Đồng nghĩa của put the squeeze on

Động từ

To persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats
coerce compel constrain dragoon force blackjack browbeat bulldoze bully drive intimidate oblige press pressure pressurise pressurize railroad bludgeon brainwash impel impress influence make muscle obligate push sandbag squeeze strong-arm threaten act on beset bounce concuss cow fast-talk hinder hustle menace press-gang prevail on put pressure on repress restrict shotgun suppress terrorise terrorize urge use pressure on work on lean on bring pressure to bear on high pressure put under an obligation twist one's arm force one's hand put the screws on put the arm on make an offer they can't refuse harass badger hound nag harry pester goad prod twist someone's arm persuade turn on the heat use strong-arm tactics on steamroller hassle insist enforce breathe down someone's neck put the bite on put screws to bother tyrannize sell politick ramrod compress domineer tyrannise constrict condense squash come at bullyrag hector bogart work over push around bluster buffalo overbear despotize frighten put the heat on have someone do something bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head oppress ride roughshod walk heavy mau-mau mangle impose on bring pressure to bear necessitate overcome charge cause coax order demand occasion impose command foist sway bind choke conscript obtrude contract require blackmail use duress on use force on enjoin burden urge by force move apply exert force on manipulate cajole bear down tighten the screws on pin down wheedle put squeeze on bear hard on soften up bring pressure to bear upon torment persecute pick on bait worry plague trouble annoy scare tease ride terrify needle chivvy victimize bug provoke heckle bedevil give a hard time victimise irritate awe overawe daunt vex subdue unnerve alarm nudge disconcert keep on at eat devil prompt distress ruffle heavy be on your back disturb irk criticize induce go on at dismay incite spook petrify dog discomfit rattle molest chivy criticise faze aggravate stir agitate goose pursue taunt put up to scold egg on drive up the wall appall get at henpeck nettle appal upset perturb exasperate psych out peck at harp on at keep after gripe attack instigate pick at whip find fault with trigger sic give someone grief make things hot for someone make it hot for someone abash shake deter subjugate admonish discriminate against carp discourage spur affright boss around boss about confuse encourage berate importune grumble at fuss unsettle embarrass abuse growl motivate disquiet niggle fluster carp at ride roughshod over rag inspire peeve discompose single out issue threats to perplex rile disrupt nark be down on grate pique rasp itch frost get spite gall chafe throw stress mither wring key up put heat on exploit beleaguer find fault put off insist on shake up excite put out try turn the screws on flummox fleece fret burn up hack off hunt have a down on have it in for throw off balance gnaw rowel sound put the frighteners on scare the bejesus out of fire up bleed be on one's case get to bend someone's ear rattle one's cage give the business prey on drive round the twist drive round the bend extort take advantage of get on someone's back hog keep at dominate swagger give someone hell lean harp on remind castigate inhibit shanghai push about frighten off scare off mistreat antagonize lord it over antagonise rouse stimulate be on at someone punish repeatedly and unfairly anger chide flurry put the wind up put through the wringer put the chill on inflame prick sting challenge blind someone with something cavil discountenance take your breath away tighten the screw on high-pressure have turn the screw on prevail upon effect will stress out hold a gun to one's head affect noodge jerk around burn macerate give a bad time despoil pain foray strain shock panic scarify horrify fright alarum startle discombobulate miff make nervous make fun of be critical of roust lash titillate jeer interrupt work up stump put into a flap put someone off their stroke furbelow abrade floor wind up get across frill cause someone to lose their composure throw into a tizz wear throw into tizzy fuddle warn foment barrack boo strike terror into strike terror in scorn rib chaff shout down toy with fiddle with dishearten bewilder crucify aggrieve outrage injure expel wrong beat exile haze hiss fill with terror inspire panic in anguish afflict besiege curse torture rack excruciate harrow agonize overwhelm nonplus venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard snarl comminate fulminate scowl caution forewarn confound dis gibe ridicule hurt agonise punish break smite bone scare to death put the fear of God into frighten out of your wits jibe at shout at get the knife into stick the knife into make uneasy make anxious be a nuisance to upbraid portend jeopardise chill gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye jolt baffle destabilize unbalance butt in shout catcalls at make game of get in your hair be in someone's hair be a pest to drive bananas make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers make threat threaten to kill make threats to advise implore mystify promote beef grouse yowl holler mutter grumble kvetch complain squeal crab yammer wail moan caterwaul whine grump scream grouch repine kick squawk inveigh whimper bellyache bleat murmur yaup croak keen grizzle yawp whinge maunder beg put through wringer take aback blind destabilise advocate expedite lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound shake fist at whip around utter threats to egg moan at inspan beseech solicit recommend moan on at keep complaining to catch put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under adjure propel entreat steamroll exhort bust someone's balls bust chops take it out on speed up try to persuade put the screws to scare hell out of railroad into pour it on dragoon into misuse cheat steamroller into push for swindle bulldoze into turn on enslave appeal to sell one on exert influence on curdle treat unfairly step on suck dry walk all over play on walk over live off the backs of ill-use take for a ride put one over on rip off withhold rights from ill-treat take advantage of somebody preoccupy live off haunt depress load plunder feed on depredate seize consume live on kill devour tax raid weigh go to town on browbeat into bear down on be at yap at scratch around rag on search high heaven

Động từ

To put down or control by cruelty or force
oppress abuse subjugate suppress crush maltreat persecute subdue enslave repress tyrannise tyrannize wrong hegemonize ill-treat master overcome overpower overwhelm exploit scourge subject keep down treat harshly aggrieve annoy be brutal to be cruel to beset coerce despotize distress dominate encumber force grind down handicap harass harry hold down hound outrage overload overthrow plague press ride rule rule over saddle smother strain tax torment torture trample tyrranize vex worry hold sway over put down trample on trample underfoot tyrannize over beat down pick on put upon ride roughshod over walk all over bring to heel put screws to weigh heavy upon bring someone to their knees bring under the yoke rule with a rod of iron rule with an iron hand trouble afflict bother bedevil rack harrow pester agonize curse besiege hassle anguish excruciate nag badger haunt bug beleaguer assail dog affect attack embarrass perplex entangle hamper aggress agonise weigh down drive up the wall give a hard time give a bad time jump on one's case give the business fall on fall upon start in on give the needle disturb burden irritate upset irk perturb pain stress cause suffering to exasperate blight try aggravate disquiet agitate discompose smite discommode hurt tease give someone grief grieve crucify gnaw at lie heavy on depress provoke pursue ail fret prey on wound chafe unsettle obsess importune mither wring molest nettle fuss needle cause trouble to weigh heavily on concern hector take over martyr grip gall mistreat fluster weigh on possess faze rattle punish tear ruffle inconvenience cause agony to dun scare devil put out alarm be a burden to dismay flurry frazzle nag at distemper unhinge hagride derail discomfit take control of confront burn up face weird out freak out be a nuisance to make anxious victimize rend devastate pique injure hang over convulse peeve buffet rile harm mortify frustrate suffer nark taunt get preoccupy displease grate chivvy rasp niggle eat bait be a burden on frost gripe itch goad spite interrupt heavy discomfort incommode distract frighten tantalize undo alarum exercise heckle tantalise infest disconcert victimise despair impose on bend someone's ear discombobulate hack off get down get on your nerves cause anxiety to get to hang up make uneasy prey on your mind weigh heavily on one's mind be a great weight on bedog petition solicit pressurize be in someone's way muse labor labour sear tear away at belabour gut pierce stab squirm buttonhole grizzle keep after shake cut up urge unnerve rock scorn bully rib chaff sadden gnaw be prey to deject inflict anguish on cause pain to sicken be the victim of dishearten cause disquiet to get in your hair drive round the bend be on your back ruin destroy ravage offend hunt be afflicted with suffer from be plagued with be troubled by rag throw off psych out spook put off pressurise dash belabor bombard be blighted with be burdened with be bedevilled by be break bone goose thwart foil overcharge press down on cast down stir up cause concern to weigh heavily on someone's mind make uncomfortable niggle at cause discomfort to grind at terrorize excoriate be unwell miff roust bum out go on at be a pest to lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound put through wringer drive bananas begrudge crab grudge get even upset the applecart put someone's nose out of joint louse up disrupt harp on at weigh be indisposed be crook recur egg on accost pother encroach intrude obtrude confuse terrify terrorise dish it out be sick be wrong with give it to feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill stick it to be weak dish out be the matter with appall madden appal throw discriminate against disadvantage come back to test disoblige stay with break in inflict suffering on inflict pain on meddle cause someone difficulty discommodate interfere be ever present mess with someone's head sweat out do someone's head in be a problem to strike be a weight on one's mind take visit make someone go out of his way make it tough put in a spot put on the spot give someone bother put to trouble give trouble monopolize consume engross absorb fascinate hold infatuate control fixate eat up monopolise disgust rark insult chivy browbeat become an obsession with be on your mind have a hold on be uppermost in your thoughts have a grip on nudge bore impede cross hinder rub up the wrong way grate on intrude upon get on your wick breathe down someone's neck carp at make somebody's hackles rise get on someone's case

Trái nghĩa của put the squeeze on

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