Đồng nghĩa của comport

Alternative for comport

comports, comported, comporting

Đồng nghĩa: acquit, bear, behave, carry, conduct, deport,


To be consistent or in agreement with
accord agree answer check chord cohere coincide conform consist correspond dovetail fit go harmonise harmonize jibe rhyme rime sort square tally match be consistent correlate concur equate chime suit be in agreement parallel relate fit in match up be in tune conform to be compatible blend complement assimilate resemble click quadrate synchronize concert synchronise go together check out fall in with be consonant be in harmony be congruous coordinate follow concord compare reconcile attune correlate with acquiesce sync equal unite accord with agree with be related be consistent with be in harmony with mesh interlock comply gel sound like fall in assort groove affirm assent resonate be equivalent be equal measure up march come together sync up slot in join together go hand in hand go well with be parallel get along with be verifiable be accurate meet satisfy chime in consort observe keep uphold obey level eventuate overlap befall identify balance gee comply with adhere to abide by be the same come about be the same as match up to act in accordance with agree to align with square with keep to conform with go along with be in accordance with acquiesce to concur with approach relate to tally with coincide with be congruous with touch reciprocate be consonant with link amount equate to be compatible with dovetail with rival be in tune with jibe with tie in with match up with be in agreement with partake of lip sync be similar to be identical to integrate homogenize systematize systematise carol compose proportion tone cooperate set unify tone in reconciliate synthesize arrange combine adapt orchestrate adjust sing symphonize tune make consistent bring together homogenise synthesise tie in bring in line bring in line with bring in tune with be of one mind fit in with be in unison chime with bring in tune go with see eye to eye be of the same mind mix go well be in sympathy get along accept hit it off be of the same opinion accommodate conciliate sympathize key be in accord sympathise get on be on the same wavelength support accede admit acknowledge be in accordance allow grant team accustom join go along connect tailor confess regulate own concede work well be united make agree be as one fit together be down with be as one man feel a rapport own up to bury the hatchet be well coordinated be of like mind be harmonious be like-minded be friendly be similar clue tie sit set off comport with partner sit with accompany vibe bond be alike marry up be identical fit with like associate favour favor harmonize with correspond with tone with coordinate with team with suit each other blend with back be on the same wavelength as be of the same opinion as be of the same mind as work well with be on friendly terms acclimatize reflect mirror affiliate jell approve of belong acclimate condition familiarize be sympathetic towards side with meet with approval be on same wavelength warm to each other take to each other be in line settle down get on like a house on fire blend in be assimilated get along like a house on fire go off well be in favour of be en rapport with be well disposed to modulate counterbalance compensate make something consistent correspond to make something correspond make conform league conspire collaborate conjoin familiarise acclimatise reunite approve band coadjute band together consent team up okay grow accustomed to become used to be in accord with pacify placate appease propitiate shake on pass on be together recognize mollify cut a deal arbitrate merge restore harmony between bring back together mitigate assuage get together on fix up kiss and make up resolve differences between restore friendly relations between re-establish intercede make peace between bring to terms bring back together again mediate make matters up win over cool restore harmony make up patch things up re-establish friendly relations between hold let on fold take on board say uncle fess up go with the flow throw in the towel cry uncle avow ditto compromise recognise own up waive play ball with cave in award engage fess fess up to

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