Đồng nghĩa của cast off

Alternative for cast off

Đồng nghĩa: cast, drop, shake off, shed, throw, throw away, throw off,

Động từ

To discard or reject something
ditch reject dispose of abandon discard disown get rid of jettison throw away shed scrap dump junk chuck unload cashier throw out lose toss shuck off eighty-six deep-six fling away exorcize exorcise fling off slough off pitch lay by bin drop get shot of get shut of toss out cast aside trash dispense with chuck out forsake do away with chuck away eliminate relinquish eject throw on the scrapheap desert axe ax leave cast expel remove have done with cast away see the back of throw set aside shake off give up fling dispose dismiss slough write off throw overboard cull part with clear out cut rid oneself of free oneself of leave behind maroon can wreck shuck shrug off put out to pasture throw aside offload throw off yield disburden thrust aside dispatch root out cast out weed out sluff off forget walk out on shelve scrub fling out repudiate doff bung out bung away exclude 86 sweep away dispossess toss aside give the boot knock on the head pull the plug on destroy demolish recycle decommission consign to scrap heap annihilate obliterate retire break up nix wash your hands of forgo away negative chase refuse slip evict extrude unburden clear fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye adios kiss off make over auction deep six trim turn down throw something off release shipwreck strand let go unhand loosen one's hold on surrender loose one's hold on cast ashore leave stranded melt off reduce take off throw up leave high and dry heave hurl abdicate off-load unlade discharge transfer shift unpack foist disencumber rid palm off make away with unship lighten disgorge discommode relieve void let drop drop off let fall divest take a load off break bulk free from relieve of

Động từ

To end a relationship with
throw over abandon cast aside desert discard finish with jilt leave break up with chuck ditch drop dump leave flat leave stranded rat on bin off eighty-six forsake leave in the lurch quit run out on walk out on break with leave high and dry give someone the push give the elbow split up with give someone the big E strand maroon leave behind give up turn your back on kiss goodbye abdicate relinquish hang out to dry leave hanging let go of renounce surrender wash hands of back out of walk away cut loose turn one's back on walk away from bail out on withdraw from split from beach give notice to kiss off brush off cede blow off forbear break off with give up the ship run away from take a powder flake out cop out storm out drop out run away fly the coop take a walk bail out bow out screw opt out of orphan let someone stew in their own juice dispose of leg it pull out of chicken out disown reject repudiate jettison depart from betray sacrifice resign yield spurn wash one's hands of change one's tune take the oath drift away take your leave of give someone the air abstain from go away from show the door split up break up leave someone in the lurch leave someone holding the baby give the heave-ho disappoint deceive coquette kiss good-bye break off walk out turn down get rid of give the old heave-ho leave at the altar do the dirty on separate part split divorce bust up become estranged end relationship part with reach a parting of the ways tell somebody it's over get divorced part company go one's separate ways part ways stop living together neglect disregard depart discount ignore repeal forget disclaim abort flee revoke disavow escape rescind disappear from fly from retire from bail on flee from abscond from cheat on escape from refrain from be gone from do away with back out on take oneself off from set out from be unfaithful to be disloyal to fail

Động từ

Refuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with
disown deny reject repudiate abandon renounce disallow disavow disclaim contradict disaffirm disconfirm disinherit gainsay negate negative rebut refute retract abnegate cast aside ditch drop forsake abjure cut off disacknowledge discard end relations with send packing refuse to acknowledge cut off without a penny divorce oneself from refuse to recognize have nothing more to do with turn your back on wash your hands of give up forswear desert relinquish revoke recant refuse throw over eschew surrender renege abdicate defect apostatize turn tergiverse tergiversate dump spurn oust shun decline neglect leave turn down wash hands of turn one's back on contravene quit turn back on refuse to accept apostacize jilt yield waive throw off leave off forgo give someone the big E bin off give someone the push give someone the air give the elbow cede forego have done with shirk disgorge avoid sell out toss over walk out on quitclaim vacate hand over divest withdraw from exclude disaffiliate bereave deliver up step down from step aside from opt out bail out bag it deprive exheridate evict dispossess cut out leave penniless cut out of will cut off without a cent reverse nix pass reprobate disapprove rescind deselect rebuff disprofess cast dishonor demur throw out rat default balk at shed lay aside pass up banish flush dishonour be against break with not accept have no more truck with wash one's hands of fly in the face of withdraw repeal take back cancel unsay foreswear annul recall abrogate nullify countermand renege on quash abolish invalidate kick welsh void refrain call back call off back out of undo delete sacrifice obviate withcall erase scrub dispense with overrule override call abort set aside scrap worm out of abstain remove pack in jack in disannul obliterate dismantle make void backpedal dismiss lift counterorder render invalid weasel out of back down back off expunge refrain from back out cry off eat one's words declare null and void abstain from wipe out rub out annihilate abate undermine concede renig impugn vitiate forbear drop out go back on word resign elude efface backtrack do away with null demit cut discharge purge omit escape dodge disdain duck evade edit black censor dial back weasel out shy finesse scape shake elide kill dele sign away ink out render null and void strike down cross out declare invalid blot out blank out cancel out roll back block out blue pencil root out black out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through put an end to stamp out take out edit out X out snuff out white out stay clear of fight shy of not touch have nothing to do with steer clear of let well enough alone get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of give a wide berth to swear off apologise nig go back on eliminate retrograde retreat recede apologize retrocede suspend backtrack on go back on one's word reel in fall back take in do a U-turn on eat your words rule out draw back row back on forget it have change of heart change one's tune change one's mind do an about-turn on

Động từ

To send away or order to leave
dismiss expel oust eject banish out bounce discharge rout chase deport discard disband boot disperse demobilise demobilize liberate bundle clear dispatch rid extrude throw out boot out kick out turn out turf out drum out cast out force out chuck out run off drive out let go send away send off show out dispense with dispose of do without let out lock out push aside send home slough off allow to go evict slang send packing remove reject exile get rid of scatter exclude dispel displace show the door ostracize drive away expulse ostracise release expatriate break up relegate transport defenestrate drive off ban put out separate bar give the bum's rush shut out throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders sack fire proscribe chase away dislodge split up push out rusticate retire bundle off part company chase out dissipate give one the gate dissolve go their separate ways give someone the boot debar demob dispossess abandon outlaw extradite thrust out purge sling out repatriate excommunicate heave out bin off give someone the push give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air show you the door throw out on your ear shake off toss aside force to leave consign send somebody packing send down pack someone off disallow empty repulse axe ship out turf chuck can unchurch ax yeet expropriate disappear repudiate denounce blackball isolate set aside extradict sequester toss out squander leave vanish give the old heave-ho heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho toss out on ear anathematize eliminate blacklist cashier show the door to repel scramble disunite quell eradicate black decommission disfellowship takfir curse fold destroy split part fling out clear out see the back of disregard deactivate suspend fordrive bust do away with beat off drop shelve ask to leave demilitarise withdraw thin out disarm demilitarize go separate ways break it up give the boot give the hook give walking papers go in different directions put to flight throw out on ear lay aside put out of your mind pack off give the 1-2-3 lay off remove by force cast aside put aside cast away throw away forsake desert abdicate renounce abjure sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card cancel divorce give up write off shrug off

Tính từ

(of clothes) Has been worn or used many times over a long period of time
old worn worn out shabby threadbare holey torn frayed patched tattered ragged yellowed out of date outmoded cast-off démodé tatty hand-me-down moth-eaten old-fashioned scruffy decrepit dilapidated seedy ratty battered tatterdemalion raggedy worn-out tumbledown neglected mean tacky well worn beat-up dog-eared mangy worse for wear grungy dumpy faded miserable timeworn scrubby sleazy run-down unkempt down-at-heel down-at-the-heels bombed-out in tatters having seen better days warby raggedy-ass shoddy untidy falling to pieces weather-beaten worn to shreds down at heel in rags falling apart at the seams the worse for wear ripped decayed used rent damaged scraggy dingy poor in shreds shaggy frazzled deteriorated in holes out at elbows ruined poorly made gone to seed badly worn full of holes badly dressed beaten-up scuzzy outworn ancient seen better days split rundown ragtag crude desultory unpressed shredded contemptible unfinished down at the heel grubby dowdy dirty in ribbons broken-down sorry crumbling time-worn grotty disfigured rickety bedraggled degenerated meager tired ruinous desolate bare decaying poverty-stricken meagre deteriorating pitiful slipshod overused run down overworked busted destroyed dinged totaled lined clapped out wizened poorly maintained wrung out pegged out well-worn on its last legs worn-down impaired injured frowzy used-up down-at-the-heel beat up broken rugged torn to pieces in disrepair unravelled unravelling unraveling distressed worn thin unraveled worn through cut lacerated slit severed cracked separated fractured ruptured wrenched mangled cut open sliced slashed cleaved snapped burst gashed decrepit. in ruins ramshackle falling apart broken down falling down

Tính từ

From or relating to a previous era
olden aged historic old aboriginal age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique archaic bygone cast-off crumbling dated decayed demode done early erstwhile former hackneyed hoary immemorial late moth-eaten of old of yore old as Methuselah old as the hills oldfangled old-fashioned old-time once onetime original outmoded out-of-date passé past primaeval primeval primitive primordial pristine quondam relic remote rusty sometime stale superannuated timeworn time-worn traditional unfashionable unoriginal venerable worn-out prehistoric obsolete outdated extinct defunct vintage forgotten out of date outworn dead medieval obsolescent long-ago earlier mediaeval previous demoded behind the times foregone old hat out of the ark fossilized earliest anachronistic démodé old-fangled neolithic mossy moldy gone by mouldy fossilised Stone Age out one-time departed superseded dateless out of style quaint old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it musty prehistorical Noachian moribund kaputt kaput very old antiquarian classical corny odd square long-standing hoar lost finished long-gone gone old-world time-honoured expired vanished completed fusty unhip distant ancestral historical bypast ex- primigenial of olden days out of it neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school dinosaur out of fashion retrograde old-school retro old-timey atavistic way back way back when latter-day long ago creaky olde worlde down memory lane horse-and-buggy clunky long gone done to death faded cobwebby well-established classic collectable redundant discarded discontinued unremembered unrecalled frumpish frumpy long past long departed past its prime conservative old-fogeyish primal removed backward-looking crusted feudal lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion old fashioned having seen better days rinky-dink deprecated square-toed antwacky fossil vieux jeu past it over passe had it done for past its sell-by date of long ago dead and gone past one's sell-by date old as Adam fixed rooted deep folk heritage old-style ended long-lived timeless nonextant forever long-established time-honored veteran old style belated forepassed spent past recall centuries old no more accomplished elapsed prior rooted in the past in oblivion sunk in oblivion recent dead and buried ago over and done with over and done whilom other preceding foregoing older water over the dam water under the bridge anterior precedent antecedent retired gone-by as was in the olden days behind one back when in the good old days ancient history ages ago disused tired exhausted abandoned has-been bent unusable out of commission out of use horse and buggy drab parachronistic decrepit behindhand shabby as old as the hills elderly plain dull threadbare picturesque tacky cheesy backward styleless crusty unpopular fogyish worn out worn homely fogeyish last year's unkempt passé senescent anachronous overused tasteless trashy unprogressive dusty inelegant backwards holey tattered ragged charming back-number fallen into disuse gothic frayed nostalgic period stodgy scruffy tatty mumsy enduring ageless established ticky-tack ticky-tacky retrogressive boring poky oldie long in the tooth over the hill on its last legs anachronistical barbaric geriatric yesterday overfamiliar inflexible out-of-fashion no longer in use obscure archaistic back number torn broken-down yesterday's patched hacky antediluvial gentlemanly courteous stuck in time yellowed dry as dust clapped out courtly chivalrous ceremonious gallant craft old school no longer fashionable no longer used not fashionable at an end no longer in fashion not in unattractive lasting hand-me-down evocative waning declining ritual first tried and true ritualistic tried and tested physical of yesteryear senior doddering grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly dying out in period style old world doddery getting on longevous unglamorous unsophisticated becoming obsolete ageing disappearing of an advanced age advanced in years lot of mileage on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline aging dreary dingy not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken ingrained deep-seated hard-and-fast going out of use going out of fashion growing old toytown sweet cunning twee attractive daggy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy badly dressed poorly dressed colonial artful Gothic appealing captivating affected pretty Victorian arty-crafty cute brick and mortar ossified baroque ingenious enchanting olde pleasing pleasantly old-fashioned dilapidated mangy seedy grungy ratty scrubby dumpy sleazy bombed-out tumbledown beat-up dog-eared miserable tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels scuzzy down-at-heel run-down mean well worn raggedy worse for wear

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