Đồng nghĩa của strangle at birth


(idiomatic) To stop something at an early stage
nip in the bud check thwart stop curb squash frustrate quash subdue hinder quell squelch obstruct impede block stifle prevent halt stymie arrest clobber curtail nix crack down on stamp out put the kibosh on cut off cut short suppress repress put a stop to put an end to foil hold back crush end extinguish overcome inhibit head off put down snuff out avert forestall restrain obviate intercept terminate silence stave off limit fend off ward off clamp down on slap down preclude control hamper baulk abolish interrupt balk get rid of wipe out deter destroy scotch shut out quench conquer restrict annihilate circumvent shut down forfend kill rein in defeat avoid stay anticipate beat delay pre-empt bar finish turn aside counteract help stall bridle retard stem demolish govern interfere with hold up extirpate keep a lid on rule out smother rout put the lid on keep in check second-guess damp constrain debar save prohibit contain hold defend against moderate beat someone to the punch eliminate tone down sit on get ahead of put out overwhelm chill bring to an end pour cold water on keep under control beat someone to it eradicate bring to a standstill preempt pull up provide against draw up weed out catch still pick off deflect put a brake on queer beat someone to the draw stand in the way of steal a march on interdict cool crack down divert throw cold water on get in before hold off stonewall fetch up master slow down vanquish subjugate overpower blot out banish remove exterminate expunge gain mastery over block out throttle gain control over clamp down bring to screeching halt deaden put an stop to torpedo commandeer be early be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass desist discontinue cease keep from happening oppose hang up put the brakes on obscure shut off get in the way of take out of play fetter keep a tight rein on rein back lessen quieten down lick mellow soften keep the lid on hold in check get under control diminish shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer counter keep lid on baffle stave ward keep off keep at bay cork dam forbid slow parry freeze fix knock off scrub sidetrack drop brace bring up can preoccupy forecast monopolize project monopolise expect foresee envision predict scupper repulse discourage bottle up choke staunch put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in slacken pace rein fight back brake neutralize tame keep back regulate play for time bottleneck reduce bite back hold in rebuff muffle hold down choke back swallow withhold neutralise pause checkmate stem the flow of snow under scrunch trash squish overthrow trample on put paid to dish keep let disadvise scare turn off put a damper on talk out of dampen act like a wet blanket ease mitigate allay abate temper soothe relieve assuage mollify dull alleviate palliate decrease calm lighten weaken quiet relax lull take the edge off blunt attenuate quieten appease tranquilize lower settle pacify cushion tranquillize placate damp down compose mute soft-pedal dilute measure gag ebb sweeten de-escalate ease off muzzle satisfy rule modify gentle lenify take the sting out sink fade remit extenuate smooth slacken decline taper dwindle dispel strangle slake shrink choke off calm down drop off taper off take the bite out modulate phase down pour oil on ratchet down tail off dim hush play down turn down numb wane dumb subside sober conciliate darken recover keep in line cut recede confine paralyse minimize propitiate clam shush simmer down put the brakes on quelch relent direct chill out benumb guide delimit ameliorate fall downscale discipline disarm depress anaesthetize pall keep down comfort keep within bounds paralyze anesthetize minimise slack put damper on pipe down let up close up keep it down decrease the volume drop away die down die out die away buffer wind down say nothing quiet down make less intense cut back cool down take a load off decelerate cool it fall away cool out button up cut down cool off drain away peter out pocket submerge mask censure address improve qualify commute fill surfeit dismiss dissipate excuse sate satiate shade deepen cloud garrote garrotte keep control of cork up put a lid on hog-tie put half nelson on re-collect make nice drive away chase away put to rest square drive off reduce the force of adjust monitor cap keep on a string gruntle obtund mince break gratify become weaker fade away come to an end unlax coast collect temperate impair cauterize rally corner inspect steady sabotage peg trammel bedim entrammel incapacitate stun exhaust cauterise drown unnerve stupefy injure tire dope disrupt set limits on impose limits on soberize meet halfway knock out loose disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed put a limit on trim ration contract box in humour dip reconcile keep tight rein on tie up decrement content humor pale stabilize minify narrow shave pare slash win over make peace with censor settle down handicap round down make cutbacks in pare down resolve pad whittle down demilitarise dial down bring down take down trim back smooth out step down cripple rescue clear the air couch stabilise trim down scale down mark down roll back defuse take the heat clip demilitarize depreciate throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of leash bit harness brighten make dim make faint make less bright straiten make lighter overawe determine decide salve cure deplete downsize gaol detain jail impound circumscribe imprison hogtie punctuate succor succour console vary solace shut up keep in sway liss tongue-tie clam up hush-hush form condition dictate influence box up tie down lock up put away pin down pull back hem in aid break up assist dry up dummy up strike dumb hush one's mouth hold your tongue rise above affect disburden disencumber empty levitate take upraise uplight shape change facilitate mould shift free jettison thin unload unburden bring under control bring an end to bring aid to let up on make something bearable bring respite to bring aid take load off alter touch underlie have on a tight leash predispose reduce weight directionalize dispose put off throw out pour out mold act on incline make less work on shepherd impact on exert influence on rachet down grow less have an effect on get the better of have an impact on be a factor in

Trái nghĩa của strangle at birth

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