Đồng nghĩa của grovelling

Alternative for grovelling

grovels, groveled, grovelled, groveling, grovelling

Đồng nghĩa: cower, crawl, creep,


In a submissive or servile posture or position
servile cringing fawning humble docile submissive sycophantic obsequious subservient ingratiating slavish smarmy toadying abject oily unctuous greasy grovelling flattering oleaginous slimy craven soapy bootlicking sucky obeisant brown-nosing arse-licking ass-kissing toadyish self-abasing Uriah Heepish sycophantish menial creepy forelock-tugging apple-polishing smooth slick fulsome suave gushing deferential insincere base obedient unresisting ignoble buttery smug reverential cringey subordinate sniveling snivelling brownnosing kowtowing truckling prostrate excessively deferential beggarly timid reptilian lowly suckholing low mean conniving complacent parasitical crouching parasitic spineless mealy-mouthed respectful enslaved subject stipendiary sneaking compliable compliant eating crow eating humble pie despicable passive crawling glib adulatory urbane gushy saccharine hagiographical hagiographic effusive cloying plausible cajoling nauseating hypocritical sickening wheedling slippery saponaceous phoney creamy pinguid phony smooth-tongued silver-tongued honey-tongued smooth-spoken smooth-talking charming honeyed sugary soft complimentary serving silken creeping enthusiastic laudatory disarming encomiastic gracious refined praising insinuating sweet-talking appreciative extravagant sophisticated glowing courteous debonair silky persuasive lavish applauding insinuative acclamatory eulogistic rhapsodic bland polished polite civilized encomiastical civil OTT sweet courtly civilised ingratiatory over the top excessive overdone affable commending arse-kissing timeserving commendatory admiring friendly cool gentlemanly mannerly insinuatory suggestive favourable soft-soaping unrestrained cultivated svelte ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant bowing and scraping pleasing pleasant mushy sentimental emotional self-possessed rave highly favourable over-effusive genial over-enthusiastic favorable hyped up media-savvy laid on with a trowel mellifluous sleek overly flattering self-effacing worshipping sycophant bowing scraping cowering supple coaxing flannelling blarneying credible winsome winning endearing blandishing worshipful gratifying eloquent fast-talking lionizing gentle amiable convincing blubbery hammy voluble all over someone congenial unemotional assured inordinate lionising worshiping worldly worldly-wise good-natured immoderate poised gallant dignified profuse extensive liberal ample generous hard to resist approving over-appreciative diplomatic agreeable tactful rapturous self-assured congratulatory gross impeccable cultured soft-spoken sociable politic cordial well-bred obliging formal distingué magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious panegyrical well mannered eulogizing good positive approbatory sugarcoated laudative plauditory honoring fair-spoken celebrating eulogising well-wishing with high praise with highest recommendation honouring praiseful kind approbative highly favorable sweet-sounding maudlin chivalrous respectable considerate genteel decorous decent overemotional mawkish nostalgic together facile collected composed overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid unruffled possessed loving coolheaded equable sedate royal self-composed dewy-eyed lovey-dovey


Having a coarse, unrefined, vulgar demeanor
low-minded dirty vulgar coarse crude gross rude base contemptible currish despicable detestable disgusting dishonourable dishonorable execrable foul ignoble ignominious low low-down mean nasty obscene paltry snide sordid uncouth vile wretched abject base-minded common filthy grovelling indecent lewd offensive smutty shameful shabby rotten wicked scurvy disgraceful reprehensible heinous loathsome odious bad hateful immoral unprincipled cheap abominable disreputable beastly lousy wrong unworthy infamous degenerate uncharitable villainous deplorable worthless abhorrent sorry corrupt vicious obnoxious degraded depraved horrible cruel distasteful scummy evil sinful unpleasant improper nefarious horrid revolting unscrupulous shocking dastardly petty discreditable servile menial cowardly grubby sleazy lame off-color ratty scabby unfair disagreeable ugly repulsive scandalous iniquitous repugnant debased treacherous underhand lamentable unsavoury repellent dishonest nauseating atrocious monstrous stinking dissolute reprobate profane impure indelicate miserable pitiful unlawful poor unsavory awful scungy sneaking beyond contempt spiteful appalling unkind malicious callous malevolent dreadful perverted illegal squalid unfriendly unethical dark crooked unrighteous diabolic diabolical naughty inconsiderate yucky fiendish ribald unseemly degrading beggarly underhanded black pitiable flagitious egregious yucko hurtful shady vindictive saucy blue spicy illegitimate hostile inequitable barbarous trashy earthy near the knuckle hard-hearted caitiff undignified ill-natured malign not cricket catty beyond the pale crass illicit pathetic no-good despiteful outrageous horrifying dirty rotten unbecoming cruddy inelegant virulent malignant sad doggish shoddy tawdry slavish humble poxy ungodly wrongful swinish hateworthy measly outcast lowly despisable unspeakable inferior plebeian disdainable slimy beneath contempt low-life below contempt irreligious sacrilegious impious unholy blasphemous meanspirited erring fallen murderous godless peccable scoundrelly sullied black-hearted tainted roguish bent warped morally wrong notorious rascally lawless malfeasant criminal craven accursed godawful abominated grody hated maggot loathed detested execrated despised hateable abhorred unchivalrous shameless narrow-minded blameworthy wounding abusive mean-spirited ill-tempered annoying ornery ruthless evil-minded surly sarcastic cantankerous ill-humoured bad-tempered poisonous venomous churlish ill-humored peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain insensitive fraudulent thoughtless deceitful heartless unsporting crafty unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic double-dealing ungentlemanly inhumane cold-blooded savage brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh sly cunning devious wily Machiavellian sneaky cheating shifty conniving designing calculating guileful deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike deceptive unrefined below the belt knavish ill-gotten against the rules slick scheming Janus-faced out of order suggestive risqué racy bawdy boorish foulmouthed indecorous raunchy rough-hewn raw corporeal gamy adult porn roughneck lustful tasteless porny porno concupiscent lascivious voluptuous fleshly sensual fruity stag carnal rough lowbrow lowbred scatological raffish close to the bone scatologic sexual in the gutter pornographic rugged gutter wanton locker-room X-rated steamy unprintable immodest unmannerly salty near the bone broad off colour unrestrained sickening off-putting humiliating debauched gut-churning hellish icky sick-making God-awful damnable devilish vomitous sick bogging noisome noxious disgustful loathly terrible abandoned vomit-inducing


Humble or lower in rank or status
abject base contemptible degraded worthless despicable debased ignominious vile low sordid humble ignoble mean menial reprehensible servile slavish unworthy detestable dishonourable scungy shabby deferent dejected deplorable dishonorable dismal gloomy hangdog horrible humiliated meek outcast self-effacing subservient lowly unskilled low-status boring degrading routine dull humdrum sorry fawning demeaning inferior grovelling low-grade sycophantic blue-collar obsequious tedious obeisant common baseborn basic nasty shameful wretched cheap dirty scummy execrable grubby scurvy snide low-down lousy lame currish ratty scabby low-minded disgraceful unscrupulous unprincipled paltry disreputable rotten sneaking callous degenerate meanspirited petty hard-hearted narrow-minded odious repulsive pitiful pitiable repugnant hateful loathsome appalling abhorrent revolting heinous awful horrid offensive abominable repellent discreditable dreadful miserable pathetic cruddy distasteful sad obnoxious filthy disgusting wicked villainous beastly unsavory slimy unsavoury infamous caitiff nauseating horrifying beyond the pale below contempt beneath contempt beyond contempt dirty rotten low-life no-good unfair illegal dishonest fraudulent crooked deceitful corrupt immoral crafty unsporting treacherous squalid underhanded double-dealing unethical beggarly cowardly ungentlemanly cunning devious sly underhand nefarious wily foul shifty guileful unpleasant conniving designing Machiavellian sneaky cheating shady calculating deceiving shrewd unsportsmanlike illegitimate inequitable deceptive unlawful unsportsmanly sleazy slick scheming knavish illicit off-color below the belt ill-gotten not cricket against the rules Janus-faced out of order


Moving at a notably slow speed
creeping crawling dallying dawdling dilatory dillydallying dragging laggard lagging languid leisurely pokey poking poky slow sluggish snaillike snail-paced tardy unhurried grovelling hobbling inching quailing shambling shuffling skulking slinking slithering sneaking squirming worming wriggling writhing barely moving moving slowly on all fours measured deliberate loitering plodding leaden slothful slow-moving easy slow-going lackadaisical delaying ponderous idle slack indolent procrastinating gradual phlegmatic listless lethargic slow-paced torpid moderate tortoiselike postponing drowsy dreamy passive supine apathetic inert unrushed lazy stagnant sleepy late steady heavy snail-like lingering inactive unhasty slow-footed relaxed behind gentle comfortable sedate undemanding sluggardly tortoise-like delayed casual lollygagging behindhand lax remiss free restful laid-back easy-going effortless languorous painstaking patient backward slow and steady on hands and knees slackened relaxing time-wasting unpunctual stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal dull putting off tarrying trailing problem moratory neglectful negligent flagging natural falling behind unforced spontaneous incremental organic laboured leaden-footed laggy labored imperceptible impassive indifferent unconcerned uninterested limp enervated spiritless languishing calm energyless unenthusiastic feeble moony offhand careless leisured pococurante easygoing nonchalant weary blah weak dopey comatose uncaring shiftless snoozy nebbish lymphatic faint blahs pining sickly infirm wimpy sleepyhead insouciant inattentive slapdash slap-happy disinterested fainéant faineant laid back otiose workshy regardless do-nothing peaceful at your own pace in your own time chilled unexciting lumbering cumbersome recreational even regular still tired laborious amusing frivolous entertaining loafing fun work-shy good-for-nothing bone idle non-job related non-work related derelict inefficient slipshod procrastinative incompetent disregardful delinquent disorganized neglecting sloppy disorderly asleep at the wheel disorganised slovenly quiescent asleep on the job unprofessional permissive dormant cavalier artless detached unstudied blasé loose cursory flippant superficial complacent light carefree cool disimpassioned breezy simple informal abstracted half-hearted lukewarm happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free and easy passionless bloodless aimless incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming easy going spring fever


Present participle for to act in an obsequious way in order to gain favor or mercy
fawning toadying crawling truckling bootlicking blandishing cringing flattering creeping cowering wooing courting kowtowing pandering quailing wheedling humouring humoring imploring pampering revering snivelling sniveling genuflecting brown-nosing buttering up soft-soaping curry favoring with curry favouring with dancing attendance on playing up to ingratiating oneself with sucking up apple-polishing falling all over sucking up to making up to behaving obsequiously catering to humbling oneself bowing to deferring to licking someone's boots abasing oneself rubbing up the right way making much of showing respect for kissing one's feet abasing yourself eating dirt humbling yourself eating crow demeaning yourself brownnosing bowing curry favoring stooping currying favour bowing and scraping sweet-talking kneeling fawning on fussing pandering to crouching cajoling ingratiating yourself bending stroking cozying up massaging oiling getting in with creeping to crawling to truckling to paying court to honeying smarming prostrating oneself praising squatting smoodging to getting in good with toadying to kowtowing to huddling hunching ducking honeying up paying court licking boots kisses up to snowing abasing oneself to jollying keeping someone sweet laying it on charming laying it on thick demeaning oneself to bowing and scrape to falling on one's knees wincing dipping bending down hunkering down quatting prostrating scrooching down prostrating yourself hunkering submitting yielding deferring blarneying giving in knuckling under abasing cultivating bowing down kissing-up ingratiating overpraising adulating abasing oneself before inveigling getting round building up scratching one's back rubbing the right way laying it on with a trowel spreading it on working over glorifying softening working on slavering sweetening up selling trying to win over getting next to seeking the favour of beslavering trying to get on the good side of conning salving keeping sweet fawning over prostrating oneself to grovelling to bending low curtsying bobbing a curtsy making a leg respecting conceding coaxing palavering giving way bending the knee making up smoodging lowering yourself effacing yourself degrading yourself debasing yourself submitting to fawning upon playing up kissing someone's feet eulogizing folding persuading smooth-talking saying uncle caving in grovelling before cringing before surrendering toing the mark going along with smarming around inviting falling over oneself for praising to the skies cottoning debasing praising to excess eulogising caving in to bowing and scrape before scraping singing the praises of buddying up couching scrunching squinching lying down and rolling over sucking up to someone eating humble pie humiliating yourself prostrating oneself before scooching shrinking ducking down squating down hunching over bobbing down kneeling down stooping down falling at feet getting on all fours insinuating yourself handing a line captivating insinuating oneself seeking favor attracting complimenting flannelling flanneling puffing commending admiring kissing the feet of hero-worshipping belauding expressing admiration for panegyrizing paying tribute to lauding waxing lyrical about saying nice things about paying blandishments to complimenting excessively

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