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Alternative for tergiversate

tergiversate /'tə:dʤivə:'seiʃn/
  • nội động từ
    • nói quanh, tìm cớ thoái thác; lần nữa
    • bỏ phe, bỏ đảng
    • nói ra những lời mâu thuẫn với nhau


To pause in indecision before doing something
hesitate waver vacillate dither falter delay stall fluctuate teeter haver stagger pause swither wobble oscillate halt scruple dawdle equivocate temporise temporize dally wabble linger wait hedge alternate shillyshally demur dillydally hover seesaw pussyfoot stumble defer deliberate doubt stop baulk balk boggle flounder debate hang mammer ponder weigh shilly-shally be indecisive dilly-dally hum and haw hang back be unsure be uncertain think twice hold back be doubtful hem and haw be hesitant shy away be reluctant hold off be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence yo-yo tremble be irresolute balance sway be undecided get cold feet pussyfoot around palter sit on the fence blow hot and cold tumble bobble lurch reel quaver roll change mind flicker vary quiver trim waffle change shudder whiffle waffle run hot and cold procrastinate be unable to make up your mind be unable to decide play for time prevaricate be evasive tarry beat about the bush gain time use delaying tactics put off play a waiting game avoid committing oneself use Fabian tactics stall for time kick the can down the road take your time avoid making a decision swing shake rock flutter vibrate totter see-saw undulate wave shiver quake flap wag veer ripple move shift move to and fro stir agitate tremor judder dodder twitch rise and fall go up and down pulsate convulse jiggle chop and change alter go from one extreme to the other jerk be ambivalent jolt jounce careen palpitate be in two minds ruffle ebb and flow waggle twitter joggle bucket mutate flail pitch wiggle heave waddle faff about jar thresh billow wigwag flit thrash waste time blow second-guessing yourself weave fly have doubts keep changing your mind drag your heels move up and down teeter-totter quail flop trifle bat pivot differ snap swish waft twirl swirl toddle shamble hobble be unsteady lag sweep whirl twist flick flitter faff around flow stream pulse shimmy come and go whip move back and forth loiter jog shake like a leaf hang fire mess about drag your feet wobble about flip-flop have misgivings doubt yourself trill be on the fence will and will not warble spasm thrill beat quave fence-straddle straddle whiffle throb dodge swell surge start switch jitter drift toss mess around hang about hang around potter be on the horns of a dilemma go back and forth stot flinch note wave rapidly transform um and ah shuffle plunge pitchpole list topple dangle walk unsteadily move backward and forward turn digress displace straggle commove succuss flaunt bump churn tremble precariously mark time let the grass grow under one's feet while away time kill time move slowly roll about push and pull move backwards and forwards stir up set in motion put in motion hirple doddle walk haltingly move falteringly be tentative stay back walk with difficulty shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward plod be divided lumber move side to side move from side to side feel uncertain wonder about wave to and fro trudge limp blunder swerve adjourn retard prolong postpone protract think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical bumble curl goldbrick cool poke wind titubate bob morph deviate stay drag harbour suspicions about have hesitations about express suspicions about have reservations about express reservations about entertain doubts about harbour reservations about struggle have suspicions about fluctuate on have doubts about feel uneasy about mumble rotate catch the wind stammer sprauchle stutter deteriorate worsen better reverse divert turn around diminish put off doing something postpone action defer action let something slide take a raincheck suspend action be dilatory go around feel giddy interchange intersperse flog break wallow move clumsily sputter blunder about take turns speak haltingly fumble for words trip over your tongue speak falteringly stumble over your words swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth follow one another act reciprocally be staggered occur in rotation work in sequence take it in turns act in sequence occur in turn substitute move between be interspersed fill in for follow in turn relieve follow be unstable


To evade or circumvent by cleverness or trickery
dodge evade avoid duck sidestep elude shirk escape shun bypass circumvent skirt eschew shake beat scape finesse shortcut parry bilk skive funk cut juke decline tergiverse get around steer clear of skirt round get out of duck-shove cop out of weasel out of wriggle out of skive off shuffle out of slide out of back out of give something a miss pussyfoot around find a way out of short-circuit get away from fend off brush off disregard discount shy from neglect ignore overlook dance around run away from dispense with give the slip to unmind turn back on keep one's distance from unheed be oblivious to turn a blind eye to turn your back on tune out pay no attention to lay low from take no notice of pay no heed to pay no mind go around shake off shirk from duck out of fudge hedge fence balk flannel prevaricate equivocate baulk waffle stonewall pussyfoot weasel avoid answering be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about beat around bush not pay find a way round beg the question beat about the bush about not give a straight answer to skip body-swerve shrink from stay away from cheat miss fight shy of give a wide berth to keep clear of outmanoeuvre outmaneuver abandon renounce have nothing to do with keep away from thwart quit refrain from foil stymie prevent check stop shuffle off escape from abstain from pass over get round skip out on give up pull out of forgo give the slip renege circumnavigate outflank slip frustrate burke defeat skulk spurn recoil from outwit forbear from baffle dismiss goldbrick desist from hide from fake malinger avert abstain preclude desist resist shy away from ditch restrain from relinquish forsake slough off keep from hinder break the habit of hold off impede drop leave off block kick halt pack in nullify skim over withhold from refuse do without swear off stay clear of jack in nip in the bud gloss over avoid dealing with leapfrog keep off jouk wriggle stay shy of balk at keep at arm's length snub field duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of overcome deke deflect have no part of turn away from cease fence off answer evasively discontinue cold-shoulder extricate oneself from excuse desert rationalize backpedal welsh revoke withdraw break off cut out call a halt to swerve end-run call it a day run away abscond elope flee get past forget put the move on not attend let something slide scrimshank cop out back down back out back off weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise find a way around play truant from creep skimp on leave something undone dog bludge run off fake out lose sight of not attend to bob off be lax about be remiss about give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by cut dead give the cold shoulder to cut someone cold knock off shut eyes to wuss out baulk at pay little attention to suspend be absent from blow off lay off pass up finish get off belay take fright flinch from turn tail back off from put a stop to axe rein in can check out from give over pack up lie down on job ax put an end to kibosh call it quits on surcease from sham break up wink at blink at take back road depart from deviate from go around the barn loaf chicken out of stay away forbear steer clear withstand skirt around feign illness skate over fake illness fail to deal with ward off help neutralise counter disappoint abjure forswear hamper repudiate sacrifice reject disavow interfere with head off stave off negate make up for obviate neutralize counterbalance prohibit arrest counteract anticipate deny disclaim disdain abnegate abdicate be AWOL put it on pretend to be ill take a sickie swing the lead play hooky pretend to be an invalid bunk off oppose obstruct dash refrain gainsay shy disaffirm scotch smash snooker checkmate cripple derail deny oneself discomfit nobble scupper root queer traverse renege on not touch let well enough alone have no truck with curb put a spoke in someone's wheel hang up promote halt in its tracks foul up restrain screw up run circles around rattle throw monkey wrench in put paid to upset the applecart throw a monkey wrench in the works crab give the run-around faze mess up crimp put the mockers on cramp do for run rings around throw a spanner in the works disconcert buffalo bollix

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