Đồng nghĩa của deactivate

Alternative for deactivate

  • động từ
    • làm không hoạt động, làm mất phản ứng, khử hoạt tính


To neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force
neutralize counteract offset counterbalance counterpoise annul undo balance compensate for countervail invalidate negate negative nullify cancel out cancel correct make up for balance out counterweigh equalise equalize abrogate conquer countercheck counterweight defeat defuse frustrate make ineffective overcome override overrule redress render ineffective subdue wipe out even up square up be an antidote to compensate redeem equilibrize outweigh reverse even out disannul rescind repeal obviate revoke countermand vacate overturn avoid counter render invalid equipoise render null and void void fix ballast quash contravene abolish rectify square oppose retract dissolve veto abate null atone for set off strike down annihilate vitiate roll back equilibrate remedy cross right amend adjust make good recompense work against kill recall make restitution for make amends for make amends terminate set aside unmake do away with bring to an end repel equiponderate disallow disestablish atone antagonize antagonise rule against take back equal out tip the scales redress the balance reorganize reorganise make of no use or value weaken undermine overthrow efface contradict lessen stabilise halt counterwork reduce stabilize buck respond repudiate equate even level match nix unfit impair circumduct X-out blow sky-high disqualify render meaningless indemnify go against set tie collate attune parallel readjust accord charge requite equal counterpose account obliterate pair off come out rebut be equivalent allow for nig zap scratch ax declare null and void confine renig scrub axe torpedo restrict squash limit trash renege cast aside come out even bring to naught call all bets off wash out blue pencil stamp out take out forget it reform repair ease cure harmonize better put right regulate set right make right improve retrieve heal relieve ameliorate resolve sort out settle mend deal with dial back patch up turn over new leaf make restitution pay one's dues put to rights recalibrate make reparation for recompense for restore the balance turn things around revise make reparation harmonise vindicate change level out pay for restore turn around remove ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall dump put down break with turn down turn thumbs down fly in the face of neutralise withdraw recant put an end to scrap end abort dismantle call off drop lift discharge stop erase call back discontinue delete renounce expunge eradicate eliminate deny dismiss disclaim make void abjure abandon cut rub out black out blot out ditch suspend reject discard backpedal finish forswear cry off root out snuff out extinguish disaffirm suppress call throw out destroy exterminate backtrack on extirpate get rid of liquidate renege on disown declare invalid weasel out sweep away back out of make null and void upset alter chop subvert excise cease down deracinate ignore supersede prohibit abnegate counterorder go back on outvote break off turf clean up shoot down finish off unsay close down dispatch give something the chop rule out decimate back out refuse withcall censor knock something on the head dele put a stop to cross out strike out put the kibosh on blank out blue-pencil put a line through go back on one's word divorce declare discount bleep devalue disobey disregard dishonour retreat watergate back-pedal on waive dishonor get off the hook backwater forget quell refuse to fulfil inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under cork up hush up bottle up shut down remit knock out do in break call in wangle out put damper on opt out stand down throw over worm out retire refute redline do a U-turn on purge omit dominate flout defy predominate prevail pull the plug crawl out of belay put the lid on exclude edit black knock on the head slaughter massacre butcher disavow ride roughshod over trample underfoot elide waste check arrest trample upon phase out take off ink out x out block out stroke out edit out X out white out pull back take away draw back disband wipe from the face of the earth put paid to wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth foreswear scratch out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize junk render inert shed adjourn relinquish apostatize forsake deface trim blank gut strike remove all traces of cut out bowdlerise blot scrape off launder jettison conclude prorogue wipe slate clean back down backtrack welsh back off eat one's words worm out of bring break up wind up disunite dispense with desist overset wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack postpone collapse destruct sever shoot ruin wind down shatter demolish lay to rest prostrate inhibit squelch ban pull up quit interrupt forbid block interdict cut short pack in fade out resolve into render void put kibosh on knock down bring down proscribe outlaw bar embargo lay off cut off stop midstream preclude boycott knock it off call a halt pull the plug on call it quits pass decline disapprove discountenance censure burn dissent place an embargo on give thumbs down thumbs down pass on give the thumbs down to pass by not go for give the red light to throw away refuse permission to


To cause to come to an end
stop end halt put an end to put a stop to finish terminate cut short bring to an end finish off arrest bring to a stop discontinue nip in the bud bring to a halt wind up bring to a close call a halt to cease interrupt bring to a standstill adjourn conclude curb desist immobilise immobilize pull the plug on shut down stem suspend turn back put the kibosh on hold up break off quit close break up leave off drop let up lapse elapse pass expire dead-end determine pack in wink out cancel break abandon come to an end die cut go shut off knock off give up cut out abort cut off check axe stay dissolve can complete pause lay off ax wrap up scrub desist from call a halt abolish scrap give over pack up ease off dwindle turn off call off withdraw fade kill switch off take a break stall call it a day abate close out round off disappear peter out ebb wane lessen disconnect shelve rest still take a breather catch pull up repeal rescind relax revoke run out round out subside vanish diminish take five extinguish decrease postpone draw up recess bring up fade away cry off die away fetch up belay melt away die out dispense with be over do away with tail off block settle culminate disable evaporate take time out draw to a close scratch taper off give something the chop prorogue slacken remit knock something on the head close down recall call refrain from intermit die down ditch consummate relinquish impede pall recede weaken shut ultimate sew up waive relent get rid of prorogate call it quits eliminate come to a halt take a rest come up for air put your feet up fail have a break curtail delay finalize defer decline ease kick freeze wrap fizzle out close off withhold disengage moderate neutralize finalise top off put off bring to a conclusion bite the dust wind down neutralise put paid to put back pigeonhole trail off come to nothing come to a stop put the lid on come to a close fall away come to a standstill hold back ease up put on ice put out turn out put in cold storage discard run down remove phase out quash obstruct dump surcease intervene annul restrain shorten unplug crown die off get shut of leave sever shrink taper lower de-escalate fall trail away lay off of forgo bar leave unfinished get done get shot of drop away drop off become invalid end up sink give out throw out stifle evanish lay aside take away forget about become void become obsolete forsake stop short decommission subdue quell phase down ratchet down drain away put out of action have a breather shake stop dead table go away bring to an untimely end hold over put a lid on resign from mothball cease to exist run its course hang up wear away finish up suspend proceedings pass away blow over chuck in hold in abeyance put on hold take ten lay on the table take a rain check on finish with put on the back burner slow down have done with withdraw from throw up retire from take a recess wipe out hold off bring to standstill prevent renounce nullify put a stop to something bin bring refrain disrupt bring to end suppress flick off stop working turn in cinch back off disturb dissociate douse stop midstream quit cold turkey cut it out depart polish off tie up lift forget jettison be at an end truncate do for do liquidate knock it off lose strength lose intensity close shop stop work clock off finish work finish working abrogate junk discharge accomplish withcall wrap something up log off cap draw to close put a period to put to bed power down be no longer valid climax make inactive grow dim grow faint do less relieve resolve renege back out clear drain fall through rebate clean up put the stopper on interfere with cut into say goodbye to break into delete erase bring down curtain forbear set aside leave work shutter clinch retreat drop out wait sunder abbreviate clip abridge fold shutdown raise wear off fold up be put to bed cut loose button up button down hit the switch tie up loose ends be through with come to the end run dry transpire come to a conclusion round up slow release relax one's efforts take a breath cut something short give notice crash destroy render powerless disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part yield lead up to build up to carry out put over continue respite dry up become unproductive grow barren grow sterile dispose of wind something up attenuate put the finishing touches to lose its effect lose its effectiveness reduce bring to fruition carry through reschedule calm quieten take a rain check reach a finale come to a head pull the plug bag it blow off cripple become weaker decelerate chill out slack cool it dull unlax coast cool off cool sideline rise take a breather from disband switch something off shut up shop pack it in nip something in the bud set the seal on shun come to a halt end be used up cease to yield come to a an end quieten down calm down bring to a premature end ignore forfeit put aside put on a back burner slip away be no more fly by go by stop cold break short stop in full flow divorce jilt sacrifice stave off push back hold put on back burner count out put in abeyance rule out file procrastinate inactivate hang fire retard pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over omit protract put on the shelf drop it call time finish the working day put out of business bring someone to their knees bring to naught end its journey take time off back out of drop out of turn your back on part with eighty-six dust off break with write off part from wither wilt decay evanesce degenerate cut back dock retrograde deteriorate crumble bate droop molder dilapidate moulder run low fade out go down grow less go dead go downhill frustrate hamper hobble staunch hesitate falter waver teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle shilly-shally be suspended put a sock in be broken off be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow come to rest

Trái nghĩa của deactivate

deactivate Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

English Vocalbulary

Đồng nghĩa của action Đồng nghĩa của act Đồng nghĩa của actions Đồng nghĩa của active Đồng nghĩa của activity Đồng nghĩa của acting Đồng nghĩa của activities Đồng nghĩa của actuate Đồng nghĩa của actor Đồng nghĩa của activate Đồng nghĩa của actively Đồng nghĩa của activist Đồng nghĩa của actionable Đồng nghĩa của activism Đồng nghĩa của actress Đồng nghĩa của activation Đồng nghĩa của activeness Đồng nghĩa của actory Đồng nghĩa của actorly Đồng nghĩa của actuator Đồng nghĩa của actionist Đồng nghĩa của activable Đồng nghĩa của activatable Đồng nghĩa của actorish Đồng nghĩa của activated Đồng nghĩa của activize Đồng nghĩa của actuating Đồng nghĩa của actuation Đồng nghĩa của acts Đồng nghĩa của activating Đồng nghĩa của actors Đồng nghĩa của acted Đồng nghĩa của deactivated Đồng nghĩa của activator Đồng nghĩa của actresses Đồng nghĩa của deactivation Đồng nghĩa của actorlike Đồng nghĩa của activists Đồng nghĩa của actioning Đồng nghĩa của actioned Đồng nghĩa của actuates Đồng nghĩa của activates Đồng nghĩa của actuated Đồng nghĩa của activisms Đồng nghĩa của actionably Đồng nghĩa của actuations Đồng nghĩa của actings Đồng nghĩa của activenesses Đồng nghĩa của activations Đồng nghĩa của deactivates Đồng nghĩa của activators Đồng nghĩa của activized Đồng nghĩa của deactivating Đồng nghĩa của deactivations Đồng nghĩa của activizing Đồng nghĩa của activizes Đồng nghĩa của actionists Đồng nghĩa của actuators Đồng nghĩa của actionize Đồng nghĩa của actionizing Đồng nghĩa của actionizes Đồng nghĩa của actionized Đồng nghĩa của actressy
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