Đồng nghĩa của vanquish

Alternative for vanquish

vanquishes, vanquished, vanquishing

Đồng nghĩa: conquer, crush, defeat, overcome, subdue,


To defeat, to overcome
best trounce quash worst beat hollow clobber conquer defeat utterly hammer lick paste pound pulverise pulverize subdue subjugate thrash be victorious over cane crucify demolish destroy drub annihilate beat crush defeat dominate flatten massacre murder overcome overpower overwhelm pacify quell repress rout slaughter stuff subject subordinate tank cream get the better of humble overturn own reduce shellac skunk slam subvert surmount trample win a resounding victory over blow out bring someone to their knees put down triumph over walk all over bear down give someone a drubbing give someone a hiding make mincemeat of take to the cleaners turn inside out wipe the floor with blow out of the water master prevail over overthrow whip win against dispatch stop suppress overmatch upend overbear run rings around trim get take undo outdo smash get around marmalize kill surpass break control do down tame outclass gain mastery over wipe out total wallop better wax overrun outplay triumph curb whomp outstrip top excel blow away knock out bury smother extinguish throw gain a victory over put an end to finish trash skin upset floor transcend outshine beat down get over check hegemonize squash prevail pip at the post frustrate thwart torpedo ruin squelch oppress exceed walk over zap unseat win swamp gain control of gain ascendancy over lambaste overshadow crack down on outperform stamp out deal with bridle be victorious snow under get a grip on smoke shut down go one better than whup win over whop bust whap dust topple down bomb hurdle rule tromp devastate drop bulldoze silence butcher outmaneuver sink outmanoeuvre render incapable slay render helpless render powerless outrun obliterate outwit decimate eclipse deck waste tan put away grind down hold sway over keep under thumb put paid to rise above bring down mow down cut to pieces edge out checkmate cope with snuff out pick apart clamp down on do better than take it all KO bring to ruin slap down put in the shade oust enslave depose dethrone cow restrain tyrannize stifle stagger humiliate end immobilize demoralize bring to heel foil immobilise steamroll whack discomfit get the upper hand negotiate pommel whitewash undermine govern arrest flog resist bring under the yoke terminate edge quench direct tyrannise pass cripple enfeeble abolish demoralise route shipwreck outhit entrap outjump flax outflank ambush command cap overmaster get the upper hand over defeat heavily trump work over plow under knock over bring to knees knock off take care of blast nose out run rings round give a drubbing to get through override give someone a pasting finish off win a victory over run roughshod over get control of shut out put the kibosh on come out on top overtop improve on wipe off map take to cleaners roll back outmatch outgun do in trample on tower over overtake outdistance put a stop to knock spots off sit on put the lid on put someone in their place pwn nullify muller solve outsmart defeat easily chasten eradicate colonize manage regulate steamroller settle compel enthrall coerce underyoke force astonish render speechless dismantle circumvent capsize turn over seize power displace countermove weather survive confound rule over colonise enthral take down knock for six shock stun render outlive raze to the ground gain the upper hand over outrank bring under control get under control break down beat up outfight shoot down run circles around wreck prostrate whelm hold sway kick around make a fool of mop up take apart improve upon get one up on gain the advantage over succeed over come out on top of knock your socks off make it past make it over keep down disable quelch ice strangle balk baffle larrup reel back in endure put to shame outpace shake off overpass shame shoot ahead trample underfoot dispirit weaken degrade vault over climb crest leap extirpate force down bear down on blot out queer demote spank strike hose outrival be unstoppable by drive off break someone's spirit put to flight beat back incapacitate impair downgrade disrate sap inhibit discontinue be better than put to rout clean up on throw back in confusion blow out of water shoot ahead of curtail halt impoverish sweep bottle put out clamp shush spike stem interrupt slap about nip in the bud get rid of drive underground enervate keep inside hold in cut off keep in block out hold down corner baulk gain put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught execute be successful liquidate exterminate prevail against cause instability carry the day get last laugh take the cake win through be the victor win out gain a victory take the prize come first gain mastery of take the honours win hands down take the crown eliminate blank stretch shellack dumbfound overawe kill off assassinate send to the gas chambers put to death maim stick bump off mutilate torture put to the sword cut down mangle take out gain control over bowl over shut off roll over lay out supplant unthrone uncrown unhorse do away with remove from power remove from office domineer influence boss bully intimidate lead sway dictate monopolize head overrule preponderate handle run monopolise preside over push about rule the roost have ascendancy over have the whip hand over exercise control over run the show boss around push around be in command of take over play first fiddle be the boss of call the tune lead by the nose ride roughshod over have the upper hand in have mastery over be in charge of be in control of have one's way have under one's thumb boss about call the shots wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle head up sit on top of daze amaze astound stupefy stir take aback dazzle shake impress knock sideways surprise bewilder affect touch spellbind move come through withstand confuse flabbergast awe ride out strike dumb outlast startle take your breath away distress fascinate resolve knock for a loop bedazzle leave speechless find a solution to find an answer to hypnotize live through pull through stand stand up to crack sweep someone off their feet shatter disturb sort out excite disconcert hypnotise brave dismay rock dumfound razzle-dazzle suffer stick out thunderstrike find the answer to find the solution to paralyse bear up against numb abash shake up paralyze knock down knock the stuffing out of get round succeed seize ride persecute annex traumatize abuse outfox out-think blind nonplus appropriate expose maltreat unsettle outjockey occupy puzzle surprize outrage scotch gain the victory finish first flummox deaden lower get to blur bear wrong fell capture traumatise abase come out ahead crack down perturb bemuse muddle petrify hit for six make it vaporize weed out scourge level annexe chagrin treat make it through come through unscathed take off vaporise last out sit out cast down tyrannize over fake out pull down tear down bear the brunt of hit like a ton of bricks rule with an iron hand take possession of rule with a rod of iron contend with blow your mind stick it out grapple with bring low persist enchant captivate make emotional weather storm grind blow glitz scrunch squish greatly upset prevent suffocate remove banish expunge perplex sweep off feet domineer over psych gobsmack befog benumb wear down clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt befuddle disorder fuddle addle distract mystify dizzy take by surprise dampen limit hinder smash down pour cold water on throttle rein in throw cold water on depress dwarf upstage mix up make speechless stop someone in their tracks throw for a loop ail deject trouble dishearten asphyxiate outwear psych out address expropriate field appal snow outvie tower above cook trip maneuver discourage sadden devitalize diminish daunt horrify manoeuvre see through pull out of it tough out make a comeback land on your feet recover from live out pass through break through tackle secure usurp offend revolt disgust gain on leave behind play sicken nauseate scandalize dispose of bowl down throw down trip up set down throw to the ground rugby-tackle knock to the ground bring to the ground invade manipulate debilitate bother weary hit fog disquiet jolt agitate acquire spoil demean hack rub out choke get ahead of go one better draw away from leave standing repel debase bash disgrace carry off take someone's life hijack pirate arrogate commandeer weigh down bum out dull damp down get further ahead of be head and shoulders above pull a fast one be one up on walk away from score points off be a cut above bring around tolerate brook give the coup de grâce administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill unnerve displease provoke discompose mortify lather swing ravage put out of action jar appall sustain wear abide confiscate desolate belittle antagonize anger cast a pall over put a damper on submit take control of get to grips with take in hand dishonor cheapen discredit raze scandalise antagonise electrify insult hold out against deflate pop one's balloon snub bemean make someone eat humble pie make someone eat crow dishonour bring down a peg cause to lose face cut down to size embarrass preempt take down a peg settle someone's hash foul make one feel small put one away fix someone's wagon smirch take down a peg or two make eat dirt force to eat humble pie cut to the quick bring home the bacon topscore deliver the goods give offence to throw a curve raise someone's eyebrows gross out shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks take the wind out of your sails completely surprise give a turn make someone's blood run cold set someone back on their heels wrack gut dynamite crash reign put up with be impermeable to die hard against hold out hang tough be proof against be impervious to stay the course persevere against persist with be resistant to explode smite nuke break up be the winner edge the opposition achieve success take first prize beat the opposition pull it off reign supreme defenestrate dislodge eject ill-treat lay claim to cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat trick outthink overreach outslick fox blow to bits ravish spoliate blow sky-high mess up blow to pieces blow up maraud imperil endanger exploit gain victory be first upset the opposition overwhelm the opposition achieve first place achieve mastery prove carry treat harshly sink the opposition have hoodwink cheat con outgeneral gyp bamboozle dupe defraud jip hoax finagle juke goose outguess mislead swindle deceive gull make liable put in danger lay open put through encumber overload saddle beset be cruel to aggrieve press harass worry tyrranize harry hound strain handicap be brutal to plague annoy despotize torment vex tax gain ascendancy gain mastery prove superior finish in front win the day overcome the opposition make a clean sweep run circles around the opposition come in first defeat the opposition sweep the board toughen make out luck out be usual get there carry all before one go places be happening gain the palm exist generally move out pick on put upon harden season weigh heavy upon put screws to put the squeeze on go great guns hit pay dirt erode coarsen acclimate make rings round end run put one over on figure out lead astray be cleverer than take in pull a fast one on steal a march on sweep over grow strong become toughened grow hardened


To injure a person's dignity and self-respect
humiliate disgrace humble shame chasten debase degrade abase crush embarrass subdue discomfit mortify abash put down chagrin demean deflate denigrate cheapen discredit dishonour dishonor foul lower quash sink smirch squash bemean blister break discountenance own pan rip slam smear snub wither confound confuse downplay bring down show up take down make ashamed bring low cast down play down put to shame run down shoot down take down a peg tear down cause to feel small cause to lose face cut down to size make a fool of make someone eat crow make someone eat humble pie put out of countenance take down a peg or two take the wind out of your sails settle someone's hash belittle disparage devalue disconcert downgrade put someone in their place taint tarnish diminish reduce defame derogate blot cow sully stain stigmatize flatten demoralize drag through the mud nonplus fluster ridicule faze rattle demoralise stigmatise upset bring shame to demote dismay bring into disrepute corrupt debauch slander decry depreciate blacken reflect badly on discompose annoy perturb prostitute dispirit bring shame on besmirch destroy lessen besmear undermine weaken insult minimize throw defile mock drag down compromise minimise dismiss drag through the mire put in a bad light bring shame upon dis lower the status of show in a bad light bad-mouth give a bad name to give a black eye poor-mouth vex pervert displease depress irk discourage deprave bastardize deteriorate profane warp vitiate canker subvert condescend poison stoop deign vilify horrify appal expose disappoint tame reproach ruin slur injure mudsling bastardise mar agitate descend appall overcome blemish undervalue worry dash detract disturb deprecate discombobulate sap disfavor bewilder disfavour unnerve dishearten bust distract shake attaint libel pull down make uncomfortable give a bad name let down contemn enervate disrate deride discount criticize cast aspersions on slight diss knock down vilipend do a hatchet job on detract from trash knock the stuffing out of criticise have the last laugh on trash-talk write off cry down make lose face take to pieces kiss off get the better of talk down blast floor blight affront curb demolish harass disconsider disoblige bring discredit to bring dishonour to brand lower in rank soften discipline restrain harm damage lower in status afflict check repress spoil desensitize brutalize dehumanize bring to knees take down a notch bend to your will scandalize scorn despise relegate take apart blacken the name of cast a slur spot dehumanise desensitise brutalise get one's comeuppance betray downcry comment negatively condemn opprobriate reject be prejudicial to reduce the status of desecrate disrespect scandalise disregard silence squelch make someone feel ashamed take the wind out browbeat strike dumb put away cut down declass debunk take to bits pop one's balloon put one away make eat dirt sell out lose face be untrue to oneself beat down make one feel small bring down a peg cut to the quick abandon one's principles shoot down in flames tar and feather crawl put in one's place force to eat humble pie bump set back revert succumb puncture balloon subjugate mark down reduce to the ranks kick downstairs unsettle perplex disorient let down easy surpass fix someone's wagon baffle ruffle lower oneself debase oneself be reduced to debase yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself kick in the teeth take aback defeat let wind out of sails throw off balance gravel catch off balance daunt overwhelm cripple smash enfeeble overpower bring to terms psych out incapacitate impair suppress deter cause to be at a stand put someone off their stroke put someone off their stride make someone scratch their head set someone back on their heels irritate deject impoverish extinguish hold up to shame distress disquiet rout peeve unman desolate stultify dissatisfy chill frustrate sadden malign weigh down make dejected disincline make dispirited make crestfallen damp indispose make downhearted dampen make self-conscious make uneasy make awkward bring to ruin bring someone to their knees cause instability plague stun tease puzzle bother bug dumbfound calumniate make ridiculous set up make absurd attack censure abuse knock slate throw a pall over give someone the blues get down make someone fed up knock sideways weigh heavily on pour cold water on knock for six put a damper on throw cold water on soil bag pummel rubbish roast skewer bash hang up devaluate hammer asperse vituperate catch one short pummelled monster disesteem dump on pour scorn on slag off have a go at speak ill of pull apart lay into speak evil of throw brickbats at throw mud at hit out at tear into make a monkey of put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot give a bad time give a hard time throw into a tizzy ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility traduce befoul blotch breathe on muckrake sling mud at fling mud at do a number on cast a slur on assail rip up and down spread scandal about run smear campaign pollute hurt dirty smudge mark contaminate denounce daub offend spatter scorch prejudice tar damage the reputation of revile label muddy begrime grime pillory characterize splash discolour class classify splatter back-bite muck gaum mire distain bemire get dirty disfigure characterise blackguard deface mark out despoil belie make filthy make dirty get filthy reflect negatively discolor mess up waste cast in a bad light harm the reputation of muddy the reputation of ravage blacken the reputation of adulterate badmouth bedaub distort dilute influence bestialize infect misrepresent touch darken anoint mongrelize sling mud impugn slag gossip about drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud deform lie about blacken the character of villainize stamp designate tag tell lies about blot your copybook run a smear campaign against crumb bedraggle maculate mess muss make mucky muss up muck up cloud cast slur on put zingers on underestimate underrate do discredit to cast a slur upon shock outrage disgust trivialize disdain treat lightly blemish the reputation of tarnish the reputation of be a discredit to scoff at make light of do down sneer at sicken repel revolt nauseate minify sell short misprize tinge rap trivialise dispraise find fault with look down on clamor against hold cheap spurn fault pick holes in become a stain of the escutcheon of become a blot of the escutcheon of backbite give offence to raise eyebrows amongst blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon cause a few raised eyebrows amongst miff zing chop insinuate push cap categorize skin alive blow off cut up identify describe slap in the face hit where one lives wreck scar call categorise name flaw total blow undo bloody crab endamage crool disfeature label negatively accuse of being cross up make useless be a blot on the landscape devastate plunder screw up depredate sack pillage spoliate


To disprove or refute
confute disprove discredit refute rebut contradict invalidate negate controvert confound quash debunk disconfirm oppugn belie demolish deny falsify negative break bust gainsay overthrow overturn defeat explode expose silence subvert shoot down blow out of the water prove false give the lie to prove wrong show to be false prove to be false shoot down in flames shoot full of holes blow sky high set aside shut up put down bring to naught knock the bottom out of knocks props out from under drive a coach and horses through challenge counter blow sky-high dispute repudiate oppose contest question disaffirm contravene call into question make a nonsense of argue cross reject disavow disclaim impugn disagree with debate disown disallow query disagree traverse be at odds with show to be wrong destroy puncture answer deflate weaken nullify fly in the face of undermine declare untrue dissent from doubt prove to be wrong withsay thumbs down quibble over blow up tear down argue about take issue with protest against object to have bone to pick prove unsound overwhelm ruin annihilate compromise conflict with run counter to go against deceive impeach ridicule call in argue with retort discard discount naysay withstand brush aside resist combat fight respond show in its true light prove impossible put paid to pick holes in backtalk throw out poke holes in cut down to size deflect find unfounded knock props out shoot holes in knock bottom out of raise doubts about pooh-pooh put under suspicion poke full of holes shake one's faith in cast doubt on cancel confront dare reverse withspeak counteract buck differ discuss render null and void call in question cancel out say the opposite of refuse to accept take on examine address moot altercate canvass bandy contend crush canvas wrangle pick a bone dissent against declare to be untrue pick an argument with hammer away at argue the pros and cons of bandy words concerning contend over quibble about argue against squelch wonder about put up argument differ with show up take a stand against have an argument about pettifog give thumbs down to agitate against retract backpedal rebuff take back curb ban begrudge restrain exclude forgo taboo revoke prevent disbelieve recant block spurn sacrifice forbid disacknowledge take exception to call on say no to enjoin from keep back turn thumbs down stand in the way not buy hold back renounce abjure abnegate be against attack be anti defy abandon forswear be hostile to eschew renege quarrel with forsake be in opposition to cast off parry cast aside stand up to fight against give up disapprove of battle face down wash your hands of refuse to acknowledge impair dismiss criticize fault surrender relinquish condemn censure find fault with convict evert top burn complain about knock cavil at find lacking denounce burn down dispose of reply to counterclaim criticise carp at call out enquire defend against plead against retaliate against demur against demur about come to blows with be a dissenter from rebel against test face off tackle feud with inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival disinherit defend oneself against ditch drop refuse renig welsh cut off end relations with send packing drop out turn your back on cut off without a penny refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with weasel out of go back on your word worm out of bar check counterattack face dislike hinder thwart obstruct repel contend with take struggle against gainstay dissent neutralize protest assail assault disapprove neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt put up a fight against speak out against strive against turn the tables speak against frown at set your face against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of not countenance search out take issue take a stand

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