Đồng nghĩa của mistaken

Alternative for mistaken

Đồng nghĩa: false, misguided,

mistakes, mistook, mistaking, mistaken

Đồng nghĩa: blunder, error, fault, faux pas, miss, oversight, slip,

Trái nghĩa: take,

Tính từ

(of a falsehood) Concocted to deceive others
invented misleading false untrue fabricated spurious fallacious incorrect wrong concocted inaccurate erroneous deceptive unfounded specious invalid sham unsound untruthful inexact distorted fake counterfeit fraudulent bogus flawed imaginary apocryphal beguiling deceiving deluding delusive delusory deceitful phoney phony faulty fishy unreal imprecise counterfactual mock feigned forged improper truthless artificial casuistic coloured colored insincere misrepresentative sophistical dishonest simulated faked factitious contrived ersatz cooked-up trumped-up fictitious illusory fanciful chimerical fantastic fictional apparent ostensible chimeric hallucinatory ideal visionary seeming fictive imagined phantasmal dreamlike misguided illusive whimsical suppositious phantasmagoric semblant mythical fabulous blue-sky fantastical notional phantasmic off pseudo mythic phantom pretend fantasied imaginal made up trumped up fancied phantasmagorical made-up make-believe delusional illogical illusionary baseless sophistic ungrounded in error mad unreasoned reasonless way off nightmarish surreal psychedelic deluded lying phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic bizarre Kafkaesque phantasmagorian out dissembling misconceived mythological contrary to fact off the mark unreasonable unfactual nonfactual quixotic vain insubstantial irrational not the case not true economical with the truth misinformed phantasm unsubstantiated foundationless unproven groundless dicey ill-founded iffy uncorroborated unsupported dodgy way off beam off beam without basis full of holes without foundation non-existent hollow Barmecidal supposititious Barmecide blue sky pipe dream affected assumed pretentious copied imitation pirate snide queer framed Hollywood plant brummagem put-on bent crock not genuine won't fly soft shell not kosher ambiguous pretended two-faced unreliable cod hoax trick confusing evasive pseud knock-off dummy substitute unauthentic pirated inauthentic adopted improvised glib disingenuous tricky casuistical plausible unstraightforward cunning untrustworthy devious faithless cheating pretending credible probable sophisticated empty flattering ostentatious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory presumable idle equivocal perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling seemingly correct plausible but wrong apparently right fakey impostrous unprovable traditional superstitious freety apprehensive fearful

Tính từ

erring guilty offending aberrant criminal culpable delinquent errant lawbreaking lawless misbehaving sinning transgressing blundering deviant deviating fallible faulty sinful straying transgressive wrong in error unmanageable immoral wicked antisocial felonious reprehensible censurable mischievous bad froward difficult unruly naughty contrary troublesome wayward disobedient uncontrollable shifting rowdy erratic devious stray unorthodox unreliable miscreant heretic meandering badly behaved errable out of control off straight and narrow rebellious disorderly insubordinate undisciplined refractory defiant obstreperous recalcitrant contumacious wilful intractable ungovernable wild perverse fractious disruptive uncooperative rascally roguish willful mutinous riotous headstrong uncompliant turbulent unbiddable impish awkward noncompliant untoward bolshie rebel recusant incompliant balky restive attention-seeking exasperating rude incorrigible self-willed non-compliant unrestrained truculent stubborn out of hand rough irksome ill-disciplined badly-behaved full of mischief ill-behaved nonobservant anarchic resistive uncontrolled reckless vexatious untrained insurgent unsteady capricious unschooled aberrative aberrational seditious stroppy troublemaking unsettling disturbing upsetting obdurate unpredictable fickle obstinate ungoverned inconsistent distracting treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying lacking self-control divisive incontrollable intolerable impossible unbearable undependable mulish noisy raucous cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed ornery arbitrary out-of-order out-of-line off-base disrupting causing trouble dysfunctional insolent impudent pugnacious whiny petulant problematic socially impaired belligerent troublous maladjusted trying aggressive confrontational combative argumentative tiresome bold hot-tempered disturbed malicious fierce unrestrainable scrappy pesky uncontainable sullen cantankerous peevish hostile undisciplinable nasty devilish loudmouthed wearisome demanding bellicose mean indocile misbehaved playful impolite tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish annoying teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless tough evil bad-mannered

Tính từ

Wrong or faulty
amiss incorrect wrong inappropriate defective faulty improper unsuitable untoward awry confused false rotten adrift astray bad flawed graceless imperfect inaccurate inapposite inapt incongruous indecorous inept infelicitous malapropos perverse unapt unbecoming unfit unhappy unsatisfactory unseemly erroneous fallacious crooked erring foul haywire sick unfair unlawful out of order glitched up off target off course off the right track wide of the mark out of place unfitting out of keeping ill-advised unbefitting unsuited unacceptable untimely ill-suited misplaced tasteless tactless inopportune indelicate injudicious undue ill-timed awkward undesirable ill-considered unwarranted inapplicable inadvisable inexpedient ill-judged unseasonable discordant lacking in propriety unprofessional unladylike ungentlemanly indecent irregular incompatible uncalled-for inharmonious in bad taste undignified misguided unfortunate regrettable indiscreet clumsy irrelevant uncouth ineligible gauche rough ungodly in poor taste imprudent discrepant odd inadequate uncomely disproportionate inadmissible at odds beyond the pale out of the way bad form contradictory impolite illogical coarse rude absurd immoral extraneous immodest unworthy discreditable maladroit malodorous not right unmannerly impolitic vulgar ill-fitted ill-adapted clashing dissonant inconsistent jarring inapropos abnormal preposterous insensitive off ludicrous unfitted off beam unworthy of out-of-place out-of-season off-base not proper ill-chosen improprietous uncalled for untactful impertinent immaterial incautious offensive unconventional out-of-the-way irrelative funny off-balance detrimental unhandsome tacky unlovely salacious meaningless pointless ridiculous fallible confusing unsound not done up unmatched disparate dissident disagreeable interfering senseless unvirtuous loose wanton ill-bred shameless not pertinent not germane out of character irrational wrong-headed unreasonable boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous not good enough askew problematic uncivil shocking inconsonant dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical not working unorthodox unscrupulous unrefined disreputable dishonorable out of line not as it should be left-field foot-in-mouth way off against the rules not cricket disobliging disobedient miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant delinquent uncontrollable ornery troublesome obstructive unhealthy fractious rebellious unhelpful mean out of commission not suitable inefficient uncool useless ineffective not designed poor crass tawdry ruffian shameful raffish inelegant crude cheap rowdy not up to scratch ineligible for unequipped for not equal to unprepared for not good enough for unsuited to inadequate for ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for inappropriate to not designed for ill-adapted to no good wide afield gone vanished lost roaming wandering straying disarranged off the mark off track conflicting stray contrary out of position disconsonant strange bizarre irreconcilable stupid slow incompetent dull off-key incoherent inexpert ironic paradoxical inexperienced unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal not in harmony divergent unrelated uncoordinated shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided jumbled unavailing uneven rambling in opposition unconnected alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful fantastic standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile

Tính từ

Lacking in veracity, accuracy or truth
unreliable implausible unconvincing inaccurate unsound doubtful dubious fallible flimsy questionable weak specious suspect tenuous undependable chancy disreputable risky rocky shaky unsubstantiated unsupported untrue deceptive defective erroneous false incorrect uncertain wrong dodgy iffy fake fallacious falsified flaky flakey pseudo sham unstable off-target wide of the mark open to doubt open to question unfounded unreasonable spurious groundless disputable dubitable ill-founded illogical invalid unwarranted unjustified unjustifiable baseless debatable nebulous untrustworthy arguable untenable fishy irrational unproven suspicious flawed doubtable faulty equivocal preposterous problematic absurd uncorroborated improbable unlikely unverified ungrounded foundationless unconfirmed unsustainable conjectural without basis far-fetched speculative nonvalid without foundation problematical moot sketchy vague shady vain indefensible controversial incongruous insecure unclear indefinite senseless dicey untested unattested insupportable unbelievable unsubstantial fabricated incredible idle unsettled unsure unestablished hollow nonsensical ludicrous farfetched queer fantastic feeble misguided nonrational illegitimate unreasoning controvertible indecisive impossible fragile contentious gratuitous bottomless inconsequent inconsequential inconceivable borderline uncalled-for obscure suppositive suppositious issuable indeterminate not backed up by evidence in doubt negotiable unacceptable unsafe unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible empty unprovoked misinformed mootable open to debate open to suspicion subject to debate unauthorized unapt reasonless trumped up trumped-up chimerical illusory imaginary vulnerable not reliable not dependable up in the air under suspicion uncalled for not backed up causeless without substantiation without merit precarious exaggerated without justification without cause unauthorised without reason not kosher perilous outlandish without explanation fanciful misleading overblown presumed assumed not validated sensational embellished dishonest outrageous untruthful extravagant unpersuasive spectacular laughable bizarre hyperbolic farcical incoherent insubstantial poor unsatisfactory inadequate contradictory inconclusive lame undecided unresolved unprovable easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken apocryphal marginal undefined in dispute unrealistic mind-boggling unimaginable embroidered distorted histrionic unwarrantable disputed unsupportable irreconcilable puzzling ambiguous occult hypothetical cryptic enigmatic contingent beyond belief tall cock and bull hard to swallow blown up far out negligible in question sophistic pathetic airy fatuous nutty thin wacky slight reachy unreasoned unimpressive complicated out of the ordinary hard to believe unbacked casuistic under advisement not obvious under examination not definite open to discussion unspecific insignificant hazy inexcusable off the wall won't hold water unforgivable full of holes won't wash self-contradictory unpardonable inexpiable arbitrary bad

Tính từ

Guilty, responsible, deserving blame
at fault accountable answerable blameable blameworthy censurable culpable erring guilty reproachable responsible errant incorrect liable misguided offending to blame wrong deserving blame in error in the wrong on one's head blamable reprehensible sinful reprovable condemnable chargeable blameful faulty delinquent criminal wicked iniquitous out of line behind discreditable shameful indefensible inexcusable guilty of evil culpable of disreputable caught unholy amiss demeritorious scandalous peccant at the bottom of on the hook contemptible implicated deserving of censure charged with concerned amenable convicted felonious subject censured depraved convictable licentious condemned accusable impeached incriminated doomed disgraceful obligated legally responsible bound bad objectionable ignoble deplorable tied unworthy opprobrious despicable remiss dishonourable odious unacceptable unjustifiable insufferable regrettable repugnant unforgivable unpardonable exceptionable offensive obnoxious dishonorable found wanting punishable impeachable indictable dirty hung up smoking gun off base caught red-handed caught in the act caught in flagrante unwarrantable inexpiable outrageous unconscionable unjustified unprovoked unreasonable insupportable without justification without cause without reason gratuitous excessive uncalled for immoderate unwarranted uncalled-for intolerable untenable unallowable unpermissible beyond the pale unnecessary irremissible deadly mortal unjust not forgivable unmerited ungrounded rude impermissible criticizable impolite

Tính từ

Happening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly
accidental chance unintentional fortuitous casual unintended unplanned fluky inadvertent random unexpected adventitious serendipitous unforeseen unpremeditated coincidental incidental unlooked-for unwitting aleatory unanticipated flukey involuntary unconscious unknowing unmeant unthinking contingent misguided occurring by accident occurring by chance subconscious uncalculated occasional happening unexpectedly haphazard lucky odd undesigned erratic unthought aimless extemporaneous undevised purposeless unforeseeable arbitrary fortunate spontaneous unpredictable unpredicted irregular out of the blue fluke opportune stray propitious auspicious happy timely providential felicitous scattered hit-or-miss careless circumstantial innocent heaven-sent uncertain sudden sporadic by chance isolated unconcerned reckless convenient unlooked for expedient offhand desultory variable successful apt advantageous golden not bargained for catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter favourable promising enviable meet proper just favorable nice efficacious fitting well timed well-timed ad hoc unpurposeful capricious not planned impromptu possible related accompanying spot lucky-dog naive thoughtless by-the-way concomitant contributory attendant at random simple luck out luck in concurrent by accident unhoped-for without warning negligent welcome unheeding heedless depending liable probable probably provisional likely subject reliant feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective naïve right periodic trial and error hitty-missy benign good seasonable rare honest well-intentioned infrequent seasonal intermittent abrupt not on purpose ripe jammy chancy incalculable natural unsystematic appropriate correct satisfactory beneficial suitable befitting effective freak startling surprising disorganized slapdash indiscriminate disorderly unmethodical lone single slipshod part-time fragmentary astonishing unsought surprise unimagined unenvisaged scattershot chaotic undirected orderless hit-and-miss prosperous privileged abnormal at the mercy of events higgledy-piggledy healthy unthought of unorganised designless unselective uncoordinated disorganised loose jumbled unorganized willy-nilly unconsidered devil-may-care messy wholesome well-off profitable hit or miss any which way any old way all over the map bright all over the place from left field favored fair favoured blindsiding extraordinary unannounced amazing shocking incredible remarkable astounding without notice unimaginable jolting unusual dumfounding jarring unsuspected staggering stunning stupefying dumbfounding flabbergasting jaw-dropping inconceivable eye-opening overwhelming undreamed-of bizarre uncommon freakish unthought-of unthinkable out of the ordinary not in the cards uncanny unheralded peculiar disconcerting unsettling dramatic striking unbelievable atypical queer upsetting preposterous strange unwonted baffling befuddling outlandish freaky flustering confounding shock miraculous undreamt-of unheard-of outrageous unpublished undisclosed dynamite better than expected withheld unplanned for out of character like a dream come true beyond your wildest dreams undreamed of uninvited unprompted unsolicited weird curious sensational fanciful far-fetched quaint eerie bewildering devastating unlikely incomprehensible mystifying puzzling spooky anomalous singular exceptional spur-of-the-moment unprepared awful unnerving crazy aberrant unique awe-inspiring mind-boggling shattering mind-blowing muddling beyond belief eye-popping hard to swallow unordinary unheard of whimsical nonplusing portentous confusing discomfiting dismaying conspicuous nonplussing extemporary off-the-cuff unrehearsed ad-lib improvisational extempore improvised unstudied offhanded snap alarming uncustomary untypical phenomenal preternatural especial aberrated exceeding disturbing disquieting perturbing unparalleled extraordinaire impulsive unscheduled down and dirty unaccountable unrepresentative frightening scary frightful rogue

Trái nghĩa của mistaken

mistaken Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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