Đồng nghĩa của displace

Alternative for displace

displaces, displaced, displacing

Đồng nghĩa: bump, deracinate, dislocate, dislodge, force out, move, preempt, uproot,


To undo the arrangement of
derange disarrange disturb unsettle upset discompose disorder disperse scatter mess up throw into disarray throw into disorder confuse disorganize jumble disarray disrupt ruffle dishevel muddle shuffle muss tousle rumple dislocate scramble disjoint hash tumble confound shake mix up rummage derail throw into confusion spoil interfere misplace wreck untidy bother perturb alarm agitate make untidy bring into disorder make disorderly mess dismay turn upside-down faze fluster discomfit throw disquiet nonplus unnerve rattle disconcert trouble unbalance perplex bewilder daunt put out of place make a mess of muss up turn topsy-turvy concern distress ail exercise flurry fuss destabilize hagride alarum frazzle make anxious worry distemper jolt distract undo make uneasy unhinge discomfort dement turn sicken spook down discommode fuddle needle make a shambles of get out of order put off throw off balance weird out freak out destabilise take aback shake up psych out get to pull the rug from under throw off pull the rug out from under put someone off their stroke throw into uproar vex discombobulate abash annoy frighten discountenance afflict irk hassle harass scare provoke embarrass startle bug fret frustrate surprise shock irritate plague torment pester mortify discourage demoralize baffle flummox floor excite dishearten appal demoralise dumbfound panic depress intimidate puzzle psych appall make nervous cow stir up terrify stun awe astound gall astonish chafe stupefy chagrin stagger overwhelm knock for six daze flabbergast deter chill stress torture dispirit beset bedevil harry clutter oppress horrify displease aggrieve amaze terrorize put into a flap throw into a tizz convulse addle unman anger set someone back on their heels pain interfere with offend try pother craze terrorise gnaw at foul up work up affect consternate traumatize make waves burn up bowl over nettle burden subdue beleaguer devastate agonize browbeat knock sideways cause someone to lose their composure stop someone in their tracks exasperate bustle nauseate pique aggravate persecute grieve rack revolt strain sadden deject peeve disgust traumatise agonise miff put out rock affright mystify hurt put out of countenance screw up louse up jar dumfound sap lie heavy on take by surprise thunderstrike put someone off their stride rattle one's cage give a hard time make someone scratch their head strike dumb do someone's head in throw a curve give someone a turn give a turn ruin hurry buffalo disorient despair make fretful dash niggle outrage make uncomfortable anguish nark rouse disappoint repel frenzy crush badger catch off balance tear weigh down gravel move bully paralyse arouse harrow complicate cause confusion in cause turmoil in embroil discreate overcome nag wound unstring flip preoccupy wind up cause anxiety to make a scene undermine get across hack off paralyze petrify weaken tantalize tantalise curse indispose egg on break up play havoc with turn on enfeeble toss give someone grief debilitate enervate get at tick off pick on electrify render speechless gross out push buttons muck up knock out put the wind up throw a spanner in the works of mess with someone's head cause to be at a stand take the wind out of your sails knock the stuffing out of put out of order blow away throw a monkey wrench in the works of spring something on make someone's blood run cold scare the bejesus out of outface stare down outstare put off balance wring overawe knock off balance heat stand up to incommode snarl up haunt cause disquiet to incite inflame tangle unquiet shame humiliate flutter make restless hustle pressure pressurize quicken thwart put on edge bamboozle befuddle stimulate occupy put down blind intrude tire disillusion disarm ferment dizzy overturn psych someone out pressurise tear away at make hay of disgruntle disenchant knock props out destroy disorientate ventilate examine bring into disarray rearrange throw out throw into chaos snafu let down madden cause anxiety send into a spin disengage unfasten separate unhitch disconnect uncouple detach surprize eat away at put off one's stroke worst ride uncalm disaccord jangle discord disharmonize inconvenience occupy someone's thoughts prey on someone's mind throw into a state of disorganization pour cold water on throw cold water on make one sick change gobsmack make flip bug up work someone up balk hinder get in the way hound catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares fill with consternation make self-conscious crack loco distort meddle tamper replace make a mess gum up benumb set back put someone off baulk injure mislay disband litter demobilize tax strap dog break nit-pick prick push desolate martyr slosh reorder slop tilt reverse subvert incapacitate cramp jumble up drive insane be scarify fright cause suffering to cause anguish to leave open-mouthed strike with awe take one's breath away cause wonder dazzle blow someone's mind leave aghast take someone's breath away put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy fire up flip out besiege upset apple cart demobilise rile stir eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched make it tough for weigh on cut up get into a tangle turn upside down get someone bum out lay up key up make speechless put away throw for a loop tease suffer be unwell make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth put off his or her stride take the wind out of someone's sails make someone laugh on the other side of their face hit a sour note turn inside-out carp test importune rock the boat spring cavil grate rasp gripe itch frost get eat spite break down send over the edge devitalize dun goad hector be indisposed be crook fear sweat stew repulse quibble stop nitpick cast down disempower hurt somebody's feelings bollix drive you out of your mind be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill be weak be the matter with scare to death make someone jump out of their skin make jump take someone aback give someone a jolt give a shock give someone a fright stump furbelow bluster abrade frill wear flap fidget get on someone's wick send up deflate snarl blow out disparage unglue take steam out cripple damp blow up unzip bring low dampen take apart sweat out be a great weight on be agitated take pains be in a tizzy be worried weigh heavily on one's mind delay hold up hamper impede slow retard obstruct labour over throw into tizzy be in a flap upset the apple cart cut short muddy the waters intrude on scandalize get worked up get in a stew be in a stew slow down reluct make sick turn off be repugnant to make someone want to throw up turn one's stomach make someone feel nauseous make your gorge rise turn your stomach make a big thing out of make a big thing of make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill make a thing of blight mar quell quash scotch sabotage shatter demolish queer do in nix scupper banjax stymie antagonize cruel put paid to make a hash of euchre dish scandalise numb antagonise insult put the lid on blow a hole in put the kibosh on give offence to scare witless raise someone's eyebrows completely surprise shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks fill with fear give someone goose pimples strike terror into chill to the bone chill to the marrow scare the pants off give someone the heebie-jeebies throw into a panic put the fear of God into chill someone's blood frighten the living daylights out of make someone's flesh crawl make someone's hair curl


Remove from position of responsibility
oust depose dethrone dismiss expel remove unseat dislodge eject fire sack cashier defenestrate defrock deprive discharge evict force out overthrow overturn topple uncrown unmake unsettle unthrone drive out out throw out turn out bring down can discard discrown disenthrone disthrone drum out kick out usurp boot out give someone the boot remove from office take over turf out show the door step into shoes of banish exile supplant deport bounce get rid of ostracize axe send packing ax cast out ostracise expulse relegate give someone their marching orders release retire purge terminate pink-slip bump defeat remove from power freeze out demote muster out unfrock give someone the push expatriate give the heave-ho degrade move push out lay off excommunicate let go turn off downgrade upset give someone the bullet subvert shift disqualify conquer disfrock impeach break chase rout boot drop give the bum's rush run off cast off give someone their cards relocate overwhelm evacuate dislocate unhorse put out thrust out transport uproot transfer bring low reposition dissolve abolish disfellowship cut knock over eliminate humble vanquish chuck out strip of rank bust sideline disown suspend replace slang pension deselect shelve recall disemploy furlough depone exclude reject invisibilize marginalize bring about the downfall of marginalise run out of town ride out on rail throw out on your ear make redundant remove by force give notice to give the ax let out give the old heave-ho give the gate do away with leave out wash out cut dead force to leave shut out put an end to give walking papers give someone notice give someone the sack turn away give warning leave out in the cold consign triumph vote someone out throw someone out proscribe seize power pink slip outlaw chuck migrate cut out annihilate pull expunge detach court martial heave give a pink slip ship budge abstract give heave-ho give someone the gate show the door one put away give someone his or her walking papers give someone the ax give someone the pink slip excuse nix relieve of duty deprive of office supersede let one go declare redundant lock out give one notice disturb take down see the back of throw out on ear move on extricate disentangle free fling out break up knock out of place knock out of position throw overboard give the boot toss give the sack to kiss goodbye give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch send off unloose squeeze out throw someone out on their ear give the chop irrupt drive off show the gate to dump disrate dig out get out knock loose declass disregard reduce kick downstairs overcome beat master demerit lower devalue lower in rank demean bench lick crush destroy level ruin trounce undo subdue overpower demolish move down subjugate disestablish upend raze set back reduce in rank hold back pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off tip liquidate eradicate exterminate tumble overrun reduce to the ranks knock down bring to ruin put paid to give someone their notice give notice give someone the big E kiss off give someone the air pay off give someone his bin off give the elbow


To place or transport in one's mind, usually in reference to one's feelings, emotions or insecurities


To cause to be empty or vacant
evacuate abandon leave vacate desert clear quit forsake empty flee void exit from relinquish withdraw from decamp depart disappear from get out of hightail retire from retreat from skidaddle withdraw be gone from decamp from depart from escape from go away from move out of bail out cut out pack up pull out take oneself off from pull out of run for the hills exit clear out go escape split vamoose take off go away scram move move out fly run away part retreat scarper beat it abscond from run off abscond run along scoot bolt clear off skedaddle walk out run away from relocate make off check out flit retire shove off push off bug out migrate go from begone remove fly from absent oneself from make tracks say goodbye bug off buzz off take a hike cut and run hook it go AWOL do a bunk sally disappear slip out vanish defect emigrate bail get flee from bolt from book set out head out make oneself scarce take leave turn tail go off push on pack off beat a retreat hightail it pack your bags do a disappearing act take French leave dig out step along get off peel off sally forth pike off pike out recoil drop out head out from clear out from evade skip stir take off from move out from run off from embark shrink walk away fall back start draw back pull back run be off slip away get out take flight move off skip off move on part with go forth set out from take your leave of bog off remove oneself beat a hasty retreat sneak off run for it up sticks head for the hills say one's goodbyes pack one's bags fly the coop sling one's hook back off hit the road show a clean pair of heels peel out light out take a powder do a runner make a break for it make a run for it move away duck out budge from go out of shift from maroon ditch lam strand blow steal away sneak away walk make yourself scarce shrink back take one's leave sign out bail out from clear from pull out from depopulate make a move from hotfoot it dodge kite duck avoid alight egress shirk shun run out take a walk go out go on the lam do a moonlight flit do a Skase take it on the lam depart suddenly absquatulate move from go absent without leave go missing go west elope make vacant make empty eject from cut issue leave hastily defect from flit from leave abruptly break out break out of free oneself extricate oneself ride off break away vamoose from scram from run along from disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away resettle move abroad do a bunk from take one's leave of say one's farewells sling your hook set off from walk out of take leave from clear off from head off from remove oneself from break away from take leave of check out from cut and run from slip out from make oneself scarce from take a hike from say goodbye to give the slip to transmigrate travel trek strike camp shift reposition transfer exile uproot move overseas leave your country start a new life march off recede break up camp skidoo levant break fold elude disengage make a quick exit make one's getaway give way leg it take to one's heels back away drop back back out go back do a fade move back give ground abdicate repair git advance absent proceed troop set off head off set forth get away take your leave abstract oneself blast off get going rack off make a break absent oneself make an exit be on one's way hit the trail break camp slope off betake oneself march out absent yourself hit the bricks start out get lost scat voetsak hamba shoo hop it sod off avaunt get under way nick off go jump in the lake set sail go and jump in the lake be on your way get along naff off haul off adjourn make move along make a getaway make a move pull stakes be off with you on your bike head make a start set forward haul away pull away take to your heels hurry go through shoot through walk off sail draw away take wing take yourself off strike out tear away drag away separate dash pass hie break free hotfoot bound bustle break loose get free career hustle dart scamper get moving take a long walk on a short pier burst out cut loose hop the twig push along get stuffed pop off hop the stick bear resign take oneself renounce step out slip be gone emerge double part company skip out make a escape walk out on leave for betake yourself cast off seclude oneself make your escape make your getaway leave port do a vanishing act leave suddenly run out on play hooky get away with pull up stakes make getaway go your way wriggle out take on the lam work out of get out of my sight bow out go scot-free commence begin take to flight put forth leave in a hurry start off drift wander range cruise amble canter hasten skiddoo gallop course barrel wend mosey go forward go to hell make one's way regress say adieu immigrate bust make for have it away make away set about get on the road begin one's journey march break up say farewell stand surety post security jump make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave conk out dedomicile get on your bike get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape slip through your fingers go like lightning dog it flow off-load ship shove leap take one's farewells shut oneself away in put up bail obtain somebody's release step on it make quick exit make one's escape go to one's room step on the gas transport break off ease out leave flat ship out go and chase yourself move about circumvent split up quit the scene go their separate ways go separate ways storm off go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out hide rush go one's ways make one's farewells beat off hurry away yeet hasten away run from move house sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from sprint aim beeline scramble scurry shoot scuttle race steer veer draw secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate motor stand down hand in one's notice step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end dump drop discard discontinue shut oneself away put out leave harbour leave dock finish raise sail put to sea put out to sea hoist sail make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter head for be done with journey retreat to resort process brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of break off with blow off cast aside step aside from call it quits retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for

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