Đồng nghĩa của funk

Alternative for funk

funks, funked, funking

Đồng nghĩa: Casimir Funk, Funk, blue funk, cringe, flinch, quail, recoil, shrink, squinch, wince,


An unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapour
stench stink reek odor odour pong smell niff whiff malodour mephitis fetor hum guff effluvium miasma foul smell noisomeness redolence fetidness bad smell scent aroma perfume fragrance bouquet savour malodor tang sniff pungency essence nose pungence trail snuff musk savor pen and ink taint unpleasant smell disgusting odor fume malodorousness foulness foul odor horrible smell unpleasant odor offensive smell spice fragrancy incense balm attar otto flavour smack taste flavor relish zest piquancy sapidity aura zing vapor vapour draught bite air breath spiciness sharpness draft edge tastiness hint sweetness punch fumes trace twang tanginess seasoning waft tinge flavoring sapor pheromone aftershave flavouring herb balminess inhalation tartness bitterness astringency hotness extract saltiness sourness acidity raciness pollution lungful unwholesomeness exhalation exhaust emanation smog gas faint smell brief smell sweet odour sweet smell snort zestiness foul air nip zip kick pep ginger cologne aftertaste thrill guts spray burnt offering frankincense fuel punk myrrh flame indication toilet water oil sachet puff eau de toilette body spray body mist eau de cologne zephyr suggestion sigh gust suspicion flurry breeze flutter touch note wind oxygen bit crumb shred drop whisper intimation impression dash trifle nuance shadow vein tincture streak jot faint breeze slight movement slight stirring flicker element smidgen scintilla glimmer soupçon overtone iota spot tad speck sign shade vestige flatus


A state of depression
depression doldrums dumps low blue funk blues gloom despondency melancholy unhappiness mopes sadness desolation dejection dispiritedness gloominess sorrowfulness disconsolateness mournfulness heartsickness despair misery dolefulness woe blahs despondence glumness joylessness miserableness downheartedness forlornness dreariness oppression despond sorrow blue devils low spirits wretchedness dolor desperation grief heartache distress malaise pessimism cheerlessness moodiness worry anguish vexation hopelessness melancholia moroseness listlessness mourning heavy-heartedness dismals heavy heart the blues agony heartbreak pain disappointment upset infelicity bitterness dolour regret disconsolation grieving pensiveness discouragement woefulness dismalness bleakness sulks hump defeatism ennui dullness broken heart letdown torment suffering trauma angst temper dissatisfaction chagrin anxiety tearfulness disquiet grievance dejectedness lamentation sullenness mood rue affliction shock bereavement sulk grump boredom tedium dysphoria lamenting bad mood bewailing bemoaning paddy mortification lowness anhedonia megrims mulligrubs mubblefubbles bad temper emotional suffering mental suffering abasement abjection abjectness heaviness of heart bummer heavyheartedness downer the hump fit of pique the dumps one's black dog low-spiritedness blue Johnnies torture tribulation dolefuls down trip megrim wistfulness martyrdom travail straits apathy inertia dysthymia mopery demoralization dismay misgiving disheartenment discord somberness catatonia desperateness foreboding weariness saturninity qualm vapors vapours lugubriosity troubles clinical depression postnatal depression endogenous depression slough of despond reactive depression agitation morbidity mope dourness heaviness horror demoralisation unrest discomfort disquietude stress pet period of despondency down fit of depression the dismals being bummed the mopes stagnation black mood indifference stupor slump disinterest sluggishness lethargy torpor inactivity yawn lassitude worriment irritation turmoil strife embarrassment strain tumult grouch huff pout snit pouts sulkiness strop hurt fit of ill humour fit of bad humour grumps foulie bate mard bout of moping fit of bad temper fit of ill temper poignancy discontent discontentment downcastness uneasiness displeasure a low broken-heartedness lugubriousness trouble seriousness Weltschmerz hardship trial weltschmerz sorriness restlessness weeping lament excruciation unease dole enervation languor negativity misfortune world-weariness ordeal blackness darkness dashed hopes burden rack resignedness remorse headache pining repining pang deploring care jadedness devastation morosity eyes postpartum depression peepers sombreness cloud resignation mirthlessness scruple cross spectre specter shadow pall disaster adversity problem blue sorrowing keening distraction repentance purgatory curse mental pressure satiety acedia spiritlessness fatigue languidness surfeit wailing illness drag cataclysm rain baby blues hell extreme upset the doldrums sickness weakness concern harassment nervousness fear deprivation poverty heartbrokenness discomfiture disillusionment disenchantment Gehenna murder nightmare ho hums shiva cynicism loss of confidence lack of confidence cold feet lack of enthusiasm frustration disgruntlement ailment ailments ills lack of interest throe stitch passion ache hurting twinge squalor disfavor indignation aching moaning crying languishing disapproval disillusion resentment aggravation disfavour exasperation disaffection discontentedness distaste fatalism doubt distrust infirmity disease debility feebleness indisposition bad news anvil chorus fretfulness dislike annoyance disrelish disgust unfulfilment anger nihilism negative thinking suspicion dyspepsia malcontentment discomposure malcontent disapprobation decrepitude disorder condition sickliness infirmness malady unhealthiness expecting the worst doom and gloom ill-humor gloomy outlook dim view dark side lack of hope expectation of worst looking on the black side


An unpleasant emotion caused by the perception of danger, pain, or harm
fear terror fright fearfulness horror alarm panic agitation trepidation dread consternation dismay distress anxiety worry angst unease uneasiness apprehension apprehensiveness nervousness nerves timidity disquiet disquietude discomposure unrest perturbation foreboding misgiving doubt suspicion creeps willies shakes collywobbles jitteriness twitchiness butterflies blue funk abdabs cravenness qualms tremors alarum scare worriment inquietude butterflies in the stomach heebie-jeebies cold feet concern shock trepidity awe jitters trembling shuddering affright flinching aversion phobia gremlin goose bumps stage fright a blue funk hysteria upset sudden fear intimidation extreme fear fluster state flap disappointment surprise frustration disillusionment dissatisfaction tizzy tizz swivet crush jam confusion rush frenzy disenchantment discouragement mortification chagrin fear and trembling sadness downer dumps blues hassle depression bummer cold sweat the blahs tension anxiousness care solicitude concernment nervosity sweat agita restlessness uncertainty trouble hesitation stress mistrust edginess fretfulness presentiment disturbance strain jumps tenseness yips reservation jim-jams premonition scruple qualm fuss fidgets hesitancy compunction all-overs screaming abdabs hesitance impatience jumpiness Joe Blakes wariness chill distraction malaise distrust discomfort displeasure misery annoyance dubiety discomfiture disconcertment stimulation mistrustfulness diffidence touchiness discontent anger suffering vexation lack of confidence perplexity nerviness torment anguish shudder habdabs misgivings presage embarrassment excitement nervous tension doubtfulness disgruntlement irritation excitability tremulousness forebodingness suspense niggle trembles quivers feverishness dithers delirium neurasthenia turbulence animation sensitivity to-do moodiness neuroticism scepticism screaming habdabs remorse watchfulness shiver prenotion agony shivers botheration drag ferment nail-biting exasperation lack of faith misdoubt distrustfulness indecision dubitation skepticism ants in pants second thoughts insecurity pins and needles amazement suspiciousness disquietedness fidgetiness bother stupefaction bewilderment astonishment living day to day needles muddlement wonder muddle fidgeting shaking woe antsiness sorrow Weltschmerz heartache DTs palpitation emotion torture query incertitude nag sense of foreboding buck fever fit of nerves a cold sweat getting by struggling surviving turmoil jump tremble fidget dyspathy dysphoria instability penitence disbelief constraint queasiness unbelief reluctance clamour upheaval flurry outcry mid-life crisis tentativeness disorientation arousal lather commotion pressure abashment discombobulation flusteredness incitement tumult demur regret irresolution unsureness irresoluteness outrage umbrage mixing rocking clamor disconcertion disorder disinclination vacillation wavering indecisiveness survival mode trauma indignation tizzy, tizz nervous excitement equivocation reserve twinge second thought loss of face disgust lack of conviction chariness repentance remonstrance contrition pang objection conscience shame discontentment unhappiness disaffection righteous anger discontentedness difficulty burden intuition hunch feeling irritability pangs doubts regrets reconsideration reservations grief oppression pain hardship pique snappiness affliction passion flutter urgency expectancy overextension albatross trial distention heat intensity forecast forethought idea expectation anticipation inkling prognostication tetchiness shortness irascibility querulousness testiness impetuosity vibes awareness sense boding vehemence peevishness restiveness vague feeling sixth sense sneaking suspicion funny feeling abruptness irritableness intolerance curtness aggravation brusqueness sinking feeling quick temper feeling in bones handwriting on wall butterflies in one's stomach


A sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something
slump drop collapse decline downturn plunge decrease depreciation downswing fall plummet slide crash depression falling-off lapse lowering meltdown nosedive recession reverse tumble devaluation steep fall trough blight bottom descent dip downer downslide downtrend dumps failure falling off letdown low nose-dive rut sag slip bad period bad times blue devils blue funk rainy days the skids dive deterioration reduction lessening diminution drop-off downfall cut ebb abatement falloff downgrade dwindling decrement diminishment loss degradation degeneration downtick degeneracy decadence devolution shrinkage skid sinking dent depletion worsening fall-off decay retrogression step down waning declension nose dive slack hang slackness weakening droop ebbing debasement withering vitiation spoiling abasement declination stagnation wane adulteration deflation sinkage declivity ruin rotting markdown cutback diminishing down plummeting precipitation loss of value dropping off aggravation declining contraction slackening curtailment dropoff landslide slowdown dilapidation disintegration decaying breakdown let-up standstill inactivity eclipse ruining fading destroying harm spoliation rot enfeeblement debilitation dying down paralysis shakeout regression skydive downhill trend dégringolade downward spiral retreat corruption free fall corrosion perversion disrepair dislocation degringolade bottom-out failing devaluing bottom out cheapening sharp fall comedown atrophy downgrading lowering in value decrease in value discount backsliding reduction in value accounting allowance hollow concavity slant cant tilt sinkhole sink basin list distortion settling pitch drooping slumping sagging relapse spill header stoop bend bowing stooping bow flop concession topple cropper pullback deduction slash tailspin subsiding allowance cutting write-down settlement downcome plunging falling going down coming down slope incline impoverishment ramp slipping recidivism precipice chasm abyss impairment shrinking minimizing deficiency minimising cliff gully gorge depth gradient downhill downslope hanging easing chute dissipation backslide retrenchment minimization attrition falling away drain subtraction erosion recidivation ruination consumption dilution attenuation dissolution raceway fall from grace deepness difference decadency depravation demotion reversion receding disappearance deprivation minus alleviation privation downsize return retrogradation forfeiture squandering mitigation rollback lightening shortfall subsidence de-escalation compression striction decrescence condensation constriction dereliction crumbling tainting slowing expenditure exhaustion falling apart waste trip pruning trimming slimming letting up relaxation moderation expending using up use fade cessation dying away want retardation chopping limiting axing spoilation putridness wasting extinction senescence dying mold decrepitude mortification rust gangrene mould milking emptying sapping draining easing off desisting relenting dropping away dying out inclination hill scarp wasting away breaking down subdual subjugation slimming down bleeding cooling off petering out saving tailing off fall from favor original sin grade angle scaling down tapering off bank adret versant bajada escarpment lean rake running down upgrade camber channel trail track leaning rise and fall bevel runway heel shaft funnel conduit gutter tube course spillway sluice


To avoid (something) out of fear
dodge avoid evade duck baulk at escape from recoil from wuss out flinch from run away from take fright turn tail cop out of duck out of get out of wriggle out of chicken out of escape shirk sidestep duck-shove bypass cut skive off get around elude decline shake skirt round slide out of scape finesse weasel out of shuffle out of shun circumvent skive bilk steer clear of back out of skip renege skirt shrink from eschew neglect quit parry tergiversate shy from pull out of pussyfoot around find a way out of pay no attention to turn one's back on find a way round give a wide berth to brush off miss shuffle off discount dance around disregard ignore overlook forget excuse abandon desert rationalize backpedal welsh revoke renounce withdraw body-swerve let slide not attend scrimshank dispense with leave undone dog play truant from cheat bludge creep skimp on fence give the slip to keep one's distance from be oblivious to turn your back on lay low from fend off pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out shirk from take no notice of pay no heed to go around shake off slough off lose sight of bob off be lax about not attend to pay little attention to be remiss about lie down on job use pretext cop out have alibi back down rationalise back out back off weasel out get out give the slip beat shortcut juke tergiverse give something a miss get away from short-circuit lose flee ditch leave behind foil thwart balk baulk outmanoeuvre outmaneuver pussyfoot get round fight shy of stay away from frustrate outflank baffle outwit burke outrun fudge give somebody the slip shuck fly shy dismiss weasel slip away from slip throw off the scent end-run overpass keep clear of find a way around break away from wink at blink at omit give someone a wide berth give the runaround keep at arm's length reject slip through the net of pass over slur over shut eyes to make light of gloss over brush aside look the other way turn a deaf ear to shrug off slip through somebody's fingers drop out pull out trick skulk throw off overcome stymie field hide from wriggle outpace outstrip outdistance clear skip out on goldbrick malinger deflect give a wide berth keep out of the way of put the move on get rid of get ahead of rid sneak away from fence off answer evasively stay clear of get past run away abscond elope duck out sneak away slip out defeat escape the clutches of run off extricate oneself from lead on a merry chase keep distance check prevent blow off hedge double flannel equivocate prevaricate misheed whitewash waffle stonewall let it go take no notice gloze over leave be fail to notice connive exclude look through never mind turn blind eye slight paper over close your eyes to pay no mind to turn deaf ear not take into account push aside turn a blind eye bury one's head in sand shut your eyes to run from take back road depart from deviate from avoid answering go around the barn get away be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about detour circumnavigate run around not give a straight answer to beat around bush not pay beg the question beat about the bush about stay shy of be beyond someone slip through the net slip through someone's fingers go past go round pass round keep out of detour round pass around make a detour round forsake pretermit defer contemn discard underestimate scant elide depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to care for fail to remember keep one's distance not care have nothing to do with be derelict laugh off throw to the winds be remiss in set aside trifle with let go be irresponsible not remember not care for be remiss let pass fail to look after think little of procrastinate over leave alone be indifferent be negligent pass up be careless live with fail to provide for not trouble oneself

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