Đồng nghĩa của glib

Alternative for glib

glibber, glibbest

Đồng nghĩa: glib-tongued, pat, slick, smooth-tongued,

Tính từ

Excessive in obsequious praise or flattery
unctuous sycophantic fawning obsequious ingratiating flattering oily smarmy grovelling toadying servile cringing smooth bootlicking suave crawling oleaginous slick soapy fulsome humble subservient gushing adulatory slimy urbane greasy gushy saccharine sucky hagiographic hagiographical insincere effusive cloying plausible cajoling nauseating hypocritical buttery sickening wheedling slippery groveling saponaceous phony phoney creamy pinguid smug creepy silver-tongued smooth-tongued brown-nosing arse-licking self-abasing smooth-talking apple-polishing smooth-spoken honey-tongued forelock-tugging ass-kissing Uriah Heepish sophisticated polished debonair courteous charming polite refined cultivated civil mannerly civilized gentlemanly cool bland self-possessed svelte courtly gracious civilised media-savvy extravagant enthusiastic mealy-mouthed persuasive lavish silky worldly worldly-wise affable poised OTT cultured dignified gallant well-bred diplomatic tactful genial genteel over the top obliging well mannered deferential credible supple insinuating coaxing compliant fast-talking eloquent truckling abject self-effacing reptilian convincing agreeable assured politic cordial soft impeccable soft-spoken pleasant pleasing formal sociable distingué excessive inordinate overdone all over someone hard to resist immoderate elegant profuse extensive glowing liberal ample generous self-assured laudatory over-appreciative acclamatory eulogistic sugary rapturous complimentary cosmopolitan encomiastic honeyed gross well-mannered magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious over-effusive well bred over-enthusiastic unrestrained ebullient rhapsodic exuberant expansive unreserved lyrical balanced metropolitan stylish mushy blubbery sentimental emotional hammy voluble hyped up laid on with a trowel chivalrous respectable respectful considerate decorous decent together facile collected composed unruffled possessed coolheaded equable royal sedate self-composed slavish toadyish submissive serving silken creeping suckholing disarming sycophantish craven praising sweet-talking appreciative menial excessively deferential kowtowing applauding insinuative encomiastical sweet prostrate ingratiatory reverential parasitical commending base arse-kissing brownnosing parasitic sniveling spineless timeserving commendatory admiring friendly beggarly obeisant low mean snivelling insinuatory suggestive favourable soft-soaping bowing and scraping despicable rave highly favourable favorable mellifluous sleek overly flattering conniving worshipping sycophant bowing scraping cowering flannelling blarneying winsome winning endearing blandishing worshipful gratifying docile lionizing gentle amiable crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking subordinate complacent subject compliable congenial unemotional lionising worshiping good-natured approving cringey congratulatory obedient unresisting passive ignoble panegyrical eating crow eulogizing good positive approbatory eating humble pie sugarcoated laudative plauditory honoring fair-spoken celebrating eulogising well-wishing with high praise with highest recommendation honouring praiseful kind approbative highly favorable sweet-sounding maudlin overemotional mawkish nostalgic overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid loving dewy-eyed lovey-dovey

Tính từ

Treating serious issues with inappropriate humor
wise flippant facetious flip cheeky pert smart amusing jocular playful jokey mischievous tongue-in-cheek whimsical cute frivolous sarcastic witty disrespectful irreverent offhand impertinent impudent rude superficial carefree irresponsible saucy shallow insouciant overfamiliar sassy thoughtless brassy cocky dismissive insolent comical funny humorous lippy puckish light-hearted smart-aleck smart-alecky smarty-pants jocose joking waggish droll sportive frolicsome inane clever high-spirited blithe ridiculous teasing lighthearted in jest risible mirthful impish roguish inappropriate jesting unserious bantering fresh comic breezy ironic entertaining gay farcical ludicrous tongue in cheek snappy jocund in fun spirited for a laugh casual flighty silly sardonic wisecracking as a joke to tease hilarious precious cutesy satirical wry foolish indecorous punning dry mincingly clever gleeful jovial fun-loving snide blithesome beguiling laughable riotous fun uproarious sidesplitting stimulating antic sharp-witted nimble-witted insulting scintillating highbrowed sparkling snazzy sharp cutting quick quick on the draw tactful profound quick on the uptake racy slapstick quick-witted ill-considered fatuous senseless non-serious airy merry daft arch pixieish tricksy sly leprechaunish rascally scampish pixy jolly pixie devilish prankish knavish wicked chucklesome elvish clowning lively kittenish bubbly gamesome ludic cheerful joyous jaunty diverting joshing pleasant wacky campy camp rib-tickling screaming side-splitting priceless killing comedic humoristic hysterical zany hysteric absurd boffo for grins ingenious delightful enjoyable rollicking pleasing engaging crazy flakey putting one on flaky gelastic light gagged up too funny for words pulling one's leg not serious naughty elfin flirtatious interesting good-natured eccentric pixyish clownish novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening lightweight elfish mysterious agreeable gut-busting enchanting original odd preposterous quirky quaint pointed cut up off-the-wall oddball piquant epigrammatic brilliant incisive adept smooth recreative hysterically funny crack-up riot quizzical laffer frisky fanciful sprightly capering a card loony jerky goofy fool dippy a scream fool-headed nutty fool around batty killingly funny a hoot gump dizzy screwy goofus crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a caution a laugh apt agile bold highbrow brazen cool nimble ready nifty trivial trifling full of life happy-go-lucky wanton recreational fun-filled animated bright penetrating keen piercing intelligent chipper ribald cheery laughing sunny festive joculous happy good-humoured good-humored daffy

Tính từ

Talkative or loquacious
talky talkative garrulous loquacious chatty gabby conversational verbose mouthy voluble effusive windy gossipy prolix wordy motormouthed multiloquent chattering blabby vocal fluent articulate loudmouthed eloquent slick smooth verbal rattling long-winded big-mouthed loose-lipped full of hot air gushing communicative gassy multiloquous gossiping babbling chattery able to talk the hind legs off a donkey blathering with the gift of the gab forthcoming prattling expansive jabbering yakking rambling profuse gibbering unreserved open wittering gobby having kissed the blarney stone having kissed the Blarney Stone drivellous outspoken outgoing excessively communicative prating informal newsy spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed intimate yacking prosy gaseous tonguey bombastic wind-bag yakkity loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth motormouth flap jaw running on at the mouth silver-tongued vociferous bigmouthed running on blessed with the gift of the gab grandiloquent rhetorical pompous pretentious orotund fustian magniloquent flowery oratorical inflated turgid rhetoric overblown flatulent tumid high-flown convoluted high-sounding grandiose declamatory highfalutin euphuistic aureate ostentatious pleonastic tedious periphrastic ranting florid affected swollen overripe noisy lofty overwrought theatrical sonorous rhapsodic histrionic windbag over-talkative ordinary familiar everyday spoken over-elaborate ornate mannered fulsome flamboyant actorly rotund purple overdone lyrical hyperventilated Ossianic all jaw big mouthed showy blustering circumlocutory diffuse circuitous tiresome lengthy Ciceronian linguistic big-talking balderdash protracted tautological indirect extravagant stylistic epideictic discursive wandering digressive meandering stuffed shirt Demosthenic Demosthenean repetitious logorrheic tortuous redundant elaborate forceful fervid gesticulative senatorial loud impassioned persuasive expressive stagy intoning gesturing important noble vivid imposing stentorian elocutionary dramatic palaverous tautologous repeating involved repetitive ambagious logorrhoeic superficial shallow breezy tumescent full of air having kissed the Blarney stone

Tính từ

Characterized by a lack of sincerity
Pecksniffian insincere hypocritical phoney fake artificial pretended feigned phony backhanded unctuous mealy counterfeit mealymouthed double jive lip false duplicitous deceptive dissembling lying faithless fraudulent hollow canting specious spurious snide affected feigning jivey oily unnatural unreliable deluding pharisaic smooth pietistic sanctimonious pharisaical assuming bland captious cavilling caviling fishy moralistic pious two-faced double-dealing double-faced phoney-baloney phony-baloney Janus-faced left-handed self-righteous smooth-spoken smooth-tongued deceitful formal goody-goody holier-than-thou dishonest untruthful pretend untrustworthy hypocritic Tartuffian Pharisaic Pharisaical bogus pseudo mock imitation faked sham plastic superficial put-on deceiving misleading meretricious disingenuous treacherous perfidious mendacious pretentious dissimulating untrue shifty disloyal sly ambidextrous assumed devious evasive unfaithful slick cynical knavish inauthentic back-stabbing mala fide exaggerated overdone dual underhand cunning underhanded guileful artful crafty beguiling backstabbing sneaky foxy tricky not candid lacking sincerity not frank double-crossing pseud slippery double dealing unsound flimsy with tongue in cheek unconvincing invalid insignificant weak indirect ironic ambiguous dubious equivocal paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic hollow-hearted uncertain devoid of validity double-meaning double-edged so-called professed purported simulated contrived ostensible alleged make-believe quasi- imaginary factitious mechanical strained forced avowed fictitious forged masked impostrous bluffing shammed in name only quack charlatan falsified cheating covered supposed concealed dissimulated imposturous

Tính từ

Worthy of being believed or accepted as true
plausible believable credible likely probable reasonable persuasive possible conceivable smooth tenable acceptable convincing feasible imaginable logical smooth-talking smooth-tongued sound cogent colourable creditable presumptive rational specious thinkable verisimilar fair-spoken presumable supposable valid like enough very likely within the bounds of possibility forceful telling compelling effective strong influential eloquent weighty winning impressive potent decisive inducing moving silver-tongued slick conclusive efficacious impelling silky effectual touching satisfying powerful actuating stringent seductive inveigling pointed forcible stimulating alluring suasory luring swaying inspiring enticing energetic unctuous suasive efficient wheedling assuasive convictive not taking no for an answer apparent seeming presumed ostensible supposed assumed anticipated realistic illusory potential expected predictable foreseeable outward cogitable alleged superficial professed trusty reputed colorable putative evident earthly ostensive perceived semblant prima facie comprehensible understandable odds-on awaited sensible conjecturable tried straight aboveboard mortal reliable trustworthy authentic believeable avowed solid satisfactory pretended purported surface so-called up front illusive claimed declared to be expected feigned able to hold water suppositious on the cards admissible implicit exterior honest sincere probably determinative under the sun incontrovertible calculable apprehensible comprehendible quite possible honest to God exhibited manifest reasonable to think ten to one truthlike a good bet in the cards a reasonable bet a fair bet notable demonstrative quasi credential unquestionable honest-to-god fiduciary incontestable unanswerable unassailable irresistible true-to-life hopeful faithful dependable carrying conviction well founded within the realms of possibility true to life predicted believed understood prospective with a ring of truth forecast normal foreseen inferred hypothetical inevitable not unexpected obvious assumptive presumptuous circumstantial unsurprising external only to be expected what one would expect par for the course most likely

Tính từ

Likely, capable of, or designed to, deceive
deceiving deceptive misleading fallacious false specious delusive delusory deceitful beguiling deluding fraudulent illusory insincere dishonest unreliable cheating cunning devious faithless lying pretending untrustworthy treacherous double-dealing duplicitous two-faced perfidious crooked sneaky untruthful shifty underhanded guileful shady underhand Janus-faced crafty mendacious tricky unscrupulous sly disingenuous unprincipled roguish knavish disloyal hypocritical bent dissembling false-hearted two-timing double-faced hollow-hearted corrupt double-crossing rascally traitorous wily designing slippery unfaithful slick inconstant immoral untrue scheming defrauding sharp rogue fickle dishonourable counterfeit dishonorable subtle Machiavellian foxy recreant adulterous swindling artful back-stabbing illegal disreputable wicked fast villainous phoney unctuous unethical fake pretended phony slim unlawful truthless illicit sneaking unfair criminal dissimulating shrewd hoodwinking artificial feigned backhanded mean base dodgy fibbing scoundrelly dirty calculating bluffing undependable malicious conniving mealymouthed mealy flighty raffish insidious forsworn clandestine jive double foul Punic indirect astucious lip Pecksniffian snide phoney-baloney phony-baloney left-handed smart fly exploitative backstabbing clever canny bogus sham incorrigible unregenerate reprobate shameless unjust trick double dealing extramarital amoral salty ornery hostile snaky shonky malfeasant wayward prevaricating misrepresenting misstating equivocating wrong inventing falsifying spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine fishy oblique rascal catchy off mock imposturous sinister backbiting elusive adulterate extracurricular unchaste adulterine committing perjury fornicating moonlighting speedy improper doubting unbelieving nasty unloyal unconverted sceptical fluctuating skeptical dubious wavering unstable capricious changeful changeable fast and loose puckish impish mischievous despicable arch contemptible low dual unsound vile treasonable sordid playful devilish unsporting cheap ignominious falsehearted venal mythomaniac malevolent apostate perjured renegade squalid rotten beggarly shameful cowardly ungentlemanly low-down cheeky waggish nefarious shabby detestable unpleasant scurvy paltry worthless naughty execrable unsportsmanlike illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly ignoble currish scungy sorry deplorable lousy scummy lame pixieish tricksy scampish ludic pixy pixie teasing prankish coquettish leprechaunish elvish ratty scabby low-minded sportive rakish frolicsome off-color ill-gotten against the rules below the belt not cricket out of order espiègle furtive astute stealthy

Tính từ

Showing haughty disregard
cavalier haughty offhand arrogant lofty lordly supercilious condescending casual curt disdainful insolent scornful dismissive indifferent insouciant patronising patronizing unconcerned uninterested contemptuous discourteous rude unceremonious uncivil abrupt assumptive brusque bumptious chesty cursory hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat huffish huffy imperious important masterful off overweening peremptory perfunctory pompous presuming presumptuous pretentious self-asserting self-assertive sniffy stiff-necked superior terse toploftical toplofty ungracious uppish uppity offish pococurante take-it-or-leave-it careless inconsiderate overbearing proud snooty snotty conceited snobbish cocky egotistic self-important high and mighty stuck-up egotistical smug vain vainglorious prideful overconfident hoity-toity boastful domineering toffee-nosed audacious swaggering brash bossy snobby puffed up narcissistic opinionated bold aloof self-satisfied impudent immodest affected forward bigheaded self-opinionated pushy egoistic magisterial egoistical pontifical cocksure bragging fancy-pants swellheaded self-centered self-conceited cool cheeky hubristic blustering swollen-headed self-centred snippy ostentatious selfish bloated brazen self-confident autocratic impertinent nonchalant egocentric elitist dictatorial assuming confident biggity self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying full of oneself biggety grandiose assured stuck up sneering self-assured brassy mocking authoritarian saucy la-di-da apathetic complacent contumelious big-headed blasé detached sassy scoffing lackadaisical breezy self-serving self-righteous cold-shoulder know-it-all orgulous holier-than-thou blusterous full of yourself tyrannical heedless despotic disinterested uncaring nervy officious fresh disrespectful pontificating showy dominating flippant smarty laid-back airy on high horse easy-going on your high horse jumped up wise guy devil-may-care on an ego trip free and easy too big for your boots regardless oppressive derisive above oneself smart insulting withering sententious gracious malapert heavy-handed easygoing stiff foolhardy rash disparaging slighting strutting wise persnickety posh jeering belittling pert pushful overhasty precipitate hasty abhorrent impetuous portentous relaxed swanky lax carefree informal aristocratic puffy full of contempt stuffy boasting loose happy-go-lucky flaunting high-minded la-de-da sure too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting putting on airs braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited stooping arbitrary vaunting unmoved exclusive inflated poncey windy trivializing obnoxious loud potty ritzy highhanded ambitious standoffish denigrating undemocratic refined willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive high trivialising on one's high horse bullish familiar free overbold brassbound honourable honorable lukewarm arch offensively self-assertive commanding wiseguy overfamiliar impolite slack incurious blithe previous premature pleased with yourself insensible uncurious self-aggrandizing reserved distant ironhanded dominant grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated presumptive remote flip tony unabashed on a high horse brazen-faced improper inappropriate shameless boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing throwing one's weight around bold-faced rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic turning up your nose at unsympathetic scouting looking down your nose at repudiating high falutin coercive bullying high-flown smart-alecky tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic dogmatic throwing one's weight about lording it iron-handed consequential preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent couldn't-care-less blowing one's own horn reckless irresponsible daredevil derisory precipitous incautious unheeding impulsive imprudent over-venturesome headlong hot-headed over-adventurous harum-scarum wild unthinking death-or-glory madcap unwise hare-brained taunting hell-for-leather kamikaze untroubled unworried unstudied artless demeaning scathing degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative tearaway temerarious effortless leisurely superficial impassive light languid disimpassioned inattentive negligent indolent simple hard-nosed hard temperamental sardonic disapproving upstage opprobrious high hat dog it laid back assertive forceful doctrinaire puffed-up harsh aggressive uncompromising pleased with oneself obstinate unyielding draconian offensive insistent severe adamant imposing prejudiced opinionative opinioned bigoted thrusting obdurate intolerant dogmatical autarchic pigheaded loudmouth obtrusive pushing peacockish strict stubborn strident self-regarding self-absorbed self-admiring firm loudmouthed in love with oneself biased absolute full of hot air controlling hotheaded impolitic emphatic thoughtless crowing totalitarian egomaniac positive hotshot iron-fisted summary windbag certain illiberal untactful vivacious wisenheimer single-minded abusive definite in-your-face bull-headed dictative loud-mouthed defiant of fixed views blatant think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sarcastic self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased proud of oneself too big for one's britches puffed elitist powerful cliquish masterly disciplinarian silliness giddy dizzy flighty selective self-obsessed decisive self-willed insufferable ranting majestic regal august judicial stately dignified partisan self-opinioned driven priggish wrapped up in oneself la-dee-da complaisant blowhard sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free highbrow discriminatory effervescent trashy brazenfaced bright maladroit brisk fustian ill-mannered unmannerly swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches swollen with pride nose in the air riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive stuck on oneself compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line mannerless off-base pleased crude crass coarse jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed content absolutist small-minded flushed brass-necked spirited brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall noisy blaring phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant snot-nosed devastating big talking jazzy tinny garish blowing one's own trumpet humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

Tính từ

Expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress
rhetorical grandiloquent high-flown florid bombastic flowery high-sounding pompous pretentious magniloquent oratorical highfalutin windy aureate declamatory extravagant flamboyant grandiose orotund overblown sonorous flashy lofty showy tumid turgid Ciceronian epideictic euphuistic flatulent fustian gaseous gassy hifalutin hyperbolic magnific ornate overripe purple verbose arty-farty Demosthenean Demosthenic silver-tongued articulate contrived effusive eloquent embellished exaggerated fluent grand imposing inflated mouthy ostentatious overdone overwrought periphrastic stilted swollen theatrical tumescent vocal voluble rhetoric elaborate pleonastic affected wordy convoluted Ossianic strained laboured hyperventilated long-winded labored prolix over-elaborate big complicated formal fancy baroque pedantic fulsome erudite scholarly histrionic ornamented diffuse discursive bombast tedious redundant rotund circuitous exalted elocutionary circumlocutory haughty rambling tautological garrulous lengthy loquacious gabby stylistic dramatic palaverous boastful fussy braggart bragging stagy figurative Falstaffian la-di-da ranting excessive puffed ponderous ornamental self-important grand-sounding rococo big-talking windbag overwritten sesquipedalian involved blathering repetitious logorrheic portentous indirect wandering tortuous puffed-up chatty ambagious mannered majestic impressive bold actorly overinflated high curlicued boasting over-the-top elevated heroic roundabout wedding-cake busy gingerbread tiresome superfluous high-falutin booming melodramatic arresting Miltonian epic Homeric very elaborate elegant oratorial decorative garnished rich luscious high-minded snobbish euphemistic tall lexiphanic iterative stodgy solemn euphistic tall-talking verbal linguistic blustering overheated arty overelaborate high-wrought splendid yellow brilliant golden pontifical stuffy circumlocutionary shallow superficial breezy rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian over the top effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly complex detailed decorated highly decorated stuffed shirt rhapsodical overestimated full of hot air serious arrogant grave prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling gushing protracted digressive meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous gobby wittering talky tautologous repeating logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone long vaunting egotistic long-drawn-out monumental vast prolonged overlong large self-righteous learned swaggering fine prim sententious ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable waffly overambitious full of verbiage OTT reiterating padded empty crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering gossipy conversational chattery communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly

Tính từ

Expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly
vocal blunt frank outspoken forthright vociferous strident clamorous noisy plain-spoken candid direct forceful free-spoken insistent open uninhibited articulate emphatic enthusiastic expressive keen loud vehement vigorous zealous eloquent facile fluent free plainspoken raucous round smooth-spoken stentorian venting voluble demanding obstreperous full-throated honest plain vociferant upfront explicit boisterous earnest eager uproarious fervent shrill shouting impassioned unreserved rowdy fervid urgent fiery fierce heated importunate blatant straightforward straight unevasive unguarded openhearted forthcoming undissembling angry inflamed abrupt unequivocal downright rabid opinionated up-front up front straight from the shoulder straight-talking straight-shooting truthful clamant unvarnished bald loudmouthed not beating about the bush unmodified not pulling any punches rackety tumultuous loud-mouthed yowling yawping yauping squawking ranting vociferating caterwauling distracting shrieking resounding deafening clattery screaming clangorous clattering blaring riotous clamorsome strong ardent intense passionate powerful violent flaming forcible harsh grating jarring spirited rasping animated screeching discordant blazing superheated torrid passional charged religious red-hot emotional demonstrative glowing hot-blooded warm warm-blooded incandescent fanatical feverish perfervid burning stridulous unmusical desperate potent impetuous lively frantic hot concentrated hyper pronounced hearty delirious wild clashing stridulant rough piercing point-blank on the make hopped up jangling dissonant ear-piercing unmelodious unharmonious brusque unambiguous unceremonious bluff stridulatory stentorious artless freehearted square foursquare unreticent undisguised unconcealed hoarse baying stertorous persuasive squeaky squawky out-front talking turkey laying it on the line calling spade a spade excited committed avid wholehearted energetic raging frenzied dedicated deep devoted furious profound heartfelt sincere desirous impatient enthused hungry gung ho excitable athirst intent voracious resolute extreme unrestrained acute solicitous crazy antsy tempestuous mad keen consuming determined devout raring volatile willing agog ambitious pumped thirsty uncontrolled yearning assiduous longing deep-seated anxious vivacious active vivid interested stoked appetent explosive ready keen as mustard ready and willing steadfast mighty incensed ebullient temperamental stormy irascible full-hearted uncontrollable exhilarated aggressive motivated serious hot-tempered exuberant aroused craving nuts rash deeply felt dynamic zestful impulsive high-spirited juiced greedy geeked genuine restless on fire hopped-up champing at the bit strenuous hepped up mettlesome hysterical stirring conscientious raring to go pious heightened emotive driven warmblooded faithful raw staunch inordinate immoderate desiring intemperate loyal itching thrilling intensive firm fuming unbridled mad sentimental ungovernable stimulated true diligent excessive titillated melodramatic dithyrambic punchy hankering pining rampant mercurial dying to white-hot frenetic hard-hitting obsessed touchy hasty neurotic moving self-starting hot to trot great afire restive heavy true blue keyed up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ablaze chomping at the bit volcanic hot-headed feeling turbulent quick-tempered rousing hectic wrathful industrious deep-rooted messianic tough enraged sprightly overwrought agitated thrilled amorous unwavering terrible pleased wishing animate card-carrying hopeful compelling ecstatic sworn stanch seething hotheaded tender responsive sensitive hyperactive inspired nutty adherent unqualified hard effective assertive dramatic revering wishful stirred roused in-your-face venerating dying all-consuming severe breathless rarin' to go covetous cogent overemotional susceptible ferocious nervous high-powered weighty convincing dutiful blistering gung-ho militant aflame peppery hellacious overzealous raving intent on telling exciting steamed up pulling no punches agitable fired up true-blue efficient influential plausible possessed ripe adoring coercive credible out of control unanswerable spasmodic convulsive worked up high-strung very excited big from the heart in a frenzy easily provoked puissant on a short fuse full of beans highly strung short-fused bursting tremendous overpowering plucky scintillating contentious effusive acquisitive fevered sexy titillating arousing spunky bitter red-blooded aflutter gingery all out sultry bubbling over towering very angry thirsting marked allegiant penetrating aching inspirited galvanized energized intensified overactive loving heartwarming overcharged moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted hoping diehard fond doting supportive sentient verklempt potty daft untrammeled untrammelled unfeigned warmhearted primal visceral galvanised energised off the air on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied touchy-feely indignant irate acrimonious ireful jumping up and down mushy romantic touching stirred up fast good down-the-line constant steady pledged habitual set on on the edge of one's seat gagging bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath hankering after self-driven gotta have hot for short-fuse deep-dyed dinkum single-minded purposeful pushy poignant high-pressure precipitate headlong inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened fundamentalist orthodox heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic zealotic fired go-ahead fanatic wild-eyed obsessive itchy fireball traditional conservative reverent rampaging excruciating devastating pure prayerful amenable inclined engaged hung up disposed happy unreluctant game glad starry-eyed storming vicious exquisite unchecked fearsome unmanageable ghastly overwhelming sharp unfettered frightful uncurbed biting dreadful almighty fearful goody two-shoes agonizing painful blustery ruinous coming on strong paroxysmal heavy-duty gale force agonising outrageous full of force resolved adamant deliberate definite full-blooded arduous muscular taxing crazed berserk all-out rigorous exhausting brisk distraught unrestrainable distracted lustful manic unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac maniacal distrait unruly headstrong sonorous ringing thunderous thundering booming earsplitting in earnest set meaning what one says meaning business decided hell-bent serious-minded swivel-eyed berko edgy skittish valid impressive irrepressible in a state carried away maddened driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric jumpy tense plangent slam-bang blasting strict unstable brittle uptight chippy moody twitchy unsettled jittery hyperexcitable skittery fluttery snappy spooky hot and heavy hyperkinetic adrenalized flighty testy stressy wired uneasy reverberating armed efficacious easily frightened easily upset inflammable fiddle-footed intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic easily agitated peevish quick alarmable fidgety on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned capable grand material striking pertinent charming histrionical trenchant able sufficient well-founded definitive relevant well reasoned imposing irresistible satisfying coherent reasonable authoritative significant successful theatric sound graceful important well founded performant clear powerhouse fulminating cacophonous crashing blustering roaring resonant rich forte drastic pealing ear-splitting conclusive lusty full wakes the dead high-sounding rotund rambunctious turned up full-mouthed compulsory loud-voiced fascinated rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on

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