Đồng nghĩa của remiss

Alternative for remiss

Trái nghĩa: careful,

Tính từ

Failing to fulfill responsibility, duty, or obligations
careless derelict disregardful lax lazy neglectful negligent slack irresponsible unthinking barratrous delinquent dilatory forgetful heedless inattentive indolent lackadaisical neglecting slipshod sloppy thoughtless unheeding unmindful behindhand blameworthy culpable daydreaming defaultant fainéant inconsistent indifferent oscitant regardless reprehensible slapdash slothful slow tardy uninterested woolgathering at fault any old way any which way asleep at switch asleep on job reckless casual incautious unconcerned apathetic rash improvident inadvertent unobservant imprudent laid-back nonchalant listless idle slovenly perfunctory sluggish slap-happy devil-may-care good-for-nothing uncaring precipitate hasty oblivious insouciant inert lethargic blithe absent-minded leisurely feckless untrustworthy unreliable undependable disinterested easy otiose uncircumspect inconsiderate injudicious offhand inactive carefree disorganized mindless laggard languid workshy torpid disregarding cursory disorganised procrastinating unaccountable cool slow-going impulsive blithely unconcerned free and easy without care unwise foolish unhurried impetuous shiftless senseless ill-considered permissive wild ill-advised easy-going loafing inaccurate inefficient vague inexact imprecise deaf blind unreflective unreasoning slow-moving foolhardy unwary relaxed lagging dawdling creeping plodding unwitting napping loose unthoughtful flighty deliberate loitering dallying snail-like shoddy careless of one's duty faineant passive work-shy sluggardly tortoise-like delaying snaillike pokey dragging crawling snail-paced poking poky dillydallying dreamy hot-headed do-nothing lollygagging bone idle late inattentive to asleep on the job oblivious to insensitive unfeeling nonobservant failing shabby detached ignoring overlooking omitting slighting coarse dispassionate incurious unheedful rude crude failing to show proper care and attention measured lifeless untidy unsystematic haphazard unmeticulous unthorough blasé failing to take proper care lumpish dull mechanical ponderous easygoing drony resting moderate leaden instinctive unconscious languorous gentle steady sedate unconsidered scrappy impassive unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding hurried amateurish undisciplined leaden-footed stupid silly unintended automatic incorrect wrong sketchy erroneous laggy tortoiselike supine postponing labored phlegmatic drowsy imperceptible lousy improficient scatterbrained tactless precipitous overhasty procrastinative incompetent spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated unintentional intuitive erratic kamikaze irreflective disorderly cowboy unprepared giddy daredevil pococurante undiscerning unreasonable unwatchful witless capricious uncareful quiescent unprofessional dormant thrown together hit-or-miss error-ridden couldn't care less ditsy indiscreet madcap undiplomatic irrational regardless of taking no notice of paying no heed to disregardful of unconscious of careless of heedless of neglectful of blind to deaf to not paying attention unheeding of brutish indelicate outrageous vacant unmeant blunt untactful asleep at the wheel unguarded harum-scarum badly organized hell-for-leather fly-by-night soft lenient abstracted overindulgent indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp any way out of it apt to forget pipe dreaming absent looking out window insensible unfocused amnemonic mooning having a memory like a sieve out to lunch inclined to forget remiss in preoccupied airheaded wandering indifferent to scatty negligent about nirvanic moony not on the job remiss about like an absent-minded professor distracted lax about bemused paying no mind lingering backward time-wasting unpunctual putting off tarrying moratory problem slow-paced unhasty flagging brash headlong ill-judged misguided hotheaded impolitic temerarious ill-conceived spur-of-the-moment short-sighted hare-brained harebrained unthought-out inadvisable premature unreasoned ill-thought-out impromptu graceless idiotic nonsensical inexpedient brainless sudden passionate adventurous illogical snap determined precipitant unsound venturesome venturous unstudied unplanned wrong-headed headstrong nonrational unsafe furious daring audacious immature unintelligent off-the-cuff superficial crackbrained jumping to conclusions inept knee-jerk crazy ad hoc trivial throwaway indiscriminate inappropriate extemporaneous credulous rushed bold over-adventurous meaningless fiery frenzied insuppressible tearaway frivolous impractical reactive feather-brained helter-skelter passing quick unalert unvigilant off-guard imbecilic clueless moronic ignorant empty-headed shallow ad-lib playing with fire damfool uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted untroubled parenthetical naive inane short-term imperceptive ludicrous unjustifiable unworried lamebrained incoherent groundless laughable improvised pointless futile idiotical simpleminded airy lamebrain extempore unscientific fruitless birdbrained overbold demented insane ridiculous unrehearsed kooky loony nutty improvisational gadarene dim-witted half-witted extemporary wacky flying unsubtle daft unperceptive uncontrolled off-the-wall cavalier offhanded dozy pell-mell drive-by over-venturesome abrupt death-or-glory swift unexpected featherbrained fast and loose half-baked down and dirty badly thought out off the cuff not thought through mistaken random gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning suicidal ill-timed short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited misjudged shortsighted unsuitable wanton implicit undiscriminating unseemly undesirable dumb overconfident untimely infelicitous garrulous nosy unsympathetic default barbarous barbaric unduly quick spur of the moment self-destructive asinine crackpot incidental unadvised badly planned confused risky cock-eyed uncreative unimaginative adventuresome overventuresome without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for unsmart breakneck absurd off one's guard lacking foresight bull-in-a-china-shop out of control whimsical uninhibited off the top of one's head violent emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed happy-go-lucky eager fierce ardent unpredictable abandoned preposterous impassioned vehement unbridled unrestrained gauche gruff peremptory flippant hectic unmeditated speedy unreflecting unadvisable swaggering breezy uncautious wary fervid subitaneous restive uncivil unpolitic sharp unpolished rough harsh illegitimate invalid mad inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary jumping the gun winging it flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth flaky leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful leaving self wide open off the deep end without regard going off deep end unarranged on-the-spot improvisatory extemporized asleep at the switch unscripted uncontrived natural flawed ad lib faulty contradictory extemporised undesigned glib simplistic trifling ad libitum schematic insubstantial simple not planned facile frothy flimsy empty surface oversimplified puerile hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense

Tính từ

Lacking in system or organization
hit-or-miss haphazard disorganised disorganized slapdash random careless erratic unmethodical arbitrary desultory aimless sloppy slipshod indiscriminate scattered casual perfunctory offhand cursory lackadaisical stray irregular undirected unplanned unpremeditated undisciplined uneven catch-as-catch-can slap-happy helter-skelter all over the place all over the shop trial and error messy negligent thoughtless unsystematic heedless lax slack neglectful hasty hurried shambolic thrown together shoddy untidy last-minute clumsy disorderly unorganized loose faulty unorganised inexact imperfect botched shabby junky unmeticulous threadbare unthorough inaccurate muddled disordered unprofessional poor inattentive jumbled lazy pell-mell chaotic slovenly thrown-together fly-by-night nonchalant reckless irresponsible improvident uncoordinated orderless confused unsystematized systemless unarranged unfocused unstructured unprepared badly organized chance inconsistent capricious spontaneous incidental unthinking topsy-turvy dislocated uncombed scrambled out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained cluttered heterogeneous unkempt tumult unrestrained hit or miss mixed up scrappy all over the map inefficient slaphappy scattershot unfastidious in disarray incoherent unregulated couldn't-care-less all over the lot rambling hurry-scurry recklessly carelessly hastily sketchy disconnected fitful impulsive unintentional spasmodic inconstant intermittent occasional sporadic unstable in disorder spur-of-the-moment impromptu accidental off and on without purpose hit-and-miss higgledy-piggledy fluky unintended rushed undesigned unscheduled unconcerned designless unselective sudden unexpected fluke purposeless willy-nilly unconscious unconsidered devil-may-care any old way any which way discretionary whimsical unreasonable subjective optional personal irrational motiveless unpredictable unmotivated wild unjustified unjustifiable unreasoned wanton unsupported groundless illogical discretional fanciful wilful uninformed superficial unaccountable supercilious frivolous approximate wayward injudicious unscientific

Tính từ

Deserving censure or condemnation
reprehensible blameworthy culpable disgraceful bad discreditable errant objectionable shameful ignoble censurable deplorable erring despicable disreputable opprobrious unworthy wrong condemnable dishonorable dishonourable inexcusable odious reproachable unacceptable delinquent indefensible insufferable regrettable repugnant sinful unforgivable unjustifiable unpardonable blamable blameable criminal exceptionable iniquitous obnoxious offensive reprovable scandalous amiss demeritorious guilty unholy wicked at fault unjustified unprovoked unwarrantable inexpiable unreasonable excessive outrageous unconscionable without justification uncalled for without cause immoderate without reason gratuitous unnecessary ignominious infamous improper notorious louche shabby humiliating shady shy shoddy unfortunate degrading unrespectable unprincipled appalling insupportable unjust uncalled-for beyond the pale unmerited unwarranted ungrounded base contemptible vile low sordid abominable wretched corrupt detestable immoral inglorious scurvy mean abject unscrupulous sorry unseemly dirty heinous loathsome low-down cheap degenerate abhorrent disgusting dishonest villainous execrable nasty hateful undignified unbecoming shocking unsavoury rotten inappropriate unsavory indecorous crooked unbefitting nefarious deceitful untrustworthy indecent mortifying unsuitable shameless unspeakable depraved vulgar low-minded shaming pitiful debasing ungentlemanly beyond contempt flagitious snide egregious unfitting untoward vicious poor sleazy knavish foul unethical indelicate atrocious tawdry revolting miserable pitiable beastly monstrous lousy embarrassing graceless scummy paltry crass rascally currish demeaning treacherous unrefined evil dastardly dreadful unladylike despisable fraudulent perverse unfair distasteful incongruous worthless cruddy mercenary petty questionable out of keeping terrible no-good reprobate seedy seamy scoundrelly dissolute underhanded diabolical belittling deceptive disdainable debauched squalid debased tasteless impure lame beggarly lewd incorrect inapt perfidious out of place malapropos unfit grubby ratty scabby sad venal infelicitous sneaking inept inapposite unapt slimy servile pathetic coarse suspect dubious thoughtless unpleasant cheapening intolerable blackguardly unceremonious lowering miscreant discomfiting humiliatory disrespectful indiscreet inelegant devious amoral dodgy undesirable filthy degraded sneaky lowly bent awful unlawful unhappy sleazoid bribable warped caitiff underhand cruel impolite grievous faithless good-for-nothing no-account malodorous in poor taste horrifying rough ungodly menial undue low-life in bad taste unheroic unsuccessful disagreeable traitorous failed opprobious putrid infra dig malevolent meanspirited malicious tarnished dissipated slipshod malignant perverted beneath you lacking dignity unrighteous dark responsible offending answerable not cricket ill-famed unkind mean-spirited slavish humble vitiated wanton decadent blameful chargeable unhealthy ill-reputed cowardly craven scurrilous good-for-naught meritless no-count avaricious skanky ungenerous beneath your dignity tragic to blame trashy common plebeian ugly repulsive unchivalrous hateworthy measly unregenerate calculated covetous lamentable senseless preposterous swinish outcast inferior uncharitable deserving blame ridiculous foolish repellent horrible horrid fiendish roguish mischievous devilish abysmal dire frightful disastrous peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain ill-suited unsuited selfish stingy natty miserly inconsiderate self-seeking in the wrong calamitous distressing grim pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying sly leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish crummy woeful unbearable heartbreaking mournful sickening nauseating scungy unmannerly ill-advised humbling crushing God-awful very bad uncouth crude rowdy rude ruffian raffish frolicsome arrant biased prejudiced beneath contempt below contempt dirty rotten untimely unhandsome tacky unworthy of salacious clumsy awkward gauche unlovely uncomely unseasonable maladroit inconsistent incompatible immodest ribald intemperate flagrant unclean drunken carnal obscene profligate inequitable discriminatory undeserving beneath lacking in propriety disgracing ineligible partisan squashing deflating chastening quashing unfitting to recreant valueless nothing improper to unsuitable for inappropriate to out of the way discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted barro toe-curling cringe-making dishonoring blush-making cringeworthy out of character unbecoming to weighted distorted intolerant coloured slanted preferential dishonouring corruptible cheating loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary not deserving not worth not good enough out of place with out of character with not fit grafting swindling felonious buyable lawless profiteering malfeasant corrupted tricky bringing down bringing low unfaithful false unrightful injurious wrongful colored extortionate suborned open disorderly double-dealing of bad reputation suspicious slippery unwholesome two-faced one-sided non-objective fishy shifty on the take gone to the dogs hollow-hearted fast and loose licentious derogatory libidinous no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse

Tính từ

Reluctant to proceed due to doubts or uncertainty
loath reluctant disinclined against opposed resisting unwilling averse indisposed counter hesitant backward cagey cagy dubious ill-disposed resistant reticent afraid antagonistic chary hostile uneager wary not in the mood slow discouraged squeamish hesitating loth cautious queasy disheartened calculating chary of afraid to bashful about hesitant about shy about coy about opposed to diffident about hanging back not in favour of ashamed to antipathetic unenthusiastic recalcitrant unprepared inimical not disposed anti contrary opposing hostile to unenthusiastic about averse to not ready uncaring uninclined not minded not keen nervous about grudging balking frightened nervous uncertain circumspect demurring sticking unsympathetic objecting shying protesting shy doubtful baulking unfavourable dismayed scared suspicious allergic unfriendly disliking nasty perverse unfavorable agin fromward shy of cautious with down on resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to antagonistic to circumspect about queasy about intractable defiant dissident unfavourably disposed to intransigent combative mind dead set against disobedient disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unyielding challenging inimical to rebellious unwilling to accept having no use for baulk at recoil from sweer demur at not about jib at shrink from flinch from vacillate about have scruples about waver about stick at have qualms about shy away from have misgivings about boggle at think twice about disrelish something have reservations about not have the heart to be cagey about

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