Đồng nghĩa của servile

Alternative for servile

Trái nghĩa: domineering,

Tính từ

Submissive or slavish
humble abject cringing slavish subservient base craven fawning grovelling sycophantic unctuous bootlicking ingratiating low mean menial obsequious oily oleaginous toadying greasy self-abasing submissive toadyish apple-polishing arse-licking brown-nosing cringey excessively deferential forelock-tugging slimy smarmy soapy sucky ass-kissing Uriah Heepish beggarly despicable groveling ignoble obedient obeisant passive unresisting eating crow eating humble pie flattering crawling deferential creeping adulatory compliant fulsome smooth reverential honey-tongued silver-tongued gushing snivelling sniveling kowtowing cajoling sycophantish slick prostrate saccharine truckling suckholing cloying smooth-talking nauseating brownnosing gushy hagiographical hagiographic mealy-mouthed smooth-tongued saponaceous lowly crouching glib complimentary cowardly respectful praising insincere sweet-talking sugary subordinate appreciative arse-kissing parasitical timeserving sickening wheedling slippery honeyed plausible suave hypocritical parasitic spineless insinuating creepy vile laudatory ignominious bowing and scraping encomiastic encomiastical unworthy timid humiliating docile following sycophant bowing scraping cowering enslaved stipendiary sneaking complacent subject compliable winsome winning endearing disarming commending applauding admiring favourable supple bland coaxing soft serving insinuative charming silken overly flattering flannelling blarneying soft-soaping gratifying wormlike sequacious favorable worshipping unskilled enthusiastic glowing commendatory blandishing worshipful boring degrading low-status dutiful rhapsodic acclamatory lionizing eulogistic routine dull highly favourable humdrum rave sorry demeaning urbane lionising worshiping degraded contemptible worthless effusive inferior low-grade reverent buttery blue-collar debased phoney courtly smug creamy pinguid tedious common baseborn basic phony sordid standing regarding respecting reprehensible smooth-spoken shabby dishonourable scungy detestable meek horrible gloomy dishonorable deferent dismal hangdog deplorable humiliated dejected outcast self-effacing gracious refined extravagant sophisticated courteous debonair silky persuasive lavish polished polite civilized civil OTT sweet civilised reptilian ingratiatory over the top excessive overdone affable friendly cool gentlemanly mannerly insinuatory suggestive unrestrained cultivated svelte ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant pleasing pleasant mushy sentimental emotional self-possessed over-effusive genial over-enthusiastic hyped up media-savvy laid on with a trowel mellifluous sleek conniving credible eloquent fast-talking gentle amiable convincing blubbery hammy voluble all over someone congenial unemotional assured inordinate worldly worldly-wise good-natured immoderate poised gallant dignified profuse extensive liberal ample generous hard to resist approving over-appreciative diplomatic agreeable tactful rapturous self-assured congratulatory gross impeccable cultured soft-spoken sociable politic cordial well-bred obliging formal distingué magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious panegyrical well mannered eulogizing good positive approbatory sugarcoated laudative plauditory honoring fair-spoken celebrating eulogising well-wishing with high praise with highest recommendation honouring praiseful kind approbative highly favorable sweet-sounding maudlin chivalrous respectable considerate genteel decorous decent overemotional mawkish nostalgic together facile collected composed overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid unruffled possessed loving coolheaded equable sedate royal self-composed dewy-eyed lovey-dovey

Tính từ

Readily conforming to the authority or will of others
submissive compliant yielding malleable acquiescent accommodating amenable tractable manageable unassertive non-resisting passive obedient biddable dutiful duteous docile ductile pliant meek timid mild patient resigned forbearing subdued humble self-effacing spiritless deferential obsequious slavish self-abasing spineless groveling grovelling lamblike supine bootlicking subservient under someone's thumb resistless longanimous abject bowing down comformable complying domesticated giving-in ingratiating nonresistant nonresisting obeisant obeying pliable tame uncomplaining unresisting agreeable amiable conformable fawning kowtowing law-abiding lowly menial obliging placable soft subordinate surrendering controllable disciplinable governable handleable teachable trainable under one's thumb willing sycophantic cringing persuadable persuasible unprotesting respectful complaisant game reverential in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket at one's beck and call gullible trusting workable impressionable suggestible easily swayed truckling cowering well-trained consenting subject downtrodden snivelling inferior good under control observant dancing sniveling ignoble mean disciplined unobtrusive demure shy cowed acceding assenting gentle well trained well disciplined accepting cooperative flexible agreeing conforming unresistant approving attentive devoted loyal regardful well-behaved venerating honoring honouring docious faithful hearsome sheeplike unquestioning at one's mercy a slave to polite sheepish supplicatory tolerating tolerant toadying easy convincible hesitant timorous quiet unambitious tentative apprehensive fearful acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive mim self-conscious wrapped around finger on a string ready easily persuaded Uriah Heepish adaptable manipulable long-suffering responsive susceptible influenceable orderly well-disposed courteous easily influenced open happy mannerly enduring considerate thoughtful receptive easy-going milky helpful easily handled stoical non-resistant lenient forgiving eager keen quiescent go-with-the-flow supple transformable bendy civil glad enthusiastic peaceable stoic disposed genial seemly cordial unassuming sympathetic well-mannered indulgent reverent cool laid-back cheerful weak-kneed charitable supportive favorable favourable mellow easygoing like putty in your hands rolls with punches putty in hands acceptive compromising restrained conciliatory conformist willing to compromise assentient accordant consentient fatalistic reconciled philosophical under someone's control modest adapted phlegmatic satisfied adjusted calm renouncing relinquishing accommodated peaceful unpretentious awed proper deferent concurring submitting tameable childlike usable complacent able to be influenced putty in one's hands ingratiatory retiring easily manipulated tamable weak ungrudging down-to-earth diffident selfless in accord in agreement mindful decorous wimpish frightened boneless trained untroublesome convenient amendable with the patience of Job onside pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy serene zero plain wussy well behaved well mannered well brought up moldable well-brought-up accessible companionable useful eager to help forthcoming eager to please inclined prepared pleased like a lamb to the slaughter glad to be of assistance nonviolent non-violent lifeless non-aggressive content set predisposed prone static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced moony idle unflappable desirous friendly zealous one fain minded dominated like-minded nothing loath so minded so-minded in favor in the mood in accord with in favour of a mind hands off kind subjugated bullied browbeaten benevolent kindly oppressed going through motions walking through it intimidated repressed generous nagged magnanimous unselfish neighbourly constrained uxorious understanding sweet pleasant affable gracious nice henpecked bighearted breezy decent altruistic moderate warmhearted ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel softie good-natured marshmallow neighborly well disposed good-humored warm-hearted good-hearted willing to please good-tempered good-humoured kind-hearted even-tempered favourably disposed

Tính từ

Involving immoral behavior
sordid base ignoble vile bad cheap contemptible despicable foul shoddy squalid wretched corrupt disreputable ignominious low tawdry unsavory unsavoury debased debauched degenerate dishonest dishonourable mean shameful abject abominable currish decadent detestable dirty discreditable dishonorable execrable impure nasty paltry seamy seedy snide vicious abhorrent avaricious degraded disgusting louche repugnant scurvy skanky sleazoid calculated covetous distasteful mercenary poor sleazy venal low-minded low-down self-seeking immoral wrong unprincipled disgraceful menial wicked unworthy depraved reprehensible infamous shabby dastardly uncharitable rotten evil sinful improper iniquitous petty unscrupulous dissolute reprobate scandalous heinous offensive coarse undignified unbecoming beastly cowardly obscene cruel lamentable inelegant off-color craven unchivalrous shameless blameworthy peasant modest ordinary lewd reproachful simple plain vulgar unseemly slavish humble trashy plebeian indelicate ugly loathsome lowly common sorry pitiful worthless wrongful ungodly monstrous sacrilegious unholy profane blasphemous hateful nefarious irreligious impious unrighteous erring fallen villainous odious horrible murderous dark black treacherous diabolic godless diabolical fiendish atrocious barbarous notorious underhanded underhand perverted criminal crooked shocking outrageous sullied illicit tainted lawless roguish bent illegitimate egregious illegal shady unlawful scoundrelly stinking rascally malfeasant warped inequitable peccable flagitious caitiff black-hearted morally wrong not cricket dreadful terrible awful appalling gross unspeakable horrid unpleasant obnoxious hideous revolting ghastly unethical horrifying repulsive disagreeable inhuman sickening devilish damnable repellent malevolent deplorable malicious indecent horrendous savage unfair frightful bestial filthy accursed infernal brutish nauseating barbaric hellish horrific intolerable noxious amoral sinister satanic malignant perverse nauseous God-awful noisome spiteful dire felonious gruesome crude maleficent opprobrious abandoned knavish miscreant callous smutty wanton forbidding hurtful brutal harmful rancid repellant fulsome yucky facinorous heartless dangerous irreverent macabre sadistic putrid grisly pernicious ruthless injurious indictable unkind insufferable nightmarish frightening inappropriate uncouth abysmal grewsome demonic terrifying fearful rude grim unsettling unfriendly profligate degrading unwholesome unclean hellacious alarming salacious naughty objectionable cacodemonic lousy catty damaging merciless harsh violent deleterious cold-blooded disgustful loathly lurid terrific nightmare detrimental ominous fearsome inhumane off-putting unjust cursed confounded malign adverse undesirable scary flagrant disrespectful distressing unhallowed disturbing glaring very bad unbearable sick nocuous unnerving desperate brute culpable baneful intimidating direful incorrigible prejudicial mischievous baleful insupportable overwhelming abusive devious unfaithful redoubtable godawful deceitful carnal prurient dissipated unrefined ill untrue spine-chilling licentious untrustworthy libidinous unhealthy faithless hair-raising boorish unforgivable indecorous demoralized calamitous perfidious fraudulent from hell extortionate vilifying risqué demoralised uncivilised uncivilized unutterable double-dealing two-faced hollow-hearted demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal transgressing inclement ruffianly blackguardly sneaky rancorous wrathful thievish shadowy bad-hearted pestilential mephitic peccant creepy demonical demonian Luciferian unsuitable eerie good-for-nothing crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed ferocious base-minded groveling grotesque menacing hardened rakish unconscionable woeful pants chronic sucky pits tenth-rate dismal punk unbefitting no good graceless delinquent lawbreaking cringe-making spooky threatening bone-chilling guilty out of place uncool pestiferous invidious shuddersome resentful ornery pesky blasted cussed bitter miserable humiliating shy unrespectable piggish gluttonous ferine swinish animal feral irrational defective grovelling gut-churning icky sick-making wayward bloodcurdling under-the-table condemnable out of keeping inexcusable exceptionable ill-famed indescribable vomitous bogging aberrant morbid lustful lascivious lecherous lubricious fierce remorseless yucko loose libertine unregenerate rakehell jackleg rakehelly unpardonable against the law strong a load of pants ill-reputed questionable in poor taste ghostly ghoulish eery bloody bloodthirsty backbiting maligning traducing detractive gossiping crying detracting inconceivable unbelievable unreasonable blamable censurable scungy unimaginable steep highly improper butcherly fell truculent homicidal insensitive disquieting immoderate exorbitant unendurable excessive desecrating destructive ruinous ineffable red hot bad news sanguinary inconsiderate unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT preposterous vomit-inducing stupefying inexpressible O.T.T. contaminated faulty untamed insubordinate wild heartstopping perturbing upsetting too horrible for words preternatural indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words heathen violating pagan irreverential infidel heretical atheistic inimical stunning astonishing bewildering startling amazing formidable agitating staggering depraving debasing contumelious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing extreme debauching thoughtless surprising unlucky unfortunate vindictive over the top hostile unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic cancerous disastrous poisonous malefic ill-natured tasteless explicit hard-hearted not nice cantankerous disadvantageous nocent unfavorable unfavourable despiteful virulent bribable scummy corruptible hard uncivil uncultured brash crass bad-mannered lowbrow tactless insulting discourteous unmannerly grafting swindling buyable profiteering corrupted tricky dodgy raunchy unchaste immodest loutish affronting suggestive colloquial vituperative unpolished derisive rough churlish bawdy ill-mannered impolite X-rated ungracious disloyal gone to the dogs suborned open fast and loose on the take lying deceiving deceptive hypocritical traitorous unreliable duplicitous mendacious inconstant unsound insincere defrauding recreant untruthful cheating fickle treasonable delusive adulterous double-faced falsehearted false perjured false-hearted forsworn back-stabbing double-crossing two-timing mythomaniac apostate renegade Janus-faced

Tính từ

Failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence
supine passive inert apathetic indifferent lethargic careless enervated idle inactive lazy negligent sluggish spineless weak yielding acquiescent docile effete indolent languid listless lymphatic pliant spiritless submissive uninterested heedless slothful torpid do-nothing dormant dull lackadaisical lax motionless peaceful quiet sedentary slack sleepy tired unoccupied unresponsive phlegmatic heavy leaden slow impassive comatose drowsy easy slow-moving dreamy leisurely languorous laggard shiftless blah laid-back dopey unhurried lagging lifeless snoozy dilatory unenthusiastic limp moony procrastinating languishing ponderous plodding weary unconcerned dawdling measured creeping energyless stagnant unenergetic crawling wimpy somnolent nebbish sleepyhead tardy deliberate snaillike delaying moderate loitering tortoiselike postponing slow-going relaxed blahs pining numb otiose stolid slumberous gradual slow-footed slow-paced flagging unemotional faint sickly infirm feeble inattentive vacant work-shy sleeping emotionless lukewarm stoical stoic bored hibernating passionless stupefied fatigued quiescent undemonstrative dallying half-hearted impassible affectless unambitious unmotivated narcotic insensible fainéant cold pococurante Laodicean draggy cold-blooded out of it stupid stuporous hebetudinous bone idle faineant droopy still debilitated loafing lacking in energy laid back lacklustre lackluster stretchy exhausted unmoving vigourless drugged without energy having spring fever matter-of-fact inexpressive unexcitable mopish insouciant inconscious out vegged out dead to the world out to lunch out cold deadpan catatonic empty blank expressionless absent neutral abstracted wooden placid easygoing gentle steady sedate calm benumbed sluggardly tortoise-like unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding asleep unindustrious pokey dragging leaden-footed snail-paced poking poky snail-like dillydallying paralyzed static sodden latent paralysed insensitive dry laggy lollygagging labored late behindhand imperceptible remiss unworksome unaspiring parasitic useless procrastinative good-for-nothing workshy bone-idle lacking energy slumbering dozing napping resting unmoved unfeeling cool reposing disinterested uninvolved uncaring detached non-committal dispassionate aestivating dispirited callous untouched flat what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less perfunctory tame uninspiring blasé vapid insipid characterless depressed casual bland down tepid uninspired sad unanimated dejected despondent irresolute disconsolate low melancholy downhearted boring downcast colourless blue cast down offhand down in the mouth unhappy down in the dumps miserable incurious nonchalant dead crestfallen muted sorrowful glum colorless low-spirited woebegone morose bloodless prosaic moody heartsick heartsore drab monotonous unexciting tedious uninteresting dreary wearisome unsympathetic gloomy unexcited unimpressed aloof melancholic halfhearted slapdash wishy-washy distant upset nothing heartless disheartened heavy-hearted desolate discouraged tearful fed up distressed broken unimaginative humdrum disappointed mournful doleful heartbroken pessimistic joyless inconsolable forlorn ineffectual heavyhearted saddened brokenhearted mundane dim troubled cheerless cursory reluctant ineffective desultory commonplace subdued unwilling vanilla coldhearted uneager dismal undistinguished impervious vigorless indecisive pathetic oppressed unenthused uncurious sombre somber unaroused objective frigid tranquil ho-hum run-of-the-mill weighed down broken-hearted cowardly inanimate uncompassionate unconcerned about dolorous lacking vitality apathetic towards offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in hard-hearted demoralized bored by bad unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about hurt sullen emotional along for the ride in pain triste bummed out saturnine demoralised bored stiff down in dumps gray anguished turned off aggrieved grey tristful down-hearted comfortless in the dumps sulky being lazy taking your time unconvincing unkind anaesthetic anesthetic lame weakly selfish hardhearted bovine dozy meager paltry unperturbed superficial stiff vegetating unlively lustreless soporous soporose unflappable unimpressible carefree disimpassioned meagre stagnating desensitized groggy aimless damp hollow lumpish slap-happy desensitised dying moribund declining fruitless futile worthless drony mechanical pointless sentimental romantic daydreaming laissez-faire two-dimensional easy going not enthusiastic not caring pabulum lusterless zero prosy spent spring fever wistful languished out of sorts dysphoric bowed down teary in tears bereaved weepy lugubrious down in mouth in grief hapless regretful in doldrums crabby black bitter negative sick at heart pensive grief-stricken morbid grieved flaccid milk-and-water namby-pamby impartial jaded wearied unbiased equitable weak-kneed wet limp-wristed crummy destroyed cast-down down and out agonised rueful elegiac in the pits agonized funereal elegiacal uneasy casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless uncaring about unprejudiced heedless of uninterested in frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of equal fair careless of cavalier about square oblivious to controlled ennuied wimpish soft nerveless frail invertebrate weakened weakling insentient insensate defunct extinct weary of nonaligned self-controlled clinical restrained impersonal inorganic mineral unsocial diffident supercilious highbrow scornful not giving a monkey's silent haughty uncommunicative superior jejune reserved level-headed businesslike cool-headed collected hard-headed meek low in spirits non-organic soulless exanimate unimpassioned mopy desiccated anaemic rational unagitated unsentimental unruffled sober serene brassed off bored to death bored rigid wavering flavourless watered-down flavorless vacillating sick and tired bored to tears mediocre sapless browned-off wretched complacent gutless drippy hopeless remote equable unimpressionable composed abiotic anemic dismayed despairing choked thick-skinned chill obdurate reticent marble hard-boiled glacial poker-faced woeful sorry defeatist daunted hangdog nonvegetable without life nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic chap-fallen going through motions aloof from indifferent to detached from incurious about distant from in low spirits in despair dragged as sick as a parrot brooding chapfallen down-in-the-mouth mopey singing the blues sunk sick as a parrot shot down going with the flow rolling with the punches cool, calm and collected flat tire lacking in vitality

Tính từ

Lower in rank or status
inferior lesser lowly minor humble mediocre menial secondary second-class subordinate unpretentious base insignificant junior low-ranking second-string small subservient subsidiary unassuming undistinguished unimportant ancillary bottom common degrading demeaning inglorious little lousy low low-grade meagre meager measly middling miserable ordinary paltry puny reduced second-fiddle second-rate smaller contemptible humdrum ignoble ignominious lower lower-ranking petty pitiful plebeian poorer sad scrubby shabby slighter sorry wretched bush-league dinky low-born lower in rank lower in status mean minor-league small-fry small-time subjacent third-string undersized back seat below someone beneath someone bottom-rung entry-level less important lower-class not so important not very important second-banana under someone's heel proletarian lowborn baseborn prole low-life vulgar lumpen modest obscure unwashed simple poor meek gentle mild docile submissive dutiful prosaic retiring reverential mundane withdrawing everyday obsequious cast down declassed average commonplace plain low-bred peasant deprived less accessory trivial inconsiderable inconsequential auxiliary piddling under negligible trifling supplementary light slight peripheral marginal lower-level extra casual younger two-bit dependent tacky minus below the mark nether supplemental second substitute backup sub- lower-grade spare relief fallback reserve attendant subaltern sub of little account tinier petite beneath lower rung low-level bush smalltime a notch under associate supporting alternative additional tributary outranked collateral of little importance adjuvant satellite contributory alternate replacement standby youngest assistant emergency fall-back vice- deputy penny-ante small-scale no-account understudy stand-in in reserve picayune local incidental nugatory foolish frivolous fiddling nickel-and-dime minute piffling footling Mickey Mouse minimal of no consequence of no account

Tính từ

Having a base, nasty, petty, or malevolent disposition
mean-spirited base cowardly cruel harsh heartless malicious mean nasty spiteful timid uncaring uncharitable ungenerous unkind weak callous unsympathetic insensitive unfeeling merciless hard inhuman pitiless inconsiderate ruthless hard-hearted cold-blooded compassionless inhumane brutal stony affectless cold-hearted hardhearted unsparing insensate slash-and-burn thick-skinned remorseless stonyhearted desensitized stoney take-no-prisoners obdurate unmerciful ironhearted indurate soulless case-hardened hard-boiled pachydermatous lacking compassion desensitised unfriendly unpleasant thoughtless unforgiving cold hurtful unchristian stern savage unloving unconcerned unmoved stony-hearted uncompassionate unemotional hard as nails without sentiment with a heart of stone indifferent intolerant petty cold fish selfish heedless self-centred stingy severe unfair ungracious uncompromising inflexible censorious unsympathizing self-centered malevolent disagreeable vicious snide shabby ill-natured upsetting wounding uncivil hostile unkindly inhospitable unamiable beastly catty bad sadistic coldhearted malignant ill hateful barbarous not nice unpitying tough barbaric relentless hardened implacable unbending unrelenting apathetic unresponsive fierce grim frigid strict cool aloof inexorable brutish steely fiendish ferocious unyielding monstrous hard-nosed austere truculent impassive icy dispassionate wicked vindictive bloodthirsty emotionless rigorous passionless murderous rough hard-bitten bestial wanton marble-hearted violent brute undemonstrative disinterested detached butcherly rigid unremitting atrocious stolid imperturbable impassible fell cutthroat insensible matter-of-fact unsentimental unsusceptible cut-throat expressionless sanguinary firm bloodless phlegmatic indurated evil deadpan flinty exacting unaffected tactless calm stoical reserved adamant stoic diabolical numb heinous poker-faced obtuse dog-eat-dog inured unappeasable inclement feral wolfish draconian untouched illiberal impervious ironfisted spiritless blank toughened hellish controlled dead restrained remote unimpressionable authoritarian feelingless as hard as nails repellent lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant glacial distant stony-eyed gruff heavy-handed impersonal tyrannical revengeful self-controlled chill flat stone-hearted surly rancorous cool, calm and collected dastardly unempathetic loveless flagitious egregious adamantine vile wild careless sharp aggressive really hard abominable stiff bloody ramrod unmindful deadened abusive forceful tyrannous punishing hard-headed stringent inattentive listless serene tigerish malign furious rabid inexpressive unexpressive composed threatening impenetrable fiery crass nonchalant forbidding cynical unruly dour unexcitable unruffled unrestrained imperceptive bullying horrible collected incurious oppressive uncalled-for seasoned rugged impetuous delirious bland vacant toneless wooden hollow unstirred antipathetic uncongenial mad unrepenting headstrong nowhere unimpassioned immovable nonemotional frantic reticent hard-edged benumbed hard-as-nails insusceptible unhappy devilish exploitative stonehearted killer mortal depraved uncommiserating satanic hatchetjob coldblooded without pity appalling unnatural premeditated torpid insentient impenitent stubborn killer instinct demanding lifeless negligent ice-cold stone-faced solid red in tooth and claw bitter constant vengeful punitive abrasive heavy unjust excessive mechanical crotchety cantankerous anesthetized churlish sensationless anaesthetized uncordial intense blind to deaf to crude coarse sour avaricious unregenerate greedy indefatigable uncontrite faceless utilitarian gray subhuman grey bleak armour-plated invulnerable world-weary infernal bearish uninvolved unaroused uninterested blasé unsensitive oblivious cat-and-mouse tormenting maleficent torturous unflinching rowdy curt extreme lupine voracious ravenous no-nonsense browbeating self-contained inured to lacking sentiment hard-line hard-shelled obstinate despotic dictatorial very hard iron-fisted mean machine inscrutable unfazed having a killer instinct cannibalistic suppressive onerous toughened by experience frosty with a hide like an elephant blind chilly as tough as old boots unwelcoming critical fixed indifferent to unimpressible pokerfaced Rhadamanthine hardhanded cold-faced straight-faced laid back accustomed habituated unrevealing sedate placid dry taciturn inexcitable unflappable insensitive of insensible to insensitive to heedless of insensible of foul not caring hard-shell despicable contemptible obnoxious disregardful of dangerous odious loathsome menacing strong cast-iron vigorous hardy experienced sturdy stout untamed intimidating fearsome ungentle terrible clinical acclimatized coarsened used raging louring frightful convulsive frightening baleful rude low level-headed businesslike cool-headed incessive raving stark lowering uncontrollable enraged undomesticated fearful horrid angry infuriated crazed rapacious rational unagitated sober rotten inaccessible acclimatised steeled contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent resistant impious prepared disdainful unashamed low-down animalistic primitive venomous biffo aggers unthinking berserk equable tranquil indelicate frenzied intemperate gross dishonourable maniacal terrorizing pugnacious impolite discourteous quiet marble blah objective laid-back despiteful virulent execrable deplorable scummy ignominious currish dirty dishonorable detestable low-minded thuggish destructive unthoughtful disrespectful homicidal unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic indiscreet unmannerly explosive maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive boorish brash reckless ignorant incautious unceremonious short hasty impassioned demoniac fuming crazy terrorising radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts full-blooded hot-tempered knock-down hammer and tongs out of control hot-headed drag-out bang-bang ill-mannered ill-bred

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