Đồng nghĩa của acquit oneself


To justify or make excuses for
explain excuse justify defend account for rationalise rationalize legitimise legitimize mitigate resolve clear up corroborate support attribute explain away extenuate make excuses for absolve oneself clear the air about exculpate oneself exonerate oneself throw light on throw light upon vindicate oneself answer to give a justification for give an alibi for give an apologia for give an excuse for give an explanation for give a rationale for give a reason for shed light on warrant vindicate give reasons for elucidate answer for provide a rationale for argue for make a case for uphold make acceptable palliate sustain substantiate establish advocate maintain whitewash clear show to be reasonable give grounds for make allowances make allowances for illuminate give an explanation show grounds for come up with an explanation clarify deodorize protest deodorise back pretext sanction insist on fight for swear by stand by swear to gloss over cover appease alibi gloze over come up with an explanation for provide a justification for provide an explanation for exonerate exculpate reason excise intellectualise think reconcile intellectualize deliberate speak for plead for cop out apply logic make allowance reason out apply logic to give alibi cover for say in defense give the rationale behind prove a case apologize for speak on behalf of speak in support of think through cop a plea give good reason for verify confirm approve validate bear out legitimatize legalize legalise legitimatise assert be answerable for show cause stand up for make good on show just cause for do justice to prove to be reasonable speak in favor of endorse authenticate prove ratify attest affirm certify claim contend argue give credence to lend weight to back up qualify ground agree to approve of assent to consent to give substance to give proof of show to be true demonstrate evidence rehabilitate shield guard disprove protect refute second disculpate confute offer grounds for bear witness to guarantee promise assure pledge profess underwrite state aver undertake ensure avouch testify guaranty allege declare proclaim insure vow avow vouch pronounce secure stipulate insist purport swear delegate sponsor vouch for stand behind take an oath bear witness

Trái nghĩa của acquit oneself

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