Đồng nghĩa của dense

Alternative for dense

denser, densest

Đồng nghĩa: close, compact, compressed, crowded, dull, heavy, solid, stupid, thick,

Trái nghĩa: dilute, sparse, thin, weak,

Tính từ

Crowded or packed closely together
thick compact packed compressed crowded solid close tight crammed firm impenetrable thickset compacted heavy impregnable overgrown serried substantial condensed impassable jungly concentrated consolidated deep full heaped husky impermeable impervious jammed massed piled rigid robust rugged set solidified close-packed closely packed packed in closely set jam-packed tightly packed close-knit heavy-going jammed together jungle-like packed like sardines hard unyielding stiff hardened congealed tough congested close-grained inelastic nonporous inflexible swarming teeming abundant resistant sealed sturdy crawling jelled concrete thronged seething populous adamantine stiffened steely cramped rich thickened squeezed frozen taut filled unmalleable strong packed together non-flexible secure waterproof crushed brimming impliable inviolable lush closed impassible overflowing bursting populated rife awash hermetic overcrowded stuffed thronging bristling replete hermetically sealed multitudinous chock-full refractory fine-grained like Piccadilly Circus incompressible close-set assembled tiered unpliable close together unbending luxuriant short blocky cropped appressed bunched squashed pressed renitent unmoving profuse bushy plentiful riotous circumscribed confined inaccessible untrodden pathless untraversable trackless unnavigable unpassable restricted particular rank rampant exuberant densely planted packed close watertight stout pressed together swamped viscoid viscid viscous water-resistant airtight loaded overrun mobbed heaving evaporated undiluted reduced fixed water-repellent damp-proof immutable blocked huddled unrelenting resolute gelled walkable distilled starched brimful flooded up to the hilt filled to the rafters wall-to-wall unchangeable dimensional rigorous imperviable unwavering rocklike jellified stony sardined full up full of commotion elbow-to-elbow fit to bust busy unpierceable heavily populated rainproof leak-proof puncture-proof indestructible unbreakable cemented uncompromising jellied unattackable invulnerable unassailable rock-solid rock-hard brick wall safe like a rock set in stone overpopulated murky unpiercable bulletproof really hard very hard numerous thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several occupied various semi-solid boiled down heavily settled fortress-like full of people covered choked fraught flush abounding pullulating lousy chocker great generous chock-a-block crawling with full of abounding in like sardines cram-full of overrun by bursting at the seams having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of chock-full of

Tính từ

Lacking in intelligence, or unable to comprehend ideas
stupid dumb foolish brainless ignorant mindless obtuse idiotic imbecilic moronic unintelligent unsmart daft dull half-witted naive vacuous vapid witless boneheaded cretinous dim dopey fatuous lamebrained lumpish oafish simple slow thick thickheaded bonehead chuckleheaded crass doltish lamebrain opaque stolid airheaded birdbrained braindead dopy dorky dozy dunderheaded gormless gullible knuckleheaded lunkheaded pinheaded senseless softheaded blockheaded blockish bovine bubbleheaded dippy muttonheaded soft boorish dof dotish fatheaded impassive lethargic numskulled sluggish torpid brain-dead dim-witted dull-witted simple-minded slow-witted thick-witted fat-headed pea-brained weak-minded dead from the neck up dunce-like empty-headed pig-ignorant soft in the head wooden-headed not the full shilling slow on the uptake thick-skulled as thick as two short planks silly imbecile asinine inane simpleminded crazy chowderheaded half-baked glaikit thick as two short planks unwise illiterate divvy shallow uneducated untaught unschooled barmy unthinking unlearned feebleminded benighted tomfool unread unlettered wooden unreasoning dimwitted insensitive uninformed deficient harebrained innocent unintellectual inexperienced ridiculous daffy unmindful unaware green backward uncomprehending clueless goofy featherheaded insensible absurd unwitting feeble-minded oblivious ludicrous unenlightened thoughtless untrained uninstructed in the dark unknowledgeable dotty nescient unconversant uninitiated imperceptive unconscious ill-advised hare-brained thick-headed nonliterate untutored vacant nonsensical puerile loggerheaded misinformed analphabetic fool laughable pointless hebete uncultured unsuspecting apprenticed uncultivated halfwitted insensate damfool undeveloped late underprivileged delayed checked behind arrested underdeveloped subnormal very stupid blind to heavy inept jerky sappy clownish hebetudinous without thought childish dark imprudent unknowing cloddish blind injudicious preposterous unresponsive rude superficial woodenheaded incognizant irrational mad unreasonable scatty risible crackpot batty insane lunatic nitwitted unacquainted cuckoo nutty wacky screwy Boeotian unscholarly scatterbrained feather-brained slow on uptake pie-faced not with it short-sighted mentally deficient mentally handicapped not intelligent blundering ill-mannered coarse gross comatose slumberish unperceptive unimaginative loopy lifeless inert thick-skinned immature phlegmatic placid unrefined unversed stupefied numbskulled duncelike log-headed nonrational surd idiotical boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid weak unreasoned notional buffoonish somnolent inanimate addle-brained limited credulous feeble dummy indelicate anencephalic anencephalous crackbrained idiot clottish shortsighted listless inactive purblind impolitic rattlebrained thick as mince slothful chowderhead deranged incompetent cockamamy irresponsible indiscreet foolishly stupid not bright negligent careless neglectful forgetful impractical dappy out to lunch ill-considered infantile unstudious giddy dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty inattentive mooning rash spaced-out out daydreaming moony kooky loony screwball looney cockeyed zany whacky kookie balmy ill-informed unsophisticated out of it unworldly unqualified meaningless complacent insipid know-nothing pea-brain snaillike pokey tardy leisurely dragging dallying crawling dawdling snail-paced languid unhurried poking dilatory poky laggard dillydallying creeping a brick short of a load wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass lagging raw callow unwary ingenuous primitive childlike fresh unfamiliar unsuspicious new unfledged wide-eyed unskilled natural unseasoned young amateur inexpert unpractised uncritical artless naif uncivilized unguarded born yesterday untried tenderfoot undisciplined uncivilised dewy-eyed guileless rookie unpracticed dewy impressionable naïve trusting verdant unstudied reckless unaccustomed unaffected unpretentious trustful heedless savage sophomoric barbarous easily taken in barbaric barbarian kid philistine unused juvenile adolescent brutish lacking experience unfamiliar with unripe unsceptical aw-shucks wild naïf youthful amateurish over-trusting uncouth easily deceived easily led untested prentice unpolished unformed incautious vulgar spring chicken wet behind ears unripened hasty untamed confiding crude brash inconsiderate instinctive unprepared unproven lowbrow inadvisable heathenish unskillful spontaneous foolhardy nonprofessional down-to-earth jackleg rough unprofessional farcical uninitiate without airs uncivil loutish dupable unwatchful deceivable exploitable gauche heathen fierce undomesticated dilettante jejune Neanderthal Neandertal tender easy cockamamie over-trustful plain rustic unadvised accepting believing unsafe unobservant novice clumsy unpretending uncircumspect napping absent-minded off-guard easy mark unalert impetuous unvigilant uncomplicated unrehearsed lowbrowed low-browed erratic unstable ill-educated ignoramus overtrusting vulnerable unaccomplished unforced unquestioning tasteless inherent born innate vernal poorly educated archaic inconsistent inerudite catachrestic solecistic bourgeois sheepheaded muddle-headed animal austere atavistic vestigial modest unassuming pagan infidel readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for medieval antiquated out of the loop lacking knowledge idolatrous provincial parochial unwarned materialist commercial open mediaeval feudal retarded unable to read and write irreligious godless folksy bush-league corny unadulterated cornball genuine authentic homey unartificial pure clean inappropriate non-technical unequipped fond hot-headed frank uninhibited agnostic atheistic incapable uncertificated unchartered unlicensed virginal anti-intellectual inartistic illogical misguided uncorrupted virgin cute unjaded quaint non-professional lay non-believing unbelieving heretical ungodly faithless Panglossian countrified unholy starry-eyed like a babe in the woods derisive derisory comical feather-headed churlish nullifidian pathetic improvident ferine fell brutal bestial truculent beastly feral rugged non-literate ungraceful lumpen hick hillbilly graceless maladroit not trained not in the loop susceptible off one's guard sceptic profane nonbeliever skeptic stilted clodhopping stiff awkward unmannerly ferocious unskeptical biting sucker mark fleeceable rough-hewn backwoods ungainly swallowing whole tumbling for taken in kidding oneself strange falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker glib simplistic trifling inefficient slapdash vicious jungli harsh unprecedented novel unheard-of unknown original schematic lightweight insubstantial trivial slipshod shoddy cowboy unskilful sloppy facile frothy flimsy empty cursory surface sketchy oversimplified hollow bumbling dilettantish bungling second-rate a newbie to unused to unacquainted with too green not given to unconversant with not used to a novice at unversed in inexperienced in not used newcome a newcomer to inexperienced at a stranger unpractised in vain petty piddling paltry cack-handed skin-deep wishy-washy one-dimensional nonexpert slack inadequate immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable wrong unsuitable infant

Tính từ

(of a physical object) Possessing great weight
heavy weighty hefty big large substantial massive ponderous solid leaden burdensome hulking weighing a ton cumbersome cumbrous thick overweight bulky obese fat fleshy portly stout porcine hard pronounced clumsy conspicuous distinct clear bold face boldface outstanding bold corpulent tubby podgy blubbery roly-poly pudgy flabby lumpish huge immense outsized outsize colossal plump full bloated chubby porky great lardy rotund round replete fubsy pursy abdominous husky gross adipose unwieldy lard-arsed elephantine enormous gargantuan tremendous mammoth gigantic vast monumental oversized giant grand monstrous prodigious titanic mountainous humongous stupendous jumbo monster beefy whopping astronomical mighty ginormous king-sized mega king-size thumping towering Brobdingnagian king size extensive whacking cosmic burly thumping great whopping great astronomic whacking great humungous Herculean leviathan super bumper cosmical walloping cyclopean galactic vasty pharaonic epic very large herculean oversize supersize gigantesque oceanic heroical planetary heroic very big supersized Himalayan super-duper chunky ample paunchy heavyset considerable sizable awkward well upholstered thickset sizeable well padded brawny poddy voluminous broad in the beam handsome sturdy broad stellar ungainly meaty buxom zaftig corn-fed unhandy largish biggish goodly boxcar overgrown well covered wide strapping of ample proportions dumpy almighty well built Falstaffian pot-bellied beer-bellied clunky blimp lumbering stocky unmanageable well rounded tidy inordinate fattish solidly built imposing behemothic generous giant-sized well-padded hunky strong princely cranky bunglesome powerfully built grandiose capacious immeasurable heavyweight mesomorphic rounded overheavy dirty great major giant-size heavily built potbellied morbidly obese barn door nuggety pyknic appreciable muscular inconvenient significant incommodious tall extreme formidable roomy unmanoeuvrable commodious hulky brobdingnagian thewy lumbersome spacious unlimited expansive man-size of considerable size man-sized clodhopping magnificent laborious infinite boundless limitless stubby unco squat excessive high well fed long oppressive onerous mondo clunking extremely large extremely big overfed whalelike overstuffed overnourished clinically obese extra-large stumpy squatty mahoosive bulging super-colossal squabby plumpish thick-bodied upholstered whale of a extraordinary palpable oafish loutish difficult buff robust shredded ripped cracking stark elephantic jacked stalwart OS socking great lofty large-scale incalculable uncontrollable encumbering Bunyanesque mastodonic muscly staggering powerful cavernous monolithic well-upholstered eternal whaling liberal well-built endless comprehensive curved short bull-necked cobby full-figured sarcous well-covered on the plump side greater larger measureless illimitable terrific widespread sturdily built behemoth statuesque extravagant kingly serious lavish megalithic titan on the large plenitudinous interminable awesome exorbitant expanded overwhelming sonsy ponderable scrub not inconsiderable big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered graceless abundant sweeping prolific bulbous lard plenteous mundo detailed bovine bull inflated butterball Gargantuan jelly-belly unbounded distended swollen good-size good-sized a whale of a super colossal larger-than-life full-size jumbo-sized Cyclopean slow slow-moving heavy-footed impractical blundering uncoordinated maladroit all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out never-ending very great far-reaching lusty overblown embonpoint lubberly galumphing tiresome embarrassing clunker wearisome troublesome like a bull in a china shop having a bay window having a spare tire baby elephant of ample build girthy

Tính từ

(of a garment or other knitted or woven item) Made of heavy material

Tính từ

Resembling a lout
loutish boorish oafish rough uncouth churlish coarse ill-bred bungling gross ill-mannered unmannerly clodhopping gawky stolid swinish thuggish bullying classless cloddish clownish common doltish impolite lumpen lumpish philistine rowdy rude uncivilised uncivilized vulgar wild yobbish bad-mannered barbaric bearish cantankerous clumsy crass gruff hoonish loud lubberly ornery rustic slobbish uncultured uneducated unpolished unrefined crude uncultivated uncivil discourteous tasteless brutish unsophisticated inelegant inconsiderate ungracious unmannered graceless lowbrow barbarian ungentlemanly lowbred ignorant barbarous roughneck incult rough-hewn indecorous disrespectful raffish unladylike indelicate rugged savage low thoughtless Neanderthal blunt insensible impertinent primitive offensive awkward illiberal brusque mannerless ungallant raw uncalled-for impudent ungainly curt ungraceful unhandsome improper insolent unchivalrous sullen stiff Neandertal tactless surly heathen insensitive base abusive insulting raunchy heathenish natural foul-mouthed plebby lumbering harsh mean cruel audacious cheeky foul bawdy badly behaved unseemly indecent gauche obscene unpleasant provincial gawkish dirty filthy hick disgracious unworldly illiterate brash unsavoury lewd fresh benighted wooden impure loud-mouthed stilted shameless unsavory low-bred socially unsure socially awkward ribald crabbed dour vulgarian untutored irritable disagreeable presumptuous plebeian hooligan stupid uncharitable tacky cheap uncoordinated brutal profane derogatory bumbling blundering inept inhuman ill-humored ill-humoured klutzy earthy misbehaved uncomfortable uneasy butterfingered hillbilly ocker lippy contumelious underbred malapert backwoods ungenteel off-color immodest smutty nasty rustical maladroit offhand heavy-handed slouching corrupt outlandish short sharp all thumbs flip abrupt out-of-line lacking in social graces socially inept shambling ill-behaved subhuman blue unfeeling callous bad-tempered ill-tempered morose undiscriminating imperceptive ordinary low-minded bourgeois lowdown and dirty scatological loudmouthed parochial vernacular low-born nescient countrified inurbane unpoised troglodytic unkind mean-spirited sketchy untamed vicious merciless unread commercial unenlightened materialist ungentlemanlike baseborn native general tart rough and ready common as muck guileless naive ingenuous Philistine scatologic immature backward off blockish dorky blunderous undexterous stumbling obnoxious obtuse offish snippy cross-grained polite grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured unneighborly touchy ugly cussed crusty dozy anti-intellectual inartistic disparaging unfriendly arrogant foolish dull pert brassy uninformed undiplomatic cocky uncomplimentary uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked mouthy smart-alecky brazen smart alecky overbearing inaffable insubordinate disdainful ape-like nervous tough yokelish intrusive bounderish peremptory beyond the pale moody severe hard bluff bashful splay shy gangling nervy gangly inappropriate forbidding austere fierce roughcast grim stern in a state of nature unhandy bovine unwieldy inexpert unskilful hulking unco steely stark intimidating louring grievous explicit flinty artless onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle heavy bad risqué tawdry unchaste naughty degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive shocking affronting vile sickening unutterable salacious blasphemous sordid X-rated vilifying suggestive unclean unwholesome ham-fisted like a bull in a china shop ham-handed cack-handed murderous lowering trailer-park pornographic snappy no-nonsense lascivious gutter saucy unprintable off colour trashy locker-room wanton adult fruity terse near the knuckle immoral porny grave stag serious indiscreet racy unsmiling short-spoken snappish brusk brief unsubtle brisk downright direct spicy steamy gamy sober stony unbecoming sombre somber to the point Rabelaisian strict licentious ferocious impatient cavalier rigorous abrasive caustic malodorous impetuous cold unsuitable in bad taste broad simple laconic stringent unrelenting pitiless rash hardened crisp disapproving solemn frowning hasty matter-of-fact inexorable untactful unfitting inapt incorrect outspoken horny carnal unfit untoward voluptuous fleshly aloof devilish plain-spoken perverse incongruous unhappy amiss infelicitous malapropos wrong inapposite unapt frigid icy frosty titillating prurient porn porno hard-core boisterous scurrilous nudge-nudge in poor taste feral craggy sensual sour roughhewn snippety short-tempered robust beastly spartan bestial imprudent breviloquent relentless monosyllabic undomesticated straightforward burdensome searing trying excruciating unbefitting nonliterate unpolitic injudicious frank sexy erotic rigid disgusting gaudy non-literate undue impolitic undignified fiendish bodily unacceptable unrestrained unsympathetic glowering menacing saturnine upfront rough-and-tumble randy rank sexual uninhabited lush mean-looking ill-advised out of place unworthy discreditable lustful lecherous poor earnest arousing libidinous obdurate astringent strait-laced sleazy grim-faced out of keeping distasteful skin low-down-and-dirty not afraid to call a spade a spade soft-core unlovely low-down salty hard-nosed corporeal close to the bone straight from the shoulder undecorous near the bone unfashionable basic unfinished roisterous rollicking unlettered ferine fell homespun agrestic clipped succinct concise testy large unscrupulous pithy pointed improprietous gloomy dismal shoddy jungli revolting irascible undeveloped gritty ill-suited unsuited dreary decisive unwise inadvisable sooty formal petulant tight-lipped vigorous hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned uncommunicative poker-faced aboriginal crotchety crabby taciturn exploitative corrupting nauseating businesslike bald off-colour mature unthinking unperceptive tetchy cross bizarre fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent reserved juicy ridiculous foulmouthed chilly stuffy unemotional rogue careless untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of uncomely unseasonable gruesome sick clunky purple low-down and dirty off-colored out of line sly scabrous gamey rascally distant exacting inflexible precipitate dusty unconventional unjust unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful wrongful melancholic bleak hard-faced dejected glum sulky unforgiving authoritarian unyielding unbending forthright candid open hearty flashy garish concupiscent angry drastic pulling no punches remote solid ramrod unequivocal flash showy ostentatious good-natured genial approachable debased not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush extreme in the gutter lusty meretricious naff tatty friendly hard-boiled with two left feet godless immoderate punishing punitive inordinate crippling kitsch blustering barefaced cheery honest sincere taboo threatening unbroken ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift fiery disreputable exorbitant swingeing towering excessive unmerciful strong overweening intolerable steep draconian sinful depraved irreligious impious profligate repulsive cheap and nasty ignoble questionable speaking as one finds scandalous malicious rakish calloused fearsome physical animal odious hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue frightful frightening irreverent atheistic colourful cutthroat grimy mucky grubby wilding hellish horrible uncompromising colorful unvirtuous epicurean venomous intense great implacable pagan sacrilegious non-theistic shameful ruffian humourless sedate humorless staid repressive sobersided demonic evil iniquitous weighty uncomic free sybaritic luscious sensuous hedonistic luxurious untouched infernal satanic diabolical out of the way overrun overgrown rampant agrarian appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous deserted desert waste desolate po-faced malevolent unhallowed moving stirring exciting hedonic stimulating delightful physically gratifying pleasing animalistic hot tactile sensory sharpened debauched

Tính từ

Very complicated or detailed
intricate complicated complex convoluted elaborate involved tangled knotty labyrinthine difficult sophisticated fancy abstruse baroque entangled circuitous confused daedal detailed hard involute obscure raveled ravelled serpentine sinuous twisted winding baffling bewildering byzantine complicate confusing enigmatic impenetrable labyrinthian ornate perplexing tortuous Byzantine cryptic cumbersome Daedalian fiddly Gordian heterogeneous inscrutable interlaced involuted jumbled knotted mixed muddled multifaceted multifarious nuanced puzzling recondite rococo thorny tricky undecipherable unfathomable variegated Daedalean maze-like high-tech mixed up drawn-out can of worms long-drawn-out hi-tech difficult to understand full of twists and turns tough problematical problematic troublesome arduous compound composite compounded interwoven multiplex manifold motley multipart miscellaneous mosaic collective meandering mazy mingled multiple multiform conglomerate mixed-up awkward delicate ticklish mystifying spiny sticky hairy sensitive prickly catchy tricksy dodgy touchy taxing nasty mysterious inexplicable worrying inextricable confounding advanced trying unaccountable challenging irksome controversial bothersome chaotic mind-bending disconcerting incomprehensible vexed uncertain subtle studied messy paradoxical devious heavy gnarly long-winded wildering overdone ponderous vexatious laboured concerning unanswerable prolix insoluble over-elaborate deep beyond one formidable nettlesome dicey precarious ambiguous labored critical extensive thorough contrived forced ramified strained affected refined stiff unnatural stilted artificial many-faceted profound overworked overwrought befuddling upsetting disorienting serious impossible risky esoteric fathomless misleading unclear verbose unsolvable laborious embarrassing insolvable volatile demanding unstable rocky layered meticulous plotty inordinate scrambled perplexed mazelike state-of-the-art amazing surprising intractable labyrinthial labyrinthical searching labyrinthal penetrating labyrinthiform labyrinthic touch-and-go reticular effortful uphill terrible radical intertwined unpleasant stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering clever pluridimensional frustrating gimmicky bemusing new indivisible inseparable harassing disorganized disarranged dark weird strange severe stupefying astounding like herding cats problem loaded not fluent fiendish contradictory inconsistent varied disordered elite quirky undependable drastic kittle funny peculiar odd weighty murky hidden concealed daunting operose strenuous contentious muddling devilish multidimensional nice kaleidoscopic disorganised sweeping extreme revolutionary complete provocative indirect roundabout uncanny unsteady heated unintelligible abstract irreducible blurring unsettling high-level higher-level major mind-boggling inconstant unresolvable unexplainable capricious fickle temperamental mercurial chancy dangerous variable changeable emotive divisive scandalous untold indissoluble impossible to separate very devil of a devil of a muddlesome mistakable vexing rambling mystical thought-provoking particularized painstaking unpredictable uncomfortable top-level above one's head hard to solve beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp enigmatical hard to explain hazy opaque over one's head full particular indecipherable unstraightforward as clear as mud hard to understand exact precise perfected careful minute clear as mud overlong deceptive lengthy hair-trigger irresolvable without a solution unsolved unresolved unable to be solved unconcluded skillful prodigious circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread pointed echinated briery annoying stimulating cunning perverse difficult to follow particularised over-embellished mannered unconvincing turgid inelegant clumsy blow-by-blow blended amalgamated windy highly wrought high tech synthesized combined fused not spontaneous synthesised multifactorial not simple

Tính từ

Not domesticated
undomesticated untamed wild feral savage unbroken uncultivated fierce ferocious natural native wilding uncivilised uncivilized barbaric barbarous primitive vicious barbarian rough free rude untouched overgrown overrun rampant uninhabited agrarian desert deserted desolate escaped indigenous lush luxuriant neglected waste bestial brutish beastly ferine animal untrained uncontrollable animalistic brutal fell truculent rugged nonliterate rabid wolfish unused to humans raging rapacious ignorant uncultured swinish harsh animalian not broken in brute bearish subhuman austere remote warrigal unsubdued virgin untameable predatory ravening unmanageable beastlike uncontrolled regressive tameless not house-trained not housebroken theriomorphic theroid non-literate zoomorphic zoic heathenish heathen uncivil uneducated goatish beast-like zoological zoologic jungli naive simple Neandertal Neanderthal unsophisticated undeveloped childlike innocent untutored simpleminded unpretentious dewy-eyed dewy wide-eyed unworldly naif artless unwary ingenuous uncritical unsuspecting untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing aw-shucks unlearned raw vestigial underdeveloped atavistic violent cruel dangerous murderous aggressive menacing furious fiery grim threatening intimidating unruly ungentle merciless malevolent ruthless severe unmerciful malignant terrible forbidding fearsome steely gruff unrestrained stern bloodthirsty flinty convulsive heartless impetuous dour baleful frightening callous louring frightful delirious fiendish monstrous sadistic pitiless incessive remorseless inhuman raving enraged inhumane stark hard lowering fearful cutthroat horrible hellish angry frantic mad infuriated crazed butcherly biffo tigerish aggers venomous crude unrefined coarse uncouth unpolished vulgar boorish loutish philistine inexperienced backward unschooled gross crass oafish benighted lowbrow immature ill-bred credulous unenlightened insensible uninformed thuggish tasteless developing trusting backwards ill-mannered gullible impressionable rough-hewn illiterate provincial nescient unmannered naïf unstudied rudimentary yobbish born yesterday wet behind the ears as green as grass guileless rustic third world plain unacquainted unfamiliar unread common low churlish graceless roughneck lowbred raffish incult illiberal callow slobbish uncomplicated inelegant trustful unguarded unsceptical naïve confiding over-trusting youthful incomplete rough and ready easily deceived easily taken in embryonic basic non-functional ungodly unlettered obsolete abortive clumsy unholy impolite discourteous impertinent disrespectful indelicate awkward rookie uninitiated new unwitting fresh unskilled parochial unmindful unaware oblivious folksy unartificial clean unpractised easy clueless jejune unseasoned incognizant unpretending unconscious in a state of nature like a babe in the woods unqualified easily led bourgeois unfinished elementary commercial materialist ungraceful aboriginal masterful autocratic godforsaken domineering analphabetic unscholarly anti-intellectual inartistic pagan infidel idealistic uninstructed unfledged undeceitful idolatrous unadvanced earthy troglodytic accepting godless irreligious young country uncool corn-fed agnostic atheistic damp wet moist caveman mannerless outrageous unconscionable wicked amateur unquestioning non-believing unbelieving heretical faithless babe in woods beyond the pale fond exploitable gullable susceptible dew-covered heavy with dew unprogressive unwise archaic straightforward silly virginal bungling incompetent green as grass countrified uncorrupted cute starry-eyed shallow unjaded Panglossian quaint simple-minded medieval antiquated nullifidian inept maladroit down-to-earth gauche modest unassuming mediaeval dark feudal profane nonbeliever skeptic sceptic homespun uninvolved make-do unspecialized plebeian hooligan jerry-rigged jerry-built jury-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready bush-league corny homey unadulterated kid pure without airs cornball genuine authentic uncomplex ungenteel indecorous ungentlemanly ungainly ungallant unseemly clownish unmannerly disgracious backwoods unladylike offensive classless gawky cloddish hick hillbilly unversed inexpert untried clodhopping improper unconversant maturing unpracticed unskillful budding cobbled together raunchy loud bad-mannered imperfect foul-mouthed uncalled-for loud-mouthed heavy-handed

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