asleep couch compose oneself retire lean back sleep like a log chillax sleep like a top turn in mellow laze around take forty winks be in the land of Nod catch a few Zs be in the arms of Morpheus hang out quieten down stretch oneself quiet down drape oneself crash stretch have a lie-down doze off drift off bum lazy footle dillydally dally dawdle cool down have a zizz drone sit around breathe easy collect oneself cop some z's catch a wink let yourself go hang about hit the hay hit the sack lay down goof off hack around kick around be dead to the world catch one's breath make yourself at home lighten up take one's ease hang around make oneself at home catch some z's grab some z's take a snooze feel at home spread out be recumbent be prone put your head down catch a few 'z' s destress lie dormant quieten soothe pacify rack get one's head down take a load off get some rack have sprawl out recess be supine let one's hair down refresh be drowsy get forty winks catch some few Zs get some shuteye breathe recuperate break take a chill pill daydream stone stop worrying sunbathe settle catch some zeds be sleepy suspend proceedings stop briefly bed regain one's composure restrain oneself get hold of oneself hose down control oneself keep cool go easy pull in one's horns be prostrate stretch oneself out be stretched out have time out have a breather sun lie about warm oneself rest upon stop for a breath go to sleep pile in call it a day go up the stairs to Bedfordshire roll in lie upon toast yourself warm yourself sun oneself unlax lollop sit toast oneself swim in lean take one's time knock off stop work let your hair down make less tense let oneself go vegetate loiter oversleep yawn hang round take one's leisure bunk dream snore hibernate zzz conk out bed down be in the arms of morpheus rest in the arms of morpheus catch some zs fall asleep be in the land of nod fall out saw wood sack out zonk out go out like a light rest in the arms of Morpheus lie around kill time waste time sag pass time potter sink mooch malinger collapse lounge about loll around be inactive be unoccupied bum around subside fritter away fritter away time languish twiddle your thumbs fool around droop stagnate stall trifle goldbrick skive extend straddle drape lollygag loaf about loaf around loll about laze about mooch about mooch around lie spread-eagle while away the time flump saunter hunch drift be idle bend fritter moulder degenerate slummock molder slouch about slouch around plonk oneself plop oneself bat around bat back and forth bat about pass the time idle away time fill in time twiddle thumbs go to seed sit on one's hands consume time idle away the hours mark time while away hours be slothful mess around kick your heels be indolent knock around stand around not lift a finger straggle ramble trail spread crumple vacillate fall hang deteriorate exist fritter time away amble wander stooge moon spread-eagle bat meander futz veg decay weaken do nothing in particular remain stay haunt hover wait linger frequent sit heavily twiddle one's thumbs go to pot be inert plonk yourself mess about fiddle around piddle around while away the hours piddle about fool away while bludge cover fall back drape yourself lay on one's oars while away fanny about bob off kick one's heels rest on one's oars sit back and do nothing stoop extend over stretch over crouch bow wilt stroll piddle shirk evade be lazy shirk one's duties take things easy


To move or act at a slow speed
tarry linger loiter delay dawdle lag wait bide dally procrastinate remain crawl creep diddle dillydally drag lallygag lollygag mope poke shilly-shally hang around filibuster hesitate lodge rest stall stop tail temporise temporize tool trail hang about hang round drag your feet goof around lose time put off stay put stop over take your time drag one's feet hold the phone take one's time warm a chair get no place fast stay dilly-dally idle stick around hover vacillate dither dwell reside abide loll straggle halt putter amble wait around sit tight be dilatory lag behind hang on hang out goof off play for time play a waiting game put off doing something use delaying tactics be indecisive hang fire hum and haw sojourn live kick about kick around stroll saunter while away time loaf stonewall stagger plod totter trifle slouch adjourn waver prolong retard postpone defer protract haver mooch mosey skulk swither cool goldbrick falter slacken shamble drift wander flag slough ramble shuffle dabble lurk traipse go slowly kill time hold back mark time waste time buy time horse around potter round potter around potter about not keep pace be slow let the grass grow under one's feet fall behind suspend action kick the can down the road let slide drag one's heels postpone action hold off defer action take a raincheck be undecided pass time fritter away be long sit around fool around be tardy stand stick settle hang await perch endure nest bunk continue outstay squat roost hold on sweat it out hold the fort keep on establish yourself be left stay out establish oneself remain behind put down roots stay behind meander potter limp tootle pootle trail behind drop behind walk slowly move slowly toddle trudge inch swan hang back bimble ooze maunder walk roam tramp tromp fanny about lounge about bum around do nothing much pass the time nose snail lounge fribble doodle promenade perambulate stray stravaig bring up the rear hike creak along drop back fool about rove putter around fiddle around beat the meat monkey around stump ankle take a stroll take the air mess around spin one's wheels fart around go for a walk sashay take a walk percolate prowl creep around twiddle your thumbs idle away the hours fill in time fritter burn daylight fiddle about piddle fritter away time take one's own sweet time while away the time slack streel shirk schlepp along coast float trill go for a stroll diddle-daddle traik fluctuate boondoggle fritter time away lie in wait for take it easy stroll along pussyfoot around drag your heels hem and haw blow hot and cold shlep along scrounge around fall back decrease drop fail diminish loiter along sit on one's butt fool with while away trifle with wane drag behind ebb go aimlessly slow hobble jelly play games with twiddle fall off inch along be behind slow up lose strength stay close wait about wait nearby range move at a snail's pace stumble play stay nearby dangle droop sag lumber futz around remit shelve straddle hang down err scramble spread dodder waddle peregrinate be late string out be strung out poke around galumph clump stomp lump flounder scuffle scuff stamp barge slog hold up put over lay over hold over draggle hoof it get some exercise boogie get some air walk casually gander lurch shift pound flog change scuff one's feet put on hold put back hold off on put on ice leave to another time suspend prorogue reschedule put on the back burner limp along creep along hang heavy wear on advance slowly appear to pass slowly slow down go on too long go on and on relax go at a snail's pace become tedious play the fool prat about have a laugh muck around loll around have a lark act the fool lounge around chill out laze around rest up lark around play around mooch around faff about fiddle amuse oneself muck about clown around clown

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