Đồng nghĩa của dread

Alternative for dread

dreads, dreaded, dreading

Đồng nghĩa: fear,

Tính từ

Very unpleasant, serious, or shocking
alarming frightening frightful terrible dire terrifying awful dreadful horrible direful feared fearful fearsome forbidding formidable ghastly hair-raising horrendous horrifying intimidating redoubtable scary shocking spine-chilling awesome dreaded awe-inspiring creepy shuddersome appalling daunting petrifying chilling grim harrowing distressing unnerving menacing disturbing spooky hideous monstrous horrid sinister bloodcurdling gruesome baleful unspeakable grievous dismaying scaring startling macabre dangerous grisly eerie disquieting threatening atrocious godawful calamitous lurid worrying terrific nightmarish hairy blood-curdling spine-tingling horrific perturbing ominous upsetting gloomy serious tremendous hellacious dismal lamentable mean-looking bodeful bad abysmal traumatic desperate abominable depressing repulsive impressive disastrous severe tragic parlous grave foreboding powerful brooding beastly imposing wretched extreme lousy from hell overwhelming vile disconcerting nerve-racking unearthly unfortunate eldritch ugly causing fear perplexing terribly bad very bad overpowering strong mighty strange ghoulish sublime morbid astounding thrilling fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic all-powerful unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising bullying afraid striking massive breathtaking exciting commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute grewsome nightmare ghostly weird valiant hostile frozen icky shameful gnarly grody wicked mean catastrophic ruinous hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful extraordinary woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial imminent courageous brave like death warmed up unfriendly cruel urgent causing excitement outrageous drastic unwelcoming uninviting pulse-pounding miserable crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating revolting disgusting nasty unpromising inauspicious evil-looking portentous chronic exigent shivery shuddery oppressing deplorable fierce scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive abhorrent offensive odious inhospitable life-threatening unpleasant bleak dark perilous glowering ferocious hateful heinous suggestive of evil execrable egregious insufferable sickening rotten vicious inconvenient punk unwelcome excessive loathsome foul detestable repugnant disagreeable repellent evil gross obnoxious despicable scandalous objectionable distasteful nauseating obscene disgraceful reprehensible contemptible diabolical savage inhuman poor painful fatal harsh brutal destructive iniquitous villainous black sad nefarious sorry pathetic base barbarous harmful infamous intolerable nauseous hellish hard cataclysmal pitiful damnable troublesome flagitious adverse unforgivable noisome fiendish God-awful violent bitter agonizing loathly acute immoral noxious difficult heavy disheartening excruciating distressful depraved heartrending brutish disgustful fulsome accursed displeasing agonising inexcusable murderous repellant rancid uncomfortable sinful undesirable unfavourable scurvy sombre unpalatable doleful barbaric bestial somber yucky solemn unfavorable intense tough crushing irksome injurious stinking abject pitiable sick deadly desolate detrimental annoying unacceptable untoward low unsettling vexatious dishonourable damning ignominious sordid devilish low-down discouraging unsavoury unhappy cheerless dishonorable unsavory shattering mortal piteous morose stressful irritating indescribable ill-fated ruthless mournful grotesque criminal merciless unutterable flagrant indefensible dreary enormous trying unbearable gut-wrenching sorrowful galling ignoble grotty drab infernal tragical ungodly hurtful joyless cursed sick-making drear discomforting forlorn precarious comfortless glum funereal off-putting torturous agitating glaring diabolic damaging gory notorious unprincipled disreputable crummy inferior unsatisfactory exceptionable bloody cacodemonic disadvantageous profound unpardonable heart-rending opprobrious tormenting sadistic demanding furious worthless rough malevolent dirty brute corrupt shady degenerate catastrophal discomposing deep stark troubling taxing lethal intensive gut-churning unpleasing staggering depressive sullen beyond the pale filthy malignant sucky discreditable blatant fraught lugubrious perverted devastative satanic bloodthirsty infuriating exasperating black-hearted annihilatory concerning rubbish pants shameless hazardous afflicting bothersome demoralizing sober saddening feral great explosive exquisite blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement obvious trashy shabby hapless facinorous callous unsightly earth-shattering wild debased disappointing insupportable shoddy arrant very great conspicuous degraded oppressive melancholy patent ill-starred peracute paltry heartless confounded austere rugged rueful yukky demoralising unlovely moving reprobate uncongenial treacherous rank impoverished melancholic dour pesky godforsaken humourless humorless pitiless truculent perverse pronounced inhumane significant butcherly invidious ill-boding untamed unhealthy demonic sepulchral capital demoniacal substandard worrisome demoniac Mephistophelian abandoned unpopular blameworthy unworthy laughable animal maddening pestilential amoral pits risky impossible prurient inglorious untimely rubbishy deleterious troublous unscrupulous cheap degrading dastardly unlawful sore useless unrespectable louche shy knavish onerous poignant coarse arduous unreasonable stunning inopportune unendurable barefaced unwanted preposterous beyond contempt wrong unrestrained inordinate awkward dispiriting sanguinary consequential squalid cruddy dissolute brazen anguished unsafe humiliating blasted defective unappealing spiteful dodgy unsuitable utter undisguised outright sanguine mortifying dispirited unsought unstable sour audacious naked evident fell remorseless manifest unethical unrighteous rebarbative unconcealed sedate complete cussed inexpressible vulgar crazed mad fiery dejecting infelicitous mirthless wanton palpable transparent overt extremely bad negative messy cold unrelenting raunchy deathly indigent scungy poverty-stricken uncool miscreant a load of pants uncivilised uncivilized major lachrymose dingy sleazy indecent tenebrous tear-jerking heart-wrenching uncontrollable impure shadowy gray grey venomous viperous heart-breaking sobering exacting serpentine out and out jeopardous out-and-out brass-necked real right proper undesired huge colossal inadequate Hadean wounding dislikeable dislikable duff poxy dicey Kafkaesque discommoding brackish catty beast ill-advised unadvantageous climactic climacteric unkind lou Stygian blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder vexing whopping bone-chilling too bad testing pressured frustrating piggish gluttonous swinish unclean boorish ferine carnal irrational oppressed convulsionary jarring inimical sharp worst embarrassing nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal gruelling tiring tenth-rate senseless annihilative crashing nagging unbelievable inconceivable cringe-making eery pernicious blighting ridiculous unconscionable foolish revulsive tortuous mediocre paralysing unimaginable disconsolate untold demonian demonical Luciferian stirring despondent dejected undescribable ill-famed sensational ineffable loss-making beneath contempt cold-blooded unmanageable unjustifiable blood-stained predictive prophetic revealing oracular dolorous dolesome debauched scarring irredeemable frenetic maniacal unhallowed possessed graphic exaggerated grueling ill-reputed questionable caitiff burdensome stiff monumental murky unseemly eye-watering paralyzing slimy vomitous snide bogging low-minded currish lame deficient melodramatic explicit beyond words preternatural undefinable intractable ungovernable recalcitrant spookish depressed considerable sheer plain costly sacrificial homicidal unsuited touching despairing yucko unholy resentful pestiferous ornery intimidatory indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil death-obsessed absolute downright unqualified backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting vomit-inducing extremely upsetting searing hardhanded wayward wanting low-grade garbage profligate apparent exorbitant unmitigated pensive derisible plangent hard-pressed tortured doubtful rocky straitened discommodious troubled full of hardship strained ill-omened highly improper derisory dreich saturnine destitute stupefying rancorous minatory rowdy malicious vindictive minacious disliked lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps the pits aberrant immoderate contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate libidinous licentious demoralised impious demoralized sunless plutonian lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn heartstopping sensationalist extravagant overdramatized colourful improper red hot too horrible for words under par low-quality poor-quality below par sub-par cut-rate third-rate less-than-stellar second-class second-rate two-bit inapt inappropriate unseasonable strenuous toilsome a stinker of a a bummer of a unattractive astonishing bewildering amazing Cimmerian surprising tasteless ribald salacious kitschy pulp blimming unwished-for ill-suited punishing grinding weighty big scorned unlikable shunned inexpedient outcast loathed incommodious uninvited inadmissible rejected suggestive shock-horror tacky vivid juicy ravaging illegal felonious illicit lawless for the birds unwished for affecting illegitimate yellow full-frontal beyond bearing not to be borne to be avoided out of place strictly for the birds crooked indictable scoundrelly transgressing unsuccessful off-color purple racy salty colorful distinct garish ruffianly blackguardly dishonest roguish bent underhand abortive thievish malfeasant warped rascally chancy doomed luckless speculative blue insecure culpable not cricket peccant maleficent nail-biting nerve-wracking delicate unruly venturesome rabid steely unmerciful ungentle stern gruff impetuous raging louring delirious flinty convulsive open thorny ticklish exposed cutthroat raving lowering enraged incessive undomesticated bold touchy frantic infuriated rapacious angry flaunting tigerish biffo animalistic primitive aggers ostentatious immodest venturous dangersome adventurous on collision course shaky impending vulnerable dynamite hot impregnable touch-and-go loaded breakneck queasy unashamed flagitous deliberate flaming noticeable bald-faced bare-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out

Danh từ

Great fear or apprehension
alarm fear apprehension fright horror terror trepidation anxiety fearfulness panic foreboding alarum apprehensiveness concern disquiet disquietude worry angst consternation dismay jitters misgiving scare shuddering trembling unease uneasiness affright flinching heebie-jeebies aversion awe creeps funk gremlin phobia trepidity worriment a blue funk cold feet goose bumps stage fright sudden fear perturbation nervousness distress agitation shock inquietude tension discomposure jitteriness suspicion willies anxiousness restlessness concernment nervosity trouble agita butterflies in the stomach butterflies doubt fretfulness presentiment care neurosis solicitude sweat nerves hang-up complex anguish twitchiness antipathy shakes disturbance premonition amazement blue funk wonder hatred loathing uncertainty revulsion detestation unrest distaste mania dislike repulsion vexation cold sweat torment strain chill disgust upset thing paranoia surprise avoidance malaise stress funny feeling bugbear bogey sinking feeling obsession nightmare discomfort misery irrational fear fear and trembling abnormal fear obsessive fear fixation astonishment mistrust preoccupation wonderment hysteria collywobbles reverence wariness worriedness abdabs woe respect veneration stupefaction presage confusion irrationality feeling shudder intuition hunch resentment torture tenseness perplexity edginess qualms burden shiver idea hesitation blues depression abhorrence hostility disinclination agony inkling prognostication hassle bad feeling repugnance indisposition flap opposition animosity botheration dissatisfaction jumps vibes sense prenotion antagonism bee in one's bonnet suffering vague feeling sixth sense sneaking suspicion downer feeling in bones handwriting on wall displeasure pins and needles bewilderment intimidation muddlement distraction muddle bother extreme fear jumpiness nerviness quaking disconcertment jim-jams yips habdabs misgivings seizure ailment storm palpitation emotion excitement heartache irritation turmoil annoyance sorrow Weltschmerz a cold sweat screaming abdabs timidity nag heart attack Joe Blakes screaming habdabs idée fixe spectre specter turbulence fidgetiness frustration disillusionment disappointment state fluster mid-life crisis suspense needles sense of foreboding shivers drag ants in pants watchfulness fuss nail-biting fidgets all-overs tizzy tizz swivet aversion to discouragement mortification disenchantment chagrin tremors cravenness hate jam frenzy crush rush compulsion derangement niggle disfavor disfavour disliking bummer dumps sadness warning omen sign bad vibes foreshadowing augury feeling in the bones pressure dubiety mental disturbance psychosis reluctance overwhelming anxiety about thing about portent forewarning odium remorse dyspathy embarrassment qualm dysphoria scruple instability penitence disbelief constraint compunction discontent queasiness admonition vibrations vision indication winds the blahs trauma unwillingness admiration second sight winds of change gut feeling wake-up call feeling in your bones wind change allergy distaste for nausea shunning anathema resistance evasion abomination execration dislike of disrelish having no use for difficulty grief oppression pain hardship ferment forecast forethought expectation anticipation affliction passion flutter urgency nervous tension overextension trial distention heat intensity awareness boding expectancy albatross impatience bête noire esteem worship regard despair unhappiness dejection desolation despondency wretchedness melancholy gloom heartbreak dolor tribulation regret gloominess hurt discomfiture mournfulness dolour disconsolateness dolefulness moodiness low spirits pang distrust disorder dither grievance downheartedness travail twinge sorrowfulness scepticism dispiritedness cheerlessness mourning infelicity reservation heartsickness hesitance skepticism anger mopes hopelessness hesitancy desperation straits glumness lamentation disconcertion doldrums grieving rue tumult disconsolation lamenting stew lack of confidence strife diffidence upheaval harassment heaviness of heart lack of faith excruciation forlornness rack pessimism despondence second thoughts bereavement despond disruption commotion twitter sorriness broken-heartedness doubts ordeal problem pother stimulation lather heavy heart mental suffering broken heart inconvenience dilemma fret reservations misdoubt incertitude issues discontentment ache dubitation shame bitterness exasperation misfortune to-do swelter headache letdown inhibition moroseness joylessness listlessness melancholia miserableness dreariness throe bewailing bemoaning ennui blahs demon solicitousness mistrustfulness blue devils the blues discord problems query antsiness struggling abashment forebodingness conflict pangs flurry flusteredness awkwardness restiveness tremulousness excitability touchiness trembles delirium neurasthenia animation suspicions neuroticism quivers feverishness dithers scruples sensitivity unbelief soreness disaffection aggravation struggle disheartenment disgruntlement indecision insecurity questions uncertainties huff complaint tearfulness defeatism temper worries objections second thought difficulties woefulness puzzle repentance bleakness mental strain dismalness emotional suffering lament lowness down butterflies in one's stomach bad temper bad news low hurting weariness abasement abjection anhedonia abjectness heavy-heartedness heavyheartedness weeping the dumps bad mood trials and tribulations hump suspiciousness reconsideration regrets doubtfulness disquietedness jolt disorientation living day to day responsibility discombobulation jimjams whim-whams sleeplessness clamour outcry humiliation throes arousal adversity burdens illness sickness demur incitement mental stress emotional strain shaking fidgeting outburst collapse traumatization blow ill surviving getting by screaming meemies nerve mixing clamor rocking question quandary cynicism hell dole DTs demoralization martyrdom megrim deprivation self-doubt tizzy, tizz nervous excitement loss of face pining misbelief poverty heartbrokenness fit of nerves buck fever extreme upset Gehenna murder repining purgatory deploring defeat shake-up disarray questioning humility unassertiveness conscience remonstrance contrition objection tenderness block daemon jump tremble fidget reversion dislocation affront destruction anvil chorus stitch squalor plague demoralisation loss of confidence lack of enthusiasm dysthymia mopery resignedness survival mode unpleasantness bane megrims turn-up subversion timidness timorousness self-consciousness humbleness meekness question mark dullness clinical depression vapours one's black dog troubles postnatal depression endogenous depression vapors slough of despond lugubriosity reactive depression scourge nuisance task disapproval calamity curse pest persecution row pitfall hindrance disregard disapprobation discontentedness fix snit fuming fretting stiffness smarting throbbing distrustfulness irritant unsureness impasse reserve restraint predicament scrape pains labor labour unconsolability throb gyp cramp fetish uproar cross visitation strenuousness laboriousness arduousness provocation cross to bear nagging malcontent heartburn envy boredom malcontentment querulousness jealousy dejectedness chaos ado toil setback enthusiasm fetich prepossession fascination aches and pains lack of self-confidence vacillation insecureness poignancy rebellion painfulness hangup travails hobbyhorse bug sulk anarchy insurrection uprising hobby horse bee in your bonnet pet subject rioting attention imbroglio weight exigency bafflement dismals pensiveness downcastness consideration grump mental block psychological block sedition pain in the rear thorn in someone's side pain in the backside thorn in someone's flesh pain in the neck pain in the bum protest heed unquietness grumps mental burden quarrel fighting ructions interest bout of moping fit of ill temper paddy fit of bad temper foulie fit of pique mood bate mard sulks fermentation carefulness change dissension a low altercation dissent bickering controversy heedfulness debate contention crisis pique irritability disease Sturm und Drang spleen crossness wrath fury rage petulance tetchiness peevishness testiness indignation relevance bearing relation hot temper pip needling aggro umbrage gall ill humour ire stroppiness crabbiness choler interestedness tender loving care being rubbed up the wrong way

Danh từ

A very unpleasant or frightening experience or prospect
nightmare horror torment hell ordeal torture trial agony misery murder purgatory bane bogey burden curse Gehenna phobia hallucination tribulation dream fancy fantasy illusion pet hate phantasm succubus vision bad dream hell on earth night terror affliction anguish suffering pain difficulty hardship woe trouble bother problem devil scourge bugbear fiend trauma plague wretchedness toil labor labour calamity test terror hobgoblin hassle demon irritation bête noire trials and tribulations bugaboo bogeyman hang-up strain anathema despair load nuisance grind pest living hell adversity distress ogre stress vexation irritant drain encumbrance drudgery peeve battle struggle travail black beast goblin headache exertion millstone pet peeve uphill battle weight bane of one's life uphill struggle pain in the bum pain in the backside tough grind difficult task tall order tough assignment pain in the rear pain in the neck effort endeavor abyss hellhole slog monster long haul hard work endeavour destruction ruin daemon ruination incubus succuba death baptism of fire menace evil disaster an ordeal a nightmare a trial misfortune nemesis blight fire gauntlet gantlet cross crucible downfall bête noir bitter pill a difficult experience visitation calvary painful experience cross to bear annoyance undoing a unpleasant experience a frustrating experience fatal attraction aversion hate dislike challenge unpleasant experience bogie drag fear gremlin spectre apprehension boogeyman loup-garou wraith scare specter bogy threat strife bore worry inconvenience pill nudnik skelf conflict bete noire source of irritation source of annoyance blister source of aggravation fair cow abomination thorn in your flesh thorn in one's side thorn in one's flesh

Danh từ

A strange, horrible, and often frightening being
monster beast brute creature fiend ghoul troll bogeyman daemon demon goblin bugbear critter ghoulie gremlin hobgoblin imp ogre orc phantom vermin beastie bugaboo devil ghost hellhound monstrosity slime specter spectre spirit varmint wraith bogey bogie giant grotesque pest phantasm apparition boogeyman cacodemon incubus kobold minion phantasma succubus urchin atua bogle bogyman boogieman grotesquerie grotesquery shaitan spook werewolf bug-a-boo evil spirit mythical creature fabulous creature visitant animal eidolon boggle booger sprite black beast villain tyrant shade scoundrel sadist savage barbarian shadow vision poltergeist fantasm swine pig blackguard haunt materialization hant nightmare wairua afreet rakshasa torment affliction hang-up it kehua fear scare bogy Archfiend hellion Satan vampire scarecrow alarm bullbeggar fright dehumanized being warlock fallen angel horror scourge witch malignant spirit materialisation familiar spirit elf pixie terror brownie fairy leprechaun gnome puck dwarf fay faerie faery pixy revenant manes kelpie appearance presence wight bodach duppy illusion zombie banshee soul hob ethereal being incorporeal being nixie Doppelganger being visitor whangdoodle fae baggard boggard boggart bug fey buggard bog pooka doppelgänger hallucination chimera bump in the night delusion doppelganger chimaera anathema bane aversion hate vexation irritant dislike irritation curse pet hate pain peeve problem bête noire apprehension loup-garou threat nix elfin bete noire pain in the bum pain in the backside pet peeve pain in the rear pain in the neck mischievous goblin

Động từ

To put (hair) into dreadlocks

Động từ

To regard with adoration and reverence, particularly for deities and gods

Trái nghĩa của dread

dread Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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