Đồng nghĩa của deport

Alternative for deport

deports, deported, deporting

Đồng nghĩa: acquit, bear, behave, carry, comport, conduct, deliver, exile, expatriate, extradite,


To expel, force out or send away
banish exile expatriate expel oust transport extradite evict repatriate cast out displace relegate ostracise ostracize out throw out boot out chuck out dismiss drive out drum out expulse kick out turn out send packing turf out give someone the boot ship out give someone their marching orders show you the door throw someone out on their ear eject bounce chase remove rout run off proscribe excommunicate force out outlaw slang exclude send home extrude send away get rid of show the door purge put out send back reject cast off dispossess bar ban discharge defenestrate dislodge disfellowship cut drive away force to leave drive off send off let go give the bum's rush do away with freeze out push out cut dead drop thrust out consign blackball black boycott attaint empty sentence separate uproot heave out extradict isolate rusticate sequester set aside evacuate put out in the street hand over sentence to transportation shut out see the back of chase away shake off return transfer disown marginalize sideline invisibilize cut out marginalise leave out leave out in the cold send for trial axe cashier fling out bump toss ax eliminate eighty-six ditch irrupt unloose dump give the sack to throw overboard kiss goodbye give the heave-ho squeeze out give someone the push give someone the bullet give the old heave-ho give someone their P45 give someone their cards show the gate to give the chop discard disband boot disperse liberate demobilize rid bundle dispatch clear demobilise throw out on your ear give the 1-2-3 show out let out slough off bundle off pack off allow to go lock out do without push aside lay off remove by force dispense with dispose of sack fire give the elbow make redundant can give someone the sack depose give someone their notice retire release pink-slip muster out unseat bin off give someone the air give someone the big E give notice topple terminate turf turn off dethrone overturn supplant bring down give the gate overthrow defrock chuck remove from office chase out debar hand someone his hat deprive uncrown unthrone unmake sling out suspend bust move upset unfrock shift discrown subvert impeach ship give walking papers break hand walking papers run out of town ride out on rail show the door to throw out on the streets give someone his pink slip dispel give a pink slip dislocate toss out bring about the downfall of give marching orders yeet court martial heave chase off unsettle repulse scatter disthrone usurp disenthrone nix relieve of duty excuse deprive of office supersede declare redundant replace give the push to give the boot to give the bullet to disbar expropriate heave-ho toss out on ear step into shoes of take over dehire unhire shed reposition abolish pull budge relocate expunge take down abstract detach disqualify give one's cards give pink slip give someone the pink slip give bum's rush disestablish smoke out undo remove from power dissolve flush out unchurch give notice to give the ax pension deselect disfrock wash out kiss off pay off shelve recall disemploy furlough depone turn away give warning repudiate denounce blacklist anathematize fordrive give something a miss leave off slur disregard take out elide erase forget omit delete miss out takfir curse ask to leave disturb demote extricate knock over disentangle give the hook knock out of place free dig out get out bring low knock out of position knock loose downgrade degrade unhorse strip of rank give heave-ho sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card

Trái nghĩa của deport

deport Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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