Đồng nghĩa của somnolent

Alternative for somnolent

Đồng nghĩa: slumberous, slumbery, slumbrous,

Tính từ

Feeling drowsy or sleepy
sleepy drowsy lethargic tired dozy languid languorous sluggish torpid comatose dopey slumberous slumbersome slumbrous snoozy yawning enervated nodding yawny groggy inactive oscitant asleep listless heavy-eyed out of it half asleep half awake half-awake nodding off asleep on one's feet slow heavy lazy inert dull slothful lifeless indolent idle passive fatigued quiescent unenergetic weary draggy apathetic slow-moving lymphatic blah indifferent dormant lackadaisical supine sleepyhead laid-back stagnant shiftless phlegmatic dilatory dead exhausted quiet limp asthenic logy hebetudinous neurasthenic spiritless lacking in energy leaden stupefied slumbery dozing laggard unresponsive slack static drugged narcotic sluggardly unhurried unenthusiastic fainéant lax debilitated impassive sleeping stupid stuporous faineant out insensible sedentary lacklustre nebbish lackluster moony languishing dreamy without energy weak down soporific flat bleary-eyed depressed tardy uninterested relaxed bovine vegetating hibernating insensitive mooney sleepyheaded stiff sullen off sluggard drippy lumpish inconscious cold motionless numb do-nothing slow-going unproductive slow-paced somnific burned out flagging spent Laodicean otiose pococurante vegged out out cold benumbed out to lunch unconcerned easy blahs pining droopy energyless laid back sodden latent paralyzed paralysed dead to the world dazed knackered dopy restful dog-tired ready for bed done in half-asleep dead beat all in hardly able to keep one's eyes open unmoving stolid wimpy stretchy having spring fever half-hearted feeble lukewarm cool disinterested passionless unemotional offhand unmoved leisurely bloodless unfeeling loafing insipid vapid uncaring perfunctory casual careless emotionless detached wishy-washy cursory tepid bland work-shy faint inattentive easygoing negligent insouciant neutral spineless uninvolved uninspiring halfhearted bored submissive uninspired bone idle vigorless vigourless incurious anaemic irresolute characterless stoic effete nonchalant dispassionate desultory anemic wooden blasé dispirited tame superficial unenthused callous untouched neb what the hell lacking energy could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less still sickly infirm lagging dallying procrastinating unanimated yielding acquiescent uneager docile servile pliant frail good-for-nothing unwilling reluctant heedless lacking vitality soporous soporose unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic lusterless etiolated anodyne workshy unlively unoccupied peaceful remiss plodding unimpressed drony resting abstracted stoical drained aimless non-committal damp unexcited undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless cold-blooded unmotivated slap-happy shot sentimental romantic laissez-faire slapdash daydreaming wearied sapped worn out weakened beat shattered pooped tired out kaput not enthusiastic easy going lumbering dead tired cavalier spring fever artless unstudied effortless loose flippant complacent light carefree disimpassioned regardless breezy simple informal happy-go-lucky easy-going devil-may-care free and easy meek colourless melancholic melancholy despondent mopy desiccated dejected low unimpassioned dry pathetic broken boring blue cowardly disconsolate gutless subdued inanimate downhearted sad indecisive downcast colorless down in the dumps flat tire cast down down in the mouth lacking in vitality

Tính từ

Dull, sluggish, or ugly
bovine slow stupid dense sluggish thick unintelligent dim-witted dull-witted half-baked ignorant imperceptive inert lifeless stolid vacuous blockish doltish lumpish mindless obtuse phlegmatic placid torpid witless wooden dim dozy dumb inanimate thickheaded blockheaded boneheaded chuckleheaded dopey dull dunderheaded heavy lamebrained birdbrained daft divvy glaikit inactive lethargic listless muttonheaded pea-brained pig-ignorant wooden-headed chowderhead dotish hebete slothful unresponsive slow on the uptake thick as two short planks dead from the neck up not the full shilling slow-witted simple brain-dead oafish brainless half-witted moronic cretinous dopy airheaded knuckleheaded pinheaded lunkheaded softheaded bubbleheaded empty-headed unsmart fatuous thick-witted imbecilic idiotic dorky senseless bonehead gormless weak-minded foolish opaque lamebrain simple-minded vapid fat-headed soft in the head dunce-like soft naive dof gullible crazy barmy dippy insensitive as thick as two short planks thick-skulled imbecile chowderheaded asinine boorish crass feebleminded simpleminded uncomprehending feeble-minded woodenheaded blind Boeotian thick as mince dimwitted daffy cloddish unthinking numskulled not with it slow on uptake thick-headed unperceptive unimaginative ill-mannered blundering duncelike coarse gross limited numbskulled clownish braindead impassive fatheaded silly unrefined purblind goofy thick-skinned insensate scatterbrained shallow not bright backward unintellectual halfwitted inane log-headed indelicate unreasoning loggerheaded clottish deficient not intelligent very stupid mentally deficient mentally handicapped nitwitted unhinged deranged insane mad touched nutty crackers nuts cracked mental unenergetic apathetic sleepy languid cuckoo batty bonkers indolent weary lazy passive fatigued drowsy tired idle heavy-eyed enervated brainsick cranky kooky bughouse loony crackbrained psychotic looney slang fruity unbalanced demented wacky haywire bats crazed gaga lunatic loco maniac screwy wacko wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam scatty whacky crackpot whacko kookie meshugge psycho potty meshuga balmy certifiable sluggardly slow-moving yawny neurasthenic asthenic quiescent lacking in energy dotty lymphatic half asleep logy flakey giddy bedlamite not quite right not all there looney tunes flaky loony tunes fried draggy sleepyheaded stiff comatose hebetudinous slumberous down languorous leaden mooney sullen off sluggard laid-back blah drippy non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd unwise absurd ridiculous thoughtless nonsensical harebrained tomfool hare-brained damfool ludicrous imprudent preposterous featherheaded ill-advised unreasonable injudicious pointless laughable risible sappy foolhardy inept rash ill-considered fool irrational jerky indiscreet irresponsible impolitic puerile unschooled clueless reckless screwball cockeyed zany incautious loopy uneducated vacant illogical untutored feather-brained unaware illiterate derisible untaught childish bizarre immature retarded impractical inexperienced flighty green unworldly unlearned benighted nonliterate unread unlettered madcap inadvisable analphabetic idiotical uninstructed frivolous credulous inappropriate weak misguided farcical superficial comical cockamamy addle-brained unmindful uninformed careless infantile innocent pie-faced know-nothing meaningless insipid out to lunch short-sighted off the air in the dark wet behind the ears childlike crude unstudied uncomplicated slumberish doolally stupefied anencephalic anencephalous surd unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish purposeless rude dark fantastic dummy nerdish feeble shortsighted ignoramus callow bone-headed idiot rattlebrained donkeyish obstinate outrageous addle-pated negligent soppy empty fanciful fantastical extravagant impracticable dappy forgetful neglectful without thought foolishly stupid complacent featherbrained ditzy dizzy skittish untrained unknowledgeable unworkable unpractical ill-conceived idiotish squirrelly trifling futile worthless mooning daydreaming inattentive spaced-out out moony derisive derisory unreal mentally slow smoothbrained unenlightened unsophisticated unscholarly unknowing unwitting cockamamie pathetic improvident eccentric as daft as a brush incompetent nescient oblivious out of it unqualified funny feather-headed wild lacking knowledge unconversant vain wishy-washy flat innocuous incognizant insensible unacquainted weird peculiar unconventional odd quirky uninitiated cock-eyed pea-brain strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre unconscious devoid of intelligence amusing oddball light-hearted comic a brick short of a load as green as grass two sandwiches short of a picnic hilarious waggish chucklesome diverting smooth-brained ill-informed dim-bulb kinky dilly hasty joshing in left field humorous way out out there camp witty campy ill-judged inexpedient spur-of-the-moment unguarded tactless inconsiderate ill-timed undiplomatic brash hot-headed graceless wrong-headed wrong unsuitable impulsive undesirable

Tính từ

Feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion
weary tired exhausted wearied drained fatigued spent sleepy drowsy jaded dead enervated knackered bushed done overtired prostrate whacked worn bored debilitated done in flagging pooped sapped sick fagged low shattered aweary beat beaten bleary drooping limp loggy logy overworked taxed zonked asleep worn out burned-out burnt-out dead tired dog-tired tired out worn-out burnt out tuckered out bone-tired clapped out dead beat done up wiped out worn down all in tapped out washed-out burned out fagged out out of gas worn to a frazzle knocked out played out ready to drop had it jet-lagged asleep on one's feet wasted frazzled run-down weak shot bone-weary done for effete weakened prostrated kaput jiggered out on one's feet fordone fried outta gas crippled rundown bushwhacked depleted whipped shagged out worn-down stonkered wabbit toilworn rooted washed out disabled zonked out weariful puffing puffed panting breathless gasping droopy flat haggard out of breath strained puffed out listless languid gasping for breath puffing and blowing whacked out running on empty tuckered on your last legs drawn careworn pinched fit to drop creamcrackered far-gone hollow-cheeked dead on one's feet enfeebled languorous on one's last legs collapsing groggy stressed out wan gaunt used up pale peaky ashen blanched hollow-eyed lethargic sluggish torpid finished consumed pasty-faced dozy slumberous dog-weary bleary-eyed dragging hacked sick and tired fed up dead-tired dead-beat extremely tired without energy wiped-out out on your feet run down etiolated wiped all-in faint empty lacklustre lackluster languishing narcoleptic overtaxed overused bedraggled low-energy unwell like death warmed up lackadaisical broken-down petered out dropping lassitudinous blasé infirm feeble done-in blown used done with exasperated run ragged over-tired tired-out on last leg dead on your feet half-awake in poor health gone heavy-lidded dog tired aching sore very tired played-out footsore heavy dopey lifeless snoozy comatose yawning nodding yawny slumbrous drugged dozing dazed dopy restful lazy heavy-eyed half asleep out of it ready for bed half-asleep hardly able to keep one's eyes open raddled stressed tense wrinkled fretted peaked fraught spiritless the worse for wear sallow weather-beaten lined grim sleep deprived faded sickly uptight poorly dull adrenalized lived-in withered taut unhealthy dilapidated tattered unkempt disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par waning weakening failing declining fading tiring wearying sinking deteriorating wilting ebbing decreasing giving up faltering diminishing slacking dwindling slumping leaden abating palling sagging slowing down

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