Đồng nghĩa của moribund

Alternative for moribund

Đồng nghĩa: stagnant,


Having passed its time of usefulness or relevance
antiquated outmoded outdated obsolete archaic dated superannuated outworn prehistoric medieval fossilised fossilized mossy demoded mediaeval prehistorical neolithic rusty kaput kaputt Noachian out-of-date moth-eaten Stone Age old-fashioned out of date passé antediluvian obsolescent old anachronistic out of the ark behind the times old hat ancient antique unfashionable out of fashion defunct superseded disused bygone dead old-fangled démodé mouldy moldy out unhip primitive quaint extinct clunky has-been out of style past it musty tired stale aged creaky olden vieux jeu horse-and-buggy olde worlde not with it horse and buggy old-time exhausted square discarded discontinued feudal hackneyed oldfangled fusty worn-out backward dinosaur old-hat vintage out-of-style fallen into disuse past its prime past its sell-by date belated yesterday cobwebby last year's inflexible elderly hoary overused threadbare passe archaistic retro abandoned very old unpopular hacky crusty of yore unstylish bent unusable having seen better days old as the hills antwacky broken-down old fashioned stuck in time as old as the hills out of commission out of use decrepit geriatric deprecated timeworn out-of-fashion fossil gone obscure dusty no longer in use old-school clapped out no longer used declining waning gothic barbaric had it done for past former old-world behindhand dying out dead and gone old-fogeyish disappearing becoming obsolete ageing backward-looking crusted on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline senescent rinky-dink aging parachronistic square-toed anachronous going out of fashion growing old going out of use backwards on its last legs back number old-timey retrograde frumpy traditional dowdy frumpish venerable immemorial age-old drab historic shabby plain of old hoar dull picturesque tacky primeval primordial cheesy conservative dateless late styleless erstwhile fogyish historical worn out classical early primaeval worn homely fogeyish old-style unkempt passé expired tasteless corny forgotten previous trashy not current unprogressive one-time inelegant remote of the old school long-gone holey lost tattered ragged done decayed charming sometime quondam cast-off back-number neglected long-standing frayed nostalgic vanished antiquarian relic time-worn demode period stodgy scruffy tatty heritage ancestral mumsy enduring ageless finished established ticky-tack ticky-tacky time-honoured veteran retrogressive boring poky oldie long in the tooth over the hill anachronistical odd well-established done to death faded overfamiliar out of it rococo not modern grown old disapproved of olden days torn classic yesterday's patched timeless antediluvial old as Adam gentlemanly courteous aboriginal pristine crumbling old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime original yellowed departed dry as dust courtly chivalrous ceremonious gallant craft old school no longer fashionable not fashionable folk at an end no longer in fashion not in earlier redundant completed long-ago unattractive old style lasting hand-me-down bypast nonextant gone by evocative ritual first unremembered ex- unrecalled foregone forepassed tried and true long-lived of long ago ritualistic tried and tested earliest long-established physical of yesteryear senior doddering way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion way back lost and gone past recall grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly in period style old world doddery getting on longevous unglamorous unsophisticated in oblivion water over the dam sunk in oblivion water under the bridge down memory lane of an advanced age advanced in years older lot of mileage dreary dingy not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken ingrained fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast toytown sweet cunning twee attractive daggy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy past one's sell-by date badly dressed poorly dressed colonial artful Gothic appealing captivating affected pretty Victorian arty-crafty cute brick and mortar ossified baroque ingenious enchanting olde pleasing pleasantly old-fashioned dilapidated mangy seedy grungy ratty scrubby dumpy sleazy bombed-out tumbledown beat-up dog-eared miserable tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels scuzzy down-at-heel run-down mean well worn raggedy worse for wear


Lacking in, or very slow to enact, progress or change
stagnant slow sluggish depressed flat inactive lethargic stagnating declining dull dying quiet slack static dead dormant listless passive slow-moving immobile drowsing fallow torpid sleepy inert idle slothful indolent lifeless leaden heavy apathetic lackadaisical drowsy ponderous laggard lazy unproductive plodding dilatory tardy supine quiescent dreamy not busy motionless phlegmatic languid lagging crawling dawdling measured creeping somnolent enervated languorous snaillike leisurely delaying unenergetic indifferent limp moderate easy tortoiselike postponing deliberate loitering procrastinating gradual slow-going slow-paced slow-footed still calm serene boring tired latent undisturbed placid tranquil peaceful weak fatigued unruffled unagitated smooth uninteresting tedious fainéant lax tame uneventful wearisome faineant weary stale humdrum dreary tiresome lymphatic slumberous lacklustre lackluster unexciting comatose stupid dozy pedestrian ho-hum one-horse dead-and-alive subdued in the doldrums unfruitful weakened devitalized impaired debilitated sedentary uncreative barren vegetating languishing uninspiring laid-back draggy down blah vigorless sleeping vigourless plain insipid yawny unresponsive spiritless loafing tasteless dullsville backward vapid unconcerned do-nothing insensitive insensible logy backwoods behind the times soporous soporose otiose stolid effete neurasthenic asthenic silent resting lacking energy deactivated slumbering in abeyance inoperative asleep stationary halcyon stilly even pacific glassy mirror-like level gentle unmoving waveless settled uninterrupted unbroken mirrorlike at rest unperturbed untroubled dead calm like a millpond monotonous dry wearying drab tiring numbing mind-numbing jading unprogressive arid colorless stodgy old colourless drudging monochromatic jejune dusty stuffy as dry as dust shiftless numb benumbed narcotic stuporous paralyzed hebetudinous dopey sodden unhurried paralysed


No longer in use
disused abandoned deserted derelict neglected forsaken unemployed unused vacated desolate discontinued empty evacuated forgotten idle rejected uninhabited unoccupied vacant void defunct discarded obsolete superannuated fallen into disuse no longer in use free untenanted bare tenantless lorn cast off isolated barren available jilted lonely unpeopled shunned solitary unfilled dropped forlorn to let untaken not in use left in the lurch unlived in alone ruined relinquished ownerless castoff disregarded disdained refused returned spurned rebuffed scorned denied godforsaken secluded unfrequented unfriended bereft left uncouth left stranded turned down ditched stranded inactive lonesome ignored renounced disowned betrayed outcast marooned friendless dumped unengaged destitute disengaged vacuous toom blank stark clean devoid thrown over left at the altar left behind fallow latent off stationary mothballed inert dormant for sale clear not operating still ticking over out of use up for grabs on the market without contents at rest gathering dust spare depleted drained accessible leisure unreserved at hand on hand not occupied unclaimed recreational casual not filled handy emptied usable exploitable employable containing nothing for the taking exhausted dead deflated despoiled unfurnished wanting lacking desert waste unallocated own unhired open characterless bleak colourless soulless joyless unchartered unbooked colorless lifeless unhampered unimpeded unobstructed unclogged unlimited passable unrestricted unstopped unclosed unencumbered unhindered unblocked odd between engagements between appointments not committed


Characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline
decadent corrupt degenerate dissolute depraved immoral dissipated rakish self-indulgent abandoned degraded debased debauched licentious louche profligate shameless sinful sybaritic unprincipled wanton demoralised demoralized epicurean fast-living hedonistic indulgent intemperate jackleg libertine loose luxurious overindulgent perverse perverted rakehell rakehelly reprobate sick unclean unrestrained unwholesome voluptuary warped pleasure-seeking decaying declining evil lost wicked gone bad gone to the dogs lewd impure lascivious lecherous unchaste bad sordid vile base promiscuous fast vicious voluptuous immoderate sensual lustful indecent libidinous disreputable lotus-eating extravagant wild pleasure-loving obscene carnal pervy corrupted defiled fallen nefarious iniquitous rotten ungodly low unhealthy tainted greedy vice-ridden hedonic profane deviant villainous vitiated miscreant immodest twisted dishonourable prurient bacchanalian unrighteous sicko kinky unnatural abnormal dishonorable profaned excessive amoral desecrated easy uncleanly impious coarse blasphemous lavish salacious careless irreligious wrong sullied unsavoury mean wrongful parsimonious effete concupiscent wayward criminal self-gratifying morally wrong improper unsavory swinging despicable raffish unconstrained unholy fast and loose high living gross atheistic lubricious sacrilegious irreverent ignoble pampered vulgar godless champagne retrograde unrefined devil-may-care scungy infamous retrogressive sensualist freethinking contaminated erring monstrous miserly saturnalian peccable sleazy brutal irresponsible riotous imprudent not pure whorish out of control violated deteriorated drunken open light of easy virtue night owl in the fast lane lacking restraint in the gutter bestial disgusting crude inferior deviative ribald vulgarized vulgarised unworthy hardened luxury-loving Lucullan goatish randy horny aberrant distorted incorrigible dubious prodigal comfort-seeking lax gastronomic hellbent raunchy lickerish gourmandizing gluttonous roundheeled roguish heedless luscious lush Dionysiac gone to seed abased unregenerate scoundrelly deviate inconstant gratifying pleasurable dirty dishonoured binge-eating flagitous rascally knavish unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful dishonored boorish baneful flagitious deleterious unethical filthy grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous rude foul attractive enticing hedonist delightful appealing desirable erotic pleasing dirty-minded degenerated no better than one should be dishonest misguided unscrupulous unconscionable unbelieving sceptical agnostic flatitious demeaned sinking failing fraudulent unfair devious underhand unvirtuous pornographic reckless non-believing heathen heretical non-theistic faithless gourmet dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat bawdy dark Machiavellian low-down barbarian pagan infidel barbarous unjust graceless not cricket X-rated bohemian dashing jaunty casual sporty unconventional idolatrous heathenish audacious carefree brash fast-paced religionless iconoclastic nonreligious dapper nullifidian undevout frivolous foolhardy flashy skeptical free-thinking unspiritual daredevil slack harsh flash exciting gadabout temerarious tawdry colourful unusual gay free-spirited individual colorful nasty unpleasant alloyed adulterated beastly polluted disagreeable horrible awful offensive hateful shameful cruel atrocious terrible abominable shocking detestable heinous fiendish dreadful diabolical abhorrent reprehensible mixed adulterate attenuated inhuman bastardized loathsome blended brutish repulsive brute revolting appalling bastardised odious contemptible disgraceful yucky wretched God-awful execrable degrading murderous worthless diabolic ignominious abject shabby egregious watered down stinking snide scurvy currish low-minded paltry mercenary venal praetorian combined admixed squalid rough dissolved objectionable seedy treacherous underhanded outrageous notorious horrid ugly uncharitable illegitimate scandalous undignified bent illicit unbecoming lawless illegal repellent nauseating disturbing disappointing cowardly inequitable malfeasant sickening repugnant dastardly obnoxious lamentable caitiff black-hearted servile off-color inelegant menial off-putting distasteful piggish ferine swinish animal feral irrational savage sorry deplorable seamy miserable humiliating gut-churning hellish icky sick-making damnable devilish ferocious ghastly vomitous bogging noisome noxious lousy violent dangerous yucko disgustful loathly vomit-inducing heartless barbaric callous fierce ruthless cold-blooded remorseless merciless bloody bloodthirsty inhumane butcherly fell truculent homicidal grim sanguinary faulty untamed putrid insubordinate devalued falsified altered doctored weakened


Almost, or very nearly, dead


In a period of decrease or decline
on the wane contracting declining decreasing diminishing dwindling shrinking dimming drooping ebbing fading away growing faint on the decline sinking slackening subsiding tailing off tapering off abating attenuating dissolving failing falling off lessening petering out receding winding down atrophying deteriorating flagging giving way in remission melting away slumping weakening collapsing crumbling degenerating disintegrating dying out evaporating in a slump obsolescent on the way out vanishing withering evanescing drawing to a close in a state of deterioration decaying waning dying disappearing in decline past its prime on its last legs fading moderating falling easing wilting dying down dropping lowering letting up wasting away dropping off languishing falling away dying away tapering relenting palling de-escalating remitting sagging ratcheting down phasing down reducing draining away going lagging going downhill easing off emaciating worsening growing less wasting regressing shriveling shrivelling coming to an end relaxing slipping retrogressing easing up rotting retrograding getting worse degrading fizzling out faltering lapsing softening depreciating drying up slackening off wearing off sliding alleviating mitigating quelling tiring devolving going down melting plummetting plummeting slacking off wearing away slowing down growing smaller trailing off becoming smaller depleting draining sickening tempering downsizing dropping away descending going to pot breaking down depressing fainting growing dim growing weak trailing spoiling perishing curtailing dispersing going to the dogs minimizing downscaling relapsing calming down ceasing stopping backsliding dying off quietening slowing nosediving terminating impairing closing getting smaller breaking up going down the toilet minimising hitting the skids lightening hanging settling dematerializing dissipating passing devaluating disimproving eroding running low clearing losing strength ending deflating subduing denting pining halting slacking toning down becoming debilitated growing worse becoming worse minifying falling apart evanishing falling down fading out running out becoming weaker going bad falling short going into a decline becoming less curbing becoming emaciated slashing quieting going from bad to worse lolling swagging vaporizing flopping debilitating cutting down putrefying calming condensing restraining cutting shortening narrowing down wearing down pining away desiccating dispelling quietening down constricting vitiating parching concentrating flying fleeing debasing desisting slaking plunging recidivating finishing decrementing cutting back mouldering getting less dulling stilling tightening dilapidating thinning out axing rolling back becoming weak bating clipping going backwards cooling off suffering a relapse growing tired coming to nothing blurring making less succumbing going to pieces moldering giving out going down the tubes becoming limp vaporising decelerating becoming fatigued extenuating coming to a stop shriveling up taking a turn for the worse coming to a halt taking a nosedive making smaller knocking down wizening settling down having a relapse thinning going away falling to pieces folding fagging out levelling off growing weaker dying on vine floundering checking rebating decomposing lulling losing intensity going pear-shaped narrowing losing edge modifying tailing away guttering relieving assuaging allaying growing wearying modulating becoming less intense mollifying slimming wrinkling moving backward limiting drifting tumbling becoming shrunken becoming enfeebled ebbing away dampening going off losing its effect ceasing to be ceasing to exist losing its effectiveness passing away releasing undermining compressing thinning down rescinding shaping trailing away phasing out elongating telescoping scaling down turning down paring down corrupting withdrawing retiring flowing away corroding making something worse damaging peaking decimating closing out disengaging compacting drying petering becoming dilapidated abbreviating going through the floor retrenching hitting the floor squeezing etiolating coming down dialing down giving in capsulizing capsuling constringing caving in mummifying losing courage paring taking the bite out soft-pedalling taking the sting out abridging amputating cropping slacking up soft-pedaling stagnating deliquescing becoming less loud growing feeble rarefying vanishing into thin air pooping out becoming unimportant hushing passing off tuckering out couching bringing down elapsing discontinuing losing ground scrimping taking in losing energy growing weary amortising stepping down running down trimming down taking the edge off trimming back marking down diluting casting down trimming amortizing making cutbacks in qualifying downgrading taking down concluding quitting expiring determining bending dangling falling ill catching something becoming ill becoming moribund having one foot in the grave reverting decompensating leaving off winding up dead-ending going dead packing in breaking off winking out blighting becoming stale aging becoming marcescent ageing blasting straying chilling out unlaxing cooling it coasting cooling bowing getting ill again getting worse again dehumidifying dehydrating falling from grace going wrong going astray leaving the straight and narrow going down the primrose path hanging down stooping losing quality going into decline falling apart at the seams draping slouching slinging tiring out leaning becoming flaccid lopping wearing out suspending letting down volatilizing boiling away slipping back going back to falling back sliding back suffering turning back drifting back yawning becoming tired getting tired fizzling miscarrying foundering tuckering hungering longing yearning hankering teetering brooding desponding ailing knocking out going soft conking out withering away bombing busting going amiss going awry striking out falling through losing impoverishing trembling crippling limping tottering losing spirit

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