Đồng nghĩa của twitching

Alternative for twitching

twitches, twitched, twitching

Đồng nghĩa: fidget, jerk, jiggle,

Tính từ

Bended in twisting struggle

Tính từ

Occurring or done in brief, irregular bursts
spasmodic erratic fitful intermittent irregular sporadic occasional aperiodic casual catchy choppy discontinuous episodic episodical infrequent isolated odd patchy periodic scattered spastic spotty uneven unsteady convulsive jerky periodical recurrent recurring changeable desultory on-again-off-again shaky spurtive uncertain on and off in fits and starts in bits and pieces twitchy uncontrolled rough shaking tremulous bumpy paroxysmal jumpy bouncy jolting uncontrollable shuddering juddering random disconnected inconsistent inconstant broken interrupted fragmentary fluctuating variable shifting unstable capricious unsettled cyclical seasonal hit-or-miss on-and-off unsystematic volatile haphazard varying wavering cyclic alternate changing rambling continual isochronal isochronous unmethodical unreliable disjointed mercurial vacillating unpredictable disrupted ever-changing repeated regular aimless epochal rhythmic serial scattershot habitual frequent wandering unequal fickle temperamental fluid bitty oscillating on again and off again changeful disturbed undependable up and down off and on mobile flickery skittish unconnected punctuated incoherent stop-and-go iterative discontinuing checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant disordered nonuniform every other muddled rare here and there now and then entropic indiscriminate by bits and pieces disorganized impulsive alternating restless intervallic uncommon inchoate unorganized incohesive mutable seldom incidental fractal loose perennial whimsical unorganised scarce unfrequent few turbulent continuing piecemeal steady constant movable protean disorganised unfixed non-linear floating chameleonic kaleidoscopic swaying iffy waffling irresolute flighty fluctuant variational every so often every once in a while at fixed intervals full of ups and downs blowing hot and cold incomplete violent broken up troubled on-again, off-again flickering repetitive herky-jerky reiterative impermanent gaping semioccasional freelance outsourced outside continued chronic abrupt sudden versatile persistent rolling repeating reoccurring chain everchanging chameleon-like part-time sometime vicissitudinous bits and pieces fits and starts exclusive unusual especial special exceptional particular chance specific labile chaotic sketchy stop-go happening at intervals transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unequable not habitual spasmatic unfocused orderless shifty slippery peaky undulating up-and-down yo-yo few and far between partial dynamic bipolar helter-skelter without purpose moving deviating two-faced partially fractional gradual intermittently fitfully disunited confused altering roving orbital annual weekly routine yearly daily monthly hourly centennial eccentric designless fragmented flakey vagarious developing flaky growing unpunctual unconsidered purposeless jumbled on certain occasions at various times divided separated scrappy garbled off-and-on non-periodic by fits and starts by degrees stage by stage little by little step by step at intervals dislocated displaced mixed up without unity split directionless far-out unattached out-to-lunch spacey spaced-out irrational out-of-it cool fuzzy disorderly

Động từ

Present participle for give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement
jerking fluttering convulsing squirming fiddling fidgeting fidgetting jigging jiggling shivering shuddering spasming squiggling thrashing threshing tossing trembling twisting wiggling wriggling writhing blinking jumping quavering quivering beating clasping clutching contracting grabbing grasping gripping kicking lugging lurching moving convulsively moving spasmodically nipping paining palpitating seizing snapping ticcing twingeing twinging vellicating shaking wagging waggling vibrating wobbling flapping waving jolting agitating joggling swishing jouncing flailing quaking swinging juddering floundering whipping throbbing pulsating bobbling jogging recoiling bobbing stirring bouncing oscillating pumping bucking wavering wabbling flinching undulating worming flopping pulsing thrilling flicking rippling struggling shimmying tossing and turning moving from side to side switching rattling brandishing moving restlessly pounding starting wincing hitching bucketing bolting thumping jostling twittering hammering thudding quopping racing pit-a-patting swaying pitapatting rocking beating rapidly pitpatting going pit-a-pat dangling zigzagging turning moving shuffling worrying lashing rolling flickering nodding jittering agonizing seesawing batting twisting and turning flourishing waving to and fro blowing shifting agonising shimmering jiggering thrashing about flying hoicking moving about moving around bumping fluctuating drumming reverberating panting thrumming moving up and down moving suddenly splashing rustling heaving flittering fumbling blundering stumbling plunging startling distorting hanging laboring contorting budging ticking labouring suffering bending fish-tailing dithering resonating moving slightly quaving tremoring tingling working slithering sliding ruffling locomoting winding skewing drifting flailing about yanking feeling uncomfortable waving rapidly playing trifling twiddling toying fussing flinging banging twirling chafing fretting bustling shaking like a leaf fooling around fooling about jarring messing about messing around playing around balking shrinking shirking cringing baulking shying blenching tottering staggering reeling knocking skipping pitching hopping careening disturbing springing weaving tumbling dancing jumping around doddering teetering grinding pushing gyrating thrusting quailing vacillating groping roiling rousing wigwagging shoving nudging concussing shaking uncontrollably unsettling shaking violently bothering tormenting casting about moving about swinging backwards and forwards swinging back and forth moving to and fro listing keeling rebounding flitting flaunting commoving churning succussing pitchpoling shaking up suffering a fit going into spasms floating stirring up putting in motion setting in motion veering resiling dumping chucking ditching buffeting buffetting tossing around letting fly rising and falling faltering slipping waddling dropping drooping sagging bumbling wallowing moving to the side yawing moving clumsily tilting ducking leaning dodging lolling hanging loosely slackening falling limply lopping hanging limply toppling hanging down wilting flagging falling down

Trái nghĩa của twitching

twitching Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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