Đồng nghĩa của bring to standstill


To cause to come to an end
stop end halt put an end to put a stop to finish terminate cut short bring to an end finish off arrest bring to a stop discontinue nip in the bud bring to a halt wind up bring to a close call a halt to cease interrupt adjourn conclude curb desist immobilise immobilize pull the plug on shut down stem suspend turn back deactivate put the kibosh on hold up check stall cancel quit break off leave off break block cut off impede stifle cripple put paid to put out of action cut dissolve sever drop can obstruct bar staunch stay desist from cut out break up knock off lay off shut off belay pack in give over subdue suppress quell quash hold back pack up close down blow the whistle on put a sock in put a cork in shutdown do for put the lid on put a lid on crash destroy render powerless disable put the stopper on wrap up run down close complete call a halt seize paralyze paralyse put out of business dead-end wipe out bring to naught bring someone to their knees jam become unable to move become stuck grind to a halt seize up become immobilized make inoperative expire lapse elapse pass let up determine wink out axe give up kill abandon ax go abort die abolish disconnect scrub switch off come to an end turn off scrap withdraw extinguish round off close out pause call off repeal revoke rescind take a break round out call it a day scratch take a breather call it quits take time out shut settle rest cry off annul take five ease off disappear vanish culminate refrain from dispense with disengage give the chop relax neutralize knock something on the head neutralise call recall take a rest put your feet up have a break intermit curtail consummate wrap shelve kick relinquish finalize top off ultimate finalise sew up pack it in chuck in put out turn out bring to a conclusion do away with get rid of draw to a close phase out prevent nix unplug freeze fade surcease intervene waive trip crown ditch leave evaporate withhold bite the dust dwindle lay off of recess forgo get done stop short end up stop dead evanish remit wind down forsake decommission flick off shake come to a close power down run out resign from be over cease to exist run its course die out finish up put a period to fade away pass away blow over die down bring to an untimely end melt away take ten throw in the towel finish with make inactive come up for air have done with withdraw from throw up retire from give in concede defeat turn in put a stop to something nullify bring restrain pull up resolve ebb subside disturb evanesce dissociate sunder renounce cinch discharge accomplish stop midstream wane do liquidate shut up shop disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part dispose of defuse disarm abrogate depart knock it off disrupt pull the plug shutter clinch climax bag it blow off fold get shut of renege back out refrain peter out die away clean up interfere with cut into say goodbye to break into draw to close put to bed forbear set aside get shot of come to a conclusion round up retreat drop out wait mothball go dead polish off put the finishing touches to tie up fail carry out bring down curtain play out bring to fruition carry through tie up loose ends be through with come to the end close off bring to end postpone inactivate hang up give notice yield lead up to build up to set the seal on transpire redline render inoperative go by reach a finale come to a head withcall become invalid become void become obsolete shun ease up thwart trail off tail off ignore forfeit prorogate prorogue divorce jilt sacrifice squash have a breather stop cold break short frustrate back off quit cold turkey cut it out slip away be no more fly by stop in full flow end its journey hinder pigeonhole sideline rise leave unfinished bring to a premature end back out of drop out of turn your back on part with eighty-six dust off break with write off part from forget about squelch suspend proceedings come to a standstill take time off douse put on hold drop it call time take a recess stymie clobber put off crack down on stamp out log off strangle at birth hit the switch eliminate


Stop or slow
arrest halt stop check end block delay interrupt limit stay hamper hinder inhibit slow stall hold impede obstruct restrict hold up prevent retard balk baulk catch curb restrain still suppress thwart hold back brace bring up can draw up drop fetch up fix freeze interfere with pull up scrub sidetrack stem slow down knock off put a brake on shut down nip in the bud bring to an end control staunch contain reduce lessen dam immobilize stanch immobilise diminish oppose withstand resist decrease cut off curtail come to a halt bar come to a stop stand still come to a standstill come to rest draw to a stand foil frustrate bridle rein pause stifle neutralize terminate muffle squelch smother swallow constrain cut short govern bottleneck moderate withhold fight back counteract repress regulate repulse discourage bottle up choke rebuff choke back circumvent neutralise brake checkmate tame rein in keep in check bite back hold in hold down pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on keep back stand in the way of stem the flow of play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel trammel handicap stymie cramp fetter encumber hamstring shackle clog confine keep hobble handcuff subdue hog-tie measure manacle embarrass forestall short-circuit rule tie up prohibit keep the lid on cumber strangle gag head off hang up stave off avert intercept ward off put a stop to interdict debar deter cool keep a tight rein on silence shut out cork detain baffle stonewall bork cork up put an end to derail straiten tie button up cripple fend off get in the way of get in the way avoid throw a spanner in the works of set back obviate delimit shut off sink constrict muzzle quiet submerge deaden hold off conceal quash pocket bind calm throw a monkey wrench in the works of preclude forbid circumscribe cap temper suspend forfend disrupt quell quench counter ban evade keep down master discontinue close off kill crimp rule out compose peg put off mitigate chain dampen slow up bog down discipline decelerate outlaw defeat interfere jam close divert defend against hide hem in overpower leash stop up deny tie down put the brakes on clog up scupper hold in check keep within bounds sidestep simmer down cease plug up entangle choke off keep in ward tone down skirt overcome turn aside plug keep at bay proscribe keep lid on tranquilize soothe barricade stamp out steer clear of cramp one's style put a lid on pacify damp mellow slacken collect occlude disallow blockade postpone modulate squash tranquillize damp down inconvenience exclude dodge congest block up stopper stuff close out extinguish enjoin retardate shush crack down on stunt escape lock up eschew bung up pick off desist cool off weigh down shut in refuse clamp down on put an stop to nullify bring to screeching halt soft-pedal gulp back settle conquer caulk sabotage imprison intern mute soften set affect influence mollify bit direct impose limits on set limits on jail gaol sandbag keep in line fence lull crab obscure duck close up mire guide ostracize block out incommode defer screen allay disturb bottle rein back loiter discommode censor shelve ease choke up remit block off faze make illegal fill up fill impair bung quelch suffocate quieten burden jam up shun deprive intermit weaken put back embargo hush bring under control disadvantage palliate save box up ostracise taboo get the better of clot cut back crack down be a hindrance to abstain forgo pre-empt help bypass tie someone's hands qualify repel box in forbear chill estop cover up circumnavigate defend quit cramp someone's style hold off on shake keep secret place a limit on take down let up back off drown turn off lose speed oppress gum up put half nelson on spoil throw cold water on put a damper on keep off saddle with drag your feet bite one's lip pour cold water on steer clear give up make late fight off give a hard time keep from happening anticipate straitjacket manage seal hang on hold the fort resist attack fight net enmesh ensnare capture cushion relieve pack come down hard on crush snag mothball demarcate re-collect entrap scotch act against cross indispose dissuade destroy gulp tether adjust monitor keep control of bound entrammel keep feeling inside oneself debilitate incarcerate overload contravene boycott blacklist rally corner recover inspect discomfit rattle keep on a string protract veto put a limit on retain disconcert park garrote garrotte prorogue gain control over gain mastery over prevent from making progress inc charge bother lock in coop up fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun tie one's hands stave specify demark prescribe put on brakes hold over prolong keep a rein on bring into line cool down hold captive clip someone's wings put the brakes on take out of play define delimitate girdle louse up set a limit on foul up screw up lag abate keep tight rein on get bogged down snuff put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in sideline narrow down not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of make difficult slam on the brakes ease up bring an end to criminalize elude put out hush up heap shower shroud throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of put a ceiling on procrastinate reef embog arrive put at a disadvantage lay down the law to someone disqualify blackball except eliminate tamper throttle keep within limits lay off hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke confuse put out of commission place at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out complicate hold the line trouble conflict erode reject cancel nix spike draw the line on mark off harness obturate override exile back-water cut down keep waiting lose steam wind down anchor it tongue-tie ice declare taboo criminalise undermine mince relax break dam up gibbet gunge up wring shut out of noose die squeeze count out freeze out silt up impound hogtie put on hold refuse to pay put on ice temperate give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no put the kibosh on hit the brakes let down flaps let get there draw to a halt haul up reach a standstill refrain from make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for monkey with damage compromise stand assuage push back reply beat off defend yourself retaliate put up a fight riposte enfetter enchain gyve pinion disadvise scare pin down pull back sit on put away miss make impracticable placate alleviate lullaby dummy up dry up shut up refrain decide determine chain up clap secure cuff bulwark guard deflect becalm salve have on a tight leash meet halfway cool out play down parry sway head off at pass condition dictate form infringe cover fend talk out of internalize cut in take away stroke appease comfort reassure balm fall internalise put in irons clap in irons stand off peter out not move shape mould cheat withhold from stay away from deny oneself make up for shake off break the habit of skip out on kick get around shrink from renounce keep from shirk desist from stay away get out of abstain from restrain from counterbalance skip do without shy from leave off negate forbear from rock to sleep take the sting out take it easy chill out settle down quiet down ease off take the edge lay back modify touch alter underlie encroach on predispose mold incline work on shepherd directionalize dispose act on safeguard against secure against protect against shield against act like a wet blanket lick abjure forswear put in chains stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against keep at arm's length impact on exert influence on forsake have an effect on be a factor in gentle humble have an impact on cow reclaim bust keep under wraps keep inside black out clamp down come down on take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on stop oneself water down get a grip on

Trái nghĩa của bring to standstill

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