Đồng nghĩa của extirpate

Alternative for extirpate

extirpates, extirpated, extirpating

Đồng nghĩa: deracinate, eradicate, exterminate, root out, uproot,


To get rid of or destroy
eradicate erase obliterate cancel destroy efface expunge demolish eliminate remove abolish annihilate excise exterminate extinguish kill liquidate raze crush quash squash abate exsect uproot rub out wipe out blot out snuff out stamp out root out black out get rid of weed out cut out do away with sweep away clean up put a stop to put an end to put down wipe from the face of the earth terminate waste decimate take out finish off do in delete slaughter zap dispatch off massacre end knock off murder finish total suppress assassinate execute butcher slay shoot down croak smash ice top stiff wipe off the face of the earth smoke put to death squelch mow down bump off wreck devastate blow away wipe off the map desolate whack vaporize overthrow trash do to death cut down vaporise polish off ruin quell stifle shatter beat defeat pulverize undo nuke wrack nix cream overturn axe ax scrag tear down pull down cross out strike out pulverise blank out subdue take the life of end the life of cut to pieces dispose of do for repress put the kibosh on put paid to curb nullify annul overcome stop check frustrate silence thwart quench scrub neutralize overwhelm rout neutralise clobber torpedo score out crack down on bring to an end cause the death of scratch scratch out make away with block out put to sleep X-out wash out nip in the bud negate withdraw disannul conceal obscure level conquer purge cover trim gut subvert snuff get blue-pencil fell upset wipe off cut put away cancel out sink ink out KO slap down clamp down on give someone the works blue pencil terminate with extreme prejudice remove all traces of put the lid on disrupt abort stun forget scotch scrunch squish crack down kayo wipe take away break off snow under put to the sword redact censor bowdlerize dele scrub out ethnically cleanse kill off put out of your mind blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder send to the gas chambers send to kingdom come blow someone's brains out edit fade erode clear away sterilise exclude drag take down sterilize drag down flatten cover over put a line through bulldoze ravage smooth away rub away white out wear away obfuscate shade darken batten smother eclipse unbuild knock out wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high destroy root and branch take apart mark out rub off knock down crash dynamite topple capsize bomb spill lay waste reduce batter scatter unmake blow down raze to the ground knock to pieces cast down break down tear up throw down control cover up pass out hold back make dark keel over cut off benothing vanquish overpower queer subjugate rescind repeal invalidate void abrogate revoke sit on shut down drop vacate retract dissolve avoid countermand null discontinue scrap repudiate discard vitiate ditch dump junk prohibit jettison disestablish chop deracinate inhibit supersede shed set aside strike down roll back down blackball claim call off dispense with smite wax throw out give the chop suffocate crucify asphyxiate garrote garrotte hit strangle close down knock something on the head put kibosh on hang lynch immolate guillotine sacrifice take someone's life carry off break impair wreak havoc on spoil break up deaden desecrate damage scupper leave in ruins dismantle undermine dish dilapidate leave desolate put out dash halt sabotage despoil devour bring down hinder prevent block dampen restrain cripple dull arrest mar muffle weaken bust scourge trample shroud trounce sack pillage oppress banish depredate spoliate destruct mess up cool beat down bring to naught hamper bring someone to their knees write off interrupt stymie foil dispirit settle cow incapacitate sap dim demoralize take gag veil lower cloud interfere with cease depress disable restrict crack swallow prostrate contain overrun consume pocket submerge stem dominate blow shush disassemble hide shadow incinerate enervate blight triumph over plunder humble blast burn quelch bedim becloud tame choke back damp down mangle injure deface banjax screw up trample on hold in adumbrate raid demoralise choke off belay murk bear down on tumble put an stop to bottle up lay waste to keep back wipe off map bring to ruin cut short blow a hole in damage beyond repair put out of commission reduce to rubble lay in ruins wrack up keep in check bankrupt scuttle rape depopulate avenge torment dismiss reject attack prang degrade empty make desolate enfeeble demote impede ransack threaten burn away downgrade disrate humiliate constrain blow up harm bollix clamp down bring to screeching halt destabilize lay low impoverish vandalize overmaster floor swamp whelm wolf reduce to ruins limit obstruct cast out phase out drive out get shot of commit genocide cut a swath through put out of action supplant unsettle throttle blow to pieces derail bridle ruinate mute shipwreck disfigure botch ravish muller intrude on muck up tear to pieces put in toilet gobble up depose unseat dethrone oust bottle clamp bury spike cruel euchre defile bodge poison vandalise smash up maim mutilate deplete cause instability drive underground counteract gain control over pour cold water on gain mastery over rein in throw cold water on make a mess of reduce to nothing foul up bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out louse up grind down force down keep inside keep in hold down dumb rip down behead decapitate chill do knife dust off electrocute take a life garotte shoot dash to pieces run onto the rocks pile up crack up burst explode clam undercut put lid on soothe implode drown assuage allay bring about the downfall of invert rebel reverse destabilise mollify choke appease shiver splinter ease be the end of mitigate split fracture fragment palliate discharge remit overrule sweep aside put a lid on moderate fight back compose collect heap shower rein bite back cork disintegrate override recant recall close up lull cork up bite one's lip simmer down hush up button up keep the lid on scorch havoc lessen keep down say nothing retire refute redline obviate temper splinterize fragmentalize exhaust blow out fragmentize smash to smithereens smatter crunch rive rend snap torch tranquilize counterpoise turf countercheck ignore take back redress trouble ail dishearten deject dismay alleviate declare invalid declare null and void rule out wipe slate clean render null and void render inert go back on your word render invalid break into pieces occult blunt best lick master discourage shake sadden devitalize daunt diminish befog fog overcast haze dislimn overcloud crush to smithereens blow apart wreak havoc worst surmount combust scald perturb chagrin bother weary abase distress debilitate thrash blur mist blacken cloak blear cast a shadow over conclude burn to the ground burn down destroy by fire cremate burn up carbonise carbonize reduce to ashes burn to a crisp skunk close quit elapse upend lapse overmatch pass dispel expire weigh down bum out overbear tranquillize quieten determine complete hammer rise above overshadow screen fuzz up mantle mask go die subject desist cast a pall over put a damper on pacify subordinate wrap chasten adjourn prevail over win against round off run out let up wrap up bring to a conclusion bring to a close lay off wind up close out dead-end come to an end round out leave off wink out wind down pull the plug on bring to an untimely end bear down walk all over make mincemeat of get the upper hand over gain ascendancy over gain the upper hand over get the upper hand do down get around wipe the floor with get the better of


Cut out surgically
cut out cease quit stop break can discontinue drop end halt break off break up carve cut off delete desist from eliminate excise exclude exsect extract forgo give over ignore isolate knock off lay off leave off marginalise marginalize oust overlook remove renounce sever shut off snub usurp cut dead do without give up refrain from take away take out pack in pack up eradicate resect snip out cut away abandon abstain from finish desist kick suspend eschew swear off terminate put an end to call a halt to dispense with relinquish put a stop to conclude forsake avoid bring to an end go without lay off of forswear forbear from wind up cut kill pull the plug on pass up jack in steer clear of withhold from refuse call it a day shun keep from interrupt abstain close skip let up cut short shut down switch off call it quits axe cancel leave out ax belay forbear refrain ditch deactivate surcease give something a miss turn off bring to a halt resist waive abolish have done with scrap decline elapse pass disconnect disable determine dead-end wink out extinguish knock something on the head get off forego pass on keep off get rid of nip in the bud abjure do away with lapse expire withdraw spurn check give the chop curb sit out close down put out bring to a stop shut pack it in leave alone restrain from stay away from rein in shy from hold off resign from skip out on deny oneself bypass pull out of get out of reject get shut of omit complete disregard get shot of separate detach pass over hold back block die go abort intermit call off obstruct close out trip kick the habit sew up restrain oneself from unplug quit cold cut it out intervene scrub turn out not continue neutralize dispose of repudiate wrap up take the cure bring to a close stop oneself from withhold disengage neutralise kick over put the kibosh on give a rest disavow stand down from chuck not touch give something up prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in close off prevent bring to end get on the wagon hang it up come to an end adjourn recess disrupt resist the temptation to miss out on hold back from neglect skim over have nothing to do with back out of set aside lay aside give a wide berth to throw in the towel forlet stop trying throw in the sponge interfere with cut into disturb say goodbye to break into come to a close stay culminate back off die down fail quit cold turkey stop doing lie by spell rest discard quash arrest brush aside achieve leave succeed endure dispense impede dissolve bar staunch blow the whistle on put a sock in bring to a standstill stem stall put a cork in put off power down flick off douse log off hit the switch shake off render needless head off down tools stop work keep away from manage without bin dump resolve annul tear out clip keep consummate round out pull the plug round off get done wrap end up sunder ultimate put paid to finish off wind down crown settle put the lid on top off amputate take off pause scratch turn your back on divorce rescind part with cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from revoke finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt shelve break with shake sacrifice write off repeal forget about forfeit trim dismember prune phase out bag it interpose disunite disjoin blow off dissever part starve sit on one's hands fast give the go by evade constrain stay neutral fence-sit not take sides decommission preclude shirk back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from break the habit of check out from escape from kibosh call it quits on skirt surcease from

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