Đồng nghĩa của inexpedient

Alternative for inexpedient

Đồng nghĩa: unwise,

Tính từ

Not practical, suitable, or advisable
unwise imprudent inappropriate injudicious ill-advised ill-judged impolitic unadvisable disadvantageous ill-considered indiscreet undesirable careless detrimental foolhardy foolish impractical improper incautious irresponsible misguided silly thoughtless undiplomatic unsuitable wrong-headed inadvisable short-sighted tactless damaging harmful prejudicial futile inopportune rash indelicate brash reckless inconsiderate hasty unthinking graceless overhasty wrong untimely ill-conceived impulsive hare-brained ill-thought-out maladroit misconceived heedless unwary unpolitic stupid confused spur-of-the-moment unguarded ill-timed improvident insensitive precipitate hot-headed spur of the moment temerarious unsubtle garrulous infelicitous nosy dumb unsensible unadvised pointless inconvenient unrecommended harebrained negligent unconsidered unseemly leaving self wide open playing with fire off the deep end crazy crackpot asinine not recommended madcap badly planned daft crackbrained half-baked cock-eyed hotheaded risky off the top of one's head misplaced erroneous unwarranted unfounded fallacious unsound deluded misled mistaken led up the garden path uncalled for off course stonewalled unreasonable erring straying disinformed stray labouring under a delusion errant bum-steer bearded deceived faked-out impetuous headlong devil-may-care wild precipitous harum-scarum daredevil mindless hurried daring audacious inattentive adventurous unheeding hell-for-leather kamikaze rushed irrational cursory unmindful neglectful regardless helter-skelter sudden senseless unobservant premature casual bold overbold gadarene remiss flying slapdash passionate imperceptive drive-by venturesome unthought-out pell-mell venturous absent-minded unsafe precipitant headstrong inadvertent immature indifferent myopic furious overconfident blind over-adventurous death-or-glory flighty unwatchful carefree napping abrupt unconcerned spontaneous undiscerning fiery frenzied insuppressible determined unsagacious astigmatic oblivious unpremeditated unperceptive untactful harsh frivolous uncaring jumping to conclusions unreflective tearaway over-venturesome ignorant capricious blithe perfunctory offhand uncircumspect unalert unvigilant off-guard uncareful superficial fast and loose gauche crude gruff near-sighted instinctive giddy nonchalant clumsy erratic untroubled short-term naive bungling irreflective unpolished rough blunt involuntary intuitive automatic unreasoning inept vulgar blundering awkward previous desperate unworried insouciant uninformed unplanned speedy unreasoned slipshod impromptu adventuresome quick cavalier breakneck sloppy forgetful dozy careless of hectic badly thought out not thought through credulous unprepared unrestrained bull-in-a-china-shop subitaneous swift unexpected abandoned out of control nearsighted boorish misjudged shortsighted inane unfortunate unintelligent childish short-range restricted limited suicidal radge cool fearless intrepid courageous scatty unsympathetic mad chaotic wacky lively brave dauntless undaunted heady disregardful wide open happy-go-lucky haphazard abstracted rushing snatched easy-going off deep end out on limb uncreative unimaginative mechanical unduly quick death-defying unaware dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy airy flippant without regard self-destructive indiscriminate unconscious swaggering breezy fly-by-night romping light-minded disorderly risk-taking unwarned unknowing unsuspecting off one's guard unreliable undiscriminating asleep at the switch out to lunch careless of one's duty ditsy lackadaisical extemporaneous snap lacking foresight unintended deaf apathetic listless whimsical uninhibited uncivil sharp in the dark emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed unselective unexacting reflex unintentional unwitting unpredictable violent free and easy crass unfussy witless eager fierce ardent unmeditated overventuresome impassioned vehement unbridled unsmart uncontrolled ad-lib jumping the gun winging it not in the loop uncautious wary shallow uncritical indiscriminating vacant unmeant feckless brutish outrageous lax unreflecting unresponsible fervid restive easily pleased fast-and-loose heedless of caught napping foot-in-mouth asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job paying no heed to inattentive to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of disregardful of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to going off deep end frantic decadent fast-paced licentious self-indulgent self-gratifying unconstrained fast exciting immoderate intemperate slack extravagant salacious gadabout louche carnal corrupt profligate wanton shameless

Tính từ

Not producing any significant or desired effect
ineffectual ineffective inefficient inefficacious feckless counterproductive hamstrung feeble useless inept worthless incompetent weak inadequate unsuccessful powerless hopeless impotent lame futile unfit poor idle pathetic incapable lousy spineless rotten no good ruinous improvident unthrifty faulty shooting blanks unproductive abortive fruitless unavailing unprofitable vain profitless bootless non-successful failed purposeless empty otiose barren inutile unfructuous aimless shiftless irresponsible good-for-nothing unable forceless void withered nugatory neutralised null inoperative defeasible unfruitful invertebrate innocuous inferior limited paltry neutralized indecisive anticlimactic to no effect null and void apathetic spiritless lazy indolent slothful no-account unpurposed fustian meaningless uncareful unenterprising careless unreliable no-good reckless carefree unambitious incautious wild pointless to no avail in vain to no purpose valueless thwarted unrewarding hollow trivial sterile foiled impractical Sisyphean trifling without success frustrated no dice unimportant of no use baulked for nought unremunerative senseless doomed balked insufficient of no avail frivolous insignificant unreal on a treadmill not worth the candle misfired unsuitable exhausted dry wasted impracticable bungled defeated unsatisfactory vapid delusive blocked unavailable unprolific gainless junky unsubstantial petty broken failing thankless uneconomic botched bungling scant miscarried unimpressive disastrous emasculate slack-spined no use needless stymied frustaneous unlucrative save one's breath not effective no go no way hindered stonewalled obstructed a dead loss cramped inane inconsequential insubstantial motiveless time-wasting uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive wasteful for naught dull forlorn inactive chaffy cheap banal no-win puny misleading slight unnotable shuck delusory boring dead spinning one's wheels wild goose chase insipid stale uninspiring going nowhere uninteresting in vicious circle not a prayer of no value off unworkable unusable fouled up lost tedious arid flat commonplace resultless unneeded non-functioning lacklustre dreary monotonous drab unstimulating prosaic lifeless humdrum unserviceable nonfunctional ill-suited deficient inappropriate unsuited stillborn nonpractical unfunctional vacuous vacant unfilled clear without rhyme or reason no good to gundy dysfunctional expendable scrap unuseful inoperable pants not proper not good enough improper lackluster silent turned off not in use not working out of service out of use invalid incompatible flimsy junk unadvantageous inapt inconsistent defective not useful bad nonbinding cancelled annulled nonvalid nullified rescinded repealed abolished revoked absent canceled untrue nonexistent negative unacceptable imaginary nothing unsanctioned unsound

Tính từ

Not practical, suitable, or advisable
ill-timed impractical inconvenient untimely unsuitable inappropriate unfit inapposite unseemly unbecoming indecorous incongruous infelicitous wrong malapropos untoward inapt unsuited incorrect inept unbefitting unapt out of place improper inopportune undue inadvisable amiss inapplicable unhappy perverse graceless ill-advised unfitting unwarranted unseasonable awkward inharmonious discordant uncalled-for bad form irregular unprofessional erroneous discrepant imprudent ill-suited inaccurate inadmissible uncomely abnormal preposterous odd ludicrous unacceptable out-of-place out-of-season off-base at odds unladylike ungentlemanly unfortunate tasteless regrettable misguided injudicious misplaced tactless false ill-judged ill-considered undesirable ineligible ill-fitted lacking in propriety out of keeping incompatible out of line ill-adapted inadequate in poor taste in bad taste out of order inapropos immoral dishonourable illegitimate unethical dishonest corrupt disproportionate irrelevant insensitive off inconsonant unscrupulous crooked not cricket against the rules dishonorable not suitable left-field ill-chosen foot-in-mouth not proper way off inadequate for not up to scratch unworthy of inefficient ineligible for ill-suited to unsuitable for unequipped for unfitted for not equal to uncool useless unprepared for inappropriate to not good enough for unfitted not designed not designed for unsuited to ineffective ill-adapted to no good stupid slow incompetent dull clumsy gauche maladroit inexpert inexperienced unfacile unhandy flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal indelicate indecent naughty immodest

Tính từ

Likely to lead to an adverse or bad outcome
unfavourable unfavorable adverse unpropitious untimely inauspicious inopportune disadvantageous inconvenient untoward ominous unfortunate unlucky prejudicial regrettable calamitous negative inconducive troublesome unseasonable counter harmful infelicitous threatening bad destructive detrimental improper unpromising unsuitable damaging harsh unseemly objectionable unhappy unsuited discommodious malapropos unfit disparaging ill inappropriate inapt opposed wrong gloomy inadvisable ill-advised very bad ill-suited ill-timed bothersome awkward difficult discommoding ill-chosen disturbing incommodious annoying disruptive mistimed problematic incommoding contrary unbecoming uncomplimentary undue irritating early premature aggravating vexing unbefitting hostile precocious inimical unprofitable tiresome badly timed unhandy unfriendly unhelpful vexatious unmanageable unwieldy pestiferous cumbersome disagreeable remote embarrassing incongruous unfitting misplaced ill-fitted indecorous injudicious disappointing tactless poor unsatisfactory antagonistic low tardy late unadvantageous hurtful deleterious unacceptable injurious distressing worrisome prohibitive testing tough disastrous trying challenging deplorable dreadful disgraceful undesirable shameful unsympathetic pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative slighting depreciatory derogatory detracting downside ill-considered on the debit side disobliging soon advance bright and early a bit previous too early early on before time anachronistic oversoon overearly intrusive out-of-date too soon too late previous early bird abortive unwelcome inept wretched star-crossed ill-fated hapless luckless ill-starred unpleasant hasty out of keeping obtrusive ill-judged misjudged menacing terrible forbidding desperate out of luck unsuccessful afflicted unprosperous pained broken ruined jinxed cursed forsaken ruinous stricken shattered in a bad way lamentable destitute troubled burdened hopeless doomed foreboding grim direful perilous inhospitable bleak dire dangerous unanticipated unexpected worrying nasty unforeseen unpredicted unusual unpredictable surprising refractory incontrollable uncontrollable willful intractable ungovernable wilful wayward froward headstrong recalcitrant unruly unpliable stubborn unyielding misfortunate undisciplined fractious indocile wild

Tính từ

infra dig undignified beneath one beneath one's dignity debasing degrading demeaning infra indignitatem unbecoming unworthy of one humiliating shameful lowering unworthy unsuitable ignominious mortifying belittling shaming cheapening disgraceful abject dishonourable inglorious improper inappropriate dishonorable disparaging depreciative contemptuous denigratory scornful slighting uncomplimentary derogative depreciatory deprecatory decrying derogatory pejorative derisory disdainful detractive denigrative wretched discrediting contemptible menial bringing shame unacceptable condescending derisive patronizing depreciating sneering patronising downgrading corrupting unladylike ungentlemanly unseemly unfitting unrefined unbefitting inelegant discreditable ignoble indecent unceremonious untoward low sorry scandalous indecorous lacking dignity beneath you base beneath your dignity insulting deprecating disapproving critical offensive contumelious negative abusive defamatory deprecative snide disrespectful detracting rude unflattering slanderous mocking libelous libellous scathing opprobrious damaging scurrilous vituperative scoffing jeering dismissive sarcastic supercilious spiteful hurtful vilifying calumniatory nasty diminishing deflating unfavourable personal jibing fault-finding unfavorable maligning catty withering censorious taunting disreputable minimizing minimising malicious detractory insolent denigrating arrogant cheeky haughty abhorrent snotty judgmental sardonic sniffy snooty full of contempt ridiculing uncharitable teasing pillorying unsympathetic epithetical lampooning caustic satirical familiar intrusive impertinent indelicate indiscreet unpleasant sarky snidey defiant tasteless vulgar damning superior outrageous unheroic unsuccessful hypercritical overbearing cynical egotistic crass despicable invective infamous failed irreverent disadvantageous sniping harsh dyslogistic blameworthy shabby shocking detestable unrespectable reprehensible in bad taste injurious dishonouring calumnious mean traducing mud-slinging cavalier dishonoring despiteful aspersing malevolent reproachful vain imperious proud snippy hard-nosed bold hard audacious temperamental snobbish uppity cool upstage cold-shoulder high hat dog it on your high horse high and mighty on high horse

Tính từ

Causing, or capable of causing, harm
corrupting corruptive adverse harmful damaging dangerous detrimental hurtful injurious deleterious destructive hazardous bad catastrophic dire disastrous negative pernicious unfavorable unfavourable cataclysmic crippling deadly devastating disadvantageous fatal prejudicial subversive undesirable baleful baneful calamitous critical ill lethal malignant perilous prejudicious ruinous sinister toxic unfortunate unhealthy unpropitious virulent cancerous corroding corrosive counterproductive evil inimical inopportune malicious menacing mischievous nocuous noxious painful parlous threatening untoward unwholesome annihilative dicey eradicative extirpative incendiary malefic maleficent nocent poisonous suicidal undermining venomous wicked wounding hostile unlucky malign woeful grievous tragic inauspicious terrible dreadful awful malevolent distressing unfriendly cataclysmal lamentable fateful antagonistic nasty direful unsafe ominous disturbing miserable black spiteful wretched environmentally unfriendly deplorable ill-fated appalling pestilential abusive unsympathetic risky unconducive unhappy damning mortal sorrowful regrettable forbidding minatory vindictive hard bitter insidious cruel heartbreaking vitriolic frightful dark ill-starred hapless bodeful ill-boding minacious contrary pestilent invalidating afflictive unpromising antipathetic counter pestiferous infelicitous ruining destroying vicious acrimonious harsh horrible noisome heartrending distressful shocking offensive portentous unkind gloomy ill-disposed foreboding annihilatory devastative cantankerous rancorous frightening doomy vexatious shattering mean horrendous troublesome evil-intentioned catty gruesome sad grim doleful harrowing desolate forlorn unbeneficial foul vile untimely miasmatic miasmic nefarious precarious nullifying annulling counteractive neutralizing killing grave jeopardizing iniquitous reprobate unadvantageous unwelcome murderous opposed tough unsound lethiferous insalubrious internecine harassing wreckful sinful wrackful slaughterous belligerent tragical intimidating ghastly severe serious troubling thorny life-threatening jeopardising jeopardous bellicose aching hurting hate-filled vengeful catastrophal imperilling imperiling defamatory horrific intimidatory hideous aggressive contentious truculent pugnacious blighting earth-shattering messy artful neutralising louring atrocious disquieting resentful hateful cross abominable bothersome abhorrent unwelcoming grisly monstrous nightmarish ill-natured heinous inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant alarming creepy eerie ill-omened scary evil-looking spooky eldritch blue sorry pathetic sinistrous minatorial anguished mournful abject discouraging ravaging moving dismal agonizing galling suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse lowering obnoxious apocalyptic blackhearted pitiable stirring melancholy piteous despondent pitiful dejected unhelpful unsuccessful crushing abortive agonising deathly disobliging obstructive heart-rending doomed luckless disparaging derogatory discrediting caustic abrasive

Tính từ

Arousing distaste or opposition
objectionable exceptionable offensive abhorrent appalling contemptible deplorable despicable disagreeable displeasing distasteful intolerable obnoxious reprehensible repugnant unacceptable censurable detestable disgusting insufferable loathly loathsome odious repellent repulsive undesirable unpalatable unpleasant unseemly unwelcome disgustful dislikable dreadful frightful hateful horrible horrid inadmissible indecorous irritating nauseating nauseous noxious obscene opprobrious rebarbative revolting sickening unsavory unsavoury annoying awful foul ghastly invidious nasty rude terrible unfit unwanted vile beastly bogging poison unsatisfactory unsuitable off-putting beyond the pale ill-favoured ill-favored sick-making disliked unpopular dreaded unattractive unpleasing unwished-for outcast inconvenient shunned defective useless uninvited incommodious unsought icky disadvantageous rejected unlikable loathed bothersome scorned detrimental abominable troublesome adverse for the birds unwished for to be avoided out of place strictly for the birds horrendous gross hideous yucky scandalous bad shocking noisome rotten ugly execrable rancid evil repellant God-awful gruesome fulsome lousy atrocious uninviting wicked putrid yucko stinking heinous monstrous distressing skanky wretched diabolical upsetting grotty bitter harsh grisly unlovely mean yukky forbidding scurvy base outrageous unspeakable sour uncongenial disgraceful malodorous unappetizing fetid insupportable rank improper shameful lamentable galling dishonourable unappealing dire horrifying grim foetid unbearable miserable mephitic irksome poor dishonorable disreputable hellacious stinky festy painful smelly difficult abysmal regrettable on the nose inexcusable niffy pitiful olid disturbing exasperating immoral sad iniquitous indefensible dirty inappropriate out of order ignoble unreasonable dismal vexing unfortunate unsightly woeful pongy whiffy blameworthy sorry funky miasmal horrific grubby wrong discreditable dislikeable vomitous impertinent cruddy stomach-turning ignominious lame hurtful stomach-churning grody unprincipled vexatious discouraging unworthy vulgar pesky filthy pestiferous macabre uncomfortable acrid maddening foul-smelling evil-smelling sordid shady discourteous troubling grievous unfair criminal sleazy low depressing daunting vomit-inducing disappointing degrading unsettling out of line squalid paltry insolent disconcerting pitiable perturbing hellish embarrassing pestilential frightening infamous poisonous unforgivable gut-churning undesired damnable unjustifiable disrespectful vicious worrying egregious disastrous cruel unclean severe creepy excruciating nightmarish hostile sinful excluded pathetic not on crummy lurid harmful cheap scabby scummy harrowing impudent grimy infuriating unholy unmannerly from hell godawful dodgy coarse impolite worrisome disquieting boorish provoking grungy traumatic cringe-making black injurious discomforting gut-wrenching humiliating uncivil notorious ungodly uncool dismaying troublous disheartening dishonest tormenting agonizing brackish antipathetic very unpleasant degenerate awkward unwholesome deleterious villainous inadequate shameless grotesque shoddy crooked unpardonable unscrupulous nefarious ornery doleful brutal scurrilous aggravating shabby depraved below par grave beyond contempt perverse mediocre bleak polluted substandard alarming too much rubbish smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike dingy sneaking ratty begrimed soiled agonising insulting unconscionable bum wanting laughable a bit much rankling pernicious weak not acceptable dangerous derogatory dark less-than-stellar second-rate abusive demoralizing churlish culpable wounding provocative affronting abrasive riling slighting stressful torturous carking nettling peeving chafing nettlesome frustrating unasked distressful agitating inglorious seedy rough unrespectable louche shy unhealthy dubious unnerving hated hateable remiss plaguy pestilent hairy fraught flagitious crude unlucky errant demanding terrifying unendurable trying unfavorable unfavourable afflicting off-color inferior condemnable confounded tragical disparaging contemptuous catty concerning pesty plaguey untoward tragic discomposing excessive reeking afflictive deficient barbarous sadistic brutish bestial inhuman dastardly blackballed unhappy biting cutting demoralising unpretty malevolent spiteful cussed unhandsome tremendous corrupt impossible delinquent inhospitable joyless cheerless comfortless flat tasteless thankless incompatible homely ill-advised unbeautiful out impermissible over-the-top foreboding uncomely heartbreaking trashy garbage rubbishy worthless fearful too bad shut out inimical not okay sick inapposite unqualified unfriendly hard pitiless dissolute ruthless savage unfitted merciless sombre solemn somber baneful tainted unsuited direful gloomy low-grade amoral treacherous unethical perverted off not the done thing over the fence dissatisfactory malapropos inapt excess baggage punk gnarly not cricket inapplicable deceitful unlawful unrighteous debauched destructive godforsaken not in the picture under par low-quality poor-quality third-rate second-class two-bit imperfect yecchy vitiated wanton impure bent inept left out in cold hopeless questionable meagre meager mournful raunchy virulent not quite the done thing not good enough sinister morbid very bad not up to par not up to scratch shifty not up to snuff hatable dispiriting intimidating uncoveted emetic irregular indiscreet offending formidable reviled discommoding untempting preposterous senseless shonky pain drag scabrous startling fierce ridiculous foolish sub-par cut-rate impoverished stark oppressed mischievous dreary unwelcoming detested seamy diseased onerous shuddersome resentful accursed blasted cursed intense audacious ungracious crass graceless knavish low-down repelling inconsistent contradictory opposed poverty-stricken flavorless insipid flavourless yicky savorless unmanageable pill heel calamitous abominated despised execrated deadly insalutary mighty averse antagonistic unenviable serious piggish gluttonous swinish degraded brute feral ferine animal carnal irrational prurient surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy acute intractable ungovernable recalcitrant against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different revulsive foreign ignorant suspicious rascally suspect out of bounds unenticing crashing very disgusting not wanted reeky wayward in opposition musty stenchy strong high fusty untrustworthy uncouth frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty eye-watering pigpen ripe ill a bit off a bit thick over the top terrific grewsome nightmare humourless humorless sober mortifying funny iffy dissipated slimy acid sharp bland tart sedate ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish saddening affecting not quite the thing anguished heartrending sorrowful OTT venal grating found wanting bereft lacking insubstantial unjust too little less than ideal scant inconsiderable feeble mercenary faithless perfidious tiresome thorny infernal irking harassing beyond bearing not to be borne heart-rending bribable warped niggling tedious challenging harrying puzzling wearisome enraging antagonizing jarring problematic knotty taxing nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking nerve-wracking extremely bad insalubrious tough not much for looks not much to look at weighted short on looks not beautiful plain-featured discriminatory prejudicial ordinary one-sided hard on the eyes deformed plain burdensome nagging tricky subpar suboptimal austere unfeeling rancorous self-indulgent unkind callous exploitative libertine slippery bloodthirsty wrathful demonic evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless cold-blooded two-faced morally wrong maleficent reprobate decadent defiled despiteful malicious scheming profligate vindictive corrupted debased licentious scoundrelly inhumane hard-hearted mean-spirited heartless crafty scrofulous sly black-hearted vengeful felonious tyrannical underhanded incorrigible scornful unconscientious devious lawless inexorable disdainful festering teasing wearing unnourishing ill-fated hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful gray exacting negative chilling grey oppressive pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened unpropitious dour discommodious perilous morose troubled full of hardship threatening glum strained ill-omened ill-boding inauspicious ominous parlous desolate messy amateurish abject insufficient unimpressive faulty unsatisfying antagonising erring wack cheapo irremediable crumby tatty unwarranted inequitable unjustified innutritious insanitary inacceptable bush reject enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall infelicitous unapt reproachable sickly ruinous junk unhygienic damaging unhealthful irrelevant personal unbefitting bush-league below average poor quality won't do tenth-rate below standard half-baked of low quality second rate of poor quality from hunger not up to standard contaminated lethal spoiled venomous malign septic baleful unnutritious immaterial unallowable blamable reprovable blameable ineligible for inadequate for unfitted for ill-suited unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to not qualified unsuitable for ineligible not designed not designed for ill-adapted to ill-adapted ill-suited to inappropriate to invalid malignant pathological unsound toxic spoilt decayed indecent amiss guilty demeritorious prohibited precluded disallowed forbidden at fault unadmittable unadmissible unbecoming barred banned incompetent not allowable censored ill-timed beside the point not germane not appropriate

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