Đồng nghĩa của discourage

Alternative for discourage

discourages, discouraged, discouraging

Đồng nghĩa: daunt, deject, deter, disapprove, hinder, keep from, prevent,

Trái nghĩa: encourage,


To diminish the confidence or courage of
dishearten daunt demoralise demoralize dispirit unnerve cow depress intimidate unman crush dismay dash deject deter disappoint cast down chill frustrate overawe make despondent make downhearted put off abash afflict alarm appal appall awe bother bully confuse dampen deprecate disparage distress droop frighten irk prostrate repress scare trouble try vex weigh psych out beat down cause to lose heart break one's heart put a damper on dampen someone's hopes upset sadden disconcert shake perturb oppress disturb weigh down faze throw subdue desolate rattle agitate burden unsettle bum out sap enervate terrify terrorize disquiet chagrin weaken get down discomfit bring down knock sideways confound throw cold water on knock for six discompose fluster panic terrorise nonplus ail grieve pour cold water on knock the stuffing out of aggrieve mortify browbeat worry get to undermine startle make gloomy make unhappy make sad give someone the blues damp bug take aback spook shake up annoy horrify throw off balance unhinge irritate weigh heavily on discomfort enfeeble overwhelm shock disillusion humble bewilder discountenance ruffle exasperate embarrass buffalo torment perplex affright abase embitter debilitate put someone off their stroke deflate bring low alarum harrow mystify anger make someone fed up hang over sour discombobulate disempower make dejected disincline humiliate jolt dissatisfy aggravate devitalize surprise floor psych distract baffle shatter petrify put into a flap disenchant concern squash weary throw into a tizz flatten nark put down muddle disgruntle haunt flummox harass reduce to tears fright hack off dull cause someone to lose their composure puzzle chasten make desolate hurt dumbfound put the wind up make miserable let down pain cast a gloom upon bulldoze scarify repel disburb astound stiff turn one off bring tears to your eyes dampen spirits cause suffering to make blue drag down bring one down scare to death make blood run cold strike terror into chill to the bone make teeth chatter make your heart bleed put into a funk dash someone's hopes scare away break someone's spirit curdle the blood scare off break someone's heart dissuade emasculate consternate make nervous dispraise thwart cloud outface stare down outstare put off balance demotivate stand up to cast a shadow make uneasy make anxious lie destabilize unbalance prey on lie heavy on pressure pressurize impress get someone down blind destabilise lower break suppress subjugate stifle infuriate blind someone with something make one's heart bleed bring tears to one's eyes dampen someone's spirit disoblige psych someone out pressurise take someone's breath away squelch smother diminish devastate make dispirited make crestfallen indispose disarrange disorganize snarl unglue cripple jumble unzip disorder down press deplore take the heart out of madden put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under deaden defeat curb overcome quell extinguish overpower torture dash hopes send up blow out blow up take apart throw into panic scare stiff scare witless miff bear down on damp down dash the hopes of take steam out wound agonize fill with fear scare the bejesus out of freeze your blood shatter the illusions of burst one's bubble dampen the spirits of hagride frazzle distemper undo paralyse exercise flurry fuss derail cast a gloom on sting drain plague discommode gnaw at pester stress make someone jump out of their skin make your hair stand on end give someone goose pimples make one's flesh creep give one the creeps chill someone to the marrow scare someone out of their wits get the wind up put the fear of God into scare the pants off scare someone half to death throw into a fright give someone the heebie-jeebies throw into a panic make your blood run cold scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk throw a pall over pother cast a pall over shame dump agonise burn up rile make wretched fret rack displease cause anguish to strain break the heart of gall cut to the quick drive crazy make discontented drive mad paralyze weird out snafu freak out drag darken beat run down envenom silly wind up knock the wind out of mess up fill with consternation foul up screw up louse up muck up make one's blood run cold make one's hair stand on end scare the daylights out of harsh one's mellow alienate poison antagonize give someone a turn keep under harsh someone's mellow put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy give someone the hump bring tears to someone's eyes bear down make someone's heart bleed dampen someone's spirits debunk belittle snub destroy quash disaffect knock down let wind out of sails puncture balloon take down take the wind out of somebody's sails kick in the teeth take down a peg or two take the wind out of someone's sails shoot down cut down to size let down easy make bitter jaundice empoison make resentful exacerbate worsen rankle disarm stun stupefy acidulate estrange antagonise bitter venom make rancorous acerbate ride uncalm needle throw off bowl over set back give a turn outrage offend provoke sicken scandalize amaze astonish scandalise daze disgust hassle stagger nauseate flabbergast revolt peeve affront insult stir up pique derange nettle gravel work up chafe benumb tick off jar blow away excite stop someone in their tracks make someone scratch their head set someone back on their heels badger bemuse disorient put out fuddle addle make someone's hair stand on end befuddle harry pick on move get at rock catch off balance traumatize hector dumfound bedevil leave open-mouthed leave aghast beset balk take by surprise thunderstrike make waves strike dumb traumatise electrify persecute numb give a hard time gross out frighten the life out of give offence to cause to be at a stand throw a curve do someone's head in bustle baulk turn rouse tyrannize stump arouse mau-mau strong-arm curse befog disgrace craze dragoon bludgeon zing despair get injure affect make fretful egg on make a scene tantalise tantalize tyrannise mix up turn on beleaguer nag dazzle knock out frighten to death give someone grief make jump put out of countenance hurt somebody's feelings cause anxiety to scare silly frighten someone out of their wits send into a cold sweat make someone's blood run cold make someone shake in their shoes scare the life out of scare the hell out of frighten the living daylights out of push buttons mess with someone's head put someone off their stride frighten out of your wits take the wind out of your sails knock for a loop fill with terror underwhelm make uncomfortable dehydrate castrate geld desiccate lobotomize incite inflame preoccupy distress greatly hurry incommode frenzy flutter cause disquiet to transfix hustle tangle quicken occupy unquiet stimulate intrude tire interfere complicate hinder make restless unstring boggle put someone off tax freeze ferment threaten menace dement displace rummage disarray disrupt immobilize raise someone's eyebrows shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks completely surprise mess with one's head cause anxiety ventilate examine besiege blur dizzy paralyse with fear surprize occupy someone's thoughts prey on someone's mind put chill on immobilise disengage uncouple unfasten separate unhitch disconnect detach tease upset apple cart slight take one's breath away spring something on strike with awe cause wonder blow someone's mind render speechless importune test knock props out make your flesh creep strike fear into scare the pants off of get in the way throw into confusion victimize touch strike tear dun goad make flip work someone up bug up be incense anguish hound coerce throw into uproar throw into disorder dump on inflict trauma hurt one's feelings do in deeply upset hit like a ton of bricks blackjack bullyrag bogart suffer be unwell disrespect diss spite make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on nit-pick strap dog prick push martyr sweat out be a great weight on drive insane dis bluster showboat railroad enforce inconvenience weigh heavily on one's mind be indisposed be crook slur send over the edge be ill be weak be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be the matter with make fearful make afraid chill someone's blood give someone a fright make someone's hair curl cut up eat at boggle someone's mind put one away blow one's mind discontent carp cavil incapacitate flip cramp arouse anxiety in weigh on niggle be disagreeable be an affront to be offensive give offence rub up the wrong way put someone's back up rankle with get someone's goat tread on someone's toes cause offense hurt someone's feelings put someone's nose out of joint walk heavy push around lean on fear do a number on be on one's case make it tough for sweat stew fire up flip out roil misplease wing enrage curdle cool sound cap quibble nitpick get someone get across key up lay up pose fox flap fidget tee off rock the boat maze be agitated wilder bamboozle muddy fog set someone thinking take pains turn off play dirty turn on the heat be in a tizzy be worried obfuscate labour over be in a flap be in a stew get worked up get in a stew get on someone's wick metagrobolize make a big thing out of make a big thing of hack you off make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill make a thing of boggle the mind put your back up knock the stuffing out of someone be all Greek to smear calumniate dishonor backbite revile traduce blackguard blackball lampoon detract cause a few raised eyebrows amongst asperse dishonour vilify denigrate defame decry raise eyebrows amongst malign cause raised eyebrows condemn belie slander bad-mouth libel


To oppose by expressing disapproval


Make less strong or intense
dampen dull reduce deaden moderate check damp diminish lessen blunt chill cool decrease stifle calm lower muffle restrain smother curb damp down deter extinguish mute quench suppress temper benumb blanket cauterise cauterize dash inhibit limit numb overcome quieten silence stamp out still tone down allay cloud put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on soften mitigate depress subdue weaken abate alleviate assuage ease quell mollify dishearten dispirit dismay daunt soothe deject relieve demoralize cushion take the edge off demoralise dilute quiet palliate cast down attenuate unnerve repress hush sadden squelch crush shake lighten sap frustrate impair paralyse tranquilize pipe down settle muzzle paralyze mask de-escalate unman tranquillize cow oppress stun appease stupefy shush upset distress decrease the volume gag relax deplete anaesthetize dwindle downsize soft-pedal undermine debilitate enervate obtund bother weigh down anesthetize drown desensitize shut up knock sideways keep it down minimize curtail devitalize knock for six knock the stuffing out of freeze daze trouble ail perturb lull ebb slake turn down bum out abase desensitise drop downscale desolate kill dumb mellow minimise slow throw disappoint absorb quash beat down buffer afflict dim wind down make downhearted take the sting out ease off try get down disparage put an end to give someone the blues chill out subjugate depreciate cut degrade darken contain bridle hebetate erode deflate taper humble weary wane retard burden shrink subside incapacitate dent torpefy drug placate bolster enfeeble control compose buttress cripple aggrieve take the bite out render insensitive make dejected disincline knock down calm down peter out gentle put damper on put the lid on lenify hold back keep in check tail off bug bring low overawe faze disturb dampen down knock out cut off choke off bring down tongue-tie drown out make despondent get rid of dummy up clam up psych out make someone fed up strike dumb hush one's mouth weigh heavily on quiet down hold one's tongue abash hush-hush put a lid on detract from defuse shock modulate play down cumber immobilize pillow settle down rein contract decrement take the edge off sth shade sober deepen sedate petrify cast a shadow stultify narcotize cut back wear away roll back cut down wear down gruntle bottle up immobilise dullen squash keep back make dispirited make crestfallen humiliate indispose thin narrow wreck mar ruin sate modify help satisfy deprive of sensation soak up clam pacify water down throw a pall over put down dry up cut short close up say nothing cool it sit on make smaller make less fill surfeit sweeten spoil disable tame discount prune make inaudible intimidate fade dial down truncate abridge slash make nice decline recede harsh stop dispel banish put a stop to pour oil on grieve slacken relent fall rise above pare down insulate pad seclude guard sink mess up knock the wind out of harsh one's mellow overwhelm break drain haunt mortify torment harrow exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive destroy consume tire dope remit pall put off disconcert rattle appall bully irk scare dampen someone's hopes prostrate awe droop cause to lose heart deprecate confuse appal break one's heart vex weigh alarm frighten drop away let up die down die out phase down die away rachet down taper off fall away drop off grow less ratchet down drain away disempower reduce the effect of drag beat bring tears to someone's eyes run down make gloomy bear down harsh someone's mellow turn one off make someone's heart bleed make sad reduce to tears bring tears to your eyes cause suffering to keep under make desolate make unhappy dampen someone's spirits make your heart bleed hang over dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit cast a gloom upon break someone's heart lay out send up disarrange disorganize snarl blow out discountenance unglue take steam out get to jumble blow up muddle unzip disorder nonplus take apart embarrass unsettle defeat chagrin overpower put out of order put to sleep bear down on cast a pall over throttle make less intense make quiet trim slim down mark down scale down restrict qualify extenuate make cutbacks in downgrade retrench devaluate pare axe shorten whittle down ax devalue cheapen ameliorate cut back on salami-slice clip shave comfort step down write off smooth hinder regulate stay adjust loosen rationalize write down salve let up on minify remove constrict slack rationalise slow down loose deduct take down arrest take off waste cure halt make reductions in ease up on dam stem subtract empty block release couch staunch adulterate economize on stanch vitiate dissipate delay crumble eliminate heal debase detain untighten handicap trim back trim down devour undervalue decelerate commute revise tighten impede devalorize dock make weaker obstruct disintegrate take disburden facilitate free rebate knock off improve cut down on stall nurse deteriorate succor vary cool out hold up set back resolve change shift hamper prevent decay postpone take away transmogrify switch revamp keep down round down doctor interrupt aid assist succour console solace scale back mire retardate whittle away phase out break up loiter choke waste away tune down interfere with eat away take a load off balm bog down rein in ration scale something down diffuse spare address satiate whittle euphemize etiolate slenderize blur dip excuse restraint make fewer rarefy offset gratify becalm lullaby reduce the force of dulcify subvert foreshorten demote downplay abbreviate extend lace sophisticate nose dive reduce punishment withstand oppose resist treat muddy up admix retrench on fix up reduce greatly dismiss slim invalidate take pressure off mince make less strict make less formal take the heat off stabilize keep to a minimum keep at a minimum refresh relaxed take sting out patch things up delete confine omit worsen lay off drive away chase away put to rest square drive off chop crop compress attend protect against cause to fall condense lower in price simmer down hold in reconcile dispose ease up make up demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover stabilise neutralize demilitarize thin out fine tune make reasonable lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of reduce something lop off lop bring to a standstill rob from make lighter lower in value remedy nourish balance attune sugarcoat defend against shield against brighten monkey around with withdraw play up to concentrate shear economize soften up counteract economise safeguard against constrain corrode amortise harmonize punctuate take the bite out of take the sting out of rehabilitate make better prettify amortize liss take from disencumber levitate upraise uplight jettison eradicate unload unburden master set tone tune govern expend smooth out clear the air take the heat make light of bring respite to debit abstract clog brake strike off eat gnaw spend bring an end to bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off inflect encumber abrade evacuate use up withhold minus allow bate lick defer reduce weight throw out pour out budget cut roll down trim away milk slow up hamstring amend fine-tune alter adapt harmonise tweak reduce by take out decrease by dissolve weather quieten down keep a lid on clamp down on crack down on keep the lid on hold in check get under control nip in the bud slap down snuff out cheer forward disengage simplify meliorate promote speed expedite lift further put back draw back nibble rot fret trammel burn bleed scrape away hang up close off down hesitate loaf back off falter crimp throw a monkey wrench in the works of baulk bog balk baffle bring to screeching halt shut off shut down dawdle put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of flag poke fetter stunt suck dry impoverish bankrupt run interference for clear the way speed up make easier attend to open the door scour grind down eat away at bite bite at finish draw down draw squander play out lag chip away at eat into gnaw away at procrastinate embog reef wash up eat up dig into back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of keep waiting anchor it


Keep at bay
fend off avert avoid deflect deter fight off hold off keep away rebuff rebut reject repel repulse resist spurn ward off keep at bay beat off drive back hold at bay keep at a distance keep at arm's length keep off parry rebuke refuse snub stave off turn aside protect against defend against decline cut slight repudiate dismiss cold-shoulder ignore disdain turn down deny check stiff-arm push back chide disregard put off send away snout give someone the go-by neglect tell off give the brush brush off cut dead put down oppose pass up lash out at not hear of disallow give the cold shoulder look right through cross tell someone where to get off put in one's place freeze out reprove give someone the brush-off knock back shun scorn ostracize pass disapprove reprobate balk at nix send to Coventry ostracise coldshoulder negative deselect treat with contempt hold back brush aside stiff blank high-hat throw out exclude say no turn away renounce discount scout sneer at scoff at throw over demur misprize sniff at say no to negate baulk at not accept pooh-pooh look past turn back look down on send packing turn your back on deride forgo desist abjure belittle mock give somebody the cold shoulder play down pass on ridicule contemn jilt demur at wave aside abstain from snoot refrain from shy from disown drive away foil cool force back withhold from desist from make light of treat disrespectfully frustrate beat back set aside send one's regrets shake one's head thrust back act cool take no notice of hold in contempt turn up your nose at put to flight kick in the teeth steer clear of see off not give time of day give the bum's rush turn deaf ear to turn one's back on turn nose up at sneeze at look down upon give the cold shoulder to shrug off veto look straight through turn on reluct turn against give a pain turn your nose up at delay obstruct evade look straight through someone defeat pretend not to see overlook skip refuse admittance to give somebody the run-around fight back make unwelcome turn up one's nose miss heave-ho overthrow stall filibuster not heed set back force away throw back pour cold water on put aside put out of one's mind throw cold water on withdraw protest give the thumbs down to not take advantage of not budge on turn from send off jib at dispense with not care for hold out protest at not buy draw the line at refuse to receive give thumbs down to fight show disrespect show disrespect for blink at confront stonewall kick prevent duel dispute stand off traverse drive off wipe slam-dunk make little of undermine knock down force off give cold shoulder to stand up against chase away cast aside humiliate insult disparage despise express contempt affront pour scorn on dis flout disrespect diss humble mortify shame be scornful about be above jeer at heap scorn on laugh at be contemptuous about abandon spit on revile refute gibe piss over confute abhor hate sneer piss on defy scoff trash taunt hold up to scorn desert scratch offend swank slur chill ice duck scold snob upstage censure boycott burr blow raspberries at laugh out of court discard forbear cock a snook at run down consider beneath you forsake disavow ice out curl your lip at consider beneath one give the Bronx cheer to spit in the face of turn back on make fun of show contempt for spit in the eye of retract recant reverse forswear give the brushoff look coldly upon eschew rescind revoke give someone a slap in the face put the chill on give up cast off disprofess keep someone at arm's length look right through someone dishonor rat turn default disinherit tergiversate banish flush oust dishonour cast defect apostatize tergiverse shed lay aside cut off disacknowledge dump have no more truck with wash one's hands of wash your hands of be against break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of give the thumbs down give the red light


(fend off) To defend against or keep away
fend prevent block check curb forestall halt oppose repel repulse resist arrest avert bulwark defend deflect divert dodge fence foil forfend guard intercept stop thwart balk baulk escape evade parry screen cover duck keep ward head off hold off fend off hold back keep off protect against safeguard against secure against shield against stave off ward off defend oneself against fight off guard against skirt round keep at bay turn aside keep at arm's length put a stop to stand up for pre-empt protect safeguard secure shield preserve shelter save keep safe look after conserve watch over keep from harm fortify harbour uphold harbor take care of watch house assure support maintain foster care for afford protection to give sanctuary ride shotgun tend mind hedge cushion shade garrison insulate inoculate insure ensure stick up for cover up go to bat for cover all bases prohibit police patrol make invulnerable justify champion man occupy oversee wrap stand guard over conceal shotgun chamber stonewall haven roof overlook provide protection for guide rule give shelter give cover take under one's wing be responsible for attend to preside over persevere with have charge of minister to be in charge of chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize give refuge stand guard save from harm take under wing take someone under your wing barricade withstand hold beat off provide sanctuary take in repel danger be the defender of hold at bay supervise keep an eye on babysit childmind nurse sit with see to take charge of superintend mother safeguard from shield from protect from keep from overwatch sustain shepherd provide for nurture rear raise salvage retain reclaim retrieve cherish herd administer to tend to rescue keep in good condition nanny chaperone enclose surround hide supply with troops keep intact keep in repair guard in transit cover for provide safety fight for manage run handle administrate guarantee govern operate control indemnify regulate direct steward till conduct warrant underwrite attend cinch ice guaranty keep tabs on register



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