Đồng nghĩa của concur

Alternative for concur

concurs, concurred, concurring

Đồng nghĩa: agree, cooperate,


To agree or correspond exactly
coincide agree accord correspond tally harmonise harmonize match square fit conform dovetail jibe answer check chord cohere comport consist correlate equate go quadrate rhyme rime sort parallel acquiesce be compatible be consistent befall concert equal eventuate identify overlap sync be in agreement be in tune be the same as come about be the same suit chime be in harmony fit in match up be consonant be congruous coordinate relate go together blend balance conform to check out click attune consort fall in with fall in unite affirm assent be equal come together sync up slot in join together assort groove be in harmony with march synchronize synchronise go hand in hand go well with comport with concord get along with chime in meet satisfy follow gel observe reconcile keep uphold obey associate connect level gee reflect mirror affiliate vibe hit it off get along work well tie in comply with adhere to abide by correspond to make something correspond make agree make conform make something consistent be consistent with match up to act in accordance with agree to align with accord with agree with square with keep to conform with go along with be in accordance with acquiesce to complement integrate assimilate resemble mesh correlate with relate to equate to combine fit together be harmonious be on the same wavelength compare be related synthesize resonate adjust reconciliate synthesise mix adapt symphonize be similar to be well coordinated go well be of like mind be like-minded be of the same mind get on be connected see eye to eye comply sound like interlock be in accordance be similar tie sit measure up partner be equivalent be verifiable be accurate be parallel sit with bond be alike marry up be identical suit each other syncretize concur with coincide with dovetail with approach tally with be congruous with touch reciprocate be consonant with link amount be compatible with rival make congruent make harmonious make compatible jell jibe with tie in with be in agreement with be in tune with match up with belong homogenize systematize partake of lip sync systematise cooperate set sing homogenise carol compose proportion tone unify tone in arrange orchestrate tune make consistent bring together meet with approval feel a rapport be on same wavelength warm to each other take to each other be in line settle down get on like a house on fire blend in be assimilated get along like a house on fire be friendly go off well be identical to cause to sit easily with cause to be in agreement cause to sit happily with bring in line bring in line with bring in tune with be of one mind be in unison chime with go with fit in with bring in tune


To accept or consent, especially by silence or by omitting to object
acquiesce accept allow approve comply conform accede agree assent consent permit tolerate respect brook subscribe accommodate adapt adjust bend buy concede ditto jibe OK okay reconcile suffer yes abide by agree to assent to comply with consent to concur with conform to go along with play ball stand by toe the line accept tacitly cooperate with give the nod to go along let pass say yes to come round give the green light to give the thumbs up to give approval to give consent to give one's assent to give one's blessing to say the word say uncle shake on cut a deal give the go-ahead to acquiesce in sanction accede to grant endorse bless warrant give the nod follow authorize submit to license pass support yield authorise licence give in knuckle under give the OK to give permission say yes sign off on agree with ratify yield to confirm validate defer to mandate back let embrace accord adopt rubber-stamp concur in heed countenance subscribe to cave in clear give one's leave acquiesce to thumbs up sign fall in with bow to go with the flow fold give permission for concede to give in to toe the mark defer bow down to be guided by pay attention to play along with acknowledge nod show agreement give up roll over run with go with throw in the towel make a deal second recommend advocate uphold approbate empower enable recognize homologate formalize accredit finalize entitle finalise make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up affirm push for get behind make valid take up O.K. greenlight certify give go-ahead seal formalise qualify espouse admit endure give someone authorization legalize legitimatize give someone leave legitimate recognise approve of cause legalise legitimatise boost humour go for give carte blanche grant the right leave green-light condone admit of abet take kindly to charter humor privilege have give your blessing give the green light franchise wink at blink at facilitate give the go-ahead sanctify indulge observe pass on give the stamp of approval to give five mind submit adhere to keep surrender succumb goose-step to take orders act in accordance with get into line do what one is told give way hold to answer do as you are told keep to do as one says play second fiddle live by do one's duty fulfill do what is expected come to heel hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil be loyal to obey respond legitimize legitimise bear commission take put up with sustain stand stomach abide live with swallow decriminalize stand for hack decriminalise give vest regulate invest give permission to undergo make legal wear bide thole stick stick out sweat out bear with handle absorb meet pocket favour favor capacitate legislate enact endow give leave to vindicate ordain decree constitute justify grant permission to excuse go bestow receive withstand hear of be doing with cope with provide codify formulate launder offer grant the right to give authority to confer clean up give power to give a blank cheque to weather brave sit still for entrust enter entertain vouch for tough out go through nod at give green light give the go-ahead for equip give authorization to help give access take in let in give thumbs up be big on aid delegate normalize pronounce lawful make merit normalise give the means to give the green light for give the right to award rate afford oblige pardon be big experience vouchsafe present carry call for qualify for sit and take it undertake engage give authority be a justification for be a reason for explain away be a defence of allow for sit through bestow on offer grounds for give the go ahead to confer on bear the brunt of give the thumbs up take on declare lawful unban regularize give leave for underwrite regularise confer a right to let someone have declare legal contract lend your name to harbour lodge shelter initiate house introduce harbor be authorised feel be authorized grant authorization to grant authority to encourage fall for enfranchise charge resist give the seal of approval to give the OK see grant leave to grant a permit to grant a licence to give a permit to give a licence to hold with champion commend contract out free up give okay give the O.K. sweat be subject to permit to allow to engage in say the magic word applaud invite cope stick with stand up to sit tight hang in there hang in face prepare assist establish understand be in favour of invest with power give means to give the power to give someone the authority make eligible give authority for conceive consider smile on confront grace hand give the right give the okay to shoulder assume encounter grin and bear it put John Hancock on give stamp of approval wait out vote in put into effect make into law legislate for lay down vote for consign have coming fit for absolve give thumbs-up forgive afford with sign on set up condition ready vest in entrust to endow in grant to put in someone's hands arm consign to invest in give to confer a right exempt exonerate exculpate whitewash make allowances for laugh off accept apology for make allowance come to grips with ride out subject oneself to be faced with come up against live through resign oneself to submit oneself to grin and bear be forced to contend with meet with intromit comprobate relent astipulate rationalize acquit back down roll over and play dead enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to surrender to back down to give way to be in line for give the resources to make it possible for give the opportunity to provide the means to cede to favour with be grounds for rationalise ignore be good reason for entitle one to hear demand deserve add render string along let continue let stay let be let go require earn welcome stay the course enrol enlist supply entail necessitate register include pay furnish impart contribute allow to go make way for permit to pass allow entry give right of entry to allow to enter allow in give access to give admission to permit entry show in enroll usher in grant entrance to greet sign up account for turn a blind eye to do bring donate give ground for be worth be deserving of be entitled to be worthy of lay on one extend trust lend inject shark loan shark stake lend-lease hand out


Yield to someone or something
give way acquiesce admit defeat agree back down make concessions approve assent concede defeat defer give up accede capitulate cave in fall victim submit succumb surrender yield be conquered by be overcome by be overwhelmed by give in raise the white flag show the white flag throw in the sponge throw in the towel give concede relinquish bow knuckle under relent quit budge blink cede fold lay down arms climb down fall cry uncle bend accept be overcome buckle under comply buckle resign wave the white flag go under say uncle be beaten accept defeat be overwhelmed resign yourself kowtow cave bow to give up the struggle go down break put up white flag crumble pack it in backpedal come to terms eat crow roll over toss it in pull out give yourself up pay homage vail throw in your hand retreat fall in line be defeated be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee surrender to humble oneself give ground eat humble pie go along with give away the store give oneself over let go lay down hand over fold up be conquered suffer defeat turn over abdicate cry quits turn in call it quits call it a day stop back out withdraw subdue subjugate genuflect put one's tail between one's legs consent collapse lose bail out desist cut out chicken out drop bow out soften waver vacillate come round hesitate ease off ease up weaken truckle be overthrown honour honor respect fall to pieces be a casualty to lose one's position to be smitten by be taken by be overthrown by lie down pass into the hands of pass into enemy hands be destroyed by eat dirt fall victim to be defeated by be vanquished by be beaten by comply with accommodate agree with adapt knuckleunder adjust admit cringe knuckle obey fawn be deferential give in to


To associate or form a friendship with someone
fraternize associate socialise socialize mingle consort mix run hobnob chum consociate company travel sort sympathise sympathize unite hang out pal around hook up rub shoulders hang around keep company step out rub elbows mess around go out hang about hang round go around make friends knock about run around knock around chum around run with hang with pal up mingle with mix with be friendly keep company with be thick with hang out with club together consort with fall in with rub elbows with socialize with be sociable with rub shoulders with go around with get together meet interact chum with spend time hang around with join circulate be thick have dealings be sociable league hang network take up with accompany befriend pal get around tie up with entertain club make advances get about make the rounds connect pool party intermingle move meet people tie in gang up run around with communalize go about engage affiliate nationalise nationalize be in knock around with go round schmooze intersperse be friends with associate with others bring convoy attend bear carry associate with chaperon conduct make contacts fraternize with meet friends consort with others move around converse pal with clique with chum together paint the town red work the room pal around with gang up with introduce yourself meet and greet go out on the town get out exchange cards meet up amalgamate assort frequent pair off be friends come together with tie up work with come together spend time with get in on line up with get in with bunch up be involved with swing with join up with truck with go along with be in cahoots buddy up throw in together string along with go partners get into have people round be a good mixer get out and about play footsie with fraternise collaborate cooperate partner team up go with work together link up join forces


To confess to be true
admit confess acknowledge profess reveal concede divulge agree declare disclose accede accept own affirm allow expose recognise recognize assent grant realise realize appreciate avow confirm leak sing spill acquiesce bare communicate confide indicate narrate proclaim state talk tell uncover unveil yield come clean let on open up make known own up blurt out fess up own up to spill the beans about tell all about bring to light give away let out make a clean breast spill your guts squeal about get off your chest make public blow the lid off bring into the open cop to cough up blow the gaff on come out of the closet make a clean breast of go into details 'fess up announce impart say broadcast discover blab utter betray assert aver pass on publish express purport maintain report allege come out with claim relate tell all cough asseverate unbosom avouch suggest mouth let slip tell the truth go public with let on about spill the beans unmask contend protest convey publicize let drop publicise pass blow the gaff let the cat out of the bag about unfold insist swear vouchsafe release uncloak warrant attest lay bare promulgate air pronounce go along with bring out hint vent argue lay down inform make out talk about spill your guts about let the cat out of the bag blow wide open put forward blurt intimate guarantee deliver certify speak mention articulate disseminate admit guilt hold be conscious of take on board present be aware of circulate out vow enunciate accept blame accept responsibility plead guilty verbalize recount testify relay cite voice depose vouch explain phrase imply opine come out stress exhibit advertise advertize bring out into the open make a clean breast of it repeat verbalise see render perceive put into words get across spell out put across cognize know accord babble throw out unburden register note whisper vocalize let fall post attest to insinuate squeal snitch word break evince chirp make a clean breast of things propose specify spout predicate open your heart be completely honest denote spiel notify sound outline discuss mutter detail propound advance frame cry shout give out intone emphasize display advocate address clarify come clean about modulate vocalise emphasise asservate put give the game away summarise summarize translate cross heart reassert allegate reaffirm take the lid off set forth give utterance to swear on bible make clean breast let cat out of the bag speak out bring forward swear up and down give testimony get off speak about pop off give voice to bear witness admit as true cede support chime in lay open suppose disburden vouch for verify cop unburden oneself unfurl overshare open stipulate witness move describe spill all confide in represent slip confess to admit to validate burst out with trickle transpire record open your mouth get out acknowledge that debunk undress nail be conscious that be aware that allow to be valid show up put it on record make it known go public on raise breathe tell the truth about carry the can blow the whistle on unclothe show unearth give the show away dish the dirt ventilate instruct teach fold ditto compromise waive award break the news bring to public attention bring to public notice table buzz bring out into open put cards on table get out of your system give the low-down take the wraps off annunciate moot broach couch submit spread cooperate with bow to agree to approve of concur with accede to acquiesce in debate defer to expound blare herald look trumpet import designate give formulate cry uncle say uncle cave in take an oath be wise to incriminate oneself admit to one's crimes put your hand up to something acknowledge information confess all admit to one's sins implicate oneself admit to one's actions unload on spill to crack to connote inflect bespeak blazon intonate understand prove yell clothe roar play ball with bury the hatchet cop a plea sympathize manifest give utterance put over get over give expression point out talk of pour out put in words go into give expression to shout from the rooftops testify to give vent to lay it on let in on share a confidence lay the gaff bend an ear come out of closet throw in the towel go with the flow discern apprehend comprehend weasel unbosom oneself fink unload finger blow subscribe to engage grasp conceive fess dump on sound off clue in humble oneself tip one's hand level with rat on spit out sense assimilate sympathise be united make clean breast of tattle be as one be in sympathy savvy exclaim spring bewray gossip be as one man be down with soapbox stump croon constate respect compass catch seize get intuit behold press recite remark self-declare self-disclose self-respond self-report self-divulge grok decipher dig decode twig go public tip off blow the whistle let your hair down offer plead chatter enounce orate mumble fess up to be of the same mind see eye to eye be of the same opinion talk big say so tumble to quote retell signal perorate rehearse yammer pipe read soliloquize drawl jaw yak regurgitate lip gab gas murmur declaim act as if get on soapbox blow hot air put forth reel off make clear sound out pipe up with be cognizant of cotton to catch on to cotton on to demonstrate flash flaunt elucidate illustrate parade placard blaze brandish transmit produce highlight call attention to put out introduce show off lay out set out draw attention to issue showcase signify spotlight delineate allude to refer to give an account of chronicle enlighten sport portray flourish depict unriddle demystify explicate identify clear up bring up promote feature illuminate market unravel strut launch share tell of distribute showboat crack comment on put on display disport touch on resolve interpret instance define hype chart acquaint advise plug advert simplify trot out point to remark on put on show put on view puff pitch construe list smoke out make plain apprise drum roll out expose to view splash itemize enumerate boast give publicity to give notice of advert to itemise touch upon establish sort out solve point at vaunt shed light on document aggrandize provide details tout bill peddle adduce catch out propagandize ballyhoo spruik push endorse flog inaugurate picture give details of sell notice boost hint at paint flack characterize spin propagandise catalogue sponsor fill in brief retail spot huckster circularize particularize name figure out speak of dope out characterise untangle merchandise spread around analyse analyze wave around show and tell let it all hang out circularise catalog make a show of hard sell break down throw light on particularise tell us show us hype up stage brag put on the map bang the drum for get to the bottom of cast light on give insight remind of out with it straighten out give a plug to give insight into give a puff to let anyone know of beat the drum for unleash crow gloat epitomize evidence symbolize grandstand infer elaborate unshroud cover preconize find out posit tweet work out settle symbolise keep posted epitomise write purvey wire cable drop give the facts noise abroad print praise trail trailer suss write up blazon abroad answer make obvious educate defog puzzle out blurb alert clear illumine go into detail flag put on the table give notice make reference to account for let it be known suss out get something straight tell on wise up run with exult in get on soapbox for flash about shed light give the details of spread abroad display ostentatiously make a pitch clear the air let someone know of run through put in plain English build up make head or tail of make a great show of run over soft sell beat the drum crack up flesh out shout out trust entrust show evidence of propagate give up ferret out celebrate renown splatter swagger reference detect emblazon plaster unclose swank open up on inscribe hand on gazette elicit feed exteriorize unjumble reproduce declare one's preferences pin down point toward ejaculate cue telephone radio wield project debrief unroll have printed mark bring to notice dangle array direct attention to put in print bring into view breathe a word of expose information televise proffer to make clear ring up get through allow to be seen whip out put on draw out jabber hold up to view crystallize crystallise give the idea decrypt descant expatiate discourse voice-over explore crack wide open evoke lodge edify send word let know pass out package denude nake be an indication of explicitize hansel tabulate lead to the belief sketch out make an exhibition of exemplify prefer charge familiarize package as conjure up numerate put in circulation bruit about send out bruit abroad churn out explicitise burst out call out let the cat ouf of the bag utter suddenly run off at the mouth cry out erupt flow give the impression lead you to believe give a account of inform of advise of give a description of paint a word picture of provide details of paint in words give the facts on give a rundown of recap give details on canvas canvass spill the beans on pull the plug on adumbrate have your say headline billboard immortalise skywrite immortalize extol soft-sell press-agent hold forth tell a story give a report of paraphrase rationalize make manifest sling track bring to the surface circumstantiate embellish recapitulate debut sketch familiarise level verse weave let cat out of bag draw a picture of clear the air about make simple make perfectly clear rationalise treat reword bluster typify individuate individualize individualise specialise offer for sale bring word communicate information give details bring word on catch up declare open break a story spin a yarn give the word lay it on the line run down shoot the breeze fathom deduce draw up get down to brass tacks fly speck quote chapter and verse be specific about specialize report on sweat details tick off gloss rephrase play up gasconade emblematize embody give an account put in the picture make explicit make available penetrate work grass come up with underline leave word put before give facts call upon cipher make sense of cypher encipher spell open officially put on the market put on sale exult spit it out give evidence of be evidence of champion shop emerge spout out spew out gush out come spurt out encapsulate personify deal with talk through talk over issue a statement about call blast popularize convert find the key find the answer to find the key to make a pitch for recommend back riddle out squeak deliberate about exchange views about converse about confer about make mention of exchange views on bring in encourage supply restate recast say quickly find an answer to rat dish read out premiere be shown crow about brag about congratulate oneself big-note oneself blow your own horn pat oneself on the back flatter oneself reveal all speak up pass the word vivify limelight ostend traffic in split on tell the facts give it up reveal information grass on divulge information metaphrase transpose mortify defeat belittle shame convict worst humiliate embarrass invalidate discredit pinpoint run off at mouth campaign for speak briefly of set down get behind deal in popularise annotate disentangle paint a picture unscramble diagram make intelligible express in words spell it out set the scene put in plain words guide give an explanation of instantiate mirror do into state in layman's language come forth cry up puff up score off let down point up talk up make a fool of show in bad light put to shame put spotlight on


Agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract
covenant promise contract pledge agree undertake vow bargain engage guarantee plight swear warrant bind oneself commit oneself stipulate give an undertaking plight oneself enter into an agreement declare vouch commit assure affirm take an oath give an assurance give one's word state swear an oath cross heart assert avow asseverate profess give your word swear up and down come to terms bind depose attest testify obligate aver proclaim pronounce claim assent reach an agreement negotiate a deal swear on the Bible make a deposition state under oath sign for give your word of honour say so oblige troth vouchsafe soak confirm ensure betroth affiance pledge oneself underwrite espouse solemnly promise secure accede subscribe trust promise under oath dare say cross one's heart and hope to die swear blind live up to swear on bible answer for give an undertaking to give witness have confidence in swear to God make an affidavit swear by depend on rely on put oneself down for give your oath arrange negotiate pact commission sign settle consent dicker ink firm a deal put in writing go along with shake hands hammer out deal make a deal shake hands on it enter into close a deal clinch a deal make terms work out details accept offer ink a deal sign papers swear under oath make a commitment undertake solemnly give word of honor avouch maintain certify allege insist contend argue protest witness purport verify lay down announce bear witness uphold endorse hold vouch for corroborate prove support say advance predicate authenticate validate adduce acknowledge substantiate submit guaranty give evidence represent postulate plead establish move show cite emphasize opine cinch emphasise bear out testify to back up swear to challenge indicate admit suggest evidence imply pretend posit demonstrate asservate propound present defend reassure advocate depone ratify insure appear sustain offer vindicate justify seal put forward state on oath ice rubber-stamp clinch okay make out give assurances press give a pledge nail down lock up document stand behind give proof of bear witness to provide evidence of make a case reason back notify ascertain confess recognize insist on charge delegate sponsor tell expostulate provide wager own give your assurance explain question stand by effect concede allow grant recognise stake convey give grounds for set out remonstrate accuse intimate hint impute insinuate sew up make safe lock on set the seal on own up appeal reassert reaffirm propose champion stress rumor rumour bring forward put about that recount recite lay swear to the fact stand for give testimony be a witness say under oath prevail upon give reasons for make a case for set encourage repeat put forth get behind bespeak manifest buttress put on ice attest to reveal invoke have a lock on venture volunteer mount betoken be proof of sing witness to be evidence of token evince adjure countersign rubber stamp register notarize sign and seal point to make evident stand up for give facts mouth off shoot one's wad pop off shoot off one's mouth throw your weight behind give credence to stick up for depose to

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